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  1. I have a friend who I enjoy seeing and hanging around with. He also helped me during some of my darker hours. However, I feel like he is extra clingy. He would want to talk / see each other with every possible day, and at first I enjoy it, however after the behavior continues, it gets annoying. I have a dismissive avoidant attachment style. Usually I get colder / react less to people and they get the idea to make the frequency of the interaction less than their norm. I usually try to socialize a little more to meet some of my friend's needs as well. When I ignore this guy for a while he starts texting stuff like "don't you want to talk anymore?" With sad emojis and all types of things that makes me feel disgusted. What is an effective way I could use to set some ok boundaries with him, while not hurting his feelings too much?
  2. I love her, and I'm sure she does mean only well. However, ALL of the time she is a negative chatterbox (I have no power to change most of the problems she talks about) I try to be detached, however negativity rubs off of me. And I tend to get upset after talking with her for a while, and from time to time I react in a more or less angry way. I've tried explaining, her and every other method I could find. She might understand after a long talk, however next day or in a few hours she goes back to her behavior. Any tips?
  3. - I'm 24, recovering from weed addiction and maybe also gambling addiction. - For the moment I don't have a job, however I'm working on that aspect. - I've come far in my development journey, and I believe I gathered quite some insights and experience. However I've also neglected my financial situation and my physique. I know that now I want to work on those. - I also know myself, and besides withdrawal or times of insanity, I always was with some kind of girlfriend/s, after I got good at attracting the opposite sex. I've asked a few friends I consider high value (all of them are neurotic in a way) in regards to my focus and what / how should I do. They told me that I should focus solely on my physique and career, and maybe have a hookup here and there for when I feel the need to. My peak being around 28-35, it makes sense to focus on building and after I'm good in those regards, to start dating again. Here comes the shocker: I'm kinda missing a special connection with someone :O. I don't care about sex that much, as I can get it relatively easy. Also I'm kinda over low quality people. I also know that dating in a proper way takes a lot of time and screening, lots of fails, like there are in sales. What and how would you choose? Would you pick to focus on career solely? Would you try to have a balance?
  4. Tried to complete it a few times (thought I'm not in the right mental space), however for me it didn't have any effect besides wasted money
  5. Enjoy the nice time. If she turned flaky, it's time to move on
  6. When a Jedi turns into a sith...
  7. This year it seems that I developed some cold urticaria (if that's it). After cold exposure I get these light swellings which pass right after I enter a normal temperature environment. Did anyone had these?
  8. 🌊
  9. In my opinion a good man is loud with his character and not with his words. Clothes have little to no importance. He's the stoic mountain, grounded. Women are emotional around him as they feel they're understood, and they can be taken care of (not saying this should be the scenario, however it feels good once in a while). A good man sees the potential in others and judges them by that, not by their shortcomings. A good man is like a concrete foundation. A good man is honest. A good man is brave and would protect his family with the price of his life. A good man is an example to his link to the future. A good man is selfless as he realizes "he" is bollocks. A good man functions even better with a good woman around him. A good man sees through deceit and puppet shows.
  10. "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation" - Thoreau "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt "Every kick in the ass is a move forward " - Unknown “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” —Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” —Yoda, Revenge Of The Sith
  11. Gzuz from Germany, Haarp Cord from Romania, some rap I forgot how it was called in Due ponti, Italy
  12. 🥳 (turbulent infj here)
  13. @Tyler Robinson self love's main feature imo is that you love yourself with flaws. Love yourself without all those pieces together. Be understanding and kind, hug yourself in the mirror, don't be mean or bad with yourself, try to replace negative thoughts about yourself with neutral or positive ones. I'm a total trainwreck and I love myself. I only know how to go to a place of unconditional love with myself, and when doing this around others they tend to tune into it.