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10 hours ago, V-8 said:

When you wake up the first thing you will see is Reality does not exist for you, you exist for it.  Shocking as it is when you let it in, there is rest.

Can someone put in other words? ;)

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I look into your eyes

I look into your eyes
and see your face in pain
For you are dying
form the joy of seeing god

Oh my god
You said
and paused in silence
As if you stoped existing
for a moment

But your beautiful eyes
reflected the whole existence
With me and everything in it
As you suffer
from divine bliss

I see the light in your eyes
and felt the love that killed
my sense of being apart

I know who I see
and who sees me

I take a deep breath
and held it in
Feeling your energy
flowing up into the void
above my head

Oh god
Oh love

We fell into silence
not knowing what time is
Dying and being alive
Together and apart
Loving each other
for now
and more

So before you close your eyes
Let me be with you for a little more
In one moment of eternity
We shall be here in bliss

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Is it the times when we are lost
Or felt too true to love

Is it the creature in us
Or the fire of our past

Is it the water of wishes
Drowning us weightlessly

or the baggage of god
lusting for powers
That has left us dying
Without seeing clarity

I sometimes feel
The need to feel love
And thought of the past
Merged to now

The love that we seek
Has made us bleed
It has killed and died
Through the desire we have

Yet it is love
That is life
Without the struggles
Our love will be mundane
Without the struggles
The happiest will be lost

If we draw a picture
Of our highs and lows
We will realize that all is love
And while I write this poem
We are rippling across to each other
Saying all the crazy things
That we know so much about
That we are

Edited by erik8lrl

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we are

Huge me
So much that I disappear
Touch me
So that I can feel the breath of your hair
Kiss me
Like water merging into waves
Hold me
Like the infinite arms grabbing onto you and me

What exists
Is like the madness in our dreams
From the darkest thoughts
to the living infinity
There are our cries and shouts
Our pains and anguish
But also our tender body
Merging with love
All around us

What I can see
Is not what I am
What I can feel
Is not what I am
What I am
Is that I am
And nothing more

The infinite need for love
and the path that brought our hate to us
are the same path that is leading me to you
The flower that you touch
and the stars that you make up
Are the prove of your existence
the songs of our perfection

Can you imagine non-existence?
In a reality where you exist
Where your body and mind
is all you have ever known
What would non-existence feel like?
Is it cold?
or dark?
or empty?
or alone?

Or is it just me and you
And we are this
And we feel whole
Without you or me

Is infinite
And we are
and we are
and we are...

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Blessed by thy ignorance
is the beauty of our sad love
And the cradle of heaven
has grown to separate the past

The wordless whisper
and the heatless touch
To turn our body over
And spit out our guts

Locking your fingers on mine
Like the sea of wombs and death
The tips of our tongue, moving with ice
Like the fire in our sex,

The passing of our existence
has more love than heaven
And in our struggles,
we see the touch of creation
together and apart
as existence...

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Listening in the rain
of the voices of our pain
To survive this night
with enough fear to blame

And what we often said
Before we give space
is the pain that we faced
and the gate that we closed

To what degree of pain
shall take our heart to the grave
To kill the love with fear
and murder those in the rain

Yet when the gate is free
and the mind is open
we can hear their pains
inside the rain

and as the water fills up our shoes
We can finally hear
the screams of others
and the love they carry

Listening for the first time
The heartbeat of the sea

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The Path

The path of our soul
is drawn between time
To the flower of the eternal
and the water of now

To what flow
shall we see the color
Of the suffering that carries us
and the beauty we saw

To what shadow
shall we chase tomorrow
to end our desires
and feed our sorrow

To what effort
shall we let go
to make up our love
or the hate that we spoke

O love
to what length will I go
to show you the void that we know

To be here for the living
or dying to the craving
of love

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Life is not what it appears,

It's more subtle, it's more light;

What we see are simply mirrors,

Different as day and night.


Look around - forms arising

Dense, transparency so vague

To the eye is quite surprising

Realise and sense to make.


Do you see yourself as dancing 

Shadow on the screen of life?

Always striving, always chasing,

Always wanting to survive.


But the void so still and peaceful

Earns to soon be realised -

Timeless, formless, simple, blissful,

As the acted show disguised.


The reality of being -

Seek no further, here and now

Take a rest and taste this freedom,

To yourself applaud and bow.


By Natasha <3

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Nature's silent message

Delight for the senses

Floats down the stream

In a gentle breeze dances


Whisper of so many echoes

Splendid aroma

Hiding in plain sight

New-born supernova


A path through the valley 

That's never been trotten

Mirage in the far sight

Has never been gotten


The shrooms in the tree bark

The prints of a scurry

 Light and darkness

 No rushing or hurry


Sanctuary of peace

Aliveness at play

Greeting me in mystery

Pulling in to stay


Wonderous is this existence

Sweet is it's breath

I lay my head down 

As a welcomed guest


Under the lull of trees

On the carpet of grass

The stars are my blanket

I'm drifting to rest


By Natasha <3


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24 minutes ago, SpiritualAwakening said:

The accumulation of knowledge lies within time, the discovery of Wisdom lies out of the mind.

Nice :)








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I looked at my hand
And saw an infinite void
Flowing and merging
With everything, in time

The existence of this being
Is unexplainable and unspeakable
It flows and waves into everything
Like a hug, or kiss, embracing

The music we play
The art we make
The things we love
The things we hate

All are flowing in and out
Of this being
Like a great machine
Pumping and sucking itself
On repeat

The people we meet
The people we love
The people we hate
The strangers you’ve gazed

Are all flowing,
In and out of this being...

It’s like falling in love
And being in pain
At the same time

It’s like being all the stars in the sky
And every single grain of sand,
At the same time

It doesn’t speak
Yet it's all that we've ever said

It knows nothing
Yet, it is everything

Being it...
Being you...
Being me...
It is all we ever wanted


A requiem of surrender

Lying in this silent pain
Hearing the words of that navel chain
Words forming in a swing
Making me surrender all my dreams

I said to you
What is this feeling
As I fall more and more into
You and you and you and you...

And me and me and me and me...
Like a cycle it repeats
Singing and talking and cursing and yelling
And crying and laughing and coughing and screaming
And touching and holding and gripping and pushing
And cutting and hugging and kissing and loving
And into others senses, that are foreign and without names

It’s like falling and falling and falling and falling...
And flying and flying and flying and flying...
And all of this
Forming those tiny but infinite points
Of existence and reality
Of experience and identity

I surrendered more and more
As I became it
All these pain
All these love
All these beings
And I heard that song reached an end
As I gave up all of me
I died and became




The awareness of this empty moment
Flowing through this living second
Towards that infinite present
Without any desolation

In our heartbeat, there is a song
Singing about the love that we share
Hearing the silence of my own mirror
Touching the core of that sacred tear

The seeking of that great mystery
Helped reach our own mastery
Of those crying memories
And this perfect symmetry  

To experience this profound moment
Feeling the love in that silence
To reflect on my own existence
Knowing that...



The stormy night below the shadow
of the heart of your gentle soul
That has passed a thousand voices
of these endless whispers from you

The dreams of heaven are taking over
the sea of clouds, moving
As they danced, they laughed,
and cried a little rain

What is here, you asked
With great wonder and confusion
You are here, I said
And smiled at your heavenly existence

As it falls through your eyes
it reveals
That you are this unknowable being
With infinite love and endless dreams

And then you said to me
with a faint echo, through eternity

I love you...


Holy Nothing

Infinite void
Is so beautiful
It took my body
And consumed my soul

Words forming wordlessly
Lights shining lightlessly
Voice speaking silently
Hands touching senselessly

Everything is happening
Nothing is happening
Everything is existing
Nothing is existing

The same time was forming
As we became something
Then in an eternity
Back into nothing

It is a feeling
That contains all of our pains
With joy and love and happiness
In infinite intensity

It can’t be described
It is love
It can’t be understood
It is us

We imagined it
And it became us

We loved it
And we killed it
Again and again
So that we can be it

How can I ever describe you
I can’t
I am you


Some of my recent pieces. 

@Natasha I totally forgot about this tread.

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Nowhere to go or hurry

No one to have a story

Only appearance of a doer

This illusion has allure


Thoughts arise and disappear

Seeing's void of a seer

Sounds that utters none

Forms have come and gone


What's imagined isn't real

Meaning, dreams, fear

Emptiness has its appeal

Mind aside, be and feel


Spaciousness and time

Contained by the devine

Wondrously unknown

To no ambition prone


It's neither nor, and both

It takes no pledge or oath

No one's ever business

Come bask in isness


No how to explain this

Let paradox be bliss

Ceasing to make sense

And so goes all pretence


Without a disguise

No-mind will need no whys


By Natasha <3

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