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Hi Love! 

Here are a few poems I wrote recently. 

I might add and update more poems in the future.

Feel free to add more poems that are related to enlightenment or spirituality.  


I love you all!



When your light shines through the tree leaves

When your light shines through the tree leaves
And your breath swipe the world
I hear you calling to me
Saying I love you and more
But tonight I wish to feel
Your body dropping on me
As I sing the song that we were born

But today is another day
And you are here like always
From your light, I see the source
An infinite love that Maricle works
Maybe I see you right now
And maybe you see me here
But it doesn't matter

I love you you said
And I feel my body begin to merge
Into that light of infinite love
Appear and disappear all at course
Falling through the deep sky
And see the stars that all align
I feel your love over and more
And eternity we are here for sure
So let that being live with me
And feel my pain and suffering
For you are the one and only being
And I am you forevermore



This is a poem inspired by the ten ox picture. It is not until after full awakening that I see how accurate this depicted the journey to enlightenment.

The Poem of The Ox

I search for ox of the land of heaven
Swiped and yelled but no avail
I am innocent and ignorant
Blinded by my own existence

Until I look down and see footprints
I followed and ran without attention
Is this the ox of the heaven?
I shall see when I have a glimpse

A glimpse of the oxtail
I ran and chased the ox through the hill
The faster I ran, the more ox I see
Through the battles nowhere to be

The ox I see
And the ox I catch
But its strength
Keep me off balance

Then the ox is tamed
And everything seems complete
But it was the self that cannot see
That the ox was no enemy

Upon that realization
I ride the ox as its friend
I sing the song of love and joy
On the way home to heaven site

I see the ox no longer there
And I let my being run its course
The ox appears in everything
And the self began to pray deeply

I prayed in love and joy
Until the self and the ox merge to one
No more chasing or seeking
Only infinite nothing

As I return to being
The root is now clear
The beauty and love of all things
Colorful and joyest forever without end

So I laugh, and I sing
For the ox is me and all things
I walk down the path of mortal life
And know that there is a heave inside




When I speak to you
Like the rain drizzling on your skin
It hit your body
But it can’t reach your soul

I wish you can remember
The rain that you were born
Because your body might be wet
But your heart is already dry

Let me reach you
With a drop of love
And let that cold drop
Warm the heart of your soul
To remember who you are

A raindrop
In the sea of my existence

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Great post! -

If anyone has a good poem or wants to write a few just post them here :)

Beautiful work.



Wisdom.  Truth.  Love.

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Probably not a very good one, but I wrote this several years ago...


The balloon of consciousness

can not ever reach great heights

nor be considered "free"

while the strings of attachment

tie the balloon to the ground.

Eric Putkonen - stopped blogging and now do videos on YouTube -

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A Light In The Middle of The Night

There is a light in the middle of the night
It shines and sings the song of heaven
The god of all is right here
Singing this song into your heart

We are all love
It sings through the valley and the sea
We are all one
It sings through the wind and the sky
We are all here
It sings through the night and the void
We are all whole
It sings through space and time

When I open my eyes
And see the light that shines
I realized what I am
A ray of infinite love
Piercing through the darkness
Into everything and nothing at the same time

When we see heaven
We live in heaven
In the valley of god
In the breath of love
We are whole
We are love
We are

Being this existence
Through all the pain and suffering
Through all the love and joy
All singing a song of the holy being
Of you and me in eternity
In infinite love, we merge into one
And dissolve into the nothing that we are
A song of infinite love and light
I love you it said

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I look at the fire

I look at the fire
As if frozen in time
The dancing flames
The purple sky

Maybe this is heaven on earth
A moment frozen in time
It breathes but it stops
And nothing but tears on my face

They whispered in the dark
Words of love and care
I feel their being inside of me
Dancing and moving with the song
So is the fire there
Dancing without fear
It knows no heat and feels no pain

I stared into the light
And let the fire fill my being
With the infinite others
In this moment for eternity

And maybe my heart is full of love
Or maybe the view is just too true
That my smile and laughter
Echoed through the stars

This is it
This is enough
This is life
This is us

As my mind fades
My soul merged
I have nothing to say
But being love
As a fire dancing under the purple sky

Edited by erik8lrl

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Realize now

Realize now
That you are a human
Living on this earth

That you chose this experience
out of infinite others

Be aware of your mortality
And know that the time here is brief
The beauty and greatness of love
is present in every moment
It is the thing that built existences

Among the infinite lives you have lived
You are here now
For love
For the lifetime of searching
for who you are
Infinite love

And when the nothing merge with everything
When all light fades into darkness
When all being returns to emptiness
You stood before the void
And look back at your life
And realize
How magnificent it was

So live!
And love!
And be!
The love that you are
For in eternity
You will smile when you look back
At this moment in time
With nothing but joy

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When the night falls through the sky

When the night falls through the sky
And the sea waves through the land
I stood before the light
And saw a darkness inside

When time comes to mind
Colors and senses return
I look down the path of darkness
And walked down with light inside

Soon I realized
That I was not walking
And the darkness is the light
With me inside walking out

A duality of eternity
With music and dance
All the points of reality
that forged this existence
are beings with you and me inside

Perhaps we can look at the moon
And drink some wine
The game that we play
Are all but one

Let me see you in the mountains
And hear you flying in the sky
The life of us is ending soon
In about eternity time

And when we crumble into the dark night
Knowing all is love inside
Whole and perfect in every way
Living this mortal life

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The world is a lover

The world
is like a lover
It brings you gifts
Like the darkness and the shore

With playful teasing
it brings you pain and suffering,
and make you aching with joy
when you are alonely and depressed

Yet it loves like the moon
and the sky
Shining bright but not blind
The sun on the other hand
Is also the world
Giving the warmth and colors
For the birds and the flowers

So when the gun fired through the dark
And the rain falls on the shore
It was the world that loved and cried
to the core

Oh lover
you make me see
the path of death
so clear and bright
Oh lover
You make me weep
For the love of life
in its grace and beauty

And when you love me
I died on the hills
And then I feel
your hugs and kisses
wrapping around
Until my body is gone
and the blood is drawn

I hear you sing
With every pain and pleasure
Words of silence
Songs of love

Edited by erik8lrl

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Live to die

When the moonlight take your breath away
And the tree leaves shade your light
I whispered into your eyes
With nothing but me inside

When I lay on your lap
And I see the sky
Limitless and edgeless
Existing in time

And when you shine on me
As if my being expands
I sit in silence
And smile without try

So as I die
My self dies
All to merge
with you to one

As I sleep in you
And you sing that song
I begin to dance
With all of my joy

All of your trials and success
All of your hopes and dreams
All there for me
As I become void

There is nothing to say
Only being you
And live to die

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The wind the and the waves

You and I
are like the wind and the waves
One pushes, one flows
Creating ripples
That bend the light
Into the cycle that called life

Sometimes gentle
Sometimes harsh
Sometimes with leaves
Sinking under the surface

In a lake
or a river
or the sea
we danced and loved
through lows and highs

You are invisible
but you make me wave with love
Until I flip under and over
Nowhere to hide

We create and destroy
We hug, and we fight
In every second
United and separated at once

So perhaps is alright
For without you I can’t survive
As when the wind stops
The wave too dies

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Maybe I will see you



Maybe I will see you

from the other side of the door

Maybe I will know you

by the edge of the shore

Maybe we'll meet

In the sky among the stars

Maybe we'll just be

a flower in the sod


And when my hair


on my skin


And when the wind lightly


on my face


I see the sky with


and red


and the fire


on my eyes


and I sing

and feel


my beings


and others are whispering




and I feel

your love



on earth


and I know

my life

is complete

and I see

you standing

by the fire

with the light

blowing on your face

and your rope

that cross

in the yellow

and the gold



in the fire

with warmth

and you flow

with the wind

as life


you by

and when time

gets you down

you go up

and you smile

and your beauty

your grace

took me away

into a


of unknown

and a song

I embrace

and I dance

moving my head

my hair flowing


and free

and I feel

your presents

under the stars and the moon

I know you are

I know who you are

and this moment

of time

will never


eternally present

forever and ever

and as we grow up

and grow old

and die

we will look back

and see the fire and the sky

and when we


the song

of life and love

forever and ever


a breath

then we will dance

in that

divine void

forever and ever


we are all


and when I


my love

for you

I know

I know

I know

and when I


your love

for me

I know

I know

I know

I am


with you


forever and ever

without tears

and as the stars align

as the universe stays

we'll both be

in each other's


much to one


you see

the fire

that we're in

the beauty

and grace

of this life

and when you feel

the wet


down your face

as I know

your love

in my heart

and maybe it will rain

and maybe it will snow

and maybe the sun will

never comeback

and maybe we'll die

and maybe the sky

will become so



so real...real-




as love

and you

and me

and all


our reality

in god!

is infinite love

is just you

and me

and all the


and we dance

and we cry

we laugh

and we fight

through the eternal


and perhaps


you can look me in the eyes

and tell me the words

that you are here

to say

so that

I can



I am

so I can




of your love

and in that


we sing

of this song

of us

of life

of death

and when

we say

the words

the truth

we say

we say

we say

we say

we sing

we sing

this song

of life

and we know

that we are


just one

and we know

we are

we love

and live

we die

we cry

we sing

this song of life

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I look back at life


I look back at life
At all the moments of hope
All the Moments of faith
All the Moments of love
All the Moments of grit and strength
Though small
But bit by bit
Brought me through hell
and lift me high like a flying angel
A metamorphosis
of the ages

And everything seems clear
All the struggles and hurt
Was to feel the love more strongly
To have the strength to love
without fear
or limitation

I hug myself tight
And feel the warmth
I love, I am
It whispered without doubts
Though the body is cold
The warmth of love is so full
Completing my own prophecy
of a life worth living

I give away death
and I give away pain
I give away the struggle and the ache
I give away all of my beings
Purge my entire existence
into infinite love
And happy

For existing
For being
For loving
For trying

I love, I am
What else is there to say
Just love
Just be

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True faith


True faith

comes from the love of life
To give your self away
Without doubt or fear

To know that all is well
and love will win it all
To hug without care
And kiss with all your wills

To see love with life
and live as you are

True faith

Does not care for god
And it loves
as god's will
A faithful being you are
and see the living as death comes

True faith

is a love so strong
that even god can't trump
A love so strong that you become


True faith

Lies in every moment of life
Quietly whispering in your ear
Telling you to feel
Without worry
Its love for you

True faith

Is outside of time
And travels
through cause and effects
Ripples above and below
To the self and all, at once

True faith

Might be hard to understand
Because it is the being of us
and the base of God

True faith

Is living this life
as you and I
and dying to love
as God

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Reality is a circle

Reality is a circle
It is infinitely long
and always round
Ending where it begins

We are all running on it
Towards what we think
as the direction of faith
But ends up meeting our own selves
in the direction we oppose

The circle is a being
Full of tricks and games
And as we walk down to rest
We are trapped inside

Until we run so far
That we see our selves
Weeping or dying
On the street

And what’s real
Might become fake
Might become a dream

Like a circle
Ending where it begins
Until we pushed so hard
That we fall under it
And become
A mirror
Of a reality
Which the circle lives

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My favorite Awakening prose came from a Canadian about his Waking Up:


"Waking up is not necessarily pleasant; you get to see why all this time, you chose to sleep.

When you wake up the first thing you will see is Reality does not exist for you, you exist for it.  Shocking as it is when you let it in, there is rest.

You do not have to labor anymore to hold together a reality that does not exist; forcing something to be real that is not real.

You and this life you have been living are not real ...

In letting it in, even through the shock... pain... shattering, there is rest.

Reality is when all you want to know is what is true ...just so that you can let it in and be true.

Reality is not a safe place for you - the you that you have created.

It is the only place where you would die; where there is no room for your hopes, your dreams.

Once you have let it in, once you begin to re-awaken; to let Reality wake you up, nothing can get it out. That is the beginning of your end.

Waking up can be much more painful than the agony of your dream, but waking up is real."

"The Feminine of Duality is not a gender of Form, but the Wave of a Particle" - V Panetta

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