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  1. 18:27 Her music is not from here.
  2. Shakti flow,
  3. You are amazing and perfect. Just be you .
  4. Therefore get up. Prepare to fight and win glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasāci, can be but an instrument in the fight. This morning Bhagavad Gita book has opened on page marked 11.33, text 33. Sometimes life push us to take a break. And that’s a good thing! Internet is not working today for entire day, therefore I am unable to continue my tefl course, neither Spanish lessons. Apparently I shouldn’t be doing yoga today as well, but I made a repetition of my day 30 session anyway. Today it made me more tired instead of energizing me, so perhaps I should take a day off everything. Well… I do now. I strolled around, shopping for amazing vegetables in local shops, ate vegan ice-cream for breakfast and stocked myself up with the green tea to get something to get high on in the mornings . Yoga is amazing and I already feel much stronger after 30 days of regular practice, even though it’s basic. As I’ve established the habit of yoga and Spanish lessons daily, I feel it’s time to get back into meditation as I miss it and see how it feels and how it goes. This morning I’ve already managed to do an hour so let’s see if I will manage to repeat this in the evening? And following days? And just as important, how do I feel about it? Actually, I would love to stop some of the habits which are consuming unnecessarily my energy too, instead of just adding the new ones... And that is THE ONE which is a bit trickier. But it requires deepening my presence thorough the day, which is never a bad thing! That’s funny how recently I feel more sensitive to other people’s intentions and energy and its flow thorough interactions. It senses any movement of intentions which aren’t pure and negativity which is trying to pull it into its motion, it automatically take a step back and deny to be part of it, complete refusal. It’s fairly interesting to watch this mechanism until it learns to be more unaffected and less pullable? <- I think I’ve invented a new word here. Yet any of it stirs my mind and takes a while to settle it back down. Recently it means that I adore spending a lot of time just on my own and participating only in interactions which feel true to me. Or, at least that’s how it feels today. Sometimes all it takes is a little event, music, or somebody else's presence and energy to remind you who you are. All the stories of the mind disappear and you are left with your true self, with You, who is beyond all of this, which is unconditional love and happiness. You wake up again, and again, and again. It is a gift, it is a reminder. It's trust, it's Hope. It is Knowing. I am that. I remember. I am this love, which is right here, I have always been here and I will always be. I came here to love. As for truth, there is nothing else that is real. I remember death, countless times of merging into that. This falling asleep into eternity, just to rise up once again. I remember You. I remember Me. I remembers itself. I remember. I am.
  5. Reading about teaching English while doing my ESL course. And today I have lost a bit track of my thoughts when I was doing breakfast and it flu far away to the other continent and for no reason I was thinking about couple of my friends which I haven't spoke to for a long, long time. Then I turned on my instagram, and she have posted a comment underneath one of my pictures 10 minutes earlier. Apparently connection has been established =)
  6. I'm not sure about the content here and about how long that will last. But let's begin this journey of overcoming limitations and getting higher. We can always go higher. It's the matter of aim and loving ourselves, not matter of actual content or destination, because we are all unique. Even though we are one, our uniqueness and differences are here to be embraced, because that's the beauty of it. We can overcome anything we want to overcome and that journey - and journal - begins now. Even though it always begins now. All that's real here is love, all the rest is perspective. Let's play with that perspective. Let's find the mirror. Today is day #30 of my Yoga practice. Let's try to keep it for another 30, because why not? Belly to cobra, to chaturanga, to upward facing dog. And then I overdo it all and my entire back hurts . But I dance anyway, switch off the lights, switch off the mind. It's so hot here! But I can't stop it. Cannot stop listening. We are one. And we could go...
  7. There actually is you, which yet is to be recognized, by the one who recognized there is no you .
  8. You might not listen to this if you have panic attack right now or whatever else, but try to calm yourself down. Sit down and let the train of thoughts go on without any judgment. Let the energy flow, just observe. If 'they' try to kill you, let them and see what happens. You need to surrender. Might sound not easy but at least try. If you need to talk drop me a message.
  9. VeganAwake, the biggest ego here is yours, trying to convince others of theirs. You have no idea what you are writing about, regarding awareness.
  10. I would challange that assumption, taken as fact. In my direct experience of now, even if I do not engage with thoughts completely, both past and future create present moment. ∞
  11. Guys can you explain what are you talking about?
  12. "People are not gods. They are not even whole selves, as you now see."