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  1. Quite interesting topic. From my personal experience of "tripping", when I've had a few experiences with lsd, I mostly did it on my own, so I have not much to say about how I felt towards my partner. Yet I could clearly see that I wasn't interested in sexual connection at all, during those. Even when at once I've been among many other people I rather felt extreme ease in connecting, but no sexual or physical desire arose out of it. It just didn't felt interesting enough at those moments. While when I did some weed at some times, it made me sexually interested a lot. Although, regarding your question, I did not feel a melt-off of my "male-ness" at any of those. Apart from the total disappearance of physical reality into "death-space", but I guess it's a bit irrelevant here.
  2. I am not explaining anything, I am wondering.
  3. Interesting observation. I realized that too, Leo doesn't look as good as he used to. We can push it to his health issues, yet how could we know that the amount of psychedelics wasn't a contribution to his health state? It's a shortcut and quite a bit of load for the body. I have a friend who has experience with psychedelics, she's pretty much my age but looks much older. In India I met a woman whose guidance I am following, never done any sort of drugs, she's extremely present yet very grounded, she's older than me but looks young and shining.
  4. How consciousness can be terrified about anything? Consciousness just is. It's just a story of someone who is terrified.
  5. In Sanskrit, there is a word for a present moment, which is kṣaṇa and it lasts 0,013333 of a second, which as far as I know is believed that we are coming and going in and out each "static" moment and that one "now" must die for another "now", yet each of this now consists of past and future too.
  6. Where did your assumption came from that I stated that peace and happiness require anything at all? This is already here. This is actually your mind that is creating your own requirements to allow yourself to be at peace, but you are the one who doesn't get it. And I do not dismiss those herbs as I do use bacopa too, there isn't anything wrong with improving your health, yet if you cannot accept living without these, then what is 'not quite right' is the fact that you become dependent on it, and as with everything you depend on, it can be taken away any moment, including your health, and then you enter suffering. And if you will, keep your passive-aggressive tone and your fairytales towards me for someone else.
  7. If you cannot find peace and happiness unless you drug yourself with handful of nootropics, something seems quite not right. "These folks, out of their lack of knowledge and awareness, might be impressed by these clowns." What do you mean by knowledge? What knowledge? And why do you feel entitled to call anyone a clown? Knowledge can be taken away with one swipe of life, how would you talk then?
  8. Take into account, that the angel may come to visit or help you taking any form, including human.
  9. Imagine when you wake up after a lifetime and realize that nothing actually happened.
  10. What's wrong about it?