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  1. Different world, different forces. Yet there is only one. Day one, 12:21.
  2. Sometimes, probably even way more often than sometimes, reality mirrors to us, that which needs to be seen in a mirror. Because otherwise, the forces and energies that play within wouldn't be realized and seen for what they really are, blinding our actions with sweet lies, blurring raw reality with our sugarcoated sense of self and self-image, for it to be able to survive in what it is. Without it, it would be much harder to realize a pattern, a loop that kept us stuck and fed itself of all areas of our life which might otherwise be developed or transformed, aligning our being with love and the highest truth. It's easier to get a sense of spiritual self than you think, or a self-image that might often be far from reality, allowing for unconsciousness at some levels to flourish, because it goes under the radar, after all - being so "spiritual" and "conscious". But those are just the labels, that create a sense of false self, the truth might be a way different than what is actually happening. The illusory self, or self-image, can be very deceptive and might invent endless stories just to perpetuate itself, even face to face with what actually is. But what is funny, the transformation and a drop of a pattern, action, or any other form of the unconscious - and often destructive - behavior does not happen through some rigorous outer work. Transcendence of it happens through seeing it for what it truly is, the game that is being played. Then, it might take some inner-outer work to transform it, but by already seeing the truth of it, it happens automatically, as a natural consequence of the light of consciousness shining towards that shadow. And for that, often it is helpful to see the mirror of a pattern that the mind is playing reflected to us from someone else, a situation that we see, or in any other form that we witness, which often might have fairly bitter taste.
  3. I love that being written down.
  4. Recently, I did read somewhere, that there is no chance for anything to happen until the entire Universe wants it to happen. And funnily, how much does the intention with which we do our steps matters in what we are experiencing? But it does work, no doubt about it. Truly, it's so deep, there is no way to know how that happens or works, from our ordinary consciousness. Yesterday while talking, I stated what I'd like to dream about at night, I promised I'll think about it before going to sleep and see what is going to happen. Yet, I did nothing, all I did was to form this hope for it inside of the spaciousness within me, which is truly difficult space to explain. I spoke it out and forgot about it. It has been something I never dream about, so I really didn't hope too much for it, yet, in the morning when I woke up, that happened. It's funny, because - of course... - there is a part I see that would love to know how it works and use this knowledge more often. But the truth is, I feel there is nothing that can come to us, without Universe wanting to give it to us. So it isn't really about figuring out how to manipulate reality to get what we want - that's the mechanism of the ego - but rather stating our intention and accepting both, if it comes, and if it won't, whatever is aligned with the highest intelligence and will. And if you do that, leave the desire to control, trust and allow, you will realize straight away how good that feels. It's funny about being aligned with Truth, you know it straight away because it feels true, feels good. And it isn't only about our attitude toward it, but also about the place from which that intention comes. Because it does not need for it to be something huge, it might be a silly idea about a dream at night, but if it is born from love, from innocence, I feel it is much more likely to come to us for the pure joy of it, than if we would set that intention from the mind, with hidden agenda behind it. And when it comes, it feels amazing, mainly because you have no idea how is it even possible that it actually happened.
  5. What seems to be fairly obvious, but it is not always when life seems to carry on its day-to-day, is that whatever choices we make, it matters not really what we are going to choose, but from what energy that decision is being made. So if we are in a state of fear that has no real base to it, we should not make a decision, try to change the energy, and then proceed with the choice and action. It's actually very simple, but is not always doable, because sometimes we get so consumed with a particular energy that we can't get out of it and do anything outside of it. So in any scenario, if it is possible, it is rather better to even do nothing, than make choice or do an action that will only deepen and reinforce that undesirable energy. It's better to focus on changing energy and allow ideas or paths to come, than trying to make choices from the energy that does not support us. Of course, it's not always possible and sometimes we need to do just anything, the first step, instead of just being stuck in one spot, but even a tiny effort to change the energy could be beneficial. And changing energy does not need to be anything major, but even stopping and taking a breath, a short meditation session or a walk in nature could change it enough so our perspective widens up instead of narrowing itself down.
  6. / Keep walking, though there’s no place to get to. Don’t try to see through the distances. That’s not for human beings. Move within, but don’t move the way fear makes you move. / The space for making the right choice. Allowing to move within the right force, leaving what's unnecessary, vain, and empty. While being pulled with such ease way too often, towards way too invaluable directions, the moment is there to take the right choice, right before the wave is taking me with it. It's time to focus more and be more aware of the movement, while it is happening.
  7. I know, you are right about the paradox - I do not exist, and yet I am. There is only one Absolute, one Truth, and it is Love. It's not possible to communicate it to anyone, to convince anyone. If you truly want to communicate the truth to your guy, just love him. There is no other way, you cannot speak it, the moment you speak it, you'll get further away from it.
  8. Now, open to the possibility, that reality and life aren't "your" mind, but the Mind itself. Just as you speak about "your" thoughts and emotions that influence "your" reality. Ego death, or death, however we call it, is something that reveals exactly that the ownership of all of it is illusory. All of that you experience is exactly for a reason to realize another form of ego built up. Don't you see? Who is telling the story even about its own death? Are you sure that the realization is that you cannot die, or is it that there is no one to die?
  9. Your reasons are not trivial at all, the whole point of it, for me too, is to simply remain in love. And no amount of spiritual achievement is about to bring it, because then it becomes another chase, not different from any other forms of ego aims. It's the other way round, actually.