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I’ve counted them all up: This was my 13th ride on the psychedelic ferry. And it was an insightful one to say the least. 

If you want to skip straight to the trip, please feel free. However to those interested, I will provide some background. 

The last 4 of my trips really go together. It all started in April when I decided to trip again after a half year off. This one trip changed my life. And it told me 2 things (besides many others) that are crucial: 

  1. Psychedlics are your path. 
  2. Your path is the one of energy and purification.

The subsequent trip was my first breakthrough to absolute infinity. And my last trip was a deeper insight into the mechanics of God and me becoming aware of the “One Eyeball seeing”. 

If you’re interested you can read them here (I’ve labeled them for my own reference): 


Now on to lucky number 13.

Man. Where to begin. 

I will start off with the method of administration. I ground up the shrooms, put them in a tea bag and then followed @Nahm's Ginzing™ tea procedure. It worked like a charm and the peak was even longer than usual (felt like years but must have been a good solid hour of hanging around in the God Head). 


My intentions where: 

  1. Who is aware of the “Pixel” (= God/the one eyeball seeing/that which within all dimensions and so on are contained)? 
  2. What is the energy part of “Energy and Purification” (I figured out purification in #12).
  3. What is my role in this life time? 


The Trip:

Like the last time I began a conversation with God after the come up. Again it asked me: “What do you want to learn?”. Again I stated my intentions. Again it showed me my impurities. Again I surrendered and admitted what I was suppressing (in this case feelings for a girl). 

Then again the real trip began. 

It started with my 3rd intention: “What is my role in this life time?” I also asked: “What is my medium or mode of creation?”.

God proceded to state: “Art”. 

It was that simple. I tried to question it. I pondered it. But there was no fucking around. My life purpose is art. 

My soul’s yearning is creation. I am half warrior, half artist. It even showed me that my body was made out of the two halves (left = artistic, right = warrior) with my heart being the one of a warrior. It also showed me how to use my left hand. 

Following were visions of me living my purpose. I saw my designs and artworks on shirts and canvases. It also showed me sharing insights. It was beautiful. 

And what was also remarkable: I always kinda knew that I was an artist. And a particular scene came to mind: In Germany if you finish your school you go for a last test where you have to pick 4 classes which count double and will be tested extensively. 

I took art as my last one. And I got a B- for my sculpture. Years ago I could not belief why my teacher would do that as we were pretty close and the sculpture was good (imo lol). I then realized that this was his final teaching. I pretty much copied the sculpture I did in class months ago and with this grade he taught me to be original. He taught me I could do better than this. What a man. 


It turns out there are two modes of creativity: 

  1. Copying something - Re-creation. 
  2. Tapping into true imagination and God’s creativity - Creation. 

Don’t get me wrong, most art is copied and still great. However true creativity is something else entirely. That’s the art which moves mountains. Btw. I also revisited on of my first trips where encountered a Balrog in the realms of consciousness. Of course I don't know, but it seems that either the makers of the Lord of the Rings movies, or Tolkien himself has pounded some mushrooms. 

After that, this part of the trip seemed finished and proceeded to go pee. 


Once I returned I lied down and set my mind to the “Who is aware of the Pixel?” question. 

However I was put off by some roof worker hammering on top of my flat. 

Then something happended which still takes my breath away: There was a voice out of nowhere which said:


“You know you can stop the noise, right?”. 

I was like: “What the fuck, how?”.

It answered: “Remember”. 

The hammering stopped in that instance. 

What. The. Fuck. 

There is no “How”.

God just wills it.

I am remembering more and more how I built all of this. And how I engineered all of this so I forgot I did this. It is so ingenious. Holy fuck. 

I looked at my hand. I wanted to change it. It changed into a claw of some sort. Almost like a pig foot. I wanted to make it green and alien. I realized that there was an invisible “lock” on that. I couldn’t do it. HOWEVER I also realized that this lock was imaginary. It was my limiting belief (forget the personal development mumbo jumbo). And if I surrendered this belief I could literally turn my hand into a tentacle. Holy fuck. 


However now the real mindfuck commenced. 

I asked: “Who is aware of God?” “How can God be aware of itself”?

The answer was: There is NOTHING to be aware of. 

Perception is a lie. 



I really wanted to use less swear words to keep this report classy but man… what a mindfuck. 


Later I also asked: What are all these thoughts in my head and what is the ego? 

The answer: Thoughts come from the field of infinite potential (which is HERE and NOW). They are made out of the one “stuff” call it consciousness. And they are illusory. That means: They create separation. God uses thoughts so you perceive yourself as other so that God can look at itself. Then it made itself forget that it did that so that Trump doesn't turn all cats into chickens, or worse ;)

And if theses thoughts recede you go back into oneness aka no separation. Holy fuck. 

It really does nothing to read this in a book. You gotta experience it first hand. Mushrooms taught me that over and over: If you read, it’s heresay. If you gain insight from the hand to hand combat of existence, it’s wisdom. Books are still crucial but there is no comparison.  


Then there was only one intention left: What is energy? 

The answer: There is nothing which is not energy. There is only one “stuff”.

I really wanted to learn more, what the role of energy is for awakening, what the Kundalini is and so forth but I was to exhausted at this point. 

I just stayed in the Godhead, setting my intent to heal existence and ask some more questions however the main part of the trip was over. 

Only one more thing: If you think God is this serious, nihilistic “thing”... get that out of your head. God is playful and even humorous (yet also brutal in some sense that it uses evolution as its playground and paintbox). It played around in this trip. It joked at the beginning why I would not want to see some aliens (my intent was set on the above 3 things). And it also showed me how silly this notion is: 

We are humans. Living on rock. This rock is inhabitable by accident. Somehow life poofs into existence which is of course proven by science. And this rock is the only one which has intelligent live on it.

Yeah, sure. Cool story bro.  

There are no accidents. None. 

Thank you. 

P.S. I planned to trip monthly but this is getting pretty intense and exhausting. If one of you experienced psychonauts has some insight into picking your pace and so on, I would be grateful. 

P.P.S. You might wonder, what these insights change in ones day to day life. Aren't they just some psychedelic "state"? Well no. What I can say with absolute certainty is that I've done 1-3 years of growing in the last 4 months. I am much more aware of the ego's trickery and I feel like I am becoming an embodiment of Love. I also feel much more joy on a daily basis. I respect every life form ten times more (e.g. if there is a pigeon or crow in my way, I step aside so I do not disturb it and I also watch my step avoiding to step on ants and so on). 

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It turns out there are two modes of creativity: 

Copying something - Re-creation. 

Tapping into true imagination and God’s creativity - Creation. 


Thanks for sharing the insight.

"Give and feel LOVE for my living. This is the last thing I've got to check out before I checkout." - John Mayer

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@cle103 Great work!

Sounds like some serious hi-quality trippin :D

You're starting to see the potential of this tool. Still just the tip tough ;)

"Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself." -- Rumi

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@Leo Gura Thanks!

The potential is undeniable. I‘m only 21, there is no way in hell I could have grown as much without psychedelics. I am truly beginning to learn how to live. 

Btw thx for your example as well! Without it I would‘ve denied this path. 

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I'm interested in your other 9 trips. Did you write those out too? 


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