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@Leo Gura i stopped watchin your recent videos

please dont forget practical videos for your audience that is still stuck in lower stages .....

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On 3.7.2019 at 1:44 PM, Leo Gura said:

Remember, all spirituality works this way: if you don't do the practices, not only will you not understand it, you will definitely misunderstand it and it will worsen your life.

That seems like a very harsh and mind shattering statement

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Léo talk about doing evil as an act you can consciously make.

As if you can be conscious of what is right or wrong.

The absolute is that nothing you presume can be truth neither.

Even if it seamed to end in a result.

I mean you could kill 20 innocents people and then get the power to save more. But who is the one who is holding the best karma ? It's hard to self know. 

Maybe society is the natural flow of things. And nothing can empower our choice. It's only energy

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Whatever Little I understand - 

1) The truth is worthless. So don't bother. What is possible is to get a glimpse of the truth for a moment. But that isn't really a good idea, as it leads to the kind of confusion you see in this thread. It leads to more trouble than its worth. Better to just live a simple life and die. 

2) "You" cannot be set free. "You" are trapped till the age of experiences cease to exist. It doesn't matter hard hard "You" try.  

3) You were already free from the very beginning. Because you are existence itself. How can you not be free?

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Meditation is like polishing a brick to make a mirror. Philosophy is like a net to catch water. The buddah did not meditate. It's just how he sits. 

- Alan Watts 

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I've examined my experience @Leo Gura

The only thing I can be sure of is not even consciousness or even any notion of personal experience distinct from any other experience, let alone imagination or God even though logically speaking I can prove all of these relative to perceived experience is...

As a practitioner of my own experience, as opposed to theoriser (what I used to be more of):


And not "the present moment" or any of that either, because in order to even be aware (yes I can't even be sure of awareness if I'm not sure of consciousness) of time (of which the present moment relates to) I have to be metacognitively aware which is when I notice the beginning of the comparison between experiences within consciousness which results in such notions.

I can't even be sure if I'm experiencing this, not in the sense of identity or self, just in the sense of the fact that I'm the consciousness typing this.

This isn't a belief though, I'm just acting from the experience learned from a recent model I shared which is of course discoverable in my profile history.

I mentioned before that I reduced everything to intelligence, and from a logical level, I can reduce experience to that but logic isn't born until after this metacognition I noted above in this comment is born thus I can't even be sure of that either.

So its kind of a Socrates moment of "I know that I know nothing" because we have to make all these assumptions about experience before we can move forward.

This experience can be in the form of perception or imagination, but in this layer there's no distinction because distinction denotes separation when its not entirely clear to me yet if that's absolutely true or merely say, a reflection of my capacities of which, if they were much greater, may potentially reveal an entirely different experience.

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