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  1. The following sums my previous two comments well, its an interesting subject that I'll document my thoughts to so I can articulate better next time. This might not all make sense to you in the moment, and it doesn't have to, but overtime if you think about it more they'll be incredibly valuable positions to have. Peace How I reckon you need to look at it is as follows: If anything all there is is your awareness, everything else is merely masquerading as yourself. To take proper ‘control’ here you have to have a good understanding of what your body-mind is otherwise you’re going to be misguided like so many other people are and like I was in the past. To me every aspect of myself outside of my awareness is simply a muscle, a muscle that I can influence and grow overtime. This is in line with considering life in terms of its physical forms, we are after all, clumps of mass of various proportions right down to electrical activity in our minds which itself is susceptible to influence based on how we regulate activity there overtime. See our minds are constantly bouncing around between various meanings between reality, for any thought we have our brains go “ahh” then “oh okay this” and its all a play of justified meaning based on our interactions in the past (even in just the last second). This has large implications for what I’m saying here because to the degree that we don’t have a good model for how to interact with reality, say the absence of seeing oneself as the composition of various muscles that we can and are training whenever we engage with them, then this is truly the difference between an actualised life based on understanding the relationship between oneself and the rest of existence in order to bring about those changes versus a life where you’re just living as traitor park trash not even knowing how to look after your 8 children. I mean, the amount of miswiring, that is, the bad “meanings” of reality that are being bounced around as thoughts between the ears of your average trailer park person would have to be enormous. They’d have to be wrong on so many aspects of reality in order to be living the way they do. State of living is a reflection of ones understanding of reality, from trailer park trash to your guy on Wall Street to your buddhist in a temple who’s good at being calm and peaceful but when it comes to understanding important subjects that they can teach others are about they’re extremely poor. I mean how do you think trailer park trash’s views compare to my simple view here regarding the human body? They’d probably think their thoughts are there’s and that they’re right contrary to the external world, and that their feelings are true reflections of them and that if reality doesn’t conform then reality is wrong and sinful. Do you think he’s going to be like: “Oh I think there’s an abundance of oxytocin flowing through my brain at the moment but I don’t know this person very well yet so I oughta just exert some self control here and monitor more about this person” Or are they going to be more like: “I love this woman, I hope I can shag her tonight. I feel like proposing already, yes I’m going to propose tonight” This is where the key to understanding the mind-body from the position of various muscle groups being activated, from chemicals to electrical signals to actual muscle fibres. Its the position of seeing your body-mind as a physical system that acts much like a machine that you can build muscle and strength to in various ways not a "you". Second to this is the realisation that awareness is the key modulator here, if we can prioritise awareness over these other sensations then we can have a greater span over what interests we’re going to provide our muscle exertion. And that’s how I’d put it, choosing what muscles ones going to turn on and flex as opposed to “oh I feel shame how do I get rid of this?”. Nah to me its just awareness that its there, moving through it and focusing on the activation of more empowering chemicals that lead to actions which will in the end reduce the sense of shame because you’ve grown past it. Find the source of the shame sure, map its patterns, question and be mindful of the various ways it activates sure, realise that its not you, its just a pattern of activation at that moment in time that you can influence towards another end if you want. Let’s take the example of the feeling of fear, “Okay I’m feeling fear at the moment, this fear is presently disabling my other capabilities, I’m noticing the fear, I can sense where its coming from, but I remember the importance of pushing on the activation of other chemicals where I down regulate chemicals that create fear and up regulate chemicals relating to courage.” This can be done as well, nearly any self control exercise will improve your capacities here. COMPARISON: What also helps me I find is comparison of struggle, for example I find weight training a great boost to other activities because the struggles I have here are far more difficult than resisting the temptations of some food or whatever, this is why its important to push yourself. When you push yourself beyond a pain point and you appropriately generalise its utility across all other potential points of suffering, you’ve just increased your capacity to handle any other form of suffering. So I make it a habit to push myself in pretty much everything. Life here is a game of strength versus weakness in many ways, because if we reduced all of our strength for example we wouldn’t even be air molecules as H2O has to exist at the cost of something else. This is why I love looking at my body-mind in this way because not only do I think its more accurate, its got great utility for improving my strength to weakness ratio (because that's where my mind immediately focuses), which is of course all relative. It helps objectivity and objectivity will help one moving through this sort of struggle.
  2. For me its like, see pain as a teacher not for something to therapise yourself over until you're like "oh I feel good now" To me that's BS propaganda that's being pedaled to the masses to make them feel better. Pain is my friend, I say fuck those who see it as masochistic, they're misinformed. ALL aspects of existence are teachers to me so why should pain be any different? Once someones relationship with pain changes to this end their ability to grow as a human being will do a complete 180. There isn't enough time in life not to have this kind of relationship with pain, we've all got a lot of growing, expanding and evolving to do. Sometimes you can't just walk around the wall, simple tricks that people who prey on other peoples weaknesses sell, you gotta go through it! Even if you crack your head open, if that's what truly needs to be done then to me its got to be done! There's a zero excuses policy when it comes to pain, all excuses are subtle ways that the mind tries to make you avoid that pain. I am the devil, me as a human being, thus my greatest actualisation will come in facing pain and being triumphant over my regular human condition. Peace out
  3. For me its just: 1. transcendence 2. synthesis 3. reorganisation It might be too advanced for some people though but I won't make guesses as to where you are. Reality is the hardest thing for a human experiencing negative emotions but to the degree that they can continually get themselves to stare back at the dragon that has awoken from the fire trying to bring them down, they will be a slayer which will inevitably result in their triumph. Run across the hot coals, even better, gently walk across them with a grit in your teeth just to show it can't bring you down. Remember that triumph has many positive benefits associated with it, its like muscle training, you get stronger the more reps you do.
  4. Apex predator mentality. But for the creation of the good and destruction of the evil. There's literally no other better mentality I've found when it's well balanced. What is the apex predator mentality? - pure aggression and purely strategic = so aggression isn't used un-strategically - long term view - purely purposeful and goal achievement orientated - creative, adaptable and resilient in the completion of ends Add more.
  5. I thought others here would find this funny haha 😂 , just a interaction I’m having right now What I’ll do is illl just exhaust the match’s i already have then just move on because I know that tinder will just put me in the back of the line regarding viewable profiles haha and I don’t want to become a paying user until I’ve got this weight down (body fat percentage goals described above)
  6. I’ve done my research, it seems to checkout haha. They want you to have dopamine spikes. Read the following and jump towards the bottom where it talks about further reading: https://members.tortoisemedia.com/2019/02/16/dating-apps/content.html?sig=EREl8tKzW0xXWdK3NCNMYENXqRpWauqz2UwzIYQG4oA No way I’m going to become a paying user haha (unless I’m at less that 13% body fat (at 30% right now) otherwise it won’t be worth it - I’d rather maximise results), I don’t need that. I’m going to just stay off it over the next two weeks after I explore it a bit further, not use the swipe function at all and then check back. I betcha my hypothesis is correct (noted in previous comment). When you jump on a superficial app like this you gotta meet the superficial standards I reckon, even though I’ve already had results I’d rather interact with it properly when I can interact with it from a position of power (being at my physical best), a point of strategic leverage. Given the way users tend to interact with the app (as noted in the article) I’m going to be a bit more strategic in my approach and limit my use. They’re like Facebook haha they just want you to be addicted.
  7. I honestly don’t think I’m getting a lot of views though haha, because on the first day or first few hours I had 30 likes with much worse photos, and not much has happened since then. My guess is that they lure in people with a lot of attention in the beginning, then they put unpaying users at the back so they become incentivised to continue the like streak after that. I won’t consider paying until after experimenting for about 3-4 weeks so I can get a better grip on things. Im by no means at my physical best either need to get my body fat percentage down, im at 30% (technically this is considered obese but I still look alright I guess haha) so I’ll probably do a lot better after I bring that below 13%. i obviously am not bad enough to not deserve attention though haha Still it’ll be good to compare after I’m much more consistent in the gym haha I’ll probably look complete different so it’ll be a fun revelation after I achieve that! I hope this motivates others to hit the gym!
  8. Another: Time is more important than force. So many people go to the gym once to a few times and workout for like 2+ hours and then give up after a week, all that effort then becomes for nothing. This applies to so many other areas. You gotta create a vision for your actualisation (derived from step 2 and envisioned in step 3 described above) then hold that firmly in mind constantly improving it via good feedback from reality and good interpretations of that feedback.
  9. 3 new chicks have messaged me back in the last hour so I guess maybe you could say things are improving. The reason why I say maybe is that you have to take into consideration the day in the week. It's a Thursday where I am at present. It's probably going to be peak around Thursday, Friday, Saturday and maybe even Sunday as well. I won't know what the trends are like until more experience given I've only just started tinder.
  10. New experiment: Here's my intro - I changed it up a bit haha , I hope it brings a laugh. See what happens over the next few days Yeah to me you gotta run tests like that to see how people respond. So many people just play it safe, don't express themselves in interesting ways and so they never find out if people are going to respond to their real humour and so on. Experiments reveal truth for me, not stuff going on in my head.
  11. Steps: 1. Transcendence 2. Synthesis (of perceived informational constituents) 3. Actualisation 4. Be relentless in that actualisation
  12. @bensenbiz yeah if anything it'll help you sing from a free flowing place as opposed to one that's constrained. Never tried it though so its pure speculation on my part. Peace But yeah, the right singing exercises are irreplaceable man, second to that is consistency
  13. Just had an epiphany - thinking axiomatically, is to think in the exact way God would have thought to bring about this reality the way it is (self consistency --> as self consistency is to axiomatic consistency). If the idea of God is real to me it seems like this is how God would have been able to create everything that he (for lack of a better word), that is, from an axiomatically self consistent framework - thus to me, this is how I must work to think from now on with respect to my actions, this is how God would have wanted it I believe, to be his highest reflection in this way. Its why you could argue logic works, logic only works because it works axiomatically and things work axiomatically because this structure is consistent with how reality itself came to be otherwise we'd be talking about how some other kind of structure through some other kind of means presently unimaginable to us is reflective of reality in lieu of us being a reflection of reality and being able to use that structure in reality with more success than any other structure we can conceive of. Anyhow, again feel free to post your ideas for a discussion to emerge.
  14. Just an idea I was thinking of that would be good to get feedback on: 3. Axiomatically you have to be completely and absolutely obsessed - this means the process you go through and derive reasons from as a part of your justification for various actions you take has to be reasoned to your utmost capacity 3A. One of those axioms I'd argue would be an incredible obsession with self actualisation, especially one core aspect therein: - raising your consciousness (and again, utterly obsessed in trying to do so to the best of your ability) From my perspective, these seem like "absolute yes's" but maybe its at least partly related to personality disposition, there's a bias there I gotta recognise, so in saying that I'd contextualise these two/three insights based on the profile of the person and their environment. I'll leave that there though as I'd like to hear other peoples ideas.
  15. Oh and I created this improvisation just now for the spirit (see title) of things haha I start singing in English at the 27 second mark.