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  1. I had the following question in another thread: 'Why is Kriya Yoga held so secretive?' And @kerk replied, quote 'Most of the discussion on Kriya Yoga seems to be happening in the Kriya Yoga Mega Thread. As to the question about why it's held secretive ... There are probably several reasons, but here are two of them. Kriya's founder Lahiri Mahasaya was very resistant to organizations and groups forming around Kriya Yoga, and asked his disciples to keep it to themselves. It was said that even next-door neighbors who were longtime Kriyabans did not know that about each other. While Lahiri held group readings and discussions in his home, these were not Kriya instructions which were always given individually, or to married couples. So in keeping with his wishes, that tradition has held -- to some degree -- in the years since his passing in 1895. His chief disciple, Panchanon Bhattacharya, perhaps relaxed it slightly, as he traveled in India to meet groups of Kriya practitioners and apparently these events included some technical discussions or demonstrations. In the main, however, Kriya spread through the network that grew from Lahiri to his disciples and then to their disciples and on to today. You will also find Kriya teachers who baldly claim that they belong not to Lahiri's known lineage, but were taught by "Babaji" himself, the immortal, quasi-mythical guru Lahiri encountered in 1868. When there are thousands of people who want to learn Kriya, some sort of structure and organization would appear necessary. Today, some organizations such as SRF and KYIO teach their versions of Kriya in groups, though these are still nonpublic events and admission is only to those who have agreed to keep the techniques secret. Dozens of other, perhaps less well-known sources, still teach privately. Another reason is simply guided, personal instruction so that the initiate knows what to do, is monitored to see that they are doing OK, and has the opportunity to ask questions. You see on the Kriya mega thread people trying various techniques from books, not all of which are Lahiri's Kriya; some apparently doing them to excess and mixing them with drugs even. I don't think any legitimate Kriya teacher would support that. Some have been frustrated with the culture of secrecy and written at length about it and even reinterpreted it in attempts to expose the teaching to the greater world. There are widely varying opinions about whether their information is authentic or even safe. I hope that helps answer your question. '
  2. @kerkVery good answer, thank you @cetus56@kerk I didn't know there was a Kriya Yoga Mega Thread. Let's move my question there. I'm not sure if mods can move things in such a fashion so I'll just post the question in the thread and try to quote kerk.
  3. Why is Kriya Yoga held so secretive?
  4. Hi. I'm wondering how I can browse the web anonymously and privately. The main issue seems to be comfort. How to have privacy without sacrificing too much comfort? I want to ditch all google services but YouTube is such an isle… Especially that I have to quit. For music I'm looking forward to get a paid service. I think it's better to pay for that stuff instead of sacrificing privacy. Then I'll get different laptops and phones for different activities. One for work, one for media and one for other stuff. I'll get an anonymous operating system like tails because I don't trust windows. I will only use windows for the necessary stuff and use Tor browser for as much as possible. Some programs won't run on a Linux device. I already switched to a somewhat anonymous email and search engine provider. To do list: Buy devices solely for the purpose of privacy Look into alternatives for YouTube and social media Clear my personal profile from the web. Erase my web identity. Get rid of all Google accounts Look into other privacy enhancing stuff like Whonix Ultimately use the web less Can anyone think of something that can be added to that list? How seriously do you guys take privacy on the web? There is more data collection than one could ever imagine. It's scary.
  5. @AutumnThat makes sense but who knows… I thought about the program making volunteers log in to their google accounts so that it would scan their results and/or YouTube start pages. Manually searching from someone else's account might be an issue because that would change their future results. The program could maybe use shared accounts.
  6. Yeah, my main search engine is now duckduckgo. It doesn't have everything though, like YouTube and stuff. Also, at some rare occasions I just don't find the desired thing with duckduckgo that I find with google...
  7. Gotta choose between Goenka and Yuttadhammo Bhikku. The other meditation tec that I practiced for a substantial amount of time is with labeling the things happening in the present moment: abdomen is rising; say in the mind 'rising', abdomen is falling; say in the mind 'falling'. When walking saying in the mind 'stepping right', 'stepping left'. And observing the states of mind: When anger arises saying in the mind 'angry, angry', when being happy saying in the mind 'happy, happy'. Vipassana by Goenka consists of 3 practices (Anapana, Vipassana and Metta) Vipassana is feeling the sensations on the body from the top of the head to the tip of the toes while staying equanimous, Anapana is observing the breath in the broad triangular area at the tip of the nose. Metta being the blissful practice of loving kindness 'may all beings be free, may all beings be happy'.
  8. @Chi_Yeah you might be right about the enlightenment thing. There were a lot of factors at that time. The things that you recommend look quite promising, I might look into some of it. I actually met a former student of Osho a few years back. His name is Soham (Samarpan) and he gives similar talks as Osho did. He mostly does Satsangs. I stopped meditating for quite a long time since my last stay at the psychiatric hospitals. Getting back into it right now. I figured I'd do Vipassana by Goenka. It's said that this technique would induce depersonalization states quite often though. But there is an old Chinese saying: 'Danger or opportunity?' My main issue right now is the constant engaging in the media; mostly YouTube.
  9. Hi, since Google modifies and personalizes search results based on the person who is using it I thought it would be cool to swap Google accounts between different people to get out of the personal bubble that is created by using just your own account. This is probably not that practical because most users have lots of private data stored on it. That's why I think it would make a whole lot of sense to write a program that does it. One of the options could include being able to choose between different types of persons or characters and get results revolving around that profile. What do you think about this? Do you have anything to add? And do you know any reasonable alternatives to the Google services?
  10. @bejapuskas What did you do?
  11. @Mu_ Yes I admitted it. It's still in the checking. They sent me a letter in which they requested me to come to a court psychologist in order to get the trueness of what I said confirmed. I didn't go there yet. I'm a little bit reluctant about it because of the stigma and everything that has to do with my psychiatric diagnoses. I got diagnosed not very long after I made the statement. Hell, those diagnoses are even written in the police computers. The guy would get 25€ compensation per day of his 7 year sentence. That amounts to 63.865€. I wonder if they put me into the psychiatric hospitals because of the money.
  12. I find that very true. As for the deleting of the social media accounts, I also deleted my long held Facebook account a while ago and later regretted it. All the old pictures and friends gone. Now I'm back to social media. Who knows when the next time comes and I delete it again. Same thing goes for phones and computers. I have the tendency to just destroy them to conquer addiction to it sometimes. Mixed feelings.
  13. Giving them food is cool. You might also just give people money who don't look like drug addicts. Maybe I'm an exception but I had been living on the street myself without doing drugs and people would bring me food all day. I couldn't take most of it because of my strict vegan diet. And some people were buying me junkfood. So I mostly appreciated money instead of food. I remember that one young lady came to me one day and brought me a large bowl of salad. Oh, I will never forget how happy that made me. Conclusion: If you are going to get a homeless person food then go for the healthy and vitalizing options like salat, fruit, vegetables etc.. Sure some omnivores might also appreciate a sausage here and there but in general you need to eat healthy to have the strength for going about the next day.
  14. I'm trying to think of something that I would have appreciated in my time at school. I think there is just no right or wrong way. Look, every teacher is different and each and every one of them has his / her own merits. It's probably best to have a lot of diverse teaching styles.