How to be a leader?????

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Compiled this fun list randomly because everyone around me seems stressed about xmas and I felt like sharing on here. I am open for your feedback guys. :) 


1. Lead by being a Truthful example and by collaborating.

2. Don't just talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

3. Forgive everyone 999 trillion times, but never give a second chance to be betrayed.

4. Don't punish. Heal!

5. Try to understand and listen more before you open your mouth.

6. Have compassion before you decide to express your anger.

7. Hugs > Fights.

8. The Devil is in the details. Be hyper-vigilant!

9. Have the intellect of the snake, and innocence of the baby lamb.

10. Have unconditional love for all, and respect everyone's unique needs (including yours).

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Wherever water flows, life flourishes: wherever tears fall, divine mercy is shown. - Rumi


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A leader walks their plans.  They do what they say they will do.

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There's only one thing you need in order to be a leader: Followers ;)

Knowing is not enough. We must apply.
Willing is not enough. We must do. 

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No one is a leader in general... but a person could be a leadership type in the sense that they can easily inspire others toward certain goals through good interpersonal skills as well as the ability to create, commit to, communicate, and actualize a vision.

But you can only be a leader in relation to a particular goal.

So, you have to have a particular vision that you excel in moving toward.

Then get other people on board with your vision that are of like mind. Attract your tribe and lead them toward that goal. And be the person that people come to for answers about how to better walk the path toward that goal. 

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