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  1. @Shiva so channels like those thrive off of making people feel inadequate?
  2. So what can one do when they feel inadequate? Like they feel like they don't fit the ideal "trope" like being jacked and being mega rich?
  3. So I came across this video Alux is the pinnacle stage orange. They glorify being rich yet look away from the evils that come from giant corporations that pollute the planet and don't care that Jeff Bezos breaks labor laws. I watch them occasionally, when some titles catch my eye. And this had me thinking a question I have for a long time. How would we know what was good if we never knew what was bad? There are some things about reality can't change. Women want a provider and protector. Their biological clock goes faster and they have to get a partner faster than men. We all can't be handsome like (insert attractive male)? We all can't be rich like Jeff Bezos? Isn't this a zero sum game; survival, like Leo said it is? I mean, if we are praising one quality, aren't we putting one down? I am still stuck in stage orange, and not advanced like Leo, so talk at a stage orange level
  4. @Shin I'm quoting Leo from the from the video. He said that you have to observe your self being a devil. It's not something that happens in 5 minutes, after watching the episode, but years. at 1:04:53 in the video. Oh wait lol he did say what to do after that. Well, I have my answer now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. @Nahm @bejapuskas The ego. The life story "I" identify with is the devil. Stop playing word games and semantics. You're not looking smart. @Amun It be like that @Highest What do you do after becoming conscious of how you are the devil? @TheAvatarState Good to know, Internet Guru
  6. So I just think that this is one of the most important videos out there. And in it, Leo says, you have to carefully observe you are behaving like a devil. It won't happen in 5 minutes, after watching the video, in a year. But it may take a life time. While I was at work, I had a the "ah ha!" moments when you're just subconsciously thinking about this. I now understand. All my life goals. Why do I want it? I really had to admit so I can have a sense of feeling above people. The people I dislike? Because they don't fit in with the sense of "me." And now I understand everyone else. Now I have to ask? What now from here? What happens after you can really admit you are the devil?
  7. In Islam, to complete half your faith, you must marry. This has to do with Islam's interpretation of love. Anyway, your partner is a reflection of you. You will only attract someone as good as you. Wonder Woman wants superman, not some dorky loser. Marriage and child rearing should be reserved to the most developed and productive individuals Sadly, there is no way to enforce such a rule.
  8. @Leo Gura So does this mean that things like time travel are real?
  9. @Leo Gura Non duality makes sense now. Everyone is the same pixel, geometric shapes. But everyone is too focused on their self to know that they are the same pixel and geometric shapes. That is why you and other mystics say that everything is literally you. And when you hurt someone or something, you are hurting your self. You said that religions are tailored to the culture they were founded. There can be a religion of video games. Spreading non duality. And you can be the prophet!
  10. Is it dangerous and damage the brain? Someone mentioned in this thread and I would like to know
  11. be equal to your subordinates. a big one people miss.
  12. So now that many of us have watch Leo's Mechanics of evil video, what are your views on that quote now? If you haven't watched it yet....
  13. There would be no way to enforce it. Sounds like a great idea but just won't work.