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  1. @ajasatya I don't care that you were sexually abused. I don't care that you are small. I don't care about how much money you have. I don't care if you think you are good at math. If you're not a living super computer I'm not impressed. This world is only for those who can be on top of the food chain You are of no help. Just stop replying.
  2. @Surfingthewave Insight. But all I'm being told I'm being whiny. love is dependent upon being "worthy" and this "unconditional love" is a lie. Everyone chooses someone whether or not they are "good enough" for their needs and maximizes their survival. @d0ornokey Dan Bilzerian is a hubris, debaucherous sack of shit.
  3. I have an embarrassing trauma that makes me less of a person. I'm not the "ideal man" of being tall, built like a tank, having a lot of money I don't have the right facial features, I am not particularly good at anything, there is nothing special about broken ass Afghanistan with it's uninteresting culture and boring locations. Life is only worth living only if you are at the top of the food chain.
  4. @LeoX8 Why do you talk as if it is so simple?
  5. @Raptorsin7 occultism isn't the bull shit what modern religion makes it out to be
  6. @Raptorsin7 at this point, I don't care. The abrahamic concept of hell is a farce and all of reality is a hallucination anyway. All notions are relative. So it isn't "evil"
  7. @Mikael89 I'll take my chances by selling my soul to the devil. He seems a lot better than the phony abrahamic God that I have stopped fearing for a long time. Who knows about being reincarnated as a girl. If you're an ugly girl, you're just as screwed as a boy.
  8. none of you have been any help and this forum is pointless
  9. no amount of pain from that stick can match the pain of being unwanted
  10. every day feels too late. nothing ever feels good enough. I can't even get help or someone to listen. Maybe my sob story isnt worth hearing over anyone else
  11. "Maybe we'll turn it all around, cause it's not too late, it's never too late" I feel ya m8... I never lived up to my own self image and feel it is too late sometimes...
  12. I'll feel good enough for this world when I can draw like a printer and sing like an angel. Where do people go to find such knowledge. Its like its locked behind sealed vaults. I'll feel good enough when I am a handsome chad like superman. But I'm not. Unconditional love is a lie.
  13. @bejapuskas BUT. HOW. There is a winner because there is a loser. The distinction of what is desirable and undesirable is what brings you closer to a end goal. People generally want someone who has money and is strong because it means protection; and more protection means increased chances of survival and the more care free you can be to enjoy life. And what if you're not any of that? Humans are cold and apathetic towards anything that doesn't concern them. (How many people are really going to take action against the amazon wild fires? Let alone problems that have existed since our genesis such as homelessness and hunger.) This something all throughout the animal kingdom, where everyone competes for survival, and the "undesirable" are pushed away and left to die. And in this world of "survival of the fittest" and "natural selection" the only options are be the "best" or die. And for years I'm just left wondering what is the point of living in this existence if those are the only options. What is the point if you're not the most attractive, richest and strongest if you're going to get trampled on anyway?
  14. @tsuki and you never answered how a person could know if they were any good if they didn't compare themselves to other people. Do you compete against your self in the olympics? Do you compete against your self in the market place?