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  1. be equal to your subordinates. a big one people miss.
  2. So now that many of us have watch Leo's Mechanics of evil video, what are your views on that quote now? If you haven't watched it yet....
  3. Well, you're thinking about God as some anthropomorphic figure that has values that align with yours. If you've been watching Leo's videos you would know that is not God but a perverted projection. God is everything. From the perspective of God nothing is "negative"
  4. There would be no way to enforce it. Sounds like a great idea but just won't work.
  5. @MrEgoless the capitalist vs communism thing he was talking about the "Mechanics of Evil" video where the devil distorts the truth and uses it for his/her agenda
  6. Like all things, you have to account for human corruption in all systems. It's a "free market" capitalist society where everyone can choose where their money goes, but it isn't always the case. You have super stores like Walmart and Amazon destroying mom and pop shops. Because we kind of live in a free market system, we still can choose where our money goes. That is why celebrities and athletes get more money than teachers and great scientists. Goes to show what Americans really value. Of course, Like Leo said in his Mechanics of Evil video, evil is the byproduct of survival, so people will go about destroying anything that gets in their way and not give a rat's ass about it. So if you want priorities to change, then you have to be the change you want to see in the world. As for poor people starving, many grocery stores are willing to give away food to the homeless, but they are forced to throw out a lot because of regulations solely based on looks of the food. Still, capitalism at it's worst it better than socialism/communism at it's best. Like consept said, it's because people are willingly giving their money to trash sports and celebrities and other egoic desires which is why capitalism comes across as unfair. If people valued what the mystics do, such as feeding the hungry, giving out education to people who need it, we would be living in a very different world where celebrities aren't praised like a golden calf.
  7. @Leo Gura Do you consider Oujia boards credible part of the paranormal? Because people have tried them and claim they've seen the freakiest shit ever and swear they're not making it up and have been so haunted by the event they've done away with anything paranormal.
  8. @Leo Gura No, not really. If you do the right meditations, focus on charkas individually and some yogas, you can develop them.
  9. @Emerald sounds about right
  10. @Angelo John Gage I have stated multiple times now I have decided against joining. Thanks for the input tho.
  11. @Emerald because I'd rather have a spouse that's into these action sort of things. And not the typically girly type things. Yet not being a tom boy.... But I know things like atomic blonde are a fiction and would never happen in real life so I stopped my resistance to looking at things like that. Edit: Also, I for some reason get a kick out of women trying to punch above their weight. Like videos on the internet where a bitchy woman tries to act tough but then gets put in her place. I am not a misogynist nor do I condone violence against women.
  12. @Emerald Creepily enough, I kinda find atomic blonde/lara croft/ black widow hot and attractive
  13. They are projections. I don't know how I would suppose to feel. Again, how am I supposed to just drop these notions. It comes from years of being repressed. As for the creature, it feels as if, idk how to pin point it. Just something aninalistic. Something that would never be put in a zoo.
  14. @Emerald That they aren't "normal" because periods and babies. Again, I had to teach my self and was denied sex ed. I *sometimes* think of them as creatures from another world. @zambize I've been trying for 8 years now... it'll have to end 1 day...
  15. @Emerald I have trouble seeing women as independent human beings... I was forced NOT to take sex ed so I would have to teach my self in my later teens. And then having to see people actually getting of to female domination porn. And then having to learn the grim reality of why fathers threaten their daughter's boyfriend (which weird because weren't they in that position once? Did their wife's father threaten their life?) @zambize that actually could work