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  1. Leo does, but I have found motivation in fictional characters, mostly.
  2. @Emerald America isn't superior. At least I don't believe that. PragerU is the one saying that, and I don't agree with everything they have to say. To me, it's just that people flock to America for a better life, and America has stood as a hope against communism and nazism.
  3. Hey fellow Actualizers, I've been lurking this forum without an account for months, but I have now come to a realization that I don't know how to resolve. After seeing Leo's "Mechanics of the Evil" video, my view on reality has been more shaken than anything in my life could. I have started to take notice of how I commit evil my self, and how I hypocritically pass off my own evil. This personal conundrum of mine has hit me so hard that I have decided to join the forum and get direct insight, whereas I can't on Leo's YouTube comments. When I was 15, it hit home to me how blessed I am to be born American. The richest nation on. The strongest, I don't have to worry about other countries trying to meddle in mine. I am so blessed to voice my opinion without the worry of being persecuted. Everything I love about life came out of America. I know there is more to stopping evil than stop seeing evil, but you have to stop "doing evil." I have now been wondering, If I do join, I'll be contributing to "evil" more than the taxpayer who funds them. The US military has committed horrific crimes that so many people are shockingly ignorant of. Before anyone comments, YES, I AM VERY WELL AWARE THAT PRAGERU IS A SPIRAL DYNAMICS STAGE BLUE ORGANIZATION. I disagree with them on a lot of things and they are pretty much American supremacists, which I am against, and I love America. If Leo is reading this, I know that you tend to lean more democratically than republican (I don't consider my self republican btw) But I do know that just because you are enlightened, doesn't mean you are perfect and are always right. I'm not trying to turn this into a political debate, so please don't ban me right off the bat. The videos say that there is no better alternative to world peace because America is the only one morally viable to do it. The alternatives? The UN is inefficient. Russia & China? I can't imagine them leading the world when their governments are so much more corrupt than America's and they have no qualms oppressing their people. They haven't even apologized for their massacre of communism, unlike how Germany apologizes for Hitler & Nazism. I feel as though America has given me a blessing I could never repay. And joining the military isn't the best way to show gratitude (I know...) (and what foreign power is America under threat from today that urgently demands us to lay down our lives ._.) Am I just furthering evil by joining the military? I mean, how can you call the soldier evil when you pay for him? What am I missing? TL;DR I want to join the US Army to die for America for all that it has given me, but after seeing Leo's video on the mechanics of evil, I am having second thoughts.