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  1. "The man who chases 2 rabbits catches none" I'd recommend that you change 1 at a time. It takes some time to create a habit so take your time and solidify one at a time so that they stick.
  2. I think a lot of it has to do with your focus. If you can't control your mind then your mind will drift into the future and the past and distract you from the present. But if you can ignore the future and past and focus on the now, then you can live in the moment. But I think we have memories and imaginations for a reason. A healthy balance between the three will give you the ultimate power!
  3. I consume roughly 1-2 books per week. That will lessen in 2019 because I'm spending a lot more time taking action but I'm going to shoot to consume 1 book per week. I know it is a bit cliche but I love studying "The Laws of Success" There is so much wisdom and knowledge in this book I could read it for the rest of my life and still learn from it.
  4. It is all about opportunity cost and the goals you have for yourself. You should quit if video games act as an obstacle, but if they do not then you should keep them. It sounds like you would be quitting video games for a girl and not because they are a distraction. If that is the case I'd recommend not quitting. Personally, I have very ambitious goals so I have to limit my gaming time. I use the pleasure of video games to increase productivity. But, based on what you have said here I think you can keep playing them.
  5. Too many people make a living off of the hard work of others. On another note - I love that quote. You are paid your value. So if you are wealthy that proves you are creating and providing for other people.
  6. "No pain no gain" is one of the truest sayings out there. It's robbed of its true potential by being applied solely to the fitness industry but it applies everywhere. Especially focus. We live in a constant state of entertainment. It actually pains people to focus more then 5 seconds but if you can master focus you will have mastered the most important tool in the world.
  7. If I recall correctly they emit a low enough frequency that our bodies are able to fight it off. Most of America lives on their self phone but few die from cancer so its hard to draw a direct correlation. Personally I just use my electronics to aid in my productivity but I make sure I keep my bodies strength up so that it can fight against as much as possible.
  8. The pendulum swings but over time balance will be established. The pendulum is too strong on one side right now but it will swing back.
  9. Work/Read for 1 hour and then for the last hour reflect on your day. How could it have been better in relation to your life's purpose?
  10. Counter with fact. For example - the million dollar example you would read about people less then yourself making that much money and you could study how they did it and understand how it made sense. Do this for all of the unbelief and chip away at them one at a time. Focus is power.
  11. Elon has multiple billion dollar companies. He MUST work that much to stay afloat and the phrase "change the world" is very relative so maybe to Elon that phrase means a minimum of putting someone on Mars but to you and me, it means changing the lives of 1 million people. It is all relative.
  12. Truth, and have you seen the increase in TV shows that are coming out? Most are being watched online. Time just slips away to entertainment with nothing to show for it.
  13. Party it up with meditation!
  14. You forgot to let the dough proof......
  15. Let's hope so! I hear there are bacteria that they discovered that consumes plastic? How amazing would that be?