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  1. @bobbyward @Barna What sort of stuff do you think one needs to do to develop himself to the point where he can use Meo? I feel it's all about surrender. So I was thinking putting my ego in really really embarrassing and tough situations and surrendering to that experience.
  2. I haven't tried it yet, but interested in how people are doing while using this substance. I going experiment with 4-ACO-DMT for a while before I get involved with Meo. But need to wait until my exams are over for that. Apparently this substance has a huge potential for spirtual growth and stuff so can't wait. Seems more introspective and smooth then shrooms from my research. I always though mushrooms are a bit nauseous even when I make a tea, so should be good
  3. To people using 5 Meo as a tool for growth. How is this substance changing your experience by challenging your sense of self? How is it transforming your life? How has it been impactful in your life? Positive and negative.
  4. I mixed LSD and shrooms together. Boy it was like taking an unexpected right hook from Mike Tyson and slapped me in line. But I got a lot of growth from it because it was earthing all my inner demons for 9 hours. And some deep realisations about existance and myself. I had so much insight into my fears and neurosis its crazy. I loved the moment when you start to notice when you come down from shrooms but still know the LSD is staying after. It was like swimming into a fresh water lagoon from sea water. The whole process was many times for twisted then doing either separately. I did like 3-3.5g dried equiv of shrooms (was 15g of strongest truffles you can get - they are called Hollandia) and 150ug LSD.
  5. Yeah I do feel it is the fears. This that is kinda of the work I am doing at the moment, which is why not drinking is so pivotal for this process to me. If i were to drink these fears would still be kept from my awareness. So thanks for your advice!!! I am doing no fap as an experiment. I want to see what happens if I don't touch my donger for a period of time. If nothing happens then I masturbate moderately. If it seems to have benefical effects I will masturbate infrequently. But I had a huge addiction to porn. Been watching that shit since I was 12. I tried to masturbate w/o porn, but I would always end back watching porn. So I decided to stop all for a while. Along with meditation, no fap had brought up so much shit that I used to suppress when watching porn and i am exited by this. I am interested to know why you think nofap is dogma? Sure it could be, but that can only be proven if it is tested out for real. Not by assuming that it is just dogma. So have you actually done nofap before?
  6. Hey guys I wanted to make this post to see if anyone experiences this also. Basically I have stopped using alcohol to mask my fears for around a year. Recently, whenever I go out to socialise I feel super hungover the next day, like I was drinking. I find this funny. Maybe it's due to the combination of the flatline period in NoFap (currently 1.2 months in), experiencing intense emotions whilst socialising (because not masking the fears and stuff. I think takes a tax on my energy levels and body hugely), maybe due to my diet being on the unhealthy side atm. I was just wondering if anyone else socialising without drinking experiences this. If so can share ya situations?
  7. Yeah, I get this experience. It's crazy. When I really focus on being aware during long SDS sits, it is like your entire emotional composition explodes from the confinement of the body and mind to an expansive space in the room. The energy is flowing without control. I also get psychedelic-like closed eye visuals. Like tunnels and stuff. What I love to do here is to realise that this right here, is a nature of experience. There are just things floating around in some sort of existable awareness. With phenomena seen with such clarity of what they actually are. These sensations lose the story you have attached to them and become harmless and something worth crying over. When I spoke to Shinzen Young about this he said that anything you can experience on the cushion you can experience in your daily life. This is nuts, imagine experiencing this when experiencing an intense negative emotion in your active (sight based) life. Or experiencing a challenging situation. It is like you fully align with nature and the the concept of "negativity" can be easily seen through. This to me is a hypothesis, but if this is possible boy it must be fucking powerful. So keep going this stuff is revolutionary.
  8. What is your main fear? And how are you going about accepting and loving it in your life? Mine is the dreaded COMMITMENT. From all my social anxiety, panic attacks etc etc. I believe it boils down to one main thing. The fear of COMMITMENT (in relationships, passions, work etc).
  9. After about a year, when you start to feel like the reality you perceived starts to break down. Everything you thought you know can be lifted like a veil from your mind showing you a completely new reality, with new possibilites. It gets interesting when you get the feeling that you are really not a "human". I like to question this belief actually a lot. And you really start to wonder what the fuck you are deeply, because you have no idea. It freaky but amazing that its possible to do this.
  10. Ahh yes, this is one of the questions I kept asking myself when I embarked on this journey to question thy believes. For me, the key thing I got down was to create structure and order. This is a serious game. Your web of believes are entangled, looped and overlapping within your mind. Running your machine as live goes on, and what a complicated thing you are. The first step is to notice and become more aware of your emotional reactions to certain situations. Areas where you invest heavy emotions, like fear. These are the beliefs ideally you want to doubt first as they are the ones that inhibit you the most from self transcendence. As you attach to them more (because the feel more real). So start slow, you are climbing a mountain here. You don't climb up Everest by running!!! I assume you take you time and care so you don't get sick or die. Whenever you have a emotional reaction to something, write down the cause. Then keep probing questions like "Why am I emotionally invested into this situation?" "What is the reason why I believe this" etc. It is often due to a rock bottom belief you have deeply ingrained into your mind over time. You want to find this belief and question the fuck out of it. Don't just question it once and that be the end of it. No!! You need to spend time doubting this belief over a long period of time for your mind to realise the need to hold on to it. So you continually change the way your mind relates to this belief overtime. It's not a one hit wonder. So this is why writing you believes down is important so you don't lose track of your work. Over time you can also categorise them over time (maybe create a mind map) and see how your web of beliefs looks on paper. I guess this is all you need to do for now because this is such a big task.
  11. What is your prime methodology of thinking? Is it through words or is it through visualisations/feelings/colours/pictures?
  12. I was born and raised in London (want to move out pretty soon). But i am of Indian origin. Some say I am like a chocolate Bounty bar - brown on the outside, white on the inside and sweet as fuck hehe. Thanks for all the support guys. Yeah I generally suck at attracting girls so I want to get better at that. Quick question. There is this girl in my class whom I met this term, she's cool, but likes to tease me a lot. Can this be a good sign that she is into me?
  13. The thing that holds me back I guess is the scale of my impact. I generally feel like I want to impact a large portion of the world in some way. Yeah, I know this is silly but this is a deep rooted issue that i am trying to grow out of. As Mother Teresa said: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love.”
  14. I love the way Rupert uses language to dig deep into the heart of non-duality. This video is incredibly helpful for you to develop theoretical knowledge about enlightenment AND for you to follow his words to go deep within and discover yourself. Enjoy
  15. "If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." – Lao Tzu