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  1. Leo needs to get onto Joe Rogan to properly contexulize their experiences. I dont think they explored 5 MeO with enough trips. This is the problem with vaping as a aposed to plugging
  2. Is the come up on 5 MeO MALT less intensee then 5 MeO DMT? Is it illegal in the UK? How do you get it in the UK if not illegal??
  3. I contemplated, realised the difference between the goat and a human was imaginary, went to proceed to fuck the goat, then fucked the goat... was the best sex i ever had
  4. I think communicating insights about God to people who haven't done or aren't willing to do 5 meo/psychedelics is a pointless endeavour. Would you ever consider holding 5 meo retreats somewhere?
  5. I am an INFP. This personality trait has made it difficult for me to associate myself with society. For all the INFP's out there, how do your survive in this society? What professions do you have? What are you relationships like?
  6. No not that. Thanks to the internet and youtube, I am able to learn from people across the world. In different countries. You are up there with the people that has taken my life from anxiety and depression, to experiencing a deep love for existence on a day to day basis. It would be nice for me to know the person who has done this a bit more personally, i am sure your audience would agree. Thats all. It defiantly wont be boring for me to understand how you live ur life. I mean its personal and obviously its up too you to share. I am just expressing my opinions. Out of interest, why do you choose to keep it simple? Does life beyond survival lead to a simpler life? Is it to give you more time to be, think and contemplate?
  7. Yeah I think so too. I live in the UK so van life might be more boring then doing it in the US
  8. It is actually incredible. This has been such a profound shift in my character. As an example, I accidentally seared my hand on the grill inside an oven for a couple of seconds. The burn was really bad. But I was just laughing. I was intrigued by the smell, and the sensations. It was just another sensation in my awareness, no different from an orgasim. I ended up laughing about it for like 5 minutes. My roommate thought i was going crazy haha. He was like that is the best way I have seen someone take a burn. Now take that and apply it to your emotional feelings and sensations. Negative feelings dont exist anymore. Although I do find it harder as my ego is more attached to my emotions. It feels more 'real' and important when experiencing 'negative' feelings. Like its something I need to take seriously
  9. Wow man this is cool! I am thinking to build out a big van. So it has a shower, toilet, kitchen, workspace, bed and solar panels I found remote work as a programmer so it is really feasible in this day an age to live off grid. Like this
  10. Hi @Leo Gura Please can show more of how you implement these practices in your daily life. Show us how your daily life looks like so we can have a reference. I know it is not gunna apply to everyone, but would be nice to see some transparency. To see the effects of this work actually had on your life, and not just talking about really advanced an abstract concepts in front of a black screen. Also, do you have any videos on the boofing administration of 5 Meo? How it differs, and how it has this ROA effects other people
  11. Thanks man, yeah that is true. It seems like you get good play for free lancing or working contract jobs choose the work you want to do. Thats a good option if my biziz keep failing
  12. I am good enough to get paid well. But to start a biz and escape wage slavery is what I am after. I love programming for me and my ideas not for other people. But my ideas arent kicking off
  13. I am a software engineer, specialising in mobile apps. I have started businesses but have failed, how do you start a business with tech and make it impactful and successful? It seems hard as an engineer, am I down the wrong path?
  14. I am on keto diet on the moment. Basically meat veg and healthy fats. I feel amazing. I have read. However from research people also suggest it’s an unhealthy diet. To begin honest with nutrition I don’t know what to believe and just observing how I feel and energy levels. With keto it’s the best so far
  15. Thanks Leo. Yeah I will follow my intuition and see what happens. When you comeback and relive older passions and going full circle like this a good sign? Having this recurring desire to learn about a subject resurfacing in your life?