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  1. As you are moving on the path of mastery, do you notice your passion growing in your work? Compared to when you first started shooting videos. What was the difference?
  2. I plated this today, wanted to share. This dish took all day to make haha. Raw. Coconut dumpling wrapper (dehydrated), kimchi + cashew filling. With red cabbage and Kimchi puree. With ginger and sesame oil foam.
  3. Yep that is me. Was doing some comfort zone challanges with a friend.
  4. Haha dude, the enlightened therapist... Where do I begin. I feel that phase came from a place of lack. And the "I want to help other people before I help myself" phase.
  5. This is what happened when I experienced awakening.
  6. Yep!! I would love that. Start of with salads. Easy and can make them tasty. You can do so much with nuts it's not even funny. I made this salad today. Used sunflower seeds to create a parmasgne like "cheese". The kale is raw! I made a kashew based dressing with some acid, and massaged that into the kale. It breaks down the kale. Cooks it in a way. This takes away the harshness, and it tastes sooo good. But honstley, get yourself a high class vegan cook book and start experimenting. It's so fun! Start with kale salads.
  7. Recently I have been getting involved with culinary art. I was thinking of becoming a gastronomy vegan chef as my life purpose. So at the moment just testing the water. This is all raw and vegan
  8. This is advice from Shinzen Young. It seems it is possible. Definitely. But are you willing to do it. Do you have the vision? Does the vision make you cry thinking about it? I guess a lot of factors play into account also. Eg age ( younger the better imo), genetics, you conditioning/life circumstances, being good at strategy. I am sure you can pull it off. As said in the email, people go to monastic training and go back into Jobs. I personally am really confused which one to take. Enlightenment before work or the other way round. I choose to focus on what I want to create now, whilst doing mediation and self inquiry during the day. Also plan to use 5-MeO in the near future.
  9. Is this a paradox? As it seems when you try to master things you are passionate about, there is huge resistance. This is what I encountered when I studied at uni.
  10. Ahh ok, but I thought that Ralston was also pursuing martial arts when he was young. But you are right, each to their own. Yeah then @zunnyman I would focus on one. Personally I find Maslow's model a good guide. I would focus on life purpose first, get financial stability, and continue with personal development. Then when you are more grounded and emotionally stable, go for enlightenment. Also, realise that you got a cheat code at hand: 5-MeO-DMT. So when you do years of personal development work, experiment with 5-MeO and see where that takes you, if you feel that is the right way of course. But this is just the way I would probably do it. You could completely disagree.
  11. Why don't you do both? I mean work on life purpose during the day, then during the evening focus on spirtual seeking. Allow yourself to attend retreats, and do psychedelics once a week. Also, it is possible to self inquire throughout the whole day, and apply mindfulness 24/7. So merge both practices, don't make LP and enlightenment work seperate. It's a lifestyle. Peter Ralston managed to do it. @Leo Gura what do you think of this?
  12. But where would be if you didn't make enough money from, or start, your online business?
  13. @electroBeam One conscious hippy, whom wants to put in his effort to make a bad ass motherfucking buissness, is right here. My skillsets are, unconditional love and happiness, being able to handle high doses of psychedelics, being able to introduce people to god, I eat like a squirrel hippy -nuts and stuff, able to turn into a fluorescent wolf on demand, meditation, self inquiry, and know some computer languages, good at maths, and I love you. What more could you want from a candidate?
  14. Ok here is the UK it is exam season. I have had a lot of people coming up to me and stressing the fuck out by exams, asking for help. From my point of view I see no reason for them too. It espically touching for me, because I used to be in the same position. I just thought I would share my feeling on this here. I like to think of it like this. Exams are unpredictable. You could have a bad day, or a bad paper, or a bad marker. This ain't in your control. It's in realities hand. So no point stressing on the results you wanna get. Don't focus on the results. Focus on the work you put in. That's the only thing in your control. And it's really not about the grade you get. Or your ability to do well in exams. It is about the experience, about the resources you have, the university you are at, the information you study, the people you meet. What are results anyway? Just a number or letter you attribute meaning too. To much emphasis on society is put onto the result. Irconically my results have got better when I care about them less. My dad taught me this lesson last year. He is 65 now. When I was revising for a set of exams, I was stressing the fuck out. He told me, "Once you get to my age, you realise how pointless the stress you create is". This hit me deeply. All this stress is pointless. It doesn't help in one bit. See it AS the form of procrastination you have (and love that, it's funny 😂). What it does it that it actually takes the beauty, and "interestingness", out of the subject you are studying. Making you want to study it less. Then making you actually stress out more. See this game, chill out, and enjoy studying your subject. The thing that counts in your heart is that you know you gave it your best shot. So deep down the result you get doesn't matter. Also, realise you are a complex being, living in a complex time. It is common to experience to self-deception and resistance in your work. Sometimes we procrastinate, sometimes we work hard. This is natural, so even when you do find yourself slacking off. Give yourself compassion, its common for everyone, it is probs part of our mechanism. So be aware of that, then move forward back into work. I used to beat myself up for procrastination, because I was fearful of getting bad results. The more I did this the more difficult it would be for me to work. A less harsh-on-yourself-mindset, less stress, and more compassion to yourself during these FUCKING hard exam periods is what is needed. I have taken this approach this year.