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  1. Dude are you from the UK? if ur in Bristol would be cool to meet up
  2. I found it hahaha
  3. Any know where i can find this guy on Leo's blog. I am doing experiments with LSD at the moment and would like to find the video. It was an old guy that used heroic doses of LSD, I think weekly or monthly to learn about reality
  4. Brining this back to the top. How do you find wingman?
  5. Hi, Are they any guys that live in Bristol, uk that wanna meet up, go out on the weekends, have fun and do some game. Up for going out every friday/saturday eve
  6. I have been a bycycle mechanic, to an event promoter, to chef, to an accountant, to a softwareengineer Guitar/Singing, venomous snake keeping, fitness, adventure and psychedelics/meditation/enlightenment are my hobbies currently
  7. Your not a loser. I love you. I wanna give you a hug. Everything is alright man. You are beautiful. I want you to know you are loved exactly as you are. How can you not be beautiful, realise that. Stop comparing to other Qualia. The only reason you feel this way is because you belive you need to be a certain way and do things to feel normal in society. And yes it is important to meet you needs. But before you embark on that journey, realise that you are soo sooo soo amazing xxx
  8. Leo needs to get onto Joe Rogan to properly contexulize their experiences. I dont think they explored 5 MeO with enough trips. This is the problem with vaping as a aposed to plugging
  9. Is the come up on 5 MeO MALT less intensee then 5 MeO DMT? Is it illegal in the UK? How do you get it in the UK if not illegal??
  10. I contemplated, realised the difference between the goat and a human was imaginary, went to proceed to fuck the goat, then fucked the goat... was the best sex i ever had
  11. I think communicating insights about God to people who haven't done or aren't willing to do 5 meo/psychedelics is a pointless endeavour. Would you ever consider holding 5 meo retreats somewhere?
  12. I am an INFP. This personality trait has made it difficult for me to associate myself with society. For all the INFP's out there, how do your survive in this society? What professions do you have? What are you relationships like?
  13. No not that. Thanks to the internet and youtube, I am able to learn from people across the world. In different countries. You are up there with the people that has taken my life from anxiety and depression, to experiencing a deep love for existence on a day to day basis. It would be nice for me to know the person who has done this a bit more personally, i am sure your audience would agree. Thats all. It defiantly wont be boring for me to understand how you live ur life. I mean its personal and obviously its up too you to share. I am just expressing my opinions. Out of interest, why do you choose to keep it simple? Does life beyond survival lead to a simpler life? Is it to give you more time to be, think and contemplate?
  14. Yeah I think so too. I live in the UK so van life might be more boring then doing it in the US