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  1. @Sahil Pandit Sorry buddy, this one is sadly missing! I just noticed that "How authority works" is also missing!
  2. @Rahul yadav Good work man, thank you for sharing!
  3. I want to give some credits to a teacher that doesn't stop to surprise me, Aaron Abke, it is the same guy from the video above. His way of communicating on very diverse spiritual topics, the clarity, the bite size length, makes the whole embodiment and process of the information quiet easy, he goes straight to the point. Despite my first opinion of him which included judgments on his looks and age and catholics background where he arose out of, I was surprise to the point that he became in a matter of a month, my favorite reference to what and where to look for, for quick reminders on how to become all loving. He will also be my help to transmit non-duality and mysticism as a clear message to religious people, he has pretty cool videos on how and where the catholic religion went wrong. I had such a deep realization experience yesterday from the shadow work I'm doing at the moment. Even though I knew a lot of things about it, my resistance to shadow work concerning the people that triggers the most emotional reactions in me was so strong, I had the feeling I might need professional help to shine some light in my blind spots. It took like 2 days for my ego to finally let go and to fully accept the message of this video, which is the projection perspective on where it was hurting most. It felt like a my head hit a wall, my hard drive my was bugging big time, and of course fear was holding me back from this realization. The emotional release was really intense, one of the biggest realization on my path, probably the second biggest yet after a couple of enlightenment experiences. So I just put the last video of the playlist, depending on your level of consciousness, it is quiet advanced stuff... understanding it is one thing, embodying it is another. If you haven't cried your eyes out, it's a good sign you haven't embodied it. Happy awakening every...One! I really recommend watching the whole "MindScience" Playlist from Aaron Abke especially the video stated in the video description even though you might think you know it all already.
  4. Hey man, this is basically what I discovered techno with, right after Goa in 1995... this is what we use to trip on back in the days... it is nowadays also called "retro trance"... you'll find some gold nuggets under that name .... but with Bonzaï Records you are on the right track! It used to be played in all over Belgium clubs, Holland, Germany, north of France in the end of the 90's and still is sometimes under the appellation "Retro Parties" All the people I know who loved that music back then are veeeerry nostalgic about that time that is now gone. I'm glad you like it this style, cool to know that it is not completely dead and that it still finds some new fans! in addition, the first DJ mix I've ever heard, you are probably going to like it, the mixing quality is fantastic, exceptional I would say, 33 old school classics mix in less in than a hour DJ set...
  5. @AleksM Thanks buddy, let me rewrite your list in a more visible way and complete it: -How to discover what is true - a deep inquiry -Dangers of spiritual work -Self-bias - Why all world-views are so skewed -Conscious Politics part 3, 4 -Understanding relativism -The power of asking questions -What is reality DONE -What is Truth -What is God part 2 DONE -What is the point of life -Cult psychology part 1, 2 -How to do self-inquiry -Understanding duality Part 1, 2, 3 -The counter intuitive nature of life -What is perception DONE -Understanding ego backlash -Radical implications of oneness -Sameness vs difference -How to escape wage slavery -Collective ego -Metaphysical implications of Godel's incompleteness theorem -Quantum mechanics, building your existential vocabulary -Comprehension has many degrees -Why brains do not exist DONE -The theme of things going full circle -Reality is a strange loop -Jacques Derrida - deconstruction -Motivational speech for building a passionate life
  6. I thought I had posted that one a long time ago... sorry Why Brains do not Exit “Existence is anecdotal” If you are a materialist, you think that all of reality is happening inside of the brain. This belief is happening without you being aware of it. It’s a framework of beliefs, a mind virus. There is an alternative way to look at the world as this paradigm is absurd, it doesn’t make sense, contradicts itself and limits you in very important ways. Naive realism=materialism=physicalism= default position of scientifically, rationally minded people. It sounds crazy, but whatever you have experienced, has never taken place in the brain. Q: Aren’t enlightenment and psychedelic trips first person experiences? If that is true, does it mean that they are not objective, not scientific? The brain is capable of hallucinations and we have asylum full of people who hallucinates stuff, they live in their private universes, doesn’t that show us that we cannot trust first person experience? All your non-dual experience are anecdotal, those experiences and your meditations happened inside your brain. A: With this question, you are taking for granted that there is such a thing as a brain and that there is physical reality. Q: Do you deny that we can see a brain when we open a skull? A: When open a skull we will see some pink squishy substance inside that we call a brain. But what are you seeing there? You having an experience of some pink squishy substance, but is that the metaphysical brain that you believe in? That is the important issue. The problem is that when we speak of a brain, neurons and atoms, we like to speak about them like it’s a first person phenomena, but they are first persons appearances and more than that, they are actually concepts. Concepts that boils down to sensations that you are having. We cut open a skull, the skull itself is an appearance, where are first person appearance occurring? We run into a circular problem. Q: Where does the appearance happen but in my brain? A: Even if we cut you open and you see your brain in a mirror, you would see your own squishy substance, but again, where is that occurring? The materialists assumes that our first persons experiences are occurring in this organ, all our experience are coming from it, generated by it and occurring in it, but what is this “it”? Where is it occurring? Notice that the only thing you have about reality is this first person experience, there is nothing else, literally, that is a brute fact of your life. Science takes this domain of first person experiences and creates a conceptual distinction within this domain. It takes this first person experience and creates a section within that which we are going to call “third person objective”. A scientist means with that, that we take a group of people, a group of like minded beings and ask them: “do you see that tree over there?” The group says “yes”. The scientist will classify that as a third person objective fact. What is forgotten in that process is that it is experience within first person experience, it can never be other than that. So that tree, the group, yourself, the world, the physical universe is all happening within that first person experience. Any notion of a third person objective domain has to be couched within the first person subjective. We take the third person objective for having more reality than the first person subjective, but this is completely wrong, because the third person objective is conceptual in nature and has less reality than subjective experiences. Everything objective is actually subjective, there is no such thing as objectivity. It’s a self-defeating metaphysics. You can create the illusion of objectivity by gathering a consensus. There is always certain kinds of things that people will consent to. That gathering of consensus is a conceptual enterprise and is occurring within subjective experience. There is zero evidence for an external world… The scientist believe in a universe within which the brain is happening. What we have got is bunch of first person experiences and appearances, and they need to be explained by something and find an answer in the external world, which has never been proven to exist, as the only thing that we have, are first person experiences. Scientists take mystical experiences as being anecdotal evidence and not objective. But what they are failing to grasp is that everything is anecdotal evidence, existence itself is anecdotal, the only reason you feel and believe that you exist is by anecdote. If you didn’t exist there would be no possibility to talk about existence. The physical universe is anecdotal as well. So called rationaly-minded people take a lot things for granted about reality but ignore the fact that they are anecdotal. Out of a concept they fashioned an external reality where they are brains, atoms and molecules, and then conveniently told themselves that none of that is a concept, that is actually reality. While they are engage in that process, they are not being conscious that all of that is happening within first person experiences. Without first person experience, none of what the materialists hold as real, existence, life, science, rationality, the universe, skepticism, would have any justification or grounding or evidence. The existence of the big bang hinges on you existing, you don’t depend on the big bang, the big bang depends on you. The belief that there are hard objective facts, that’s a metaphysical claim, you can’t avoid metaphysics. Those hard fact are implicit, you picked them up from your culture, and our culture is utterly ruled by materialism, worst then religious indoctrination. Religious people know about other religions and some might see that themselves might be a bit indoctrinated. But nobody tells you the materialistic paradigm is a paradigm, that you can be indoctrinated into it, you are not given any other alternative. If you dare to talk about any other possibility, you will get mocked and criticize even called crazy as though you were denying reality. Reality is a hallucination, literally! There is nothing beyond hallucinations. A hallucination is “an appearance or a perception without substance.” This is exactly what we have, a first person experience but nothing else, no brains, no physical matter, physical laws or mathematical equations behind the scene. A hallucination is not a dream or nightmare that you imagine. Why is it not possible to just jump through a wall? Why can’t I just fly and break the laws of physics or manifesting stuff just by thinking about them? This is a silly notion of what a hallucination is. Hallucination has nothing to do with that, you can have crazy hallucinations where you fly through walls, or a hallucination where the wall is solid and can’t fly through it. Hallucinations can have infinite properties. Why would you assume that a hallucination has no rules or logic? Dreams all have certain types of rules, why are you afraid of monsters in your dream? When you are inside of your paradigm, it cripples your ability to imagine alternative interpretations of reality and it limits what you think is possible within that reality. You cannot see outside to consider other paradigms. People treat their paradigm as security blankets. Where are these hallucinations occurring? Not in the brain as it is itself a hallucination, it is no taking place anywhere. What the brain and what physical reality are, is a extraneous fictitious metaphysical entity identical to Santa Klaus, or the way that many people hold God to the way that science in the past has held certain substances that was needed to explain physical reality, like “luminiferous aether, phlogiston, caloric , miasma”. The all were legitimate substances that intelligent scientist took for legit a couple of hundred years ago, because they needed to explain the appearances they were seeing out in the world. -luminiferous aether was the substance needed to explain how light travels through empty space. -phlogiston was substance to explain combustion -caloric was substance responsible for the transport and flow of heat -miasma was substance responsible for the contagious of people, the transferring of germs The brain and an external physical reality are identical to luminiferous aether, phlogiston, caloric and miasma ,but modern culture hasn’t dropped these fictitious metaphysical entities. So consider the possibility that reality is an hallucination which is not taking place in a brain but rather their is no physical substratum for reality whatsoever because none is needed. in the same way that light can travel through empty space without aether because none is needed and diseases can propagate without miasma. By dropping the materialist paradigm it becomes possible that appearance must take place in a physical substratum. That is something that you assumed was true about reality and we can drop that assumption because it is not necessary. You can’t drop the materialist paradigm just through sheer willpower, you are a fundamentalist, a fundamentalist like a religious person, instead of God or Allah being the grounding substance, you have a physical reality with a brain and neurons in which all experiences are taking place. As a materialist you think religious people are silly believing in superstitions, but what about your superstitions, your God is no different than theirs, your God is the brain. There is no proof of a brain or physical reality, you take it on blind faith and yet you believe it is so real because you are underestimating how tricky the mind is. Even if you don’t want to, your mind is incapable of not holding an ideological position. You hold so many deep ideological positions without knowing it that its frightening to realize that that it’s the case, especially for atheists and scientifically minded people who prides themselves to be open-minded, non-ideological and non-superstitious. This is what happens when you don’t think through your metaphysics carefully, you end up being superstitious, just the content of your superstitious is different. The two reasons why you are a materialist are: first person experience is very consistence most of the time and you have never experience for yourself the breakdown of first person experience, which is for example what a psychedelic, deep meditation, self inquiry, contemplation, certain types of breathing exercise can show you. Because it is consistent, there is the illusion of solidity to them, because the feel so orderly and physically determined like you can’t break the laws of physics you believe that is what the external world must be like. You were born in a materialist culture, anyone that you have ever interacted without knowing that they are. This indoctrination happens exactly the same way that fundamentalists are indoctrinated. It’s hardwired so deep that you can’t imagine an alternative anymore, you don’t even want an alternative. How can it work straight without any substrate to ground it all? This is not a valid objection, the real question is: How can anything work at all? Think about it, How would a substrate cause any appearances? How do you have a substrate? What grounds the substrate? What you got to understand here is that is that it is not a problem for reality, it is a problem for your understanding of reality, that is a big difference. Reality itself is not limited to your materialist intuitions. Reality is weird and absurd, science is weird and absurd especially when you get into quantum mechanics or the big stuff like cosmology, the big bang, multiverses, and so on. Our intuitions are more designed to work with everyday life. Weirdness and absurdity are subjective notions, they are not a measure of Truth, they won’t deliver truth to you, they are the measure of how well aligned you are with your culture, of relative consensus upon other human being that you live amongst at this particular area of time. Where does the materialist say existence came from? The big bang, but where does it come from? Something else, but where does it come from? Even if we find why the big bang happened, we still haven’t explained the nature of appearances. So you have infinite amount of hallucinations all grounded in nothing, not even in time and space. What about brain damage? When it is damaged, it changes the appearances so it appears that brains causes all appearances and that they happen inside the brains. What this experience doesn’t demonstrate that appearance are happening in the brain. What it does demonstrate is that the brain being an appearance can be affected by another appearance like a hammer, so an appearance affecting another appearance which then affect other appearances. When all you have is just appearances, all reality is just an infinite collection of appearances, then it is a self interacting system. Appearance affect other appearance doesn’t prove that they are happening inside of a brain or an external world. Reality is interacting with itself as it contains already everything, it has nothing else to interact with. Your brain affects perceptions, your brain is relevant and important, keep it safe. But it means that the brains which is one appearance affect other appearances. There is no contradiction there What if I get drunk or a psychotropic drug? You take an appearance, the drug, interacts with the neurons in the brain, another appearance, and it changes what you are seeing, also an appearance, but it doesn’t prove that it is happening in the brain. Why did the brain evolve? It evolve for generating the very rich kind of appearances that you are experiencing if you are a human being. Human consciousness is very rich comparing it to the consciousness of an ant or of a tree. It evolved to let you experience everything you are experiencing. But the evolution of a brain doesn’t prove that there is a brain. Yes neurons are doing stuff, but they are an appearance themselves, they are not inside of a brain. This is starting to sound like magic… That is because reality is magic. The fact of existence itself is a-mechanical, uncaused and mystical. Everything you are experiencing right now is happening right here, there is no mechanism behind the scene that is generating all this, this is the mechanism. How can reality possibly do that? Or better said, what would prevent it from doing that? Reality being unlimited, can take the most direct route, the shortest possible route to do whatever it wants to do, which means direct manifestation or…. magic. It is not limited by the laws of physics, they don’t apply to metaphysical issues. Conservation of energy, conservation of momentum, certain limits within gravitation with electromagnetism and so on, they don’t apply to the fact of existence itself. so we are not contradicting the basic laws of physics, but science doesn’t tackle the metaphysical question of being itself. And this is a hallucination and it happens through magic. -Magical thinking has helped explain all sorts of mysterious natural phenomena, comets, volcanos, plagues and so on, science figured that stuff out and now we have mechanical naturalistic explanations to account for all that. Doesn’t that prove that magical thinking is unnecessary? Why don’t we give science more time to picture how all of existence came into being? It’s not going to work. You can explain mechanically a lot of things but you can’t explain the being or the fact that there is a thing in the first place. That question is never addressed because it is taken for granted. Science is about taking one appearance to explain another appearance by breaking it down to subcomponents appearances. By doing so, you don’t explain the fact of appearances themselves. When you do science, you still do metaphysical assumptions, you are not doing science metaphysics free, you take things for granted which is in this case materialism. It has already been discovered actually within quantum physics and cosmology, materialism breaks down at this peripheries of science. There must be one mystical source. We don’t know what is beyond what is beyond the big bang, so you give science one mystical source, and they can explain everything else. Science misses the point that being itself, right here right now is the mechanism itself. The mechanism of appearances is completely open to you, nothing is hidden behind the seen, it is direct manifestation. You are the mechanism, therefor you can’t explain the mechanism by sighting other appearances, because every other appearances you sight misses the fact of the direct manifestation of appearances in the first place. There is no external reality, no brain, no atoms, none of this necessary, reality is unlimited and doesn’t need that, it goes straight for what it wants. Since there is only one thing in reality, it is its own source. The materialist never bother to as the question, is reality mystical or non mystical? The materialist assumes that there cannot be anything mystical. By demystifying nature, you lose touch with being. The only thing you know about reality is the gross material level, you don’t acknowledge a more subtle level. To know if the paranormal is true, you have to undertake an honest, radically open investigation. -Isn’t that the gateway to superstitions, we have seen what superstitions have done in the past? That’s a fear based objection. You are not concerned about the truth, you concerned of believing something false. But it is only about to open yourself up, it’s not about believing everything, you are free to move from one paradigm to another. The people that kill other over silly beliefs, those are the closed-minded people, locked into paradigms, certain that they have the truth. You have a lot more in common with the dogmatic zealots that you like to admit. The biggest lie that materialists, rationalist, scientist and atheist tell themselves is that they are above all superstitious people and by doing that they ignore their own superstitions. This discussion is turning the tables on you, you are the same that the people that you have despised. Materialism is your religion, it is a virus of your mind. To free yourself from it is a liberation. You will have some incredibly profound direct experiences of crazy things that materialist culture thinks are impossible because of their paradigm lock. So question materialism to death through self-inquiry and contemplation, think through the logic of your own metaphysics until you can see how it is self-defeating, how it doesn’t make sense. That is one of the most powerful work you can do, it takes time. Go discover that materialism is wrong. If you take a psychedelic, don’t think of it as a thing that is happening to your brain, discover that for yourself.
  7. Thank you guys!!
  8. Come on guys, let's not loose track here, we are missing a lot of them now, and some of the best stuff ! I don't have the time to do it at the moment, working and studying at the same time... please share if you have anything, would love to read while on my way to work, thank you all for you help and contribution !
  9. Waow... Brilliant mix! Thank you for sharing!