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  1. In high-school is ideal, because then you can use your college(or otherwise spent, I simply mean 18-...)-years in an opitmal way
  2. I think you expect way more from playing that game than is realistic: how are you supposed to change from playing that game? it could train your brain, but as far as I think every engaging activity could.
  3. I have found a life-purpose: deepening people's consciousness work with neurofeedback. My current situation is the following: 21 years old, in the last year of a master's degree in physics. I do my master thesis on neuroscience from a complex systems viewpoint (=physics-like study of semi-real-world systems (such as the brain)) What gives me confidence that it is a good life purpose for me: I always was deeply interested in things like philosophy, theoretical physics, personal development, and spirituality. I also love on the one hand psychology (I find myself drawn to this books in the library), and on the other hand: mathematics, patterns, statistics and so on. Neurofeedback for consciousness work could combine this all and create tangible benefits (growth in consciousness) for other people. What are my fears, doubts uncertainties? Mainly the regret that I did't study psychology from the beginning. I try to calm myself by saying that I am still very young and so on. Besides that, the fact that neurofeedback might not be as powerfull as I think it is. What is my plan? I am tired of being a student and not earning a living myself.My current plan is the following: I will get a partime job next year, either via a small online sales business or as a data analyst or as a math tutor. In the meantime I will get a degree in psychology degree (mainly a time investment, studying is cheap in my country), and start becoming moreconsistent (starting 20 minutes a day) in my own meditation practice. Any feedback, advice,questions, thoughts? @Leo Gura any advice based on your neurofeedback-experiments?
  4. What about "the prince" from Machievally, I haven't read the book, but it seems to me as the/an introduction of orange in (his) culture?
  5. Ken Wilber: turquoise and yellow?
  6. I am interested in buying binaural beat tones (in particular Holosync). Any advice? Can I buy it via mp3 download? Can an Ipod for example give two different tones to each ear??
  7. I had an urge to swallow, is this ok to do, or does this sabotage the technique? What about the hight of the pillow, should be not to thick in order to not prevent blood flow to the brain?
  8. Shinzen Young, Rupert Spira, Peter Ralston are the ones that I know and like the best
  9. I am stuck in excessive thinking and way too less action such as meditation, self inquiry,... I don't manage to find the root of it. It seems deep. I feel disconnected from reality. Advice?
  10. What are the websites and blogs with the most high quality information on a similar topic as actualized.org in your opinion?
  11. I would like to start a blog and program it myself (rather than wordpress, etct). What would be a good language for a minimalistic website (blog) such as: https://zenhabits.net/archives/ What would be a good language or combination for this (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP,...?)
  12. Not exactly stopping the hartbeat but still impressive and related:
  13. @Jamesc Read "the way of the piecefull warrior" The head figure is a enlightened master who works as a car mechanic Maybe that will resonate with you. But anyway: why not? If you would like to work on cars, and you feel that the motivation to do this is genuine, why not do it? It's even handy, because there are a lot of jobs for people to work with cars.
  14. I would like to make a juicy list of basic questions that could have a real effect on how humans live their life Maybe you guys have more ideas? Important questions for living life: -What is the healthiest food for humans? -Are we sensitive enough? -How can we integrate our thoughts and emotions? -What are my priorities? -How can I we better unerstand ourselves?