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  1. Hello, I am looking for a vision buddy. It's very similar to accountability buddies, but the idea is that we call each other every day at a fixed hour and tell each other how we have progressed today on our greatest vision for our lives. The point is to not lose touch with your ultimate purpose and make sure your day-to-day activities are viewed through that lens of higher purpose. It makes sure that you get amped up every day toward your highest goals and ambitions. A bit about me: I run a markeitng agency making 2-3M USD per year. At this moment I am transforming the business into a social enterprise. We will be donating 10% of our profits towards the most effective charities in the world. Over time I would like to be donating more and more - the target is 50% of profits. With regards to the spiral, I am still orange, moving into green, with hints of yellow. Preferably I would like to partner up with an entrepreneur who's business is making at least 1M per year. But hey, it's not a requirement. Btw. these are not accountability calls. Nobody is gonna babysit anyone. I found out that making sure that you talk to someone about your vision every single day makes you much more effective on the macro- as well as micro-scale and gives you an edge when it comes to brainstorming and planning. I live in Poland, so Europeans are preffered for timezone matching, but I've done this already with people in US, so it's not a requirement.
  2. Cause of evolutionairy pressure. There is a cool hypothesis on how good looks can be evolutionairly promoted even when they don't bring anything to the table in terms of survival -
  3. So there was this woman called Erika Lust who has started to shoot feminist porn under the label Lust Cinema. But after a year or two I noticed her material has shifted more and more towards the mainstream. $$$
  4. Oh lol, I remember Leo talking about Tiago in one of the episodes.
  5. Then treat this problem as a cumulative solution that is will get cured with one thing. Instead just stack on small improvements and get 1% better results.
  6. @Ringo you can start from the top of the list, i will start from the bottom and we will cut the required time in half.
  7. Leo won't tell you. He's waiting to release this shit to the market as the mighty Enlightenment Pill and charge $1000 for it. Then he's gonna claim all your material possesions once you transcend your earthly desires. It's all a one big business scheme. He already grooms his followers into it by saying that there is such a thing as a turquoise business.
  8. Are you sure the calculations are OK? Google tells me it's 5 times less
  9. Here is a thing, i believe you don't really need the paid products. They will not be the limiting factors in your growth journey. There is so much free info available that you have literally decades of material to go through when you combine it with practice. Just beacuse something is paid doesn't mean that the information is revolutionary or better than free material available. It's only about perceived value. By the way, your English is not bad. If I were you I would look for a virtual assistant position for even 15-30 usd per hour to start with. And get paid in bitcoin or something like that. Or find a wealthy country that did not put any sanctions on you so that you can get paid easily
  10. Joe was once making fun on the podcast out of "this guy with thin neck telling you how to become actualized"
  11. People have been freaking out about 2G, 3G and 4G. They freak out about 5G and they will freak out about 6G. There is no threat here and studies have not demonstrated it.
  12. Hmm, I'm a bit afraid this white shirt level is the last level we're gonna witness. The POOF seemed close.
  13. It seems to me like with every retreat Leo REALLY gets it now, but then he REALLY REALLY gets it. Is there an end to it or we just add new levels of really each time?
  14. the article you cited concludes ''no'' to the question in the headline ;p
  15. When having an "awakening experience" how can you really know whether what you are experiencing is bringing you closer to the truth or taking you in the opposite direction? Our brains are super complex and are constantly delluding themselves. The whole idea of ego, which is an illusion we will agree on for the purpose of this thread, feels very real for 99.9% of people. How can we be sure that when having an awakening experience at a higher level than that and discovering the how's and why's of the universe, we aren't really experiencing another brain-generated illusion? How can Leo and many others talk about the ultimate truth, when they should be radically open-minded about the fact that they may be experiencing an opposite of truth through the chemistry of their brains. When you are asleep, you are often 100% convinced what you're dreaming about is true. It's because your brain chemistry makes you believe it.