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  1. I dont play vid games do u think watching someone else full walk through will do?
  2. Hey guys, i wanted to come on here and ask for some advice regarding my PMO addiction (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm). I think its just getting out of hand at this point. i started atound age 11 ish and im now 23. I just dont know how to overcome this at this point. I want to heal myself cause i think im really overdoing it now. Not to the point of like 5 times per day but somewhere to once or twice per day somtimes. Do you guys recommend anything?
  3. i exaggerated my answers a bit im probably somewhere between 1.5 for primary and 1.5 for secondary
  4. yeah i was thinking of coming up with a plan involving doing something like that. Yeah i think i can do something like that. Thanks i appreciate this advice
  5. bruh stop trolling
  6. Leo awesome new video you posted! 😄😃😀 Thanks as always Its my goal to one day to meet you
  7. could b a possibility
  8. omg. thats not what im saying. "where is it written that eating junk food is bad?" no where! theres still consequences! ofc cutting it off completely is torture im just asking how can one heal themselves to moderate it to like at least 2 or 3 times per week instead.
  9. nope. once every 2 days is still a lot. so clearly didnt work. all that happened was that i didnt beat myself over relapsing as others do. At the end of the day over doing it comes with consequences down the road
  10. first of all i wake up at 430am 630am and attempt to start my day productive. im probably more productive thn u are. I also go outside EVERYDAY for at least 6 - 10 hours. Well clearly some other people struggle with it if it gets posted a lot. smh Literally go outside everyday. N start my mornings on a productive note. Masturbation isnt bad but porn can be detrimental if over used. No one said anything about brain fog. ^exactly moderation is the best but in some cases some people fall into addiction.
  11. I would have to say its somewhere 60% of the time out of being horny and 40% of the time out of distraction. It be like this i feel a need to at least masturbate once per day. But sometimes ill go extra just for the hell of it. i guess you can see it as "over eating" like eating even tho you dont need to. i would say 40% i do it as a procrastination. I been trying to detox from social media and music so like PMO, and junk food are the only sources of "high" dopamine that i get. Within the last 20 days i masturbated like 28 times to porn and like about 6 other times without porn that i didnt track. I have this issue where i feel i need to masturbate to porn so that whn i go outside i dont feel so much lust for women. I hate feeling high levels of lust for women bc it feels like they would be able to control me ironically. So this is one reason why i masturbate. Before i was masturbating every other day and my masturbation session were actually enjoyable but i feel like im getting to the point where i just do it as a crutch now. I was smoking weed and masturbating back 1 or 2 months ago and those sessions that i had were insanely pleasurable. In total i probably smoked weed and masturbated at the same time like 7 or 10 times total but it has left me with some "damage". I just crave doing that again. Thankfully i threw out the weed but i been having strong craves of just wanting it to do it again. it was insanely pleasurable cause of the kind of over stimulating content i came across where your like flashed 20 girls within 1 minute. I would advise everyone to stay away from those. It might have been hypnotic to. I dont know if its really possible to get someone addicted to porn thru hypnotic porn videos. I dont really crave watching porn as much as i craving watching porn WHILE HIGH and watching those over stimulating videos. Its rough out here : ( i did that for like a whole year last year. i was doing it like once every 2 days. I actually enjoyed my sessions and i wasnt watching over stimulating videos but like just one video instead. It did nothing tho so me judging myself or not wasnt helping i guess everyones somewhat different. i guess thats just the way you see it. i dont see it like that lol im not gonna entertain you
  12. btw can u stop shit posting all over this forum. ur post r really low quality
  13. 1 or 2 is not is bro sorry. or atleast its not healthy. i honestly feel like porn is destructive the more you do it. for real. i find myself falling of the deep end. the videos i came across as hardcore and super stimulating. its like being on the dark side of porn. nothing weird but jus over stimulating videos. its not healthy.
  14. Hey Leo i would like to hear what are ur thoughts on there being a possibility of AI taking a consciousness of its own and improving itself VICIOUSLY once it does. Do u ever think of these things? u could ignore alexa jones but what elon says is sounds possible
  15. you not too old by any means. THINGS COULD BE FAR WORSE. u killing yourself isnt really going to put a dent in the reduction of animal suffering. what would put a bigger dent is if IF YOU REALLY CARED about animal suffering you would stay alive to help do something about it. Think of how much more ppl you could help convert to vegan THRU OUT ur life time. If you convert 100 ppl to vegan thats definitely better thn just 1 person kill himself to reduce animal suffering.. If theres one book i recommend you read its no excuses by brian triacy. ITS MASSIVELY PRACITAL. Brian Tracy had it rough as well being stuck in wage slavery in his 20s. https://youtu.be/0573lbRyQfE
  16. yeah alex is horse shit crazy
  17. @impulse9 Its a bit scary ik lol i see. do u know what intelligence is?
  18. @Matt23 a diploma is always bettr thn no diploma. ur almost done. i would jus finish it
  19. @AleksM Sometimes if you desire something and resistance is the thing that gets in the way bc maybe its too much work or its to hard thn the best thing to do is to get held accountable towards taking action. i feel like that is one answer
  20. i would have to disagree. there are certain attributes, characteristics that by default women more attracted too. The same way that men by default are attracted to big boobs and big ass on average. So the more high status you are the more likely attraction youll get. The better looking the more likely attraction youll get. N thn theres subjective attraction the one you speak of. Which yes does play a factor but you cant just completely ignore objective attraction. If i was the same person me on the street dressed like a bum you wouldnt talk to me if i was dressed more high status your likely hood of talking to me increase. Subjective attraction is just preference of who you think has more survival benefit specially to you. i def wouldnt call it 80 20. Its somewhere 50 50.