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  1. @Leo Gura The answer and insight is always love. How deep can you love? Can you love that which is most difficult to love? That's the name of the game.
  2. What's the most elegant answer to the question; why does God not end all the pain and suffering of the world?
  3. The healthiest food is also the best tasting food; fruit, berries and melons!
  4. @Leo Gura Have you tried a fruitarian diet?
  5. Almost all produce is sprayed with pesticides even Organic foods. Do yall soak your produce in water and baking soda to remove the external pesticides? And what about the pesticides that enter the produce from the soil? Any tips on reducing pesticide intake would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. @Leo Gura Can you please share your detox protocol?
  7. @Leo Gura I saw a video where a guy said soaking vegetables for ~30 minutes in water and baking soda or vinegar removes virtually all pesticides on the surface of produce compared to hand washing which removes virtually none.
  8. @Vipassana how do I avoid glyphosate?
  9. Your mind, if you have one, is not inside your head. Your head is inside your mind!
  10. Is there a link between hair, and health or spirituality? Some say hair is an extension of the nervous system. That it acts like an antenna and affects things like intuition, psychic abilities and overall health. What are your thoughts on hair?
  11. Why is there something rather than nothing? Is it pure magic with no possible explanation?
  12. Is it common to feel like you're going crazy and dying at the same time once you glance at the truth of no self for the first time?
  13. Some fruits and vegetables as we know them today are actually heavily genetically modified, for example bananas and carrots. (Bananas naturally have seeds and carrots are not naturally orange but rather white or purple I think). I know in Leo's smoothie video he uses a gm banana in his recipe, so my question is are gm bananas actually healthy, even though they are genetically modified? I would hate to stop using them in my smoothies.
  14. After learning that wheat is un healthy from this forum, I would like to ask if whole grains are healthy? Also wondering about buck wheat and rolled oats. Thanks in advance.
  15. Here's an idea for Leo, what if you released just the title or topic of your upcoming video on Saturday that way we can contemplate it for ourselves before hearing your opinion/teaching. I think this will make the teaching much more powerful!
  16. If reality is infinite and non dual as Leo teaches, that means there are infinite realities where you are experiencing bliss, and infinite realities where you are experiencing hell, simultaneously. "You" being consciousness or god. Is this a fair trade off? Infinite hell for infinite heaven? From my understanding, it is not?. Id rathet not exist than be expericing hell 24/7. So the fact that reality exists is a scary and frightening thing rather than a good thing? ?Or am I missing something. Please share your insights. Namaste
  17. @Leo Gura How does one get used to infinite suffering. How does one attain peace of mind and happiness knowing that infinite suffering in inevitable?