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  1. @Nobody_Here I would 100% agree that most UFOs sightings are terrestrial crafts, I don't think most of the hidden technologies come from aliens at all, rather people on this planet who have discovered it through their own ingenuity. Your company is just one of thousands that works for and with the the US government, so are you making the assumption that all these companies have the same technologies? How would you know that yours has the best in the world too, you don't think that other companies also have declassified technologies? Star Trek teleportation is impossible if you are basing your work on scientific materialism / Newtonian mechanics, we haven't even scratched the surface of the quantum world and torsion physics. There is a load of bullshit on Gaia I will admit that, but there is some incredible stuff on there that you won't find anywhere else. Watch the series 'Deep Space' or 'Wisdom Teachings' for a taste of the good shit. To really understand this stuff you need to understand the historical context of it, because it's not as far fetched as it initially sounds lol. I've never seen a UFO or this technology so I don't know it exists, but from 50+ hours of research into this topic I can say I'm quite convinced it does. Would you say you've spend more than 10 hours investigating this issue for yourself? If not, I'd highly recommend the programmes above. Deep Space for UFO related issues and Wisdom teachings for the spiritual sciences. 10 hours for potential proof of the Truth being far far stranger than fiction isn't a big investment is it? If you have researched this topic in depth then I'd love to hear how the current narrative portrayed by the UFO community is flawed, I'm always up for changing my opinion in the face of evidence and reason
  2. @ajasatya Could you give me the long answer that lead you to the definite 'no' please?
  3. You are in for a fascinating rabbit hole my friend . It's a very complex issue from my research, direct intervention when most people don't believe in aliens would be infringing on our free will according to the Law of One. The 'UFOlogists' you should avoid are the ones that claim aliens are either all bad or all good, or that everyone in these secret societies and military programmes are evil. It's not black and white at all. There's an incredibly complex galactic ecology at play with loads of factors at play. If you think earth is complex, imagine the complexity of a galaxy of spacefaring civilisations lol. I'd recommend watching the entire series before casting a judgement too, because as the first director of the FBI said 'The individual comes face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists'. Keep a radical open mind, if you find anything that's off with it then please let me know!
  4. @John Doe A lot of people involved in the UFO community reject Bob Lazar. I'd recommend watching the 'Deep Space' series on, you can get a free trial for 7 days. The serious researchers of this phenomena like David Wilcock heavily relate what they are saying to Ancient Civilisations (Graham Hancock's work), Secret Societies, New paradigm sciences of consciousness and energy, Sacred Geometry, Nikola Tesla's technologies, Non-duality, the Law of One, every single major religion, etc. It's the most integrated approach to understanding reality I've ever seen. I agree that 'people seem to have strong beliefs of things that are hardly proven', this is especially true when those beliefs were adopted by their culture without question, as is most people's beliefs about aliens not having visited regularly. Books like Biocentrism by Robert Lanza suggest that the universe wouldn't exist without biological life, so it would make sense that the universe is brimming with it as it's here for the whole purpose of supporting it. If reality is God expressing itself creatively in an infinite number of ways, then wouldn't it make sense that life (creation) is EVERYWHERE and has incredible diversity? I'd recommend reading this, the implications of this scientific finding suggest that there could be a billion Earth-like planets in the milky way alone, so possibly 100,000 advanced civilizations. Some of these stars are billions of years older than ours, so, therefore, their civilizations billions of years older and thus clearly spacefaring. The fact they lasted so long means they are silly amounts more spiritual than us, as they would have self-terminate if they didn't work together. So if they are millions/billions of years more advanced spiritually then it would make sense that they've visited to help humanity with its collective evolution before. They couldn't just overtly help us evolve as that would remove the suffering that is required for growth, they would most likely go about it in subtle ways. Based on all the ancient cultures that clearly point to beings from the sky, the quite significant evidence of huge anomalies all over space that can't be explained by natural science, whistleblowers that are coming out saying that they've worked in these secret projects and explaining them in detail, the article I've just mentioned above etc..... imho I'd say that the idea aliens haven't visited doesn't make any rational sense lol. If you are openminded I highly recommend watching the entire first season of 'Deep Space', maybe you are more perceptive than me and can point out the flaws in their work, but it actually integrates a lot of the books and ideas on Leo's book list. I'd be interested to see what your thoughts are on this, I'm just after the truth so if you can find any obvious flaws then I'd happily change my perspective
  5. I have become very interested in controlling my state and releasing negative emotions recently. It seems like two go to techniques for this are The Work by Byron Katie and the Sedona method. Has anyone had experience with both? If so could you please shed some light on the differences between the two, which one you found more effective, where each technique shines etc. Any input would be very much appreciated
  6. I am trying to figure out if I should meditate for an hour once a day or 30 minutes twice a day. If anyone has any insights as to whether one is better than the other I would greatly appreciate if they shared them
  7. @Leo Gura Thank you. Does the concentration have to be so intense that no thoughts arise at all? Or just so much so that you don't let the thoughts distract you from the object of focus? Because I've been trying to get to the point where not a single thought comes up and I've been stuck trying to reach a minute for a month now lol.
  8. @Matt23 To use the analogy of weight training. At the gym, you are limited by your baseline strength (your fundamental concentration muscle and ability). But there a certain tool like belts, knee straps and shoes that can help you lift more (clean diet, nootropics, microdosing). I am more talking about improving my baseline strength (concentration), so I don't have to rely on other things to help me lift more. It's easy enough to get in the habit of continually bringing my concentration back to the task after getting distracted. But I want to prolonge the time I can fully concentrate on a task in one stretch. The exercise Leo gave seems perfect for that, so I was wondering if anyone has made any significant progress quickly, through intensely training that way. @Rigel Thank you guys, hope that makes sense.
  9. @Ariesleith When staring at objects or the sphere, do you concentrate with such intensity that no thoughts arise?
  10. @Serotoninluv Both.
  11. I am very interested in rapidly improving my concentration. I was wondering if anyone here has done any intense concentration training and experienced a lot of quick growth through it? The type of concentration training I am talking about is mentioned in the video 'Concentration vs Meditation'. Could I massively fast-track my results if I did the exercise 5-10x a day? Or is concentration something that slowly builds up over time? Thank you.
  12. I'm not really sure what section of the forum this would go in, but I think it's relevant after seeing Leos last few blog posts. Emery Smith is a scientist who has supposedly been working in secret corporate and government programs for decades. He's just come out publicly as a whistleblower within the last few years, but has been in contact with people like David Wilcock for many years prior to that. He speaks about his experiences working in these deep underground military bases, that have access to incredible technologies, many of which have been reverse engineered. He claims these corporations have access to free energy technology (zero-point), cures to all diseases and consciousness controlled transport devices. Technologies that could rid the entire world of nearly all of its problems if they were publicly available. But aren't because of corporate interests In UFO circles there is talk about public disclosure about these things coming very soon (Melting Ice in the Antarctic is revealing huge ships, and ruins of an advanced ancient civilization). Emery Smith seems very consistent in his story, and various other sources (Coorey Goode for example) have also had similar accounts to him. What would this mean for humanity if these technologies existed, and saw the light of day? Could this mean a rapid acceleration of human evolution? The catalyst for the many pending paradigm shifts in science? Warning radically open-mindedness required
  13. @Shadowraix yeah 100%. I’d definitely address’s that more directly if I was to remake it. Yeah I figure the best way to introduce new paradgims is to pick apart the old ones first
  14. @St Clair that’s sick dude! That song heavily reminds me of something from Zelda Twilight Princess haha
  15. @flume Thank you! Yeah that one took ages, but it would only take me fraction of the time to make one of that quality again. What type of videos were you thinking going of creating?