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  1. I will relocate to a very progressive country and I want to know when LGBT really goes too far, it will be a culture shock because in the country I grew up in, most people hate LGBT. If I research this I could run over a right wing nuthead or a lunatic leftist, so better ask you here. As far as I know, the healthy mainfestations are: masculine gay men and women, feminine gay men and women, bisexual and transgenders identfying eighter with the feminine or masculine. But what about the gender nonconformist who is not a man nor a woman in aspect or in identity, who says it wants to be called "hen"(swedish for he and she together) and it is between masculine and feminine energy and fluctuant. Is that healthy for society? I mean I know genders are social constructs but so are money and laws, they still help us. I researched masculine and feminine energies and they are so beautiful if they are understood and expressed correctly, wouldn`t be great to choose one or the other? Isn`t that an unfinished self-understanding? And I can say that if you identify as an attack helicopter you should somehow put some work into it, buy a big radar and some missiles. I feel that some people take advantage of the historical repression of LGBT to go crazy with it now, the belief that there are 86363 genders is just silly. I still try to find really rock solid, non-ideological, non-biased answers to this so if not here where...
  2. Article: Sweden's 'gender-neutral' pre-school Let`s analyze this with an opened mind. what is wrong? what si right? social experiment?
  3. No, the previous party was too liberal, the social democrats. Now there is a coalition between the moderates and the sweden democrates which got the highest percentage and they are known as the most conservative ex-nazi party.
  4. The gov. is now conservative, they just drove everyone crazy with extremely liberal migration policies so they lost the september elections.
  5. I think they are on the right path but only if they also make the children understand that they are biologically male or female and when they reach a more ripped age like 12-13, make them understand that puberty is comming and their hormone dynamics will steer them into becoming men and women and most of the biologically born boys and girls will be very fine becoming men and women. And make them understand the differences between them that will eventually make them attractive to each other, especially the different hormonal dynamics. But what concerns me is that I heard some people from Scandinavia(I live in Sweden) are saying that actually there are no differences between men and women besides physical appeareance which is just lunacy. I have to meet more people and empirically check this. For the moment life is safe and great here, didn`t encounter any radicals or problematic situations with gender, migrants, cancel culture or so... when I made my ID card, I had only two options: man or woman, women are very feminine and take really good care of themselves.
  6. A highly developed woman said into an interview that corporate world is not feminine at all, well most people make money there. It seems to me that women have a hard time in our present economic system. If you`re more feminine, how do you make money and how do you feel about it?
  7. 1. In the west, usually the parents have more money than the young, and the parents help them till even 30s. There are a few exceptions, those who are more traditional, are close to their parents and help them with what they can. 2. Just distance yourself from toxic people, they are everywhere no matter the country. I know it is hard but it is better than getting frustrated all the time and even getting a disease from all that sadness and emotional repression. Breaking from wage slavery is a tough one, you need a way to help people through a skill that passionates you, easier said than done. Do you mean that were you live now you`re not stuck to a job?
  8. Boom! Rasing children is like doing professional sports. Learn the right tehnique/tactics, push it to the edge but still listen to your body and stop when you can cause injury.
  9. Better let them find out what they are.
  10. Partially agree, depends on your personality, if you are able to turn adversity into motivation. What doesn't kill you makes you more crippled most of the times. My family was very disfunctional, my personality saved me, had to deal with trauma, bullying, zero social skills and emotional awareness, but that is me. My sister is crippled, all my colleagues and friends who had my fate are crippled. But yea, when you are not challenged by anything, you could be also f***d. Parenting is a fine art, requires lots of personal development and specifical training/informations. Even if you parent perfectly, the kid can be lured into some toxic group or ideology.
  11. It is good to have high standards but if you have them too high, it can lead to no partner at all. Keep talking to loads of girls, be authentic and you'll attract the right one for you, and if she is not right you just move on.
  12. Very interesting, so it says that the polarity is reversed in stage Green then at tier 2 becomes fluid?
  13. Nice story, it poetically describes masculine and feminine sinergy.
  14. Only if they don't project their views on to others, ESPECIALLY their children. Most people function very well by choosing and working towards feminine or masculine and you should not confuse them. I love being masculine, and love how these two energies sinergise, like a dps/healer team in an RPG. Asimetrical balance.
  15. Thanks for the personal story! I'll watch the dude.
  16. Good point. But for 2022, won't you think working towards becoming a woman or a man instead of working toward becoming a raccoon or just remaining a boy or a girl would be better for our society?
  17. I know about SD. No I don't subscribe to JP, in fact I feel repulsion to that type of frustrated dudes. It Is not that simple as you are for it or against it. That would be tier 2 for you.
  18. First you should tell us this before writing this topic. Most of the time when you hate something, you hate yourself. Find what you don`t like about yourself.
  19. It can be bad for people who have low education and low awareness, like many other things in scoiety. The same you can say about sugar, tiktok, videogames...
  20. Usually the algorithm is helpful for me, it suggests new videos from subscribed channels and cool simillar content to what I use to watch, it can create a good bubble or a bad bubble. The algorithm works like your social life, you attract what you are.
  21. I don`t watch Peterson but I`ve clicked on one video suggested with him, cringed out and left, and now it just exploded. Everywhere I`m suggested to watch all sorts conservative bullshit like JP, Andrew Tate, Ben Shapiro etc. I said to myself: man how lucky I am that I understand how politics and ideology work. What if I just was a stupid young guy like most who watch YT? I would`ve been drawn in the rabbit hole, I would`ve believe all the stupid shit these people say. Convenient excuses for everything: can`t talk to a girl? feminism is the problem. No good job/purpose? easy, the left stole our future. Man the algoritm is just a piece of shit, I don`t want to imagine how many guys are brainwashed by watching all these stupid fucks... Like Leo said, most don`t even click that search button, they just click whatever they`re suggested. Not just YT, even Audible`s included(free) books were mostly conservative ideology, these times it is so easy to fall into it. Now I`m not sayng you can`t fall into leftist ideology. It is a scary time to not be an educated critical thinker.
  22. Massage therapy, personal training, physical therapy. I practice all three on my own business and enjoy them. But I feel that I will be much more satisfied if I start my health/life purpose coaching career. But what I practice now it is enjoyable, does not feel like a grind and it is a good starting ramp for something new, I can slowly move to something else, even channel clients to the new business.
  23. Sorry to hear that your work is so unbearable. Maybe a good action for you now is to find the specific things that make you suffer and change them, otherwise it will be an escapism pattern that most people practice. Grind and suffer, come home and relax to get rid of the stress, then repeat. For example, for me the bike/public transport commute and pollution in the city made me more angry than the job itself.
  24. When you don`t have strict regulations on the system, you basically get the law of the jungle, the winner takes all, that is why. Exactly like the alpha chimp who get all the females and good food.