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  1. Soo, a lot of "new age" Ayahuasca retreat centers offer a Bufo Alvarius ceremony in between Ayahuasca drinking days. That´s actually how I first consumed it. After diving a bit into psychedelic literature I have read from many different sources that it can be quite dangerous to combine the MAO-I with the Bufo in a timeframe of 24 hours and it is not recommended. It think about joining one of these "new age" retreats again and think about doing the Bufo as well. Do you guys have any experiences / knowledge about the safety of this? (Obviously it´s not that dangerous cause otherwise the retreats would stop doing it, but also keeping the possible adverse effects from the harmala alkaloids and 5-MeO-DMT in mind - But I´ve also heard about some Ayahuasa brews containing 5-MeO DMT .... You see, there´s just so much conflicting information out there. )
  2. Sooo, I had a really intense and deep Mushroom experience this morning and during it a funny question popped into my mind: Can / Does the Mushroom Intelligence desire liberation? A part of the trip was about the Mushroom entity, where they come from, what purpose do they serve and all that shabang. Clearly there´s an intelligence to this mycelium network. It sometimes feels like it is a concious organism. More concious and aware than animals or insects. So after I had a glimpse into the nature of Truth and Love and Creation itself, I asked myself if the mushrooms are striving for God-Realization and enlightenment as well?!? How would that process even look like for them? Or is it not possible / necessary? Also, the same question could not apply to synthentic chemicals like 5-MeO-DMT or 4-HO-DMT. Or could it? Cause people also have entitiy encounters on synthetic chemicals. Well, in the end there is only one who can be liberated and that is me. All is me. All is God. I am imagining a mushroom intelligence. Just some fynny thought to contemplate. What do you think?
  3. A friend of a friend had couldn't handle LSD. He saw the devil everywhere. Tried to kill himself, with needles or jumped in front of cars. Ran naked through my apartment and bothered the neighbors with it. He punched through my computer screen and destroyed the water tap. We had to call the ambulance cause we couldn't deal with him anymore after a few hours. His parents are very close to mine and that's how my parents found out that I work with these substances. Very interesting to see all that happen on LSD tho. The defense mechanisms of the Ego are amazing.
  4. First of all: Beautiful that you had such a profound experience! "It feels like my life purpose is to work with this medicine, embody the wisdom imparted by it, and perhaps one day to share this medicine with others." - I would recommend that you are aware that you have almost no experience with this medicine whatsoever. If you feel the call to share this medicine with others, please work with it A LOT more to really get to know these realms more deeply.
  5. I recommend reading "LSD and the Mind of the Universe: Diamonds from Heaven" by Christopher M. Bache. Reading about the experiences he had made me shiver. Maybe these experiences are part of your journey to God. Or maybe there actually is another reason why they turned out so dark.
  6. I´ve done Kambo a few times now. The experience is not enjoyable and I didn´t notice any benefits afterwards. So I don´t see the point in doing it unless I am sick. But it also helped two of my friends to heal cancer, which was quite astonishing to see. (It was probably not the only cause for the cure). The discomfort during the expereince makes you appreciate not being on Kambo though Please don´t do that. If you have to vomit (which is very likely) fine. If not, also fine. Definetly have somebody there while you go through your first few experiences.
  7. Sounds like Leo's life purpose course could provide some value to gain some clarity
  8. Good one! I know what you mean when you say you come out and love and appreciate this duality that we percieve haha! I feel like I wanna explore Salvia further. It´s so radical. One really experienced guy told me once after I asked him why Salvia is his favourite substance (and he has tried hundreds) : "It´s so bad that it´s good".
  9. Take action. Fail forward.
  10. Look at all the options, see wich ones you like and just buy one. Don´t be cheap. Better buy a product that´s a little more expensive but good quality than a cheaper one that breaks very fast. I got this one when I started outÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2V5WZE7IJ2R0U&keywords=mini+tripod&qid=1668715567&sprefix=mini+trip%2Caps%2C255&sr=8-35 But with tripods there is not much you can do wrong when you get one of the more popular ones. And when you you don´t like it, you use it for a bit, sell it and buy another one.
  11. @Vincent S Thanks for all the detailed information! I´ll try to convert it with a different vinegar and I´ll be more careful mixing it. Other than that I did everything very similar to how you described it. Yeah, it´s me Vergo from YouTube @OBEler I think my experiences were with 4-5cm, but I´ll try to be more accurate next time. Got a good syringe, fasted for 15 hours before, usually eat no dairy products anyways and emptied everything that was left before. Thanks! @Breakingthewall Good objection, maybe I´ll try to stay around 30mg and try to get the technique right. Tried snorting around 20mg yesterday, mild effects, stronger than the plugging experiences but still just close to threshold/ light dose. @Leo Gura Aye, captain @Girzo Aye. I think I´ll try to experiment with plugging and snorting more in the future when I have more of the substance at hand. But will try vaping it for now. Any e-mesh recommendations? Anybody knows if you can also vape Bufo with any device? Or just with Glas Pipe + torch?
  12. + How do you store it properly? @Space The sucstance should be high quality as it is from a trusted source. Maybe I just do have insane tolerance. Maybe I´ll experiment with snorting next time and see what it does.
  13. So I've been trying to plug 5-meo-dmt two times now, but I haven't felt much of the effects. I used Apple vinegar mixed with coconut oil to resolve the substance in. Did everything like Leo explained in the 'How to plug psychedelics' video. First try: 3 scoops, ~16mg Second try: 5 scoops ~ 36mg Not much happend in the experiences, just felt a very subtle change in consciousness. (for about an hour) I don't know how to proceed, cause I don't have that much substance left. Isn't it a waste of substance plugging in even higher doses when you just need 5-30mg to go all the way with smoking? How to find out if it's my technique or if I just need to increase the dose way more?
  14. Quick trip report: I could clearly feel it coming on very fast. I could clearly feel a bit of the 5-Meo presence but not much more happened. I tried to fully surrender and open up but I could not get very deep. I tired to contemplate the nature of God and Love but didn't recieve any awnsers or insights. The experience lasted about an hour. Dose: 3 scoops, my scale said 15mg ( I don't know if that was accurate). Acceptance instead of frustration. Trial and error. Gonna try again sometime and ramp up the dose slowly. 🙏🏽
  15. Thanks everybody! I'm gonna have my first plugging experience very soon!