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  1. Many spiritual scriptures and mystics have tried to formulate their insights on exactly that topic. A good way to start getting some ideas would be to read some of their formulations and then contemplate them for yourself.
  2. Also great life purpose statement! I would recommend that you think about making that way more specific. That's gonna help you to speak to your ideal client more personally and it'll kickstart the marketing of you coaching practice.
  3. I would recommend you go and work really hard to afford iPEC. It's a really good program. No rush to buy a shitty program just because you don't have the patience to save up some money for a proper one. There's a high change that that's gonna backfire, then you bought a program for 2-4k which didn't have you what you looked.for and have to start from 0 to save up money for a proper program like iPEC. I'm doing iPEC at the moment and it really is a fantastic program and worth the money.
  4. In the videos where Sadhguru talks about these topics you can feel that he has absolutely no clue what he is talking about. He does not even have a point of reference. Which is fine. But then he could just admit that he does not know everything. Which is apperantly not easy for him to do his position.
  5. DMT will make Sadhguru forget about his human games.
  6. @CoolDreamThanks Thanks. That might be a way to see this challenge as an opportunity. Still in this very dense state, it is easier said than done. Eventhough realization is just a perceptual shift away, the actual attachment to physicality is immense. I'll still try to sit with what you wrote. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, somehow this post landed in mental health. It would fit more into the general Health section of the forum.
  8. I have been sick for over 7 weeks now. And it's deeply affecting all areas of my life. It started as some heavy caughing, I just stopped all physical exercise and went on with everything else as normal, thinking it might go away. It slowly got worse until I realized after 3 weeks that I might need a complete break from everything (which was very hard to accept as I am in the proccess of starting my coaching business, which I loive doing and am very very excited about). Symptoms were Caughing, Nose blocked, Neusea, Heavy dizziness and just feeling endlessly weak and sick to the core of my being. Took a complete break from everything for over a week. Didn't got better. Mind is cycling from anger/victimhood to respnsibility to acceptance and back again. Week 5: Went to a doc. Taking antibiotics for 10 days now. Still not any better. Symptoms are changing though. Now there is still caughing, nose even more blocked, heavy headaches, infinite weakness and still thi sunderlying feeling of just being incredibly ill. Did some tests (Blood, Checking the lung, vitamins etc.) Everything seem to be fine. I am taking Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, Magnesim daily, and some other stuff occasionally. I am back to do a little bit of work, maybe 10-20% of what I usually do. Taking walks, sleeping a lot, eating healthy. But I have to say, it is very difficult. It has been going on for what feels like a very long time. (Blessings to all who are dealing with much more difficult chronic health issues, now I have a bit more compassion towards people who are dealing with stuff like that). Besides all the spiritual practice, it lowers the joy I am able to experience. Freindships are affected by it. Work is affected. Mental health is affected. "Pain is inevetable, but suffering is a choice" - I would love to embody that insight more, but I realize that it takes a very very high degree of conciousness when the body is so deeply involved. I wanna keep showing up for coaching conversations fully, which takes a lot of energy and it is very hard for me to cancel all these converstions as I just got my first paying client. How do I balance that? I wanna keep on working, at least a bit, as doing nothing (which I have done 1-2 weeks) feels very very boring and is effecting my mental health more than it should. Also I am going through a diffcult phase in my realtionship at the moment (she decided to take a break), which is more difficult to deal with when I cannot distract myself with work. Overall it just feels like is is slowing me down to a degree which is very uncomfortable to fully embrace and enjoy. Any practical advice on what to do / how to change my perspective into a more beneficial one or how to move forward? For the next steps I was thinking about cold/hot exposure, Kambo or traveling to a warm country. As to where it might be coming from I am thinking back to my spiritual crisis from a few months ago, caused by MDMA + 5-MeO-DMT. Since then I have been almost constantly sick. (Before I have not been sick for over a year). Just an interesting observation, might have nothing to do with it.
  9. Make very good videos. Study the market. To start: comment (valuable comments) under all videos from small and big YouTubers in your niche as soon as they upload.
  10. Or start by reading about 20-50 coaching books. Should also give you a good start to see if you're really passionate about it. And talk to A LOT of people. Get into conversations and apply what you learn if it's appropriate.
  11. Otherwise a great way to connect with the UK community is to go to all the festivals. Super fun and you'll meet the same people everywhere. Medicine Festival, All about Love, LoveJam, Noisily, Buddhafield. Otherwise, many of the psychedelic people are also gonna be at the Jam Sessions and Spiritual Events (like a teacher's talk) that are going on. Depending on your preferences (hippie, science, spiritual, etc) you'll find a place and community that suits you. It's fun and infinitely valuable to connect and build your network.
  12. Definitely great places to hang out. Always the potential to meet very interesting people. Sometimes really great events, sometimes more basic and not really advanced or insightful. I'll be in London towards the end of the month and might go to 1-2 events.
  13. The Mushrooms told me they come from far far away, while I was seeing a vision of outer space. I am still not sure if I believe them. Gotta be open and discern skeptically at the same time.
  14. Silence is great! And Music is great!
  15. Nature is inherently psychedelic. Look! Infinite fractals everywhere!!!