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  1. I still remain true to my higher self, I never fucking lied to me, not even once, I m born in true love, how could I have lie to myself ? take this journey to purge myself, and it worked, but now I m taking my own fate and will in my hands. bb, my path is in the true fire of true love now, enough bullshit story for me. I m gonna live my human life leave you of one of my purest inspiration energy. Music always win, Dubstep is the fire, Fire is pure energy, god is energy. Love is the law, love under will.
  2. I m gonna try a bit, but my way ( nature music / ambiant music, ok for no "dance music" ) Writting can be replaced by drawing drawing is great aswell, put your mind in meditative states ( if you don't try to be good or doing it your "work/proud" just doing it for the lulz with intense focus ) : JUST DO IT
  3. woaw I m taking it in my fav, good work, maybe ask leo for create this kind of help inside the website
  4. enough of this triggering machine :laugh: that's true though, it's a fight to take each moment but about this : "I m & - I m not"
  5. real enlightment don't need to parrot about it. You can' but meeeeh
  6. Let him be on his way don't need for your help brother but I appreciate the vibe though <3 Noself : I m on it , discipline is key Shadow : not really just a feeling about it yesterday.
  7. - I lived my way and had a strong belief for ALL the truth of the world .. there is no easy way, only the hard way. You must believe. - you can't really know if you didn't experienced it for yourself, simply put into words : "master looks to you like a paradox, aspirants looks logical", even this sentence has many paradox in it. but for the sake of "simple" I hope to push you forward to experiment life outside of words, they show the way, but don't teach it. thanks joseph, makes me glad to know haha, I m on it, healing body & mind, keeping my way clear.
  8. thanks joseph, still love you, do you feel mad about me ? haha ye bro, luffy is THE "life coach"
  9. you're on the good path
  10. haha you're so funny there is the beauty of complexity aswell.
  11. Weed is great though, just drop all your need about it. Without weed I wouldn't ever have enlightened on anything. I don't deny what made my path, but I don't use it "neurotically", totaly alright without any drug, just don't be dogmatic on your use/non use. just fucking "be", and stop "needing" anything.
  12. of course, why it would not haha do you think I m drawing on my hands for fun ! silly ! ( ) please guys looks this anime ( One punch man ) btw, if you have no manga background that's the good one, funny time and really enlightening ( it's a reverse story of the hero journey, the hero is already " the most powerful" ) only 12 episodes, not that long ( netflix/ streaming ) enjoy. good night people, I have many things to do, maybe quit the forum more seriously and focus on being a bit more have fun guys