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  1. I think I had one sleep paralisis ( being aware of a deep feeling of fear for like ~~ 15 sec ? ) One lucid dream or two without visual but I feel I had been in.. lot of feeling though. All my dream are feeling' i never remember any object'wall'or three. It's only émotion. Only nightmare or no dream Is my brain fucked up ? Is it because I live reality through my 'head' ? I wish I get a dream again Some people tell me it's like movie. Mine are like you After an entire vodka bottle. Without abuse in my meta
  2. I don't think so, I studied the capitalist success since many years, most "number one, god tier" think they are ignorant and still learning ( even napoleon hill book told so ), they all have this need to work more and more, because they want to surpass nature itself ( and they all know they can't ), they don't work for being the best, they "work/effort" because that's how they conceive life, and being the best is a byproduct of this work, they never think of themself as "being the best", they are so much working, they don't even have the time to think of them that they are the best. people you look who claim to be the best, are the best to claim it, they are shitty. the best ones are hidden, and don't talk too much about being the best, they do not have time, they are working. good lesson for myown self right now, enough forum talk for today
  3. in a grounded term : because you blind yourself to think that you already know things better than some people ( I m talking from experience, the more you learn ( more than 4k hours on a same subject, for me : music ( and I did a lot of side art in all domain, recording, etc.. ) you'll integrate how ignorant you are of anything the more you learn about something, on all others domain of life ). Then you judge people not having a right to your attention because you have illusion trait to think of them as valuable or not. I m sure by this question you never worked as much on a domain to FEEL how limited you are in what you know. you can feel good about yourself though and be glad being and learning more, we are all lost ignorant child until the next step, and then we are still aware of being ignorant. experience in life is the best teacher, sometimes old people try to "save" young people from misstake, what they don't get, is .. human need misstake to integrate. you need a lot of misstake to believe in some wisdom shared by people. you can read a sentence really mindfully right now, and it will resonate with you maybe only in months, because you lacked of integration.. ( I mean, like when you're in love, you know that you are, when you get new perspective, you feel it everyday )
  4. it help to love yourself for sure, but loving yourself and judging others inferior isn't helping your "superiority" sort of paradox, you can't be superior if you think of yourself as superior to something You could have been born in Africa with no food and you would never be on this forum having this idea of cultivate your superiority, but I suppose everyone his time, and each one his own pace/path/moment in life to cultivate an energyidea maybe it's in your best interest right now to feel superior, so I m not even judging your thinking
  5. wtf superior and inferior are relative to something else and relative to a point of view. nature is nature, it's not because you cultivate a different illusion than you're better than someone else. Just don't judge nature for pushing, society is human, humans are nature ( even if everyone here as the illusion that human stop loving nature ) Robot are man made, robots are natural evolution. We are just a part of the balance. See a metaphoric imagery : to balance a system you need 30% earth ( stabilize system ) 20% water ( stabilize system ) 30% air ( balanced ) 20% fire ( burning and creating ). The system need everything to work,everything is connected. maybe the fire want to judge anything, because it's his own nature to be fire. So he will never get why there is "water people" or "earth people" ( and you can put the model in many ways that fit ) it doesn't exist ( or it exist ? ), it's just an image that I share to see things. Every element judge others to not be a good one, because every element has is own way of adapting to life. we all do our animal thing ( it's just how I see things ) so my best advice, would be, fit to your element and don't try be another one that the one you are. But cultivate your OWN mastery
  6. I m sure you're born After 1995. Instagram is more dumbing your mind than doing héroïne everyday. It's all " about me me me me I like me like me please notice me I need attention this is how I il feel happy, please follow me, trying copy to persuade people I have a great life " need to be a mindless zomby, take care of what you're, playing a role. it's so much joy to use instagram, I would advice personally someone who want to start being shitty, he would be better doing cokaïne than instagram. Be proud of not being a part of this and that's not me, this is through the eyes of an instagram girl. so this is what you want to be living, go for it, let people do their shit, do your own. for the feeling, you'll just pass it with time, cultivate your own life by working hard and a long time on what you love. new feeling will appear, and most people are not happy ( especially young one ), people who are happy tend to not show it ( or being with unhappy people ) ( because if you're happy, most people are not, and dumb you down if you show them that you'are .. just my relative viewpoint ) edit : you'll probably never fit, no one fit in anything but his own way, find your mates, your way, and don't care for being a part of the herd. cultivate your own life, but don't criticize the society, they are just like a river, a part of nature. And you're a part aswell find leverage friend, one good friend is better than 10 shitty ones.
  7. I played guild wars 1, already get the god title ( 4000 hours of farm ) I feel great joy, then "emptiness". closing the game, no joy anymore. so when leo said I m not enlightened, he don't know, I have already make it, the game was at 16 my entire world, being god in it, was as powerful as success into reality, then I decide, if I m god in the game, what but time and farm ? I already learn the "patience skill", and determination. and didn't do any work ? please. I m already god, the game put me the title at 19 ( y ) under me. And I was in the 0.1% of player having it ( and I had to be creative to "finish" some challenge, that was almost impossible to do by playing "fairly" so I dig to find people who was playing weird meta build to help me get through the challenge.. ( play unfairly ) not in the rules, but still playing without being against the law ( of the game ) it was just a creativ way of playing ( some people find some "glitch build" to sometimes having a chance to pass the harder challenge of the game ( I remember my self convincing a guy to do it for me ( a thing no one ever did, but I convince him to try ) haha ) that's funny, I was already yellow after this game. ( if spiral dynamic was something else, than a cloud map to my mind, but anyway ) the game provide me great joy and yellow system understanding ( as I was poor into the game, even when FARM FARM fairly ( wage slave ), and people who didnt play "fair" was fucking rich without even playing as much as me ( business strat )( so I already get how the world worked at 16 ) ( business ) ) I think this online game provide me with business skill up the roof ( I was guild master in a sort of democracy of 6 hardcore player ( everyone of them has great skill in reality aswell ). ( create a team adjusted, everyone his role, work on goal, tactic for the goal, conciliate people on TS to playing with each other ) everything in this game could be meta restrospect into reality in a way.
  8. think for yourself, you 're your best own guru, everything else is tchat, no one can provide you with certain answer, as no human never get certain answer. the best answer are the one you find for yourself, if you feel peterson has something valuable for your right now, just follow it. and don't start to be like me and ask everyone for "go for it", just fucking do it without side thinking everything, sometimes bad instinct is the best instinct. if you have to find an answer it's only within you that you'll find it
  9. an axiom thought on it ? true, untrue, both ? this article doesn't exist ?
  10. fire burn, water flock every elements his place for order, there is nothing to change
  11. this is your answer that is dangerous and abused. yes I abused my whole life believing whore don't like to be whore. You should experience more about human psychology, you reflect your own place feeling as a abused slave around ignorant people who don't "green agenda" their life. In fact this is your feeling reflected on everyone. This isn't TRUE. ( it's your ego if you want ) SLAVEs LOVE SLAVERY, this is a fact, you can't believe it, but fucking believe it, ask them, why don't you fight for freedom ? but .. I m not a slave ? in fact by saying people they are slaves, when they wasn't aware of being it, you convert them to your ideas of reality, they never feel themself like slaves. GUESS WHAT I WAS WRONG, people who have a life of misery love it, they love it, they care for it, if not, why they continue ? better die than misery ? no, and the proof is this sad people/nihilistic, they see the world as shit, but they keep striving, why that ? because WE LOVE OUR MISERY. we love this game of hard and good, if it was only good, maybe we would find life misery in the end, and the cycle would tell us, to go back to our old misery. because otherwise they would kill themself if they wasn't happy of their condition/life or ! fight to not be in it. ( mental fight at list ) slavery as liberated itself. You can't liberate the mind of a slave who isn't aware of being a slave. And maybe telling him that he is one, is only makes him feel suffer for no reason. You can't help or change the world, the only part of the world you can change is yourself. this is why I started this work, change myself, my view, not the world ( as I wanted when I was kid ), maybe the only thing I can change is my place in the world. You can't tame a wild river with your hand, > life is the fucking river in the picture
  12. still many misstakes, my point is my own placement on the circle of life do not allow my mind to cross the wall too fast, and I think that's the case for many people. ( as some people people believe they can "trigger" people to get higher stage of consciousness ) Some spiritual teachers do not take student, because they know their students will not improve from the learning. But on internet everyone can pick what he wants.. this is probably why I should now quit spirituality for a while and EXPERIMENT more with life before having a giant map where I steped in nothing. I'll try to really think and experiment life and the dream instead of remixing my ideas, maps and model. But I think that's a misstake to push people into a truth they are not ready for. if more awareness I need, more awareness my ego will ask for. I think enough truth for me. Good luck to everyone, I'll leave the "spiritual self improvement reading" that is becoming a busyness for my mind. will try to not come back for a long time. ( just reading answer on my last post and end/ ) good luck to everyone to find your own meaning and path ! ham thanks @K vil not my art though :'( hope having this skill in a year or two ;>
  13. sound like something I had, does it makes sense to your life ? but for me it was from psychiatric drug ( I suppose it played on the dream ) ( a really "blocking dream" ) half lucid ( my thought was aware of "me" ), cause I couldn't move and remember for like 10 seconds I couldn't move, then I tell my self "wake up" but I couldn't at all. But was aware not being conscious or "in reality" I had the feeling I was dead, but for real, I wake up sweety, just remember of this weird texture not moving, that was like a "glitch bug" in a game. And feeling alive in front of this, was the most horrifiant of my life. ( it was like 2 years ago ) my mind watched this weird flat black oranged texture and I see the texture, but couldn't take my "eyes" of it, I loose all sense of me and feel my life quitting me, like if it was ok, in 3 seconds, I m dead, and I accepted it, but I was sad for loosing everything I ve made. maybe this is when I had a sort of ego death, induced by dream. It's not like your's but that's one of my "worst dream". Only a feeling of dying.
  14. hated it for the same reason " loosing my consciousness" where weed doesn't fog the real, it makes it tasty. @perlita for me aswell, it's magic, I do not wanted to buy weed today, and WHAT WHAT HAPPEN WHAT S ON MY TABLE WHO PUT THIS who roll this , is someone HERE ? I m out of this topic !! THINGS POP IN MY HAND !!
  15. sometimes they take both after. take care, but for me it worked a lot like this. but not for everyone, I ve seen many friend fall for both. ( I do not drink alcohol seriously 1 year after starting weed ) But I NEVER did alcohol at home alone ( or just a beer ) I do not drink any alcohol besides, even at event. ( It has been 3 years without being "drunk" but I was high for sure haha ) I love weed, it's already enough to calm down ( with music it's bliss ). Choose your tool, not every tool. Alcohol don't sound like a wise choice at all. Focus on all the bad feeling after alcohol, best way to hate it.