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  1. Just reached day 90 for the first time in 5 years. #Feelsgoodman
  2. 90 days is just a number. Start again. This time don't make 90 your goal but abstain forever. Ofcourse it's tough it's an addiction.
  3. You can't make assumptions about something if you haven't at least tried it. It's not even a challenge. Most people look at it that way, because they don't take it seriously enough.
  4. What you are experiencing is just intense energy which your mind labels as pain with a thought. Try to consciously locate the energy inside your body and observe it, make it your friend until it vanishes.
  5. What exactly do you mean by pain? Are you talking about physical pain or disturbing thoughts/emotions?
  6. Observe it without judgement if it arises.
  7. How is anything not egoistic, unless you are enlightened?
  8. @Faceless Yea. Whenever i enter the present moment, i get bombarded with thoughts of things that could go wrong if i surrender. I feel like my ego is trying to deceive me of not being able to survive without it.
  9. Forgot how big of an impact this book had made on me in the past. It was my first book that i've read on the topic of enlightenment. Yesterday i started reading it again, and immediately it got me into experiencing pure presence and being. I could also notice that i haven't been living in the present moment for a very long time, even though i thought i was. We tend to forget so quickly about it, and get stuck in our own mind again without even recognizing it. While i'm reading the book now, i'm constantly having these very small moments of being, but they don't stick. I feel like i need the book to remind me of them, to get me into the present moment. My mind just always sucks me right back out of it. How can i root myself in the present without falling back into the mind? I've been meditating for about 6 months now, but i definitely don't experience anything like this.