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  1. Grounding and sinking into the body to feel the energy ( anxiety ). It's not really anxiety. Anxiety is just a label. It's just intense energy.
  2. Meh i dunno. I'm not even meditating lately so.
  3. What to do? My belly and genital area is like a fireplace at the moment. It's a high energetical burning sensation. Not sure what this is.
  4. As long as there is even the slightest intention to get rid of any emotion, feeling etc it won't work. The illusion works perfectly. You might wanna reconsider your intentions on feeling these emotions. Do i feel the emotions to feel them, or do i feel them with the intention to get rid of them? Ego is a sneaky bastard.
  5. Because that's how it happens.
  6. These are fun to do. Also take notice on how you can't focus on more than one sensation at the same time. E.g. you can sit on a chair, and focus your attention on the pressure on your bum, maybe theres also some pressure on your back, and if youre feet are touching the ground, you can feel some pressure when they are touching the ground. If you focus on the pressure of your feet touching the ground, you most likely already forgot the pressure on your bum and your back. Everything we experience is just a focus on temporary fields of condensated energy ( physical sensations, sounds, thoughts,.). By doing this, It's very easy to see that we never experience a full body, nor are we in it. We are just a blank field of consciousness experiencing so called sensations.
  7. If their comes a situation in once life where one has to punch someone, wether the person is or is not enlightened, there will be a punch. It's as easy as that. Also, Fighting is not always because of anger or anything like that. Maybe it was just better to lay the other person down in a specific situation at that moment.
  8. Are you talking about a new girlfriend here? If so, don't mechanically get another one and think that she can make you happy. A lot of people are doing this. They break up from a relationship, and then mechanically go and look for another one because they think that is what's going to fix their pain. It's not the relationship or the other, it's the illusion of thinking that another person can make me happy.
  9. You can't not live in the moment. Try to get out of it if you think you can.
  10. Ofcourse. How can it not be? Who is searching for that glimpse? What you are never searches for anything, the searching happens exactly in it.
  11. Your true nature is infinite, unconditional love. Most relationships are a construct of love, and thus it's love based on conditions. It's a relationship going on between two ego's, who seek out their unresolved wants and needs in the other person. As long as both parties are doing this, there is no problem. As soon as one of them stops validating the other, shit hits the fan. On that moment, their wall of illusion ( that someone can save them) get's smashed by the hammer of truth, but most are too blind to see it, so they start blaming the other person for not being "good enough" or any other excuse, when in fact there was just a moment of not being validated by the other person a.k.a "You don't exist for me". Now you gotta wonder: why does someone needs to validate my existence? If i would be sure to exist, i don't need any validation right? Be well.