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  1. I don't know. To be honest, i'm not going to have sex with a girl until i'm sure that i'm recovered. I don't want to smash a girl to release my urges on her, caused by my addiction.
  2. Well, you kind of have to put up with it. You will probably be confronted with a lot more triggers in the future. See it as an exercise, and don't seek things like this out on purpose . It's never worth it.
  3. Good question... I'm in doubt at the moment. I was fixing everything to start uni in september, but i kind of changed plans a bit, so i'm laying it off for now. I'm not sure if becoming a psychotherapist/psychologist is something i want to pursue anymore either. I came to the conclusion that i'm not that much of a great listener, and lately i'm having a hard time taking people's problems serious. Also the environment where i would work at as a psychotherapist/psychologist is too boring for me i guess. I feel like i want to work in an office environment, so i'm leaning more against HR for now. Definitely going to study psychology in the future though . How about you?
  4. Fell asleep somehow. Woke up feeling refreshed as fuck btw. Have a job interview later today, let's gooooo .
  5. Duuudeee.. Holy shit. I can't even... sleep. So much fucking energy.
  6. What did that "epic home workout" look like ? I did the complete opposite and took a bath .
  7. Make quitting porn and masturbation your #1 priority. You don't need all the other habits for now. Start with NoFap and meditate.
  8. Man, this is such a rollercoaster . Does this settle in after 90 days? You've been 100+ right?
  9. Ah, too bad man :/. I'm feeling pretty good 😀. I hope i'm gonna reach to 90 days of full no pmo this time around.
  10. I share this opinion: