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  1. I know there isn't such a thing as shifting, but it feels that way for "me". I'm constantly shifting between states of open attention/truth itself, where i can see "myself" living life, and identification with "my personality". It's kind of frustrating because one time i'm feeling extremely relaxed and the other time i'm so involved in the dream that it makes me upset. Of course it doesn't matter for consciousness itself, but it seems like i can't move to a permanent state yet. Is this just a phase?
  2. Did you ask the world himself what he thinks about "ecology"?
  3. As far as i'm concerned, internet is the last addiction that's robbing me of my precious time. I've been using the internet since i was 10, and started playing video-games since i was 6-7. I'm not really playing video-games anymore ( maybe some flash game on Mini-clips now and then), but now i'm watching other people playing games on Twitch. I honestly can't imagine dropping this, because this website entertains me like crazy, but at the same time i find it ridiculous because i'm watching people playing games or doing weird stuff on the irl section for hours on end, and this is keeping me from doing the things i rather need, and want to do. Getting rid of internet as a total, probably isn't an option because i want to be able to visit this forum and watch Leo's videos now and then. I also want to keep using the internet to do research for myself. I need advice on this.
  4. Exactly what's preventing you from moving on. You need to feel the pain until it subsides and evaporates. You can't do this with the conscious idea of wanting to get rid of it either. The best thing to do is become conscious of the pain, and when it comes up, don't reject it and feel it with curiosity. In the end it's just intense energy moving through us that wants to become free, but we put the label "pain" on it and are conditioned to repress it, which is exactly what prevents it from leaving us.
  5. I'm listening a lot to new age lately. Especially Enigma.
  6. I was the same, although i could watch for a little longer without getting distracted. What i did was forcing myself to watch it anyways, and so i got to vid 57 in 2 days. The beginning was unpleasant, but i got over the hump and started to really enjoy it and enter a flow-state. Right now i'm 95% sure about what my life purpose is, and so the motivation to continue the rest of the course is kind of gone, but i will definitely end it soon. Also, think about what else can really be more important than doing the course for you right now? Ditch every distraction that you can think of and prioritize.
  7. Not really, at least not that i know of. If you are interested, here is an English interview: Seems like he talks about his awakening in this one. Haven't watched it myself yet.
  8. Meditate straight after waking up in the morning?
  9. He was a teacher in spiritual healing before becoming a "Non-Duality teacher". But he said that it wasn't necessary for his awakening.
  10. Exactly what i'm wondering. I'm always going for a good period, only to stop and start meditating again. Now i feel the urge to meditate, but i don't want to anymore, because i'm sure that i'm doing it to get somewhere.
  11. A Non-Duality teacher i'm following always claims that meditation or any other spiritual practice is just another distraction from the real work. He's saying that every practice is always a turn in the wrong direction, and that you can't find ultimate freedom by calming down yourself every time you feel tension or anxiety,..... This makes somewhat sense to me, as i feel like you are putting bandaids on wounds that have to be examined and felt.
  12. Been using this one for 2 weeks. Like it a lot.
  13. It's a matter of perspective. From the absolute perspective you can't control anything, everything is just happening as it should happen. From the relative perspective, you are/feel in control which is the illusion.
  14. Insight Timer is pretty good.