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  1. Bro this may sound fucked up but I actually get kinda motivated by your posts because you frequently complain about a bunch of shit and it just reminds me that I can't end up like that and I have to go out there and solve this shit. Just look at our mans Leo. He went from Russian nerd loser to dmt smoking millionaire boss player who fucks plenty bad bitches galore. It's possible dude. It ain't happening by consulting random strangers online all the time
  2. I don't really see any benefits from no fap whatsoever. It's all placebo as far as I'm concerned. And the only thing I care about is my own subjective experience. I did no fap for three months when traveling overseas before I even knew about it. I felt absolutely no difference at all. I had the same fatigue, mental fog, and other problems as before. Horniness is a very natural thing and getting rid of your load is hardly anything to get riled up about. As long as you're not some super hedonistic sex addict who circles his life around the next nut, you're good I think. I think it's all in people's heads really. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself
  3. Do you mostly do moderate doses? It seems based on your descriptions on the nature of your trips that you're able to retain some level of human functionality (walking around, looking at things, questioning/inquiry). Usually when I dose the trip ends up being overwhelming to where I can't even stand let or even focus my mind to question shit.
  4. I put my money on IV. If so, I totally agree that this shouldn’t be shared publicly. Although we ought not to speculate too much
  5. I'm extremely inspired by this because it indicates what's possible for me to experience and what consciousness is capable of. And I'm thankful you share this. But strangely, I can't help but feel some frustration and even slight annoyance because its so not remotely in my direct experience with psychedelics and I also can't help but doubt that such an experience is even possible for me. I honestly don't give a fuck about these bombastic awakenings anymore. What good does it do for me if I can't experience it myself? What's the point? I guess all one can do is admire and move on.
  6. Three physicists were recently awarded the Nobel prize for basically demonstrating that quantum entanglement has no hidden variables or causal explanation outside consciousness and that it's an actual phenomenon. This quells Einstein's qualms about locality and violating the speed of light. I'm sure everybody's way beyond quantum mechanics at this point since we're all excited about multi-dimensional hyper alien intelligence and whatnot but still, it's pretty nice/cool when the highest authorities in the field confirm these things. Articles: https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/physics/2022/press-release/ https://www.nytimes.com/2022/10/04/science/nobel-prize-physics-winner.html
  7. "This alien intelligence is an alien form of God-Consciousness."
  8. This is how we're gonna spend time in our lives now? 😅
  9. How's your concentration and distractibility? I think I'd be extremely distracted at that point
  10. This shit is KRAY! From Kendrick's new album "Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers". Male female dynamics:
  11. Not seeing the problem here. He's just a streamer who harmlessly exposes these scammers' tactics while wasting their time with his creative programming skills. Yes, obviously this isn't profound content or anything. Careers and passions don't have to be. You may as well criticize painters and violinists for having "lowly" non-contributing life purposes. And nobody's deliberately trying to play the role of vigilante here. Again, just a content creator providing comedic and educating content for an audience. The humiliation part is entirely self-induced by the scammers with their aggressive conduct and atrocious mannerisms. That's another smart part of Kit's work -- he plays into it passively and allows them to do the humiliating. He doesn't even curse or resort to any form of insulting. His acting skills and composure is actually pretty impressive given the heinous things these guys tend to say. I'm not claiming this is exactly benevolent either. But it is a net positive to whatever degree since no one's being harmed here. Most of the time these people are actually decently educated and deliberately choose such occupations because it's clearly a profitable market space founded entirely on stealing money and having virtually no computer knowledge. So please, save your naive and uncalibrated spiritual grievances. He could be using his coding skills to make a mindless smartphone game or something. The point is that I think this is a pretty unique and creative way of using one's skillsets regardless of how impactful or profound the content itself is.