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  1. @Nivsch Yup! I think it is a trick question for environment to tamper with genetics. age old debate of nature vs. nurture and current research that i hv read point towards an impact through both means. genetics are determined 99% in our birth. we can still change the environmental factors and couter balance genetic expressions. I think that is what u mean here. correct me if i got it ass backwards. thanks for sharing ur insights brother. @BentonI too think that extreme cases are close to impossible to be dealt without meds under our current medical knowledge. I don't know where I would be without anti depressants in those depressed months. probably 6 feet below ground . and thank u soo much for sharing those kind words and experience. it would help anybody going through a difficult time. Perhaps in the future, we shall have modalities that summon spiritual wisdom to the tables. holistic medical treatment has a long way to go...
  2. yup ! it was nahm and his fans who splintered the community,,XD the forum thing is his new development since he was demoted...he was not banned even. did not even defend his position and left .LOL
  3. @Reciprocality @A Fellow Lighter a top notch quality discussion! we want more of them here!
  4. something tells me ...THIS THREAD IS ABOUT TO BE LOCKED maybe leo is asleep...zzz.z.zz.zz. if not, it would have happened by now..
  5. go ahead and tell that to ur momma so u can pick another real fight! JK I didn't mean to hurt ya but, instead if trying to fix others for being masculine or too unfriendly, why not fix urself honey!<3
  6. farewells from the leaving users; MEGATHREAD
  7. valid points dude! @Preety_India i don't know what she expects from a journal when all her journals are on full public display here. and people do read. it is why it is set to public. if somebody wants a personal journal, they can find thousands of alternatives to that other than wasting server space . I pretty much respect preety and she has a good heart . even this thread seems like a attention seeking post of urs.
  8. @Preety_India LOL..I have seen that u have been active on the forum almost half of the day . i don't know if u leave it on or something though. so,i would be surprised if u were not bored. as the defending champion for the highest post count on the forum after Leo, i see u have been here for yrs. and one or two cold responses does not mean that everyone is bad. plus, remember this is just an online forum LOL. so it is rare for real world friendships and interactions to happen in forums . and people are free to ditch ideas and argue in any good forum and spiritual communities too have their defined limits.
  9. whoa... awesome mate! first hand experience here ! <3
  10. @PepperBlossoms I watched the video and it was quite a radical one! but how would u study epistemology when there are paranoid delusions of soviets chasing you and hallucinations run ur day. umm,I think u wll see enough hallucinations without LSD or DMT if it was Schizophrenia and what's ur take on that mate? yup! i initially defined it as a one that we've got for life. BTW, Do u really mean it when u say that u already have many of those illnesses? what makes u say that? medications only suppress the positive symptoms of schizophrenia. they do not heal per se. negative symptoms will probably still be there if my research is correct. @Nivschtrue! epi-genetic contributions can often be there for the onset of many conditions. but there still are unlucky ones who are born with altered brain structures where our technology is stone age in treating them. Epi- genetics mostly affect in the childhood upbringing ig but, do u believe that environment changes can epi-genetically turn the switch off as well by the adult years? @zurew a super stage yellow answer. loved it! thank u all for ur replies! it really will help anybody going through a traumatic episode after a diagnosis. some may even be rethinking life. I too am at a point where i doubt whether I'm going insane or not.
  11. what would u guys do if u suddenly got diagnosed with a terminal mental illness like psychosis ( schizophrenia)? what 'd ur reaction be? how will u cope with it?
  12. damn bro! +1 sounds like some new age thing to me. anyways, we know sunning water won't change the molecular structure with basic chemistry. but, we don't know yet if there a spiritual component that we can't yet perceive. however, i'm more inclined to think it as a placebo. but my dad also had a computer that switches on only after it is kept a few hours in the sun. LOL.... it really works for some reason . this thing runs on windows 98 or something i guess and sun charged computer too exist after all... see, sun cleansing could be REAL. sun in action baby!
  13. @Yarco @BlueOak whoa.. thanks to both of u for pointing that they were volunteers . I didn't really know it until u guys said so... but I think these voluteers or mercernaries or whatever should be allowed to go back if they like . cancelling passports is something unethical to be done for those who came there to help them. I don't know really what the fuck is going on out there as it's hard to know who and what media has the correct narrative.these days, we are having to look for tons of resources that sometimes even contradict each other to get to objective conclusions# cannot agree more! true indeed. It's sad to see that much craziness over this crisis. I didn't think this war would scale up to this degree. I didn't even consider it a war in the early days but, lol,...now we see the circus!
  14. https://theworldwatch.com/american-mercenary-talks-about-how-ukrainians-are-not-supplying-weapons-to-outside-fighters.htm don't know the credibility of the claim but, still interesting of how the Ukrainians also get shit on their clothes this time.