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  1. @Adodd this might be the most counter-intuitive thing but try looking at the issue from her point of view. then u will see why see does what she does and the true reasons for her actions. if u r openminded enough , it will literally blow up ur mind when u see that she is not the person that u actually perceived to be....there wont be any hate anymore if u really try to look through her perspective!!!
  2. @Gregory1 great for u bro... then that means u took the red pill...haha!! so there is no going back isn't it? like going back to this materialist society we live in and believe that a better car might solve all our probs...
  3. @Gregory1 hey bro, ur singing is amazing in the first place..keep it up!!! next thing is, if u r just starting, Eckhart tolle's work is a good entry point for newbies like you and me... that's an amazing realization to come at when we see that we actually don't know any damn thing. all my attempts to rationally understand and conceptualize truth has failed .... lol..it is much easier to find some religious bogus ideology and cling to it as an absolute truth while it's not. why pursue truth? don't mean to discourage ya in any way but , even searching for truth can be meaningless. i dunno.... it's up to you bro! but, truth might set u free...
  4. then have a reason to die? what if there is no reason to die or to live lol?😂
  5. @LSD-Rumi an answer to the original question... i think god as an infinite entity does not intervene . i mean ,supernatural stories as such of Moses are found in almost every religious tradition... there are stories of buddha doing miracles and teleporting to different planes and places in an instant. XD... normal ordinary folks like me, in a finite form and a finite consciousness could never do that . but when one awakens to the god consciousness, one might have that power to intervene with natural forces. this is rather my conceptual understanding so far...
  6. you are not kidding are ya? it takes a big leap of faith to accept it. i mean if u are really saying the truth, then u might be one of the most awakened or diffeent ppl on this forum.
  7. @Iesu i don't think so...lol. doesn't even come to the level of Deepak Chopra..
  8. how do u kw?
  9. i honestly am lost in here tooo...would love to see the replies from the fellow members in the end, we all are gonna die! so nothing matters right... ? maybe both Diogenes and Alexander the great were wrong... who knows. it's all beliefs.....
  10. @charlie cho you are still stuck to the religious dogmatic notion of god IMO. you see god as a separate entity that is in the sky judging everyone.THAT IS WHERE YOUR resentment comes from. If you continue down the rabbit hole, you will notice the same exact thing that most of the members are pointing towards. GOD a.k.a. consciousness is all that exists. god needs nobody to respect because there is nobody and nothing else to respect god. it is you and everyone and everything. this truth is not to be taken as another belief in itself. you must experience and see it for yourself. YOU ARE GOD! so god has no judgements. no biases. god is both the oppressor and the oppressed. soo, i would humbly ask you to continue down spirituality and seek the truth for yourself. if you like ,start with the books like from that of Eckhart Tolle...that would be a good starting point! much love!
  11. @ImHooper hello, sorry about the tragic loss... all you can do right now is to, try your best to comfort her family and loved ones. it might be hard for u too right now. nobody claims to know what exactly death brings. maybe she reincarnates in a form which she's aligned with, or maybe she dissolves in to the absolute(merge with god). on a relative sense, she did exist and she no longer exist in this world. !(that we all know for sure) in a higher perspective of nonduality, she never existed and always existed. it's both. neither do we exist . its both nothing and everything. I believe you can get through this, as everything "this too shall pass" much love!
  12. hey, don't believe everything that they say without looking in to several sources and conforming for yourself... even the most enlightened beings give bullshit remarks. psychiatric drugs do help a lot if u are open to it. IMHO, it seems like a nocebo effect. be gentle with yourself. even I've been suicidal and I know it is fcking hard right now. but, don't ya give up! there is light at the end of the tunnel. be gentle with yourself. much love!
  13. hmmm, it is important to realize that this is normal. when you question the most grounded beliefs, its gonna feel like LOST and wild. I've been through the same shit and and you might be feeling like you are losing ground. you will even question your own existence and sanity;all accepted norms and concepts . but, don't fall in to the trap of nihilism tho. also, don't fight and suppress your thoughts. let them come. observe them and scrutinize where they are coming from .other thing is, see a therapist if you are feeling depressed . IMO, this is a normal thing that happens to a lot of ppl. but once your belief system is crashed, it is not easy to get things back. I wish you will keep up the work and see the light at the end of the tunnel! cheers!
  14. @Nadosa you have been identifying yourself through that notion. it will really feel like death if you attach yourself and cling to that belief. it won't be easy to let go of a thought spiral that you've been repeating for a long time since it will be latched onto your self image-Ego. you will even feel like you are going insane when this egoic self is attacked. best way as many recommend, inquire into those thoughts and see if they are true for urself. question them. be skeptical about them . meditate on them. at a moment, they will lose control over you and give in. 🍀😊
  15. so don't you worry ... keep up the amazing work bro