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  1. Just wanted to log this day with y'all out here... I've been a bit more infrequent lately. Either way, here's the report. I've been writing songs these past few weeks. I spontaneously understood this morning to see if any open mics were set in SF. Obviously, there were. One was even available tonight, conveniently after my work shift. I got to sing one song and I couldn't feel more satisfied. I could speak at length about many things, but one of my goals is to have a paid gig setup to play after a workday (Friday, Saturday, etc.) when my schedule clears up. That's the end of the year goal that I created about 3-4 weeks ago, and I'm making quick work of it. I also plan to check out a different bar for Monday nights. Life's kickin' its value into overdrive! I've also keenly noticed the subconsciousness of others'-- in their performances and their emotivities. I feel like I'm going undercover whilst ingratiating myself into this music scene. There's so many "influenced" individuals out there. Blessings.
  2. How does it compare? LeO! What might I expect from such a combination? I'm sure the experiences would differ depending on ROA for the 5MeO... Let me KnOw! I'm curious! Thanks.
  3. I'd think Leo's afraid of pulling a Temple OS and going full internet insane.
  4. Okay, now go to a history lecture and don't take any notes. Does that help you or hurt you? OR Maybe the problem is how you assess your notes, or how you take self development less seriously than how you would take a classroom setting--while being fed information from a teacher.
  5. i could mention that prayer beads saved my life from smoking, but i had to work to rely on them think of the process of rolling your own cigarette, how pristine and meditative the few minutes are. then smoking it. now think of running your fingers through devotional beads. feel the temptation toward smoking yet? feel any drudge about praying for belief and being intentional? it's the same appreciation there in spirit, just misused. you could realistically reverse your drudge to a healthier perspective, too. just never, never, never give up.
  6. Here's a book setting theological framework about veganism for those extreme year-round lent-observing penitent Catholic brothers and sisters. It's hopeful to truly find a non-secular resource that wants real reform.
  7. Wondering if you guys had any advice on apology, and how one could apologize consciously to somebody else. I know Leo has a video on how to forgive someone, but I want to know how I can amend a relationship. I know that if I don't resolve this, I can't manage an intimate relationship. I want to get past it. Thanks.
  8. I'm always chalking it up to a translation failure of culture nowadays. Meditation can also be a form of study, and any form of study can be either imaginative or ceasing. I fail to see how clear-cut modernized translations of any historical figure or tradition provide accurate depictions of enlightenment. Wisdom tends to be extremely diluted. Language itself... The Middle Way seems more centralized around the cessation of a worrisome imagination and the cultivation of loving awareness... it seems continuously apparent that us kiddos of the actualized forum forget that Buddhism is about the Middle Way--not the practice of conscious being, not the method of meditation, and not the goal of Nirvana. It's comical, because people always repeat the same negative sentiments about Buddhism-- as if Buddhism is causing their illusion! Get your head out of your ass! You can't really be aware of the ideas you are suggesting to yourself! We wander in the dark!
  9. Meat eaters never find a Buddha within, because it's only a dream to them.
  10. @Pudgey Are musical instruments spiritual teachers? Is writing a spiritual teacher? What about rock climbing? Those are definitely spiritual practices. They probably fall under a meditation practice by your conditions. What would your spirituality be if humanity just listened to you and only took psychedelics? What would you tell the human population if they'd gotten rid of their techniques before they'd built society at all? You are literally saying psychedelics are better than any activity in the entire universe for truth realization. It feels like you are totally desireless to live in "inferiority" or "uselessly" to the unenlightened masses. You are literally that guy who would rather take a psychedelic for free than go to the moon for free! Do you really like being that guy? Enlightenment is a lot of things-- apart from an understanding of infinity, it also is an ability to eloquently provide wisdom to others and relate to their conditional pains. But since you are trying to destroy historically spiritual systems you might be trying to redefine enlightenment itself also. How could you even know what enlightenment was if you weren't alrieady shitting on the thousands of dead enlightened people who spent their time doing the inferior work to explain to you what they couldn't possibly know anyway about enlightenment (according to your reasoning?) ? Let's say you are trying to redefine enlightenment. Why are you trying to do that? Why not define something entirely different? Wouldn't the enlightened thing to do be to pinnacalize something higher than an enlightenment system? If you can't do that, then human spiritual systems do have merit because you've already forfeited yourself to being spiritual on some grounds.
  11. @Salvijus Honestly the energy boost went away for me after about the 50th day. I lapsed on the 63rd day or something, shortly after I started school and began microdosing again. It just felt like an unresolved inner conflict eventually, not a disciplinary test. And more and more like a dragging need to resent other people. And I don't like resenting people more than I have to, dude. I'm already a vegan. Overall though, I'm satisfied with the progress I made. I had never exceeded 29 days before that streak, so blowing through 2 months was a surprise and a half with a little cherry on top. But still, I have an ambivalent feeling about the inner strength I had gained from retention. I felt like a zoo animal or a bull. You can almost emasculate yourself from the self respect, pride, and guilt you have to deal with on a momentary basis. You can tell yourself to be strong, be strong, be strong, but I also want to think about other things. It also made me obsessed with relationship searching-- going on dating apps every day, shunning photos of women on social media, etc. Since my schedule suddenly became busier, I am not looking for a relationship right now. Retention, though I may give it credit for making my life so abundant in the past 6 months, felt like something I wanted to give up on. Please do respond if you feel inclined. I'd love to hear what you or @The Mystical Man has to say.
  12. Try to live a permutation of life beyond a better/worse esteem dilemma. Maybe in a couple years you can come back to the idea and realize how impossible it really was to live a life that was yours any differently. Think about it. You are born, and then you HIT THE GROUND RUNNING. You flop on the fish until you can crawl, breathe, communicate, and get potty trained. "The best life" becomes an obvious miracle--something impossible to disbelieve. The best life is not a matter of when it comes.. it's here, right now today. Not a goal to strive toward like a lighthouse in the distance... I mean you probably are working on recognizing this daily, so just don't beat yourself up. Personal development should be rewarding and personally gratifying.
  13. @Leo Gura What are the odds of the 5-MeO being adequately retained in the blood bank for the imminent patient to have a vampiric frenzy awakening?
  14. @Osaid @Inliytened1 That's all well and good but did you score a MAX on your vanity levels? Didn't think so. Y'all must be maxing out those exhibitionist levels flashing children and ducks in the park probably.
  15. Try to implement a sense of impossibility into your meditation