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  1. Just wondering what other people's experiences with mushroom supplements have been. I take some "Genius" mushroom supplement (orange container) with every meal. It consists of 3 different mushroom whatevers: Lion's Mane Reishi Cordyceps 500 mgs per ingredient per capsule I don't know what I feel cognitively I just use it.
  2. To start off I'm vegan and I do I-M fasting soo Also... 3x nutrition supplement, 3x mushroom supplement (usually non-psychedelic ) This morning, I ate Bowl of fruit (Strawberry blueberry raspberry avocado banana kiwi papaya mango. not all of them, but in combinations always.) Protein Shake (soy/alm milk and orgain chocolate, sometimes add banana here, supergreen powder as well.) Coconut water Multigrain crackers today Today I actually made wheat starch bacon and ate that up with tomato That's all until dinner usually. Tonight, I ate Air fried eggplant with panko breading, peanut oil [Failed] mozzarella sticks, melted all over the parchment paper, but covered some eggplant nonetheless! Rice, avocado, 1000 island dressing, soy sauce Leftovers from yesterday-- cucumber, asparagus, lettuce, tomato Orange juice Coconut water I try to drink water all day as well.
  3. It's an everchanging process. I'm not trippin, I get it. I also used self inquiry journaling. In addition to self inquiry meditation, I used to write down stupid questions until I felt like an idiot. I'm talking hours. I used to have a lot of time to commit to writing, not gonna lie.
  4. Yes, perfectly. Thanks.
  5. I am writing this hoping to attract the attention of those self-actualization journalers on the forum. Maybe I won't, we'll see. I believe chronicling is better than journaling, but please do tell if you disagree. We can discuss! I used to do quite a bit of stream of consciousness journaling when I was in my teens. I usually ended up way more off the rails. Sometimes I would walk for hours around my neighborhood until morning still writing notes into my phone about arising ideas. I took it as a game of sorts. I had a mystical vision of some certain insight regarding social behavior or philosophy, then I wrote responding to myself experiencing it. I usually never reread these sort of things. Now I usually chronicle into my computer the stories surrounding experiences such as this, and they are much more insightful now. I get a greater reflection of who I used to be after endless flashbacks revision my memory. Sometimes in peering (and snooping) other people' s journals I get such a throwaway vibe from many entries. Not everyone is a fantastical devoted writer I see, and I am here expressing this sorrow. Hopefully here's a good tip. You remember the sincerity of writing 'feeling' more than you feel writing remembering your sincerity. That's you. Because of this, I technically still journal too, but instead, it is written in more poetic terms. Lines, stanzas, rhymes. I get pretty good. Tried singing them aloud with lead guitar progressions to some success too. thanks xo
  6. just give all your important belongings to someone you know who can hold onto them. then just start walking. and eventually your life will consist of moving, sitting, meeting with people, talking, and eating in different combinations. do this until you figure out how wanting it to stop actually happens. eventually you'll be wearing an orange robe in a forest, making right turns in a spiral formation into the center of the square perimeter you've walked. you agreed with yourself sequentially with every step right. right? right. eventually you'll sit long enough and prove to yourself what you want to stop
  7. How does Dawkins so forthrightly disbelieve that we cannot see into DNA? He's gotta just be rolling the ball forward to further the idea's pursuit. It's so irrelevant too in all honesty. How is the claim of "looking into" DNA specifically supposed to be awakening at fucking all. Such banal shit. My scientific awareness is realizing such novelty! This looks like DNA would you look at that! Wow we can imagine shapes. In some ways I'm being a dick but I'm simply frustrated that 7 grams of mushrooms only produce some bizarre DNA awakening trollop. Scientific masturbation againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fuck this
  8. Yes I am typing out my last earth calories as we speak
  9. Lmao. Yes, you have to awaken to it. It's perfect that insight is created alone. Most of the time people just need validation; it doesn't matter if others agree with us unless it's an ethical principle. If we end up surrounded by people who adore our every word instead of validate our suffering, we scream for more ridiculous reactions from the crowd or we flee from the a swarm of wasps they are. But that's whatever. People being right is so foolish to disbelieve. The truth is that the closeness of time will itself reveal obvious knowledge that breaks the boundaries of what is important. Awakening feels like you really have to try to not know, forget yourself in the process, then remember something at a deeper level as yourself. This is usually very sudden and feels deeper than a look in the mirror. Like a curtain call of the heart.
  10. nows the time to start singing songs that make you cry because they are so good at keeping you sad. god's an asshole for letting those songs suck perfectly
  11. Be wary of pointless non starters that make people sound really dumb
  12. No matter what state you are in, it might be America. Contrary to popular belief, not everything is a state. There are bordertowns. I've only been in a state of America. One at a time. You can theoretically escape states, should you be evading consciousness police. That is, unless we vote Leo as consciousness president. Then we can be consciously pardoned of consciously escaping conscious states. Then, the consciousness police are only Leo and his silly datura parables!
  13. terrifying is mild. just wait till you forget that you cared about leaving being afraid. other people aren't even the nightmare. it's when you are totally unconcerned with being pure evil that anyone can be fearless with you and against you. just punch trees until you aren't afraid of other people's ideas
  14. trip with opposites. View personalities interact. Higher dosages. Read books and relate to others. have sex. trip alone. draw, write, create your own alphabet. speak in codes to yourself. learn what awakening is not. a psychonaut just wants to explore being a person while tripping, intentionally, but tends to end up explore being something else, unintentionally. explore the possibility that you can be heard in communication to yourself. your thoughts are not simply ongoing or going to happen to you, but you may be able to rather be with yourself than react to what peripheries your goings on
  15. Illusion is returning to the same place to talk about different ideas. Illusion is teaching people when we are really monkeys interested in making facial gestures change for others just because we think causing a scene gives us power. Illusion is authenticity when concerned. Illusion is screaming at the world in capital letters. Illusion is defining entertainment for itself. Illusion is attaching to fantasies over disbelief. Illusion is not funny. Illusion is not funny yet.