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  1. Yeah, forget society. Although Elliot could be the one who has influenced you in that way of thinking about people. I dunno what you mean with your ps. Ps. Elliot really needs to go vegan.
  2. I drink that all the time
  3. @DefinitelyNotARobot Why?
  4. Why do you want to break this loop?
  5. @dflores321 it can be the first step towards getting out of it. Once you realize repression is not a long term solution. Btw, the intention of no fap is not to stop if for your entire life. That's up for everyone else to decide.
  6. Hmn, I dunno if it is that easy. I could use help though.
  7. @OBEler If you think psychological help is needed I can recommend a psychologist who goes into the subconscious and is specialized on women in Germany.
  8. @peanutspathtotruth Did you actually say no-fap is dangerous?
  9. @Gesundheit Men desire it very much. Most men just stay in orange for longer than women.
  10. Those are smart kids. Unfortunately that uppercut child was still being raised with the santa idea in that vid.
  11. What does your diet look like?
  12. @StarStruck of course that is the first on your mind..
  13. I don't know anymore. But I could imagine that maybe women in general suffer easier when having no partner than men. I don't know what you mean by gender thing?