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  1. Impact statement - Please Help!
    Impact statement - Please Help!
    @SaltyMeatballs Your avatar name reminds me of the chocolate salty balls song. ?      You’re going gangbusters on thinking & solving, and maybe that approach has added the gravity of your whole life, on your mind.    The answers don’t come from the illusion, they come from the source. They’re not hammered and forced into place. The powerful stuff is subtle.  I would do something you enjoy. Something fun. Loosen up, relax. Let thinking about your life go for a day and get feeling good! Then, I would write what you want on a piece of paper, and sit and meditate. An answer, or direction, or way to go on this, will bubble up and you can even let each bubble go, and a better idea bubbles up behind it. If you want to discover what you love, you should consider that it comes from being in a state of mind that is of the same. 

  2. I feel well rested only when I sleep 10+ hours
    I feel well rested only when I sleep 10+ hours
    @Gligorije How old are you? If you're between 14 to 22, you're still basically a teenager and will require more sleep than an adult in their 30s or 40s.
    It also very much depends on how you use your mind and body, how much you work, how much you study, etc.
    It's also a good ideas to optimize your sleep environment by lightproofing your whole bedroom, getting a good mattress, and eliminating noise.
    Diet also affects your sleep a lot. Cut back on carbs, wheat, and junk food.
    You might also want to get your thyroid hormone levels checked. Underactive thyroid is very common these days, causing fatigue and sleepiness.

  3. Truth vs. Ego
    Truth vs. Ego
    It's very simple. How do you know science and rationality are the best way to understand reality? To make such a claim is already to be deeply unscientific and irrational because for you to know that science explains all of reality you would have to run a scientific test on this claim. And the only way to run that test is to spend a billion years investigating every corner of the universe until you finally demonstrate that every phenomena possible within reality can be understood by science. It is by no means a given that this test will come out true. In fact, it's much more likely that you will discover tons of phenomena which cannot be understood by existing scientific method at all. You would be a naive fool to assume that science and rationality can grasp every facet of reality. This is a highly unscientific position.
    How do you know science and rationality are not hallucinations?
    How do you know science and rationality can be trusted?
    How do you know science and rationality cover all possible phenomena?
    How do you know science and rationality are not tools of the ego-mind?
    How can you trust rationality when rationality has been used by people to delude themselves for thousands of years?
    How can you trust science when the history of science is filled with intelligent scientists making all sorts of absurd errors in understanding reality, only to have those errors exposed hundreds of years later, after they are dead?
    Who says reality is scientific and rational? Why should it be?
    What if science and rationality are just subjective, human-centric modes of perceiving reality?
    Notice, a person inside a Matrix can do science and rationality for 50 years and still have no idea he is inside a Matrix because science and rationality are illusions within the realm of the Matrix and cannot go outside it.
    That is a belief. What if the tree is precisely Absolute Truth?
    Maybe you are not really a human but you merely believe you are.
    Has science or rationality ever demonstrated that you are a human? NO!
    You don't know anything. The problem is that you are assuming you know a lot of stuff that you do not actually know.
    All that enlightenment is, is total skepticism about EVERYTHING. You become so skeptical that you stop believing you exist.
    The Truth is what remains after all your beliefs have been questioned to death, especially your beliefs about physical reality and your personal story of being a human being who was born on this planet called Earth. This is a story you invented.
    Don't believe me. Just question yourself to death.
    The fundamental problem here is that you believe an objective physical reality exists. This turns out to be false. All that exists are your projections and beliefs about it. Question your beliefs and physical reality will disappear as though it never existed.
    You are inside of a hallucination. I am not kidding. WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!!
    Science and rationality are hallucinations so you cannot rely on them to escape the Matrix.
    No, the problem is that you already think you know how reality is.
    You do not know if truth is knowable or not. Which means, it could be knowable. But you are assuming it can't. Which is a groundless and unscientific assumption.
    No, you don't! You're full of shit.
    You have not seriously asked any deep questions about existence. You have not even bothered to question science and rationality, nor your own being.
    Your own mind has you thoroughly deceived. You do not yet even have an inkling how self-deceived you are.
    Nothing is real. That is enlightenment.
    You are confusing enlightenment for some kind of positive belief system. It is the polar opposite of that. Enlightenment is nothing. With enlightenment, all knowledge of reality is erased. It's like wiping a hard drive and not writing anything back on it. You are left totally blank. This blank is so blank that not only is your mind wiped out, all of physical reality is wiped out. Everything that exists ceases to exist. Nothing remains at all! No body, no brain, no Earth, no universe, no science, no rationality. Just pure blank. At this point you are physically dead. Nothing remains of you. And that is the Truth.
    You do not really want enlightenment. It is the last in the world your mind wants. You'd have to be suicidal to want it.
    People just do not appreciate how radical enlightenment is. You think I'm exaggerating. But I'm not.

  4. Leo's soup upgraded to the max
    Leo's soup upgraded to the max
    So I've been eating Leo soup for more than a year as of now and I've tried at least 20 different variations of it and today I wish to introduce a very solid version I am happy with. Just go to Newest recipe to skip all the fluff.
    Old soup drawbacks
    Basically lots about it was unefficient :
    Vegetables take a lot of space so the soup wasn't nutrient dense enough and you would get hungrier faster or you wouldn't have enough soup to last a whole week. The flavour wasn't homogenous => you either had salty spiced water and then cooked vegetables + It relied heavily on you having a nice broth which isn't easy to come by. You had to chew => can get very time consuming if you have to chew a lot (yes, I'm ALL about efficiency) since you're chewing big portions of soup. You had to spend a lot of time cutting vegetables. This was solved easily by blending all the ingredients together but more about that in the cooking process.
    Some other points :
    It was best to use vegetables in the soup that you were not eating for dinner for instance as to get enough variety. Way too much salt : while himalayan salt may be good for you, there is quite enough salt in your broth already and it's best to avoid salt when possible because you have more than enough of it most of the time. It's best to add things that otherwise are annoying to cook and can have nice benefits when consummed daily.  
    Newest soup recipe
    Ingredients :
     4 large or 5 medium sized tomatoes 1/2 kg of carrots ( or 10 medium sized carrots) a full celery 4 red paprika peppers and 1 yellow paprika paper Medium sized cauliflower from 80 to 110 gr of red/coral lentils 200 gr of spinach (I yet need to add more like 500 gr to see how well it blend in but it doesn't seem to change the taste even so it's a nice bonus) Spices :
    One large cup of olive oil 3-4 teaspoons of curcuma 3-4 teaspons of white pepper 2-3 teaspoons of garlic powder  Lemon juice from three huge lemons Two cubes of organic broth ( mine is without palm oil) (!) Don't use fucking Knorr for this it's full of chemicals ! + Avoid any excess sugar in it too ! Preparation :
    Wash all of your vegetables Cut your peppers and carrots and put them in the cooking pot with some water and as soon as they soften => blend them using something like on the left of the image, it allows you to blend everything in the cooking pot itself ! Add all the other ingredients in w/e order (cut them to allow them to blend perfectly) and blend the shit out of them until the whole soup becomes homogenous. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer on a low/medium heat for 30 minutes Profit.
    Points of attention :
    Do not add too much lentils because they release way more of themselves (lol) since they are blended => you need to keep this liquid and not mushy. This is a soup. Too little is better than too much in this case ! You can easily add some bay leaves after you finished blending and then removing them once you're done cooking => don't have to go finishing for them thinking about not eating one like in the old soup You will need to cut some vegetables, like the cauliflower in very small pieces so it blends easier. Fore other vegetables, like the tomatoes, just cutting them in half is totaly fine. If you feel like the oil tends to stay on top => blend some more ! If you can, use only organic produce and spices + organic cold pressed olive oil. This soup is 100 % vegan/vegetarian. In europe, the average cost of a daily portion of this soup for lunch would cost you arround 3 euros to make. Other suggestions/future upgrades :
    I'll think maybe about adding something like reishi mushrooms or other spices or maybe even velvet beans. I'm against using any other type of oil aside from coconut if you like the flavour. I'm against beetroot because it has too much sugar, broccoli because it doesn't seem to fit in as well while blended (ideally, you would have like 2-3 rotation of amazing soup recipes optimized for your needs) and greeen beans since they don't blend in quite well. I'm against using coconut milk because either you have to waste a lot of time making it OR it adds more chemicals while the soup is almost 100 % clean and cheap. I'm against using sweet potatoes, rice, etc as you can just eat them on the side for dinner and I feel it's best to keep this as organic as possible without any carbs ! Get the carbs elsewhere.  
    Cheers ! Suggestions/tips/idea appreciated !