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  1. Hey everyone, I have found a new related course: The Alef Trust have just started taking on new people for their new One Year Certificate in Transpersonal Coaching Psychology To the Mods: Is there a way I can edit my original post? I'd like to order the different courses and be able to add new ones but I'm not sure if I can edit my original post. Best, Rowan
  2. @GreenWoods Thanks! Doing the stomach suck in whilst holding the breath is a bit weird but I'll stick with it. By the way, is there much of a difference between J.C Stevens Mental Kriya and Gamanas 'Parvastha'? What should I do at the end of the routine? One pointed concentration on a chakra? I'm not sure of the difference between Mental Kriya, Parvastha and one pointed concentration. What are you guys doing?
  3. Bump Surely you guys have done small bets and evaluated them some how?
  4. After reading "So Good They Can't Ignore You" and The Life Purpose Course's Audio Bonus on the book, I'm wondering the following: How do we evaluate a small bet after we complete it? Those familiar with the idea of the small bet know that it's essentially a tester project. After we complete one or come to the end of a small bet, is there a way we can evaluate it? Any questions I can ask myself after it? I don't recall there being a process for evaluating/analyzing small bets in the book or the audios. All the best, Rowan
  5. Hi guys, In the alternate version of Yoni Muda where the 3 Bandhas are applied, I'm not sure how to apply Uddiyana Bandha during it. Should I be doing it like this: Inhale Muladhara to Ajna - Do thumbs/fingers/ plugging, then hold breath and apply bandhas or Inhale Muladhara to Ajna - Do thumbs/ fingers plugging, then quickly exhale till lungs are empty, then apply the bandhas? This is in regard to the Uddiyana Bandha especially, as I'm not sure wether to empty the lungs then suck in the stomach, or suck in the stomach whilst holding the breath when it's at Ajna. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Rowan
  6. I’m not sure about the U.S but in the UK it depends on each of the programmes. For example, the Alef Trusts program doesn’t require a psychology undergraduate degree but a 1st Class Honours is usually required and some evidence of academic writing capability. It depends on the institution but usually, in most cases, you don’t have to have a psychology undergrad. Check the entry requirements of each course
  7. A list of some of the top degree programs relating to Consciousness/Spirituality/Transpersonal Psychology for our college/university aged members. Hopefully others can help find more than I currently have researched: The Alef Trust's Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology Sofia University's Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology The California Institute of Integral Studies' Online PHD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology (Among others they offer) Ubiquity University's Integral Transpersonal Psychology – Foundations Course (Among other high quality courses they offer) Life University's Master of Science in Positive Psychology Please, this is not an area to discuss whether someone should/shouldn't go to college/university, these are simply the better courses that exist currently. If you have one to add please comment below or DM me the link
  8. @Shiva Could you link an example of a consciousness related dutch program? Thanks
  9. @nikkikc No worries. I only listed them because I'm interested in doing a masters in a related feel but similarly to you, feel conflicted about it. I'll Dm you the courses I have found so far.
  10. I'd love to hear more opinions on whether these stage green type degree programs are worth it or not. I have an idea to do a masters degree in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology out of sheer interest but as you guys have pointed out there's many pros and cons to degree programs. However, I feel like there is a trend to bash degrees now, obviously yes you can learn these things from the internet, but I also feel as transpersonal psychology is a relatively new field to have established degree programs in, the way the programs might be structured by people who have been in the field for decades may be worth it. What do you think? Potential Pros of Consciousness Related Degree Programs: A structured course led by professors who have been in the field for years, their expertise would likely filter down into the quality of the program and how it is structured A qualification in this ever-increasing field (as we enter into stage green) helps to establish yourself in the marketplace against competition Genuine enhanced levels of personal development depending on the programs structure and it's modules A solid theoretical foundation Opportunities to explore niches within this developing field (Transpersonal Ecopsycology, Transpersonal Coaching, using a masters project/ dissertation as a small bet) Access to tutors and mentors who have developed mastery in the field. Potential Cons of Consciousness Related Degree Programs: Pricing (Although online programs can be significantly cheaper than on-campus type program) Over-theorizing (Although I have seen many programs have very solid practice based modules) The bad side of Academia (The standard academic approach to things not being improved on) Perhaps less guidance on career direction afterward (Although many programs I have seen do try and emphasize its practicality) Time & Energy Investment I'm trying to balance out the pros and cons here, as I know there is a tendency to bash degree programs. What do you guys reckon?
  11. I currently live in the Isle of Man, I grew up here, went to the U.K for university and now I'm back home. Although its a wonderful place to live (lots of untouched nature, low taxes, very business development oriented) I want to give another country a shot for a bit. I want to visit Norway to see what it's like. My brother has also moved to Toronto, but I don't think I want to live in a huge city. Anyone moved to Norway?
  12. Wow, that’s awesome. Thank you so much!
  13. +1 For this idea, I also haven't done psychs and I feel a proper coverage of what "integration" is would be extremely valuable.
  14. Would such a psychedelic be useable by newbies if using a very small dose? Similarly to how many people take smaller doses of DMT or 5meo and slowly build up?
  15. OP has all the advice he needs at this point surely?