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  1. Thanks for the contributions, everyone! Food for thought. @Average Investor Thanks. I'm 22 right now, 23 in October. As the others have mentioned, it seems wise to focus on both Life Purpose stuff (as this could eventually lead to financial independence) and the general idea of financial independence too, kind of getting a balance between the two. But experimentation and trying things out also costs money. I'm getting there with the Life Purpose course and have only been doing really deep thinking on this in the last few years. However I am in a 1st world country with favourable financial advantages too, so I think i should double down on them and go for financial independence too. I think there is a balance to be had, and Financial Independence and Life Purpose should be the two key focus points for a young person. I suppose how we develop that in our lives is largely context-dependent, as everyone is in a different situation. For now, I'll be reading more about financial independence and how it works, whilst also trying to do more life purpose discovery things that don't cost me a whole lot of time and money.
  2. Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this. Let's say your 20 again. Out of these 3 ideas, what would you decide to commit to in your 20's and why? 1) Financial Independence (Through increasing income, decreasing costs, investing aggressively, etc) 2) Travel, experimentation, going to new places, trying different jobs, generally doing more self-discovery 3) Continuing to find a life purpose/ideal career. Which would you commit to and why? Right now I'm caught between these three ideas. Can they all be pursued at once? Rowan
  3. Having taken on the advice given here I've quickly refined from; Statement 1 "Approaching life playfully, intuiting people’s energy, and conveying ideas succinctly to invoke a high-spirited state of aliveness and inspiration." To Statement 2 "Emanating playful and creative energy to intuitively spark people’s imagination and invoke a high-spirited state of aliveness." I labelled this with (Good Feeling!) because I got an even better feeling on this one than my original statement. It made me go "Yes!". I'll be continuing on the course with this for now. Thank you for the feedback!
  4. @Artiekee Yes, I suppose it still needs to be a little shorter. I'll play around with your suggested idea, thank you! I haven't done too much brainstorming on the ideal medium on the whole. That's an interesting idea. Certainly, the ideal medium and the Z.O.G will be related in some way. My main idea right now is music. But it could be something else entirely. Music is the main medium I've been working with a lot of my life, however, I haven't had much experience with other mediums. So yes, more ideal medium brainstorming is needed. Also to @Leo Gura - I would definitely recommend adding the Unique Ability 2.0 Workbook into the recommended resources of either the Strengths Assessment video or Z.O.G video. I used this book alongside all the other resources and found it very valuable (Came up with my 1st statement on the post through that workbook.) It also uses StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Kolbe, so it dovetails nicely. It would be a great recommended resource to add to the course. It is a good quality complimentary resource that was released in 2015/2016 hence why you might have missed recommending it in the course.
  5. @Elisabeth Damn, thanks! I kind of didn’t even really notice that if you didn’t point it out! I see what you mean.
  6. Thanks Leo I really do appreciate it! Yes I’ve been circling around a bit from the Z.O.G video and the Crafting your vision video. Cool, so a bit of generality is ok with the Z.O.G but try and have the impact statement very specific. I suppose that the Z.O.G statement I most emotionally resonate with would be the one to go with? I’ll play around with and refine those 3 I’ve got so far. Thank you!
  7. Hi all, I've been refining and thinking deeply about the Zone of Genius part of the LPC. The problem is I can't quite narrow it down. I've done pages of good brainstorming and have been doing some refining, and for now, these are the 3 statements which I feel are the best: My Zone of Genius is: · Approaching life playfully, intuiting people’s energy, and conveying ideas succinctly to invoke a high-spirited state of aliveness and inspiration. · My humor and playfulness. The way I connect with people · Creatively communicating ideas and sparking people’s imagination These 3 statements are all very accurately linked to my top strengths and appear in some way or another when I've been doing the Z.O.G exercise multiple times over. I just need some feedback from you guys. Are they still too general? Do you guys understand it when you read it? I'm just looking for some general feedback from an outside perspective. I think I'm getting really close and I do emotionally resonate with these statements on some level. Thanks so much, Rowan
  8. Leo, have you watched Steven Greer’s new Movie Close Encounters of the fifth Kind? That movie is all about consciousness and how we can communicate with E.T beings through it. As you are someone with a high baseline level of consciousness I’d love to see you give the protocols a try, maybe even go on A expedition with Greer? Radical open mindedness and all that. What do you say?
  9. Thanks for the reply, Leo. Very excited to see what direction Actualized.org goes in the future! All the best, Rowan (Thread can be closed now)
  10. I’m having the same thoughts and feelings as @LfcCharlie4. I feel like I’m watching a great experiment what with Leo piling more DMT up his ass and the hardcore followers on this form be like “Oh yeah didn’t you know Jesus Christ himself isn’t as advanced as Leo?”. I’m not saying it should stop, I’m just saying it’s VERY interesting watching all this develop.
  11. @fridjonk Ok, all fair points which I accept.
  12. 30 days isn't much of a break. I meant a long hiatus. What transformation did it undertake a few weeks ago, didn't catch it? So actualized.org is to get to the "bottom of reality" but not to make people happy?
  13. 1) Are you happy now? Has all this enlightenment stuff made you truly joyful? 2) Do you think it is time that Actualized.org took a break, or took time off to re-brand and re-establish the mission statement and overall purpose of actualized? As your videos become more radical, I see more people on the forum becoming concerned or reacting against your new material. Isn't it time to re-clarify the mission of actulized.org, who it is for, what is it for? More and more people are not resonating with you any longer, and jokes aside I can see why people just think it's you sitting in a room putting 5-Meo up your ass and talking about the same general stuff. Isn't it time for a re-clarification for those who may be doubting the path you're on? I can definitely see a rift in people's thoughts about your videos these days. I hope I'm not being disrespectful. Personally I am still around the 2014/2015 era content, have not watched any of the new stuff (Focusing on Life Purpose and basic self-help.) Just so you know. You have definitely changed my outlook on life for the positive, so I don't mean to be disrespectful by asking these questions, I'm just curious. All the best, Rowan
  14. Just to reiterate I think we have built up a good list so far.
  15. I saw this advert today and saw it as Orange mocking green. Is this accurate?