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  1. I’m not sure about the U.S but in the UK it depends on each of the programmes. For example, the Alef Trusts program doesn’t require a psychology undergraduate degree but a 1st Class Honours is usually required and some evidence of academic writing capability. It depends on the institution but usually, in most cases, you don’t have to have a psychology undergrad. Check the entry requirements of each course
  2. A list of some of the top degree programs relating to Consciousness/Spirituality/Transpersonal Psychology for our college/university aged members. Hopefully others can help find more than I currently have researched: The Alef Trust's Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology Sofia University's Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology The California Institute of Integral Studies' Online PHD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology (Among others they offer) Ubiquity University's Integral Transpersonal Psychology – Foundations Course (Among other high quality courses they offer) Life University's Master of Science in Positive Psychology Please, this is not an area to discuss whether someone should/shouldn't go to college/university, these are simply the better courses that exist currently. If you have one to add please comment below or DM me the link
  3. @Shiva Could you link an example of a consciousness related dutch program? Thanks
  4. @nikkikc No worries. I only listed them because I'm interested in doing a masters in a related feel but similarly to you, feel conflicted about it. I'll Dm you the courses I have found so far.
  5. I'd love to hear more opinions on whether these stage green type degree programs are worth it or not. I have an idea to do a masters degree in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology out of sheer interest but as you guys have pointed out there's many pros and cons to degree programs. However, I feel like there is a trend to bash degrees now, obviously yes you can learn these things from the internet, but I also feel as transpersonal psychology is a relatively new field to have established degree programs in, the way the programs might be structured by people who have been in the field for decades may be worth it. What do you think? Potential Pros of Consciousness Related Degree Programs: A structured course led by professors who have been in the field for years, their expertise would likely filter down into the quality of the program and how it is structured A qualification in this ever-increasing field (as we enter into stage green) helps to establish yourself in the marketplace against competition Genuine enhanced levels of personal development depending on the programs structure and it's modules A solid theoretical foundation Opportunities to explore niches within this developing field (Transpersonal Ecopsycology, Transpersonal Coaching, using a masters project/ dissertation as a small bet) Access to tutors and mentors who have developed mastery in the field. Potential Cons of Consciousness Related Degree Programs: Pricing (Although online programs can be significantly cheaper than on-campus type program) Over-theorizing (Although I have seen many programs have very solid practice based modules) The bad side of Academia (The standard academic approach to things not being improved on) Perhaps less guidance on career direction afterward (Although many programs I have seen do try and emphasize its practicality) Time & Energy Investment I'm trying to balance out the pros and cons here, as I know there is a tendency to bash degree programs. What do you guys reckon?
  6. I currently live in the Isle of Man, I grew up here, went to the U.K for university and now I'm back home. Although its a wonderful place to live (lots of untouched nature, low taxes, very business development oriented) I want to give another country a shot for a bit. I want to visit Norway to see what it's like. My brother has also moved to Toronto, but I don't think I want to live in a huge city. Anyone moved to Norway?
  7. Wow, that’s awesome. Thank you so much!
  8. +1 For this idea, I also haven't done psychs and I feel a proper coverage of what "integration" is would be extremely valuable.
  9. Would such a psychedelic be useable by newbies if using a very small dose? Similarly to how many people take smaller doses of DMT or 5meo and slowly build up?
  10. OP has all the advice he needs at this point surely?
  11. @Elisabeth Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for your reply. It's just what I needed to hear. I agree I think I will for now leave Zone of genius a little fuzzy and work on impact statement. It's not that humor doesn't feel right, as its definitely one of my best strengths, but I feel like there's got to be something that I'm better at than that. Yes, I also noticed a clear link between these 3 main domains that have been in my life since I was young - music, humor, nature, personal development/spirituality are all linked by the virtue of Transcendence, so I am happy with discovering that. I'm definitely zoning in on a domain. Thanks for the reply. I do think I'm onto something with the transcendent link between things but I will work on impact statement, for now, to make sure I don't procrastinate any longer. Again, thank you for the reply, it is greatly appreciated
  12. Hi there all, A fairly long post but any answers would be GREATLY appreciated! So I bought the LP course at the start of 2018 and was doing well up until the zone of genius contemplation questions. Basically, I've been stuck on figuring out my zone of genius for over a year and the frustration with this section has led to a lot of procrastination. I got up to the Z.O.G questions last year when I was in the 2nd year of University. I've been working hard at uni and I'm expecting to get a 1st at the end of the year as I'm almost finished with the course. I know working on university work isn't an excuse for the procrastination but I've felt really bad because I've been contemplating and re-doing the exercises on and off for over 6 months. I've even re-done all the videos and exercises up until that point, refining my strengths and values to feel like I wasn't wasting time. My problem is I just can't seem to put down an answer to the zone of genius question that feels truly authentic and really like it is MY zone of genius. I have a lot of answers, but none of them seems to really really resonate with me and make me say "It's definitely this". Sure, I have good strengths, but I can't seem to get that "oh yeah, obviously my zone of genius is THIS." Moment. I'm starting to wonder if it's an age/life experience thing. Leo also mentioned it took a lot of life experience for him to figure out his zone of genius, and I'm starting to wonder if it's just a question of me not having sampled enough experiences in life yet? I'm 21 and although the course has brought out a lot of good ideas and content, I feel like maybe I haven't had the right experiences to say "yes, this is my zone of genius." and have it feel super authentic and like it is THE answer. I'm starting to doubt if you can even nail these answers to one thing, as I see a lot of others on the forum struggling with the LP course. I've tried to answer these questions and think about them well, even using LSD microdosing and a light 80ug trip to get into the zone and contemplate the questions, which did prove somewhat useful. I'm in a bit of a rut because, in the course, Leo says "Take as long as you want, take half an hour if you have to" and I've been trying to get this section nailed for months. It's only because I really want to nail this section. Here's my latest draft: Unique Ability question: · My Humour + Playfulness * · Creative idea generation * · Love of learning * · Creative solutions · Seeing life from a different perspective · Diligence/Perseverance/Patience · Writing/Language skills · Creative solutions · Organization and research skills · Connecting the big picture concepts · Friendliness Due to my own frustration in trying to get this section done, I just decided to go ahead with the best thing that I could come up with at the time and follow through the questions as If this was the best answer. This did give me some sense of excitement, which is good progress, but I still feel that my humour is forced sometimes and I'm having some resistance to committing my zone of genius down to that skill, especially since my current domain is music technology and my entire life has generally followed a music path since I was 10 - and I thought my zone of genius would be inside that area. The "I'm the best" question Answer: Being Funny, Playful and Light-hearted, Making Myself and Others Laugh* · Being Funny, Playful and Light Hearted, Making Myself and Others Laugh · Exploring in Nature · Generating Musical Ideas and Writing Music · Generating creative ideas · In nature / Feeling connected to nature / Exploring in Nature · Exercising · Energized & Aware · Listening to / Feeling Inspired by Music · Learning / Growing · Explaining personal development The "exact thing" question Using my intuition and creativity to recontextualize a situation or reality, violating expectations of that situation or reality, causing a sudden shift in perspective that releases tension and makes myself and others feel light-hearted joyous and playful. (Reading back this makes me cringe, it's far too Abstract, not a specific skill, however, keep in mind I was just 'rolling with it' at this point to see what would come out) The "love most" question I love the feeling of transcendent freedom and playfulness and release from the seriousness of life, seeing it from a higher perspective, feeling like life is perfect and I am free. I love the release of tension from viewing life from this playful transcendent perspective and the afterglow of freedom, lightheartedness and wellbeing that I carry into mine and others lives. This did give me somewhat a sense of excitement in getting those sentences out and reading it back feels quite authentic. Working in the course I am happy to have linked up 3 main domains that appear in my life career-wise all have a link. Music, Humour, and Spirituality/Personal Growth which have been my 3 main domains to appear in my life are all linked by this virtue of Transcendence, which is probably what I've been after for a long time. This is a great insight, but I still don't quite believe that humour is my authentic zone of genius. I suppose anyone would think that humour is the right direction for the zone of genius. I'm just feeling resistance to say that my sense of humour is my zone of genius, its one of my top strengths but it doesn't feel like it's my TOP skill (even with all the indicators that it is) Is this just resistance? Or is my gut right, that there's something I'm even better at doing than just making people laugh etc. My frustration with getting a solid answer that I am really certain about has led me to doubt the course in some places and whether 'figuring out' an LP is even possible. Even my brother was saying how no one can figure themselves out like this, he thinks I was overthinking it all and sometimes I think that too. But I'm committed to completing this course thoroughly even if I've had it for over a year. I see the value in having a solid direction especially at a younger age like me but I just feel frustrated with not feeling 100% committed to the answers. What are your thoughts on this? Will it take time for me to be able to answer this question with more life experience? Do I stop doing the course until I have more life experience? Is this all bullshit I'm telling myself? Do I go with humour as a zone of genius? I feel embarrassed to have still not completed the course, but any ideas would be thoroughly appreciated. Is this a normal part of the process or am I doing it wrong? Thank you for reading the long post and helping a young guy figure himself out All the best, Rowan
  13. Happy Birthday for Yesterday, Leo! Thank you for everything.
  14. Do you not have a favorite Music Producer you admire? Jens Bogren? Max Martin? Andrew Schepps? Any film music producers?
  15. Ahh, the great summers of High School and University! Sounds like you're doing quite a lot to be fair. I would recommend working through the Life Purpose course if you haven't done that. It's perfect timing for you. I've been procrastinating on the course and getting stuck here and there because of my Uni work taking up a lot of time. However, won't be long till I'm finishing up my final year. I'll be using that time to complete the course. Use this summer and do the LP course if you haven't yet! Also, you could easily get a part-time job for a bit of extra money. Doesn't have to be too much, maybe a few days a week?