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  1. He has a lot of interesting perspectives on how to approach things that you have an interest in, but that are not big passions. I'm going to be as unbiased as possible giving my response here, because I am currently taking the life purpose course and it is really having a profound effect on me, giving me clarity about who I am and what I want out of life. I'm going to try and limit references to the life purpose course directly, because it is content that one would need to purchase. I think people glorify having a life purpose as much as people do with celebrities. He has a point. You don't need to glorify or stress about it, but trust in the process (if you do end up purchasing the course). You can pursue your main passion while discovering yourself in different activities. You have to tinker with different activities that "spark" something, like he says, and that is part of the life purpose discovery process. Then, when you're ready, you focus on one thing out of all those that you want to spend the most time on. Like I said, it doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor. Several things he mentions in the video are actually discussed in depth in the life purpose course. There is a lot more concepts in the course however. The alternative to not pursuing a life purpose directly is what exactly? You stumbling through life learning different skills? Sure, you should know where your potential lies, but eventually you have to choose one thing that you want to do in life. The reason why you shouldn't pursue more than one passion in life is because it's just not practical. Modern western society takes pride in people that are a jack-of-all-trades, but all that does is give you more stress in my opinion. You don't have balance in your life if you pursue more than one thing, and if you decide to construct a business out of it, that's a lot more added work and time shaved off. You will never run out of work if you pursue one passion! If you know yourself sooner than later, then that puts you in a better position to develop your craft for as long as your life-purpose demands. The life purpose course is designed to help you discover your values and life purpose. These things are not just for your career, but also for your entire life. Society is so career-driven that many think that passion is just a career thing, but actually it is not. The life-purpose course shows you that finding a purpose is much more than that. I am currently finding my top 10 values in the course, and it made me cry several times when I gained clarity about what my values are. It really is that powerful, but you have to be humble and accepting of the process and do it right for you to get the most out of it. I cannot stress that enough. Hope this has given you insight enough for you to make a decision. I didn't touch upon all the points, because if I did, then this post would be more like an essay, because there is so much to cover!
  2. This! You must create a life that is not just given up to chance. This is where life purpose comes in! Good point! I would consider Shiva's point. Honestly, there's a lot of good points here that you can consider. Don't stress too much about the life purpose discovery process. You must put forth some thinking and careful consideration for you to be conscious about what you want and who you are. You will get more mileage this way. Otherwise, you would be no different than the average joe stumbling through life. I think that you have a healthy mantra about life, but realize that there is a potential to be too loose and careless about it. You can construct a purpose surrounding that mantra. One of your values can be "flow" but use your intuition to feel that within yourself. Your life purpose can and will change later on in life and you need to be accepting of that, but at the very least gain some certainty about what you said really means and its implications in your own life. Hope this helps!
  3. @Leo Gura Can you have cake and eat it too with self-development? (Is it possible to get laid and develop yourself?) Or do both of them lie on a spectrum on either ends? When I look at RSDTyler and other material, I can kinda see how it can be proactive but there's this underlying blanket of ego-driven behavior that just seems self-sabotaging. This is why I say that there shouldn't be PUA or RSD, but just self-development across the board. In essence, do I really need to pursue RSD when self-development already points me to the right direction anyways? Sure I may give up getting laid constantly, but it's the long-term journey that is worth it. To me, RSD material seems like a series of one-night stands for frat boys before they realize their own juvenility. I think it all boils down to: Are you horny or not? Can the horniness wait? @LeoBacca I have done some cold approach and it did help me become more confident with women. Still keeping my life purpose and overall self-development in check! @kev014 My goals are to get better with women (update: although since I am now in a relationship, it's now more like understanding women: how to communicate with them, and how to be better intimately with them). In the long run, I like this second goal better. I actually started to read The Red Queen and already it's opening my mind into the nature of sexuality more than before! Sex in a relationship is so much better, from my direct experience! It helps that my gf is horny all the time! haha @Identity I'll give them a listen. Even though you haven't had success yourself, doesn't necessarily mean that what you provide isn't useful to some. @bejapuskas Good point! haha I love talking with girls, but I need to do it more.
  4. @LeoBacca I believed I only watched the first part. I'll definitely need to check out this one! I agree with what you said. That's what my view is leaning towards. I won't discredit the possibility that there is some value with PUA/RSD, but in the long-run, following life-purpose and true happiness can lead to more fulfillment. Still trying to verify that in my own life. Getting there, slowly but surely haha!
  5. Hello All, I want to say firstly that I have no knowledge of both PUA and RSD except from a few videos here and there, especially what Leo had to say about these topics. Should I really follow PUA and RSD? Why not just call it what it is: self-development/self-actualization? Sure there could be amazing teachers in these communities, but why not take lessons from Actualized.org and work on these areas on a fundamental level? It's all just self-help anyways, right? I feel that Actualized.org + independent research from taking action and reading from Leo's book list would be more than enough to put you on track towards where you want to be in terms of relationships and dating. Too much info, I feel, becomes unnecessary and maybe even damaging. I'm not concerned with surface level change, but deep, fundamental change that Leo is advocating for. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  6. Yeah I'm still a newbie to self-inquiry/enlightenment (all of self-development, really). I'm quite scared of enlightenment, to be honest. Still trying to develop an interest in truth. The way that I do self-inquiry is through journaling. I deeply reflect on my thoughts, emotions, and actions, and sometimes I focus on one specific issue I face (e.g. why do I feel jealousy when I talk to certain people, and where does that stem from?). Don't know if this is a good way to self-inquire. I think that it helps.
  7. What does being a "rigid person" mean on a deep level? If I set a meditation habit every day without skipping any days ever, would I still be "rigid?" Leo mentioned the 100% commitment rule on his content several times, meaning no wiggle room. So you're saying examples like this would be exceptions? It still wouldn't be a commitment though, right? I agree that being flexible is good in certain situations and it will cost me socially if I'm not. I am aware of that. However, we need to make these sacrifices for the higher self. It takes emotional labor, but also intuition. Maybe being flexible means creating healthier versions of traditional treats, but would that be giving ourselves wiggle room? It's counter-intuitive that self-development makes us rigid and vulnerable. Can that also be a source of strength? Maybe I am afraid of losing my goal (baby steps). That's a good comment, and something worth reflecting on. Dieting in western society comes with these social pressures, so I was surprised that no one touched upon this topic yet. I felt that a lot of other people are struggling with this, so I decided to post it, especially during the holidays. You're not alone, and what you said is the same point that I am at. I feel we can do better though.
  8. Hello all, I want to set the long-term commitment of never eating junk foods/drinks ever. I'm doing good so far by eliminating candy from my diet. One potential roadblock I can see is on special occasions (e.g. birthdays, weddings, etc.) where people will literally force you to eat cake. It's really faux pas to not eat cake at your birthday or your wedding, especially if the people you have over are family members expecting to see and eat cake on these occasions. I guess it's easier to not eat any cake during someone else's birthday or wedding because you're not on the spotlight. I guess you can say that it's harmless to eat cake on your birthdays and your wedding, but that wouldn't be true to the commitment, would it? Give someone an inch, they'll take a mile. How have any of you resolved the issue and could you please provide solutions to my dilemma? Thank you in advance!
  9. What is creativity? how to use/be more creative in your field? Since you have a background in the gaming industry, you can definitely speak about creativity, Leo. Can't wait for the video!
  10. Yeah like everyone said, the 1st business idea would be a nice springboard for your life purpose. Couldn't you find out ways where you can evolve your joint business into your life purpose? Like @aurum said, purpose evolves over time. Your business could start as the foundation from which you build your life purpose. Sounds exciting! I say go for it. Any other thoughts could be the resistance talking!
  11. Since I backslided with all of my previous habits, I had to start from the beginning. I really only wanted to implement one habit and stick with it (which is now meditation), but felt that exerting emotional labor was also something I should do alongside meditation (I know that emotional labor is basically our whole lives, but I mean it in the sense of pushing yourself in accomplishing more than you would in a day, week, etc.). More than three habits at a time is too much to start with, so I asked this question to see which one habit people implemented successfully before implementing the next (it was really between meditation and emotional labor, but if people started out with other habits aside from these, then that's ok) . Also, I wanted to hear people's experiences in doing this, if they backslided and how it happened, etc (I'm starting to learn that people's responses will be individualized and what could work for one at one stage may not work for another). Hope that provides enough context! I am happy to clarify further if you need!
  12. It seems as though meditation is definitely the one to start with for habits. Haha yeah I should've seen that. I wanted to hear from people's experiences. And watching inspiring videos definitely helps! I've been using my intuition as a tool to customize my habits, like my meditation habit. It's been going well. I totally understand you when you talk about the entrepreneur example.
  13. I've been changing the way I do my weekly scheduling, so I will need to set aside some time to meditate twice for 5 minutes daily. Makes sense, since I feel you're ought to resist more with one meditation session as opposed to two. When I get used to this for a week or so, I'll increase to 15 minutes to play around and see how much I resist. Maybe even splitting it as 10 minutes and then 5 minutes? I'll try 30 minutes on Sundays since I'm still experimenting with changing the time. 40 minutes intimidates me still. I remember meditating for an hour every day for more than a month before, but since I've fallen back, I need to work up to that point again. It seems so easy, but my ego's sneakiness makes things a bit difficult. When I want fight against my ego, I meditate (like a self-punishment when my ego wants to do a lot, but I know it's to better myself). When I want to endure emotional labor in anything I do, I meditate. These reasons motivate me.
  14. @Epiphany_Inspired Update: I'm tackling both emotional labor (as consistent as I can. In my opinion, this is hard to quantify, because there are levels) and meditation. It's interesting because for me, meditation and emotional labor complement each other. Meditation helps with tolerance of emotional labor (like you said, doing the things that "suit your higher-self/goals, and get you on the right path"). The more you do it, the clearer the vision becomes. The tricky part is staying with the habits you choose. Before, I tried meditation/visualization one after the other, but since I backslid the first time with both habits, I thought now just the meditation to start. The emotional labor habit I don't see as a habit. I use it whenever I need to, as much as I can, so it's on and off with that one.
  15. Update: I've meditated for about a month now, for about 5 minutes everyday. I skipped two days though, but now my desire to meditate consistently is coming back. I feel my intuition is keeping me on the right track. 2/3rds into the month of October, I had the desire to raise my meditation time to 10 minutes, but still found that it was too much, so now I'm doing 8 minutes every day. I want to get the most out of my meditation practice, so I use Sundays to meditate for 2 hours (I've done that today, but it backfired because I was experiencing pain sitting down after an hour and thirty minutes). I might just have to stick with the 8 minutes and rely on my intuition to let me know if I need to increase the time. The more time I add to my daily meditation, the more I feel like it's uncomfortable for me to stop what I'm doing during the day to meditate. I want to get to a point where I can jump into an hour of meditation every day no problem without feeling like it's invading my schedule. I do schedule different activities during the day, but have difficulty staying with it because I only see it as a guide. My ego is obsessed with productivity, and I know that to improve myself I need to meditate consistently. I can go on, but I'll stop here. @Rinne @Rinne