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  1. 19/5 I'm starting to feel alive again. Really optimistic about the future, I'm also considering having children. Porn is no longer an issue as i've realized how stupid it is to waste my sexual energy in such a futile way.
  2. 12/5 My plan is working. I'm starting to get motivated again. I'm really grateful and i'll keep doing it. It's really satisfying to transcend my hypermaterialistic paradigm which has only caused me problems. Introspection, meditation and music will be tools i'll use to achieve my congruence ideal. A life without inner contradictions. A life with clearly defined goals and a thoughtful plan to achieve them.
  3. 11/5 I've been underestimating the power of introspection. I'll make a commitment to do some serious introspection work as I think it's one of the best ways to create a congruent life. To keep my life from becoming a civil war. The greatest problems I face are internal as I've concluded after a long time of trial and error. Having a strong internal frame, with clear goals and expectations...That must be something worth seeking.
  4. 12/4 I'm growing, life is great right now, even without pussy. I'm healthy, free and competent. There is no reason to complain. That doesn't mean I'm not aware of my desires and limitations, I still won't waste time on women I can't get and I still won't care about anyone outside my inner circle. These are dark times for the average man but we'll make it to the other side. I don't think we'll ever go back to the old ways, the system has to collapse. Accelerating the collapse is the best thing we can do to see the next stage of humanity flowering.
  5. 7/4 I think porn addiction is one of my worst enemies right now. It's making my expectations too high regarding immediacy, variety and quality. Life is brutal and I have to learn to accept my humble fate. Quitting addictions is one of the most basic things one can do to improve his life after all. Standards for men are rising, relationships are dying, the new world order is coming. It's my duty to try my best regardless of how well i'll do there. If i finish my looksmaxxing and moneymaxxing goals i'll be ahead of the game, one just has to work harder this days, it's just how it is.
  6. I've done daygame with a gl and tall wing and he got 3 makeouts in 2 sessions. He wasn't confident at all and he had a lot of self esteem and emotional issues. It does work, but looks are the key for that to happen. As an average looking guy I got some numbers but it didn't work nearly as good as it did to my wing, and my game isn't worse than his Instead of begging on the streets I'd hit the gym and compete with the big guys at a nightclub, women know that's where the real competition is at.
  7. I personally think It's okay as one of the happiest persons I know is my uncle who is both single and childless. He was blessed with really good genetics so he didn't have any problems attracting the opposite sex, but he is still really humble and kind and I suppose remaining childless wasn't an act of immaturity (he isn't at stage orange at all). I don't want to make it the focus of the debate but I also wanted to add that having children is riskier than ever, specially for men, so the obviously prudent option would be to avoid it all together. What do you think about it?
  8. 3/4 just smoked a joint, i need a break. Dealing with resentment isn't easy, I'm trying to heal it with awareness but I think it isn't enough. It will be my main focus, as resentment will not only make my life worse but I'll also make other's life worse. Eventually I'll process the blackpill and I'll start dating again. Not in a machiavellian materialistic way, but as a way to get companionship and good quality sex without judgement. Even if I still believe attraction is phyisical, the mating dance is still one of the most important things in life, and It should be enjoyed even if one doesn't have the greatest initial conditions. I recognise the blackpill perspective is a really narrow, not saying it isn't true tho. One of my greatest focus should to heal my past trauma and to get again into game, even if that doesn't directly provide me with a relationship. I've also realized how potentially good a healthy relationship with a woman can be, the mgtow propaganda has hurt me too much, as they reduce sexual dynamics to a conspiracy. I'm glad I'm breaking free from all those cults.
  9. 2/4 I'm tired, so tired and resentful. I have to keep going tho, can't do anything at all except to meditate. My only hope to do anything meaningful is to make music. I love melancholic music so much, I want to become a hermit and become one with music, explore my emotions and make music my ritual. For that I need money, so again, time to work
  10. 1/4 This is one of the most difficult stages of my life. I'm studying a hard degree, quitting antidepressants and as I'm not at my ideal bf percentage i can't try my best at the daying market so I'm stuck with porn. This is letting me have some compassion with myself, I'm not doing as bad as I could. Knowledge will save me, It will prevent me from investing resources into dead ends such as girls out of my league or impossible career prospects. This is the hardest part, once I'm done with my degree I'll be able to enjoy a fuckfest at thailand or south america, Now It's time to work
  11. 31/3 I'm thinking about doing stupid things in order to get girls, I'm too much in my head. My best bet is to carry on with my plan, and so far It's going decently well. I have to stop depending on sex, I really need to detach myself from it, otherwise I'll waste my health with steroids and drugs just to see myself being chad, which isn't likely to happen anyways. I have to start getting some real experience with girls to get my game going. I'll only start approaching once i'm finished with my cut and that will require a lot of time. My goal will be to casually interact with a girl minimum in a casual way, trying to sexualize a little bit when encountered in the right context. If I do what I know I should be doing I'll have a decent looking girl in a decent amount of time, the suffering that this plan requires will be compensated by a good relationship. That relationship will require me to stay on the top of my life situation, so it's time for me to work. My hard limits are still there tho, no children, no financial investments and no marriage. I'll probably get a vasectomy within the next years to enjoy sex as It's meant to be enjoyed without worrying about the consequences. I'm extremely determined with my decision not to have children and I'm really glad my hypothetical children won't have to suffer a bit, while I'll have a better life. After all feminism has vanished any political or moral ambitions I could have had apart from spreading mgtow,redpilled and blackpilled advice to help other men to avoid paying for crimes they haven¡t committed. If it's okay for them to ruin society, I'll be more than happy to watch it fall.
  12. 29/3 Can't keep this level of neurotic obsession with sex. I'm an addict and I'll always be, but I have to start working to detach myself from sex because otherwise I won't be able to enjoy life. I'm narrowing down life to this specific area and I know it's one of the most important ones , but I'm doing what I can. If I keep this level of development I'll be able to get a good looking gf, but I have to become more independent from sex, to the point that I can live a happy life, independent from female validation. I'm going to save up to try out lsd too, that will also speed up my spiritual development. I'll keep my plan to looksmaxx tho, even if it doesn't get me that much pussy it'll let me get a lot of self confidence. "From my dreams, my hopes and from the light of the morning That I separated myself from so long ago So I followed his slow steps and quiet sighs To the place I loved most as a child Where I chased my dreams and waved to the passing trains The miracles of life And here, back on those same tracks I stand again, being so much less Now alone, holding nothing within, but this empire of loneliness" Swallow the Sun - empire of loneliness
  13. 28/3 Some intense negative emotions are arising but I know what to do. I'm not going to fall again. I'm still strong and convinced more aware of my place in the world. I'm becoming a man, I'm growing, and becoming stronger. More at peace with my eventual death, I know I only got I shot and I'm going to make the most I can out of it.
  14. 27/3 I'm going to do it, my hope is increasing a lot since knowing about a fellow manlet that slayed in eastern europe. It looks like pussy paradise to me tbh. I'm going to be relentless. Just train, eat, study, sleep and repeat. I want to get a better physique, a stable job and as a product of that a hot gf. I know i'm blinded by teenage hormones but I'm not ashamed of it, It's completely natural and I know there isn't anything better than sex with a hot girl in this earth. It's literally the biological meaning of life. Not gonna lie, I already know that I'm escaping from my demons, but as Leo said, in order for the ego to dissolve it has to become a healthy ego first. In order to let go of sex as my current god I have to experience myself an abundance of it. There is no other way. Simply knowing that It won't make me happy isn't enough. What if the only thing I'm lacking is sex. I have to try it out for myself, and I'm going to be absolutely relentless.