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  1. What is prayer as a spiritual practice, how to do it correctly.
  2. @Brivido The paradox of that is, that after getting this information the only reason someone wants to love his situation is because he wants it to change, and therefore he cant truly love it.
  3. @Nahm The abraham books and conversations with god
  4. @Shadowraix just trying to understand why it would work like that because it makes no sense to me
  5. What do you think of of the issue that by reading about all this stuff the psychedelics will just dig it out of your memory and bring it to the front. So how can you ever be sure that its an insight into the absolute and not just some random stuff that you then project the non-dual theory on? Isnt this the same thing that the materialist does, that he looks around the world and interprets and explains everything though his materialist model which in turn makes this model seem more and more true?
  6. I respect you a lot for that. You are here everyday clearing up questions from people who are not even customers.
  7. If God is infinite/formless, how can he have specific attributes like all-loving? When I think of Infinite formlessness I think of a scientific attributeless void. So when people say this formlessness is absolute Love I might as well say why isnt it absolute Hate? Who decides that? Is it a limit of language?
  8. Idont know if I buy that. A lot of people in spirituality and here on this forum come from a wounded place or battle depression and their own mind. Arent the "shallow" and joyful people living the more spiritual life in that sense?
  9. Could you tell us what your top 10 all time most important books are right now?
  10. I have the book list, but I would like to know which of the 200+ books are in the top 10 and why.
  11. CwG

    Just wanted to say great to see this book on the list. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago by accident, read a but into it online a bit and was actually amazed by how much it was in line with but was still hesistant to buy it because I knew Leo had to know about this book and never mentioned it anywhere. To anyone who is not deterred by the channeling and extra terrastrial stuff I can also recommend the Ra Material which is also very much in line with this book. I was and still am to a degree very skeptical of channeling, but even though most of the stuff is not in my direct experience Im still leaning more to the side that this stuff simply can not be made up, especially the Ra Material which has a very precise and unique use of language, while CwG uses a more common style of language.
  12. Where to get it if you want to eat healthy?
  13. You think so? The power of now would fit well into the emotional mastery section. Its a much higher consciousness book than the six pillars of self esteem for example. It also connects the dots between stoicism and spirituality.
  14. Its not the same thing that is meant when people say every moment existed for eternity. This effect is because of the physical limit of light speed and its well observed, its not metaphysics.
  15. 1. If the purpose of life is to become more consciouss and realize yourself as it is often said then: - Why did god delude himself into duality in the first place? Why didnt he just reside in godhead-nothingness forever. 2. Or, If the purpose of life is to for god to experience himself as a limited creatue, which you also hear a lot. - Why did god allow a mechanism to realize himself, why did he allow a majority of people on earth doing nothing else but trying to remember they are god (religion). Doesnt that contradict the purpose if god wants to know what its like to truly be a human and then these humans say fuck it and all they do is try to be god again.
  16. Ive thought about this a lot and its actually quite simple. The only real definition of insanity is if you are able to function in a society or not. If you are hearing voices, are in constant state of paranoia where you are a danger to others, people will put you in an insane asylum and call you insane. If you have weird beliefs but can still function in society (like flat earthers for example) people in the west will give you a pass and not seriously consider you insanse, just deluded. These people will be put in the same category as highly realized mystics simply because they cant gather a consensus for their views but are still otherwise contributing members to society.
  17. Is there any help for dating out there that is more spiritual in nature? I dont want anything that includes: - Rating women from 1 to 10 - alpha/beta males - "last minute resistance" and other toxic concepts - pretending you are a though guy with tons of options, high value - manipulative behaviour - pick-up lines / routines And basically anything else that sees women only as an object for sex and validation.
  18. Unrelated question, but when sadhguru or other mystics talk about "Karma" in the context of yoga they say the mean cyclical mind patterns which the unenlightened is a victim of. Yet here or most other people mean something like retribution or a just world. Does this have anything to do with each other or is it simply the same word for different things?
  19. I have persistent mental pattern that is responsible for my depression for years. Its about romantic love experiences which I never had. This pattern pops up multiple times per day. The main theme is that I only experienced romantic rejection in my life. From this on my mind projects a future how this is going to be the rest of my life now. Im hardcore into self development for about 2 years now and the irony is that this just enforces this pattern. "Youve been working on yourself for another year, and still no progress in that area". I know that on some level its just a story my mind spins around a neutral situations. But in another way its so real because thats just how it is. I made no progress in that area. Despite all efforts I have not had one good experience yet. Its just a fact. In a twisted way it even seems like the more I can handle through these insights and work I do on myself the worse the external experiences become so it cancels each other out and I stay at the same place. I know for sure that if I hadnt had the consciousness I have now the experiences of the past years would have driven me to near suicide instead into regular old depression. I tried to work with law of attraction and I was really happy for a while, I vizualized how I would have all these dates and my confidence was on top. The external didnt change one bit after months of that so it felt like delusion and I lost all hope in that. Nowadays I tend to think about it in another way. i know I have enormous creative talents and recently I got this idea in my head that god wants to use me as a vehicle to create certain arts in this world. And because of that romantic love or family life is not allowed to come into my experience as it would be too much of a distraction and defeat my life purpose. If Im being totally honest I even get the sense that after I finished my creative purpose in this world my life is done and I will vanish. I dont know if Im deluding myself.
  20. @Inliytened1 I had none, I just asked girls out in various ways and got rejected immediately, same as the years before.
  21. Some people may not have heard about this "nootropic" that is legally avaiable in most countries. Here I want to provide some general information, contrast with simmilar drugs, pros, cons and how I dose. Phenibut works on the GABA receptors in the brain which are responsible for your inhibition which makes it simmilar to alcohol and Benzodiazepines (Xanax). Phenibut docks onto the GABA-B receptor unlike Benzodiazepines who work mainly on the GABA-A. As far as I know Alcohol docks on both and has various other complicated side effects on the brain. In practice this means Phenibut makes you more social and less inhibited without making you tired like Xanax which makes it more simmilar to alocohol. But then again it doesnt make your wreckless or say things youll regret like on Alcohol, nobody would ever notice know you are "on" something. Pros: + Works for a long time (12+ hours) + Supposed to greatly reduce the possibility of bad trips in combination with psychedelics + Can be used as a tool to bring out your social side more in a natural way or for dating + Can be used as a tool to overcome depression + Calming effect on the mind + No hangover (I always wake up with a better mood than usual) + Good sleep + Physical damage is probably simmilar to Benzodiazepines, so pretty safe when not overdone. Subjectively it also feels light and safe on the body. Cons: - Takes a long time to take effect (3+ hours, dont redose too early) - Physical dependance, tolerance and really bad withdrawal is possible (like with all GABA drugs) - Can easily be used as a cruth as it is very easy to integrate into your day-to-day life. - Can be dangerous in combination with alcohol (You will usually feel no need to drink on Phenibut, but I tried it and in my experience 1 beer feels like 3) Dosing: I usually do it on 2 days of the week (the weekend) and I will start with 1G in the morning and 2x500mg doses later in the day which is considered a moderate dose. So far I have not developed tolerance or had any "down" during the week. More Info:
  22. @Serotoninluv You cant be serious telling a guy who is 30 that this is the same thing as a romantic relationship with a women.