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  1. Leo Contemplation
    I have a problem with contemplation
    @Pouya Sounds to me like you are on the right track but just second-guessing yourself.
    Just observe more rather than speculate.
    Sit down and observe what resistance is, how it works, when it arises, why it arises, when it passes, why it passes, what function is serves, what it feels like, etc.
    Those are all great questions.
    The purpose of contemplation is not deconstruction per se but to get to the truth of the matter, to see what is actually the case.
    What is actually the case about resistance? To answer that you must spend a lot of time observing it. The mistake is speculating about it based on your assumptions and theories. Stop doing that! Rather, observe it from scratch and make mental note of what you see.
    Study it like a rare tropical butterfly under a microscope which you are seeing for the first time in your life.

  2. Leo Pickup Advice
    I struggle with day game
    @Marinus That's great action-taking. 31 daytime approaches is a lot.
    There are many stages to a successful pickup that must be mastered: the open, body language, the smile, eye contact, keeping conversations going, flirtation, kino/touching, authenticity, sexual tension, hitting a hook point, screening for boyfriend, getting the close, leading and pulling for instant date, number closing, etc.
    It's quite hard to learn all those on your own. It helps to go with a wing-man who already has experience with this and can help you evaluate your interactions. Try to find some wings in your city.
    A successful daytime approach requires a lot more than just opening the girl and saying Hi. You must learn to make the conversation fun, flirty, and interesting. And you must learn how to close in order to get any results. All daytime approaches must end with you asking the girl for an insta-date coffee.
    Yes, you will be very awkward and mechanical at first. But you can quickly improve. Your goal should be to approach a girl in the same way you might approach and talk to your own girlfriend. It has to be very natural, like it's no big deal, like you've known her your own life. You must just assume this vibe and sense of friendship and familiarity right off the bat. It has to be super casual so the girl is not put on guard.
    A great way to practice conversation skills and body language is by chatting with store clerks at the mall. Go find some girl clerks. They are bored most the day and will be happy to talk with you. Try to flirt with them a bit without outright hitting on them. Try to get them to open up about themselves. Try to charm them a bit. Tease them. Wink and smile at them. Tell them some stories about yourself, etc.
    At this point your goal is not even to have sex but simply to become a more social, extroverted, talkative, charismatic person. You can even practice on guys and old ladies. Get good at small-talk and self-expression to strangers. Get good at building rapid social comfort, so people are comfortable around you. So they feel you as a fun friendly guy.
    I love day game. The biggest problem with it is that it's not easy to find a lot of hot girls during the day unless you live near certain great locations. Cities like LA, London, and NYC are amazing for daygame, but most cities aren't.
    The advantage of night is that you get a lot more girls to talk to. And there's possibilities for same night pulls.
    Oh, it's also VERY IMPORTANT that when you approach a girl during the day you stop her and face up to her squarely, face to face. Do not be approaching girls from the back or the side. If she is walking, you must stop her cold by getting her attention. You must face her directly. You must have her full attention before you deliver your opener. Do not be whispering your opener to her side or back as she is walking. Run around her and stop her without scaring her. And you must always open with a smile. If there is a look of fear on your face, she will freak out. Practice that smile like your life depends on it.

  3. MDMA 2
    MDMA? what can i say
    Possibly more for women, they should probably keep it at 2.0mg/kg at most but the term dangerous is really over exaggerated especially when working with tested pure MDMA in a safe, comfortable and educated set/setting.
    Most of deaths that have occurred were from irresponsible people mixing MDMA with other substances or pills causing chemical reactions, not being educated in interactions with food/medication, taking booster doses, dehydration or drinking too much water(especially in females) flushing out salt/electrolytes excess partying/over heating, mixing with alcohol, taking pills and not tested pure substances ect.. 
    Personally my most powerful and life changing experiences were around 2.5mg/kg as a male. Its safer to do one big dose then take an initial booster after and or keep re-dosing throughout the night like many people do. This is where it becomes more dangerous IMO.
    Coconut water is your best friend, for balanced yet abundant minerals/electrolytes drink about a cup or so every hour or two or small sips every so often. Too much pure water has a tendency to flush out sodium which is essential for electrical function/brain which when mixed with a rave scene can lead to shutting down/overloading and then things can become somewhat dangerous.
    Again females have to be more careful but at the end of the day Always stay educated and know what you are taking and doing and you should be fine.