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  1. Is 428F enough temperature? What is the melting point? There are different answers in the internet for that. Does anybody know for sure? I have such a standard vape... @zikzak thanks! Are you sure it works with bongs concerning the cooling water?
  2. All right! How do you hold the flame? Touching the stuff or at what distance? A torch lighter with blue flame?
  3. Is there a risk of condensation of the vapourized 5-MeO in the water of the bong?
  4. @nowimhere Thanks! I'll try this one too but I wanted to get the best vaping method first and then smoking... Thank you for your time.
  5. Tell me please what is the most efficient tool for vaping 5 MeO freebase for you? You could PM me.
  6. Why? Could you explain it in details please?
  7. Here (his first and second experience):
  8. @khalifa this is from Entheogenic Liberation by Martin Ball: "It is an indication that more energy needs to process through. Fighting against such events only serves to make them more difficult. Do not try to "manage" them, as they are not manageable. Just surrender. The more one surrenders, the more quickly and easily the event passes. It does not matter if the client understands what is happening or why – just let the energy run its course. It will ground out, eventually, and such events will, at some point, cease. It's also important not to become attached to such experiences, as they always reach a point of conclusion, eventually. Most commonly, they cease on their own after two weeks. If they persist longer than that, then the process can be sped along by seeking out another medicine session where the energy is allowed to process through more quickly and effectively. While it may seem counter intuitive, backing away from medicine experiences when such events occur often makes the process more difficult, as it is the ego that is attempting to "get things under control," which, ultimately, is a losing battle. The ego is NEVER in control – it just deludes itself into thinking it is."
  9. Maybe when in total absence of ego distortions the body becomes like this sand of symmetry forms of that amazing occurrence in the video. When the invisible becomes visible...
  10. Is this a fact or a madness? The most important feature about the God molecule is the body pose!?? "If you, the reader, were to take away only one piece of advice from this entire book, it would be this: Bilateral symmetry is the key. It is the most important feature of nondual energetic therapy with psychedelics, 5-MeO-DMT or otherwise. If you are not working with bilateral symmetry, then you are not doing the actual work. It is just that simple. Anything other than bilateral symmetry is ego. This is a universal and consistent truth – no matter how big, how powerful, or how meaningful you take your experience to be – if you’re not in symmetry, you’re doing something other than the real work of nondual activation, and you are guaranteed that your ego is involved and running the show." ~ Martin Ball
  11. Goodpeace is glad to meet Goodpeace!
  12. Had this any cathartic effect to you? Sort of symbolic purging?
  13. Has anyone experienced that!?? Martin Ball writes in his Entheogenic Liberation: "because the client is moving into a state of unconditional love, the most common reaction is for individuals to scoop up the vomit in their hands and smear it over themselves, or even roll around in it. It’s messy, but profoundly beautiful, in its own way. You can literally see someone find love and acceptance for something they previously held as disgusting, shameful, unworthy, sinful, etc., and embrace and accept it in a state of absolute love. Such events tend to be deeply and profoundly healing for people, and moves them into deep acceptance of themselves and the world in a way that nothing else can."
  14. @Serotoninluv what was the price of your extended daily 5-Meo use if I may ask? And thanks for your big reply, you shouldn't delete it...
  15. My question was provoked by this post of Leo. Some people have very strong ego resistance and there isn't a lot for integration so they CAN take more! And if you can take it 20-30 days every day and can handle it - is it safe then chemically for the brain and body, for the liver and kidneys, and so on. That was my question and what was his daily dose. But didn't get the answer...