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  1. I feel as if I have a "sixth sense" an internal sense a sense of my thoughts themselves. I know what information they contain without even hearing the internal voice speak them, or even feeling my internal touch writing them out. (I do not have an internal sense of sight, instead I touch my visionary thoughts) at first I thought that it was an extension of my internal sense of touch. but it is not, it is something else. it is as if I sense the information directly. if anything it is my original thought of youth. I can sense the whole idea in abstract, and tactily it moves about and forms a weight and texture and size - but those are the tactile side of my internal thought, the "sixth sense" is in addition to this. at its most direct explanation - it is knowing what it is exactly I am thinking of. not the after-knowledge of holding onto the thought - but the first-being of thought, that I feel the thoughts arise by my muse and this is sensed in this sixth sense. it is a split or full second upon thinking a thought before it gains the dimensions of the other senses - the dimensions of touch primarily, for me - and sometimes internal voice. but before those dimensions arise, I still sense the thought itself. and this sensing is unlike any of the other senses, instead it is a sense of just being aware of the thought. and I am unsure if it is even fair to call this sense awareness itself. as I understand it awareness is holding things at your attention, or at least attending them without any holding. in this way I can be aware of this sixth sense, or just let my awareness wan. but even if I am not aware of a sensation, lateron I can remember the sensation and only then am I aware of it - so I had to have sensed it to begin with. so it makes sense to me to say my sense of "thought" is not the same as my "sense of awareness" and is instead a separate thing. does this description ring familiar to you? do you feel as if you have a sense of your ideas, concepts, thoughts, and information, which only exists internal to your mind but not to any organ of your body, which reveals what it is you think? I believe even that it reveals the information held in the other senses too - but then it is responsive instead of the origin. when I see blue first I experience the sensation of the colors upon my eyes, and second I sense the realization that it is blue. and then only third to I mimic the blueness in some way in my mind - whether by claiming it with language or with my tactile internal "sight". so in this way the sense of thought is its own sense and is not the same as awareness. do you have it? are you unaware and would need to meditate upon it to discover if it is there or not? for me I have had it for as long as I remember, but only was able to acknowledge it and even give "name" to it recently. tho in this context by "name" I mean to create some kind of symbol in my head which helps point to the idea - a tactile experience. as I said, I do not have internal imagery and only have internal sound for the sole purpose of my internal voice - and at that it is monotone. I keep ending with distractions. so now I end with the main question this thread has the purpose of. do you have, internally, a sixth sense, which senses the information of thought, transfers the understanding of what it is that is contained by your various forms of thinking? are you aware of such a thing in you?
  2. I have often received harsh bullying and negativity in the past, and knowing how bad it can be I still am adamant - the only bully that has ever been in my life who had any impact on me is myself. it is my thoughts that harmed my self esteem. I did not know until I learned the hard way, that it my thoughts alone that determine the impact of someone else's words. this became especially apparent when I noticed how often I read into things as mean, when they were not meant meanly at all! and all those times I spent days hiding in my room trying to run away from my own anxiety. the only thing worth fearing is your own mind's thoughts.
  3. of course, not that I am so arogant to thing that human can only be this one thing. the point is, that fundamentally both scenarios are different from the scenario we are in. imagine an alternative reality where everything was the same except hitler was 100% successful and now the entire world was a derivative of his vision. that too would no longer be humanity as we know it. and it certainly would be more human that either of the scenarios. plus, we know for sure that the robots and the nazi world would both adamantly say they are humans, and we are just some fantasy a philosophist dreamed up for fun!
  4. well the real kicker tho is, we are not human. IMO neither of them are human tho. "human" is this weird thing that lives on this place they call earth and runs around trying to be successful when that really has nothing to do with being alive. in this way, a thousand babies dying on a planet versus machines that never grow but only mimic our culture. neither are human.
  5. we are an odd felows, us humans. that's for sure!
  6. ooh I especially loved this statement it is true really. recently I was worried over how my motivation lessened as I was more accepting of not achieving my tasks i had set them. I don't formally conclude that worry I guess... but it is very true, that it was not a lack of motivation I was notice, but a lack of compulsion and self-blame. there are better ways to find motivation than the spur
  7. sometimes when you want to turn right you gotta turn left a few times instead.
  8. but this is the easiest thing! all you have to do is persist for one more second easiest thing to do. rinse and repeat
  9. are you so sure that attachment to enlightenment does not include attachment to success and etc?
  10. "human" and "ignorant" is a self-fulfilling prophecy isn't that adorable! I love humans :3 I love being human lol!
  11. this Week has been awesome. today, I have already found various clarities, as well as satisfaction in being. generally I feel more comfortable in my skin and more focused and aware - though naturally I am still quite unconscious :3 it's a wonderful thing, being here in this world!
  12. personally I have recently discovered that it appears much more meaningful, accurate, and pro-social to consider the process an awakening, instead of an enlightenment. enlightenment in and of itself has direct implications of superiority IMO. Awakening directly leads into the understanding that it is potential that anyone can find, on the other hand. furthermore, I have never ever ever felt enlightened, tho in reality I suspect I first became "enlightened" in high school during my reading of Siddhartha and reflection thereof. but ever sence, it was a ongoing growth that truly was subconscious and in many ways dormant despite its ongoing changes. In this way, it is more accurate to, at least in reference to my growth, refer to it as an awakening instead of as enlightenment. the latter inherently implies sudden bursts! there are many times in which I can mark a noticeable, even a directly observable, shift in perspective, but none of these were sudden or in a burst - they were all a result of hard labor in the manner of contemplation over time. and end result to an ongoing process - not a sudden change at all! and lastly, I find recently that I Often notice both how common wisdom is found in cherished teachings throughout all of culture - but even people "enlightenment" would imply or assume are unenlightened (or unawakened) people, they show strong signs of having made some important growth thereof in various directions. I find that considering the process of an awakening more conducisively leads one to seeing these already found growth as possible, meaningful, and real, whereas enlightenment encourages one to think that they were less-then before, and others who have not found certain ideas are unenlightened. when the reality is that there are soo many perspectives to find growth in advancing, that All humans naturally stumble upon some of them throughout all phases of their life, in fact there are many common marks such as the time where a toddler ceases to see the world as "for them" and instead as "a community". In these ways, all humans have already awakened many of their potentials, but I doubt most people would consider many of these growths to be enlightenment or an enlightened experience! oh and sorry one more thing - one thing I have Always been aware of but unsure how to proliferate awareness thereof in others, was the very real possibility in learning important realizations during any discussion, even if discussing with a "fool" or a "troll". even with lies the truth can be found, even ignorance is capable of highlighting understanding. So I strongly endorse the use of the term awakening. any thoughts in opposition or in support of proliferating this terminology? I certainly will be using the word more often in my future, whereas I still hesitate to refer to myself as enlightened or having enlightened experiences. enlightenment just doesn't grok!
  13. there is no such thing as relativity! there are no second thing to be relative to! blow my mind that. hard to fully see it still. we constantly are born and then die and each moment of rebirth tricks us into thinking we are alive at all! creates the illusion of change and difference! what strange phenomenon existence is!
  14. I don't feel anything anymore.
  15. today a fellow at the supermarket helped me out finding a lower sugar morning snack. we had a lot of conversation and smiles! it was random and very boosted my day!