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  1. belief and self-image are both often a great hindrance on a person, but don't forget pragmatism and skill. it takes time to discover what is needed to accomplish a task, and while limited by beliefs, this also is limited by lack of experience. but be careful because that itself could potentially turn into a limiting belief
  2. I don't follow... existence itself is truth, in this way all that can be experienced is necessarily True. we may create delusions and in that way when we speak our opinionated truths, those aren't True. but as existence itself is True, those so-called truths are indeed founded on Truth. And if a person only recognizes Truth, to full extent, then to claim that their looking towards a part of reality and seeing no value would be to claim that they do not see Truth in full, as all which isn't True is just an illusion that sits upon Truth, or as outline to Truth. A person who can see Truth in full would look at those illusions and see exactly how they reveal the Truth, and unconditionally love what isn't Truth just as much as what is.
  3. (forewarning responding to title of thread only) I assume you're contemplating whether it is false growth to relocate. so what? if it's a crutch and that crutch helps your too-weak muscle to get some amount of exercise, then use the crutch. It's really in that way, a good thing. the danger is in using the crutch, but forgetting to exercise. forgetting to grow. Crutches and fake-growth are nothing more than viable scaffolding for empowering true growth.
  4. (forwarning this is a response to the topic of happiness, I did not read this thread in detail) I've always found that the famed pursuit of happiness to be a confusing interest! I never felt a need to pursue happiness - I found that it always would come to me eventually - in fact every day there are at least one small moments of happiness, even in the most depressed days I've had, the most lazy, the most anxious, the most difficult. Why pursue happiness - it is a neurosis lol! also I roll my eyes (joking-appreciative) when someone says that there is low-level pleasures and authentic happiness. They are one and the same! naturally, people see that in pursuit of experiencing awareness with an unbiased calm, this is difficult when in monkey-mode type pleasures, and much easier in meditation-mode type of being. But - I challenge that there really is any difference between those two pleasures, except for the mirage of our perception in such declarations! One thing I've learned since I first acknowledge my lack of pursuit towards happiness of course - is in noticing that while the pleasure will come to us, spending effort to learn to better make them last, and more consistently be able to summon them, is in a way a pursuit of happiness. So to respond to the title and hopefully tie these thoughts into relevancy for y'all here in this thread - boring is just one type of sensation, happiness another. "authentic" happiness is seeing these states as equally good - and being able to freely indulge in these experiences without "neurosis" etc. Is constant same-ness boring? no, constant same-ness is complete lack of perception. If you do not wish to pursue a sage's full life of meditation, then don't hesitate to embrace the ever-changing flux of experience.
  5. so between numerous role models I follow, including "our" Leo Gura and also (I recommending) Tai Lopez, there is often a message of - study. Reading, research. Certainly I'm intending to pick up a habit of this in the future, of digging into philosophy and psychology and history and physics, however that is not a now-concern... I have other focal imperatives for the nearer future. So I'm not pushing for that study habit just yet. But, I wonder, wouldn't the types of literature and discourse that Leo often criticizes as low-level consiousness, not be necessarily bad? I'm trying to go through my (so to speak:) "spiritual" work through a pragmatic approach of in-the-action mindfulness, rather than one of solemn meditation - I have been in my life spending "too much" time reflecting or daydreaming or gaming, and instead not-doing, so one of my main current priorities is to focus on being pragmatic whenever I have the capacity to be focused and with healthy pose of body (my body atrophy and subsequent weakness from my 3 years of depression), and when my body and/or my mind is not up to that task, I'm more often than not making sure to rest in some way, even to the point that I allow my mind to return into "sleep". this leaves no room for meditation or for direct study. So my idea is - I could be reading fantasy books, watching non-documentary movies. It really is OK. For two reasons - as I move forward in my mindfulness work, I cannot just suddenly be mindful all the time - so neurotically criticizing my consumption of so-called low-consciousness content is silly! just watch it/read it, no big deal. But Also, the thing that I'm very aware of - which Leo and most other role models too, either are unaware of or neglect to emphasize or even mention - is the reality that all experiences in life are just as meaningful in inspiration, worth, good, etc. - as anything else. Well, we sort of do talk about this - but the more precise nature I'm referring to is how: Even a child with no experience, we learn from; Even an addict with full-scale neurosis, we learn from; And even from the addictive medias - we learn from them too. So in this way - when working on mindfulness - consumption of "low consciousness media" has a twofold direct usefulness in our pursuit of transcending our low level of awareness - The first being that it is a good way to practice being mindful of our addictive nature - just because we have these addiction sensations and drive doesn't mean we must avoid that activity, altho being mindful of the self is possible in such moments certainly hard - in that it gives us practice of allowing our awareness to falter and yet still return; and when we can keep ongoing consciousness more powerfully, we can increase that strength. The second being - that with mindful attention to the movie etc for the focus of finding inspiration, with enough practice (and I have a whole life's worth for this specific skill) we will actually discover that literally all things inspire our growth of ideas. Of course, in that, I bank on the strategy that being the monkeys we are is in fact the authentic "self" that we are - tho we can transcend that self with increased awareness, despite the infinity and the nothingness and the nonduality that existences is, in contrast to that absolute existence our "local" existence remains to factually be one of sensation and duality. We may be struck by delusion, but to deny that delusion blindly would in fact be denying the nonduality itself! disclaimer - this has been a discussion of thought from my current perspective. I do not claim any of it to be true or useful for you, and certainly none of it is True being. but these ideas are true and useful for me any thoughts, responses, reflections, piggybacking, all encouraged thanks for reading.
  6. you can see my second bowl in the back hey question - how much volume of a pot do you use? anyone have a guess to leo's vid's pot volume? I used a crock pot of about 4 pints, and idk. I thought the 3/4 cup oil I used is too much - well, it does give enough calories that's for sure, but the flavor isn't to my liking.. Any suggestions on what I could replace it with? one thought I had was cream but... I think I would prefer another option if anyone has suggestions. also a note - since the crock pot doesn't reach the full boil and simmers at a cooler temperature, I ended up cooking it for 4 hours - and the carrots are still IMO could be better cooked.
  7. @Jonson dude those pics... you look great. here let me tell you something. my voice sounds super funny.. often people think I'm european, and every time people have small talk with me, it is almost always "where you from" "phily" "wait what? no you're not don't lie to me, you're european" and that pissed me off so much. well, it used to. but now I really don't care. I still get uncomfortable when people ask about my origin.. but.. I do my best to let my responding anxieties be, and to move forward in our social interaction regardless of that. I try to make it into humor or something, be all like yea I sound eurapean don't I but honest I'm not. I really dunno where it comes from! in general, humans are a very diverse group. but all of that diversity - it doesn't shake the fact that we are one community, with an innate sense of belonging just do to the fact that we share existence on this world. And need I mention that we're all human? Do let the belief that some arbitrary detail about your diversity is a reason to doubt your abilities. Any obstacle can be surpassed or overcome.
  8. your looks won't necessarily hinder your acting career. looks are not the only thing which matters. Certainly the most successful actors are iconic in multiple aspects of what is relevant, and looks are at least partially meaningful in that regards... but I don't find that looks really matter so much to outright prevent success in that way.. one thing to remember is that building an actor career takes time to accomplish. and during that time you will come across many opportunities to advance your skillset in many ways... and one of those skills is a good quality wadrobe, and resourcesfulness of supporting professionals, which could give you regardless of your body great looks to accentuate your personality. in this way, even the ugliest person in the world could become a successful actor - as by that time, their inherent ugliness would not only be molded by nutrution, exercise, and -if desired- plastic surgery, not that that last one is necessary, be also accentuated by the clothes and makeup and accessories they wear/use, to bring out the inner beauty in all humans in an aesthetically unique and eye-capturing way. Ugliness is nothing more than negligence and lack of inspiration. Regarding the discussion of self-acceptance v self-modification - both are great tools to building growth and success in any endeaver. neither is to be shamed, as either has potential to matter. There is a trap in either too - in self-acceptance one could become unmotivated and lock into their current state without any growth - and in self-modification, one might become obsessed with surface-level changes that do not truly prove growth and health.
  9. maybe it is silly to say that the car won't kill us if it bowls us over. but then - this is the believed system we are trapped in seeing right now in our moment of life. and very likely any individual human will believe this with so much certainty that it is true until they die - and that is when you ask, but what is death? Eventually in the infinity of existence, the car and the self with both come to be nothing at all. the faith in them will be broken. and at that point when they are no more - can the car strike the human to kill them anymore? then, it cannot. the belief is no more. this is the nature of infinity, and the ultimate nature of our existence. When we shatter all of our beliefs we will become one with the universe. but in our short life, can we honestly expect to ever fully experience that?
  10. just a guy moralizing a video about not moralizing.
  11. it's kinda the opposite 'cause self actualization is about the removal of the "Self" as an imperative. but yeah it is in a way selfish because... you gotta notice the ego first, in order to be able to transcend past that paradigm. idk
  12. cookin with leo. polite and friendly, and a hint of mysticism.
  13. he's of masturbating in the woods. good time of year to do that, spring! probably naked in a bed of wildflowers next to a handsome boulder under a cute "skylight" break in the canopy with the bright blue sky.
  14. like I've made a lot of progress with my overall togetherness, wellbeing. but, I'm just so lazy.. I don't set ambitious goals, and I don't do the goals I do set, easy goals I know I can do but I just... I don't. I've never really been motivated so that's not exactly new but.. I also just, I don't care anymore. I really don't. and I know that isn't good. I could use some suggestions.
  15. eh, it's all just perspective.