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  1. @JJJcaine -I'm not a business expert or anything but your idea sounds cool to me. Just don't expect to make money right off the bat. That kind of application is an investment in the long-term not in the short-term. It will take time before you make real money. Be sure to assess your risks before implementing your idea, I mean it could just fail completely if not done right. - I believe Spirituality matters in Dating. I believe it matters VERY VERY VERY much. It might even be a core criteria for dating someone for some people. - Atma Namaste! Om Namah Shivaya Om!
  2. @axiom "You could try being Leo's friend whether he likes it or not." I can only be Leo's friend if Leo wants to be my friend. Friendship requires consent from both parties. "... camping on front lawn... painting a banner... look longingly up at his bedroom window..." All those things would probably annoy Leo. Leo won't be my friend if I significantly annoy him.
  3. @Leo Gura My intuition says my first step to figuring out what is true for myself is to start meditating regularly again. I shall do that. @Leo Gura, Thank you for giving me advice.
  4. @RMQualtrough Who? What who is trying to say?
  5. @Harikrishnan Nah. Leo is not imaginary. Leo exists. He is a source of insights related to spirituality, life purpose, psychology, practical living, personal development, philosophy, epistemology, and more. Whether or not Leo becomes my friend, depends on time. Only time will tell. I am grateful to Leo, some of his videos helped me through a rough time in my life. I'm expressing my gratitude by asking him to be my friend politely in a public setting.
  6. @Leo Gura I see. Frank Yang said we are after freedom. Leo Gura said The aim is not freedom, it's consciousness. My intuition tells me Leo Gura is a better source than Frank Yang. So the aim is consciousness. @axiom, I am agreeing with Leo in that the aim is not freedom, it's consciousness. @Leo Gura, I am so delighted that I finally got a reply from you. May I use this opportunity to ask you to be my friend? Leo Gura, the Supreme Great Creator and Overseer of, it is with great respect that I say: Would you please be my friend?
  7. @SeaMonster I'm just a student here to learn. That's why I made a public post so that I can be corrected.
  8. I am sharing my opinion on Frank Yang based on the single video: You Are (Not) God (Re: Actualized.Org/Conner Murphy) by Frank Yang . Here's the YouTube link: ( Disclaimer, I wasn't able to watch all his content. I am just making this post as a precautionary measure. I am pointing out the stuff I was disturbed by when I was watching him talk. I also cannot comment on his more "out there" statements meaning statements which are excessively "deep" but not really deep. The reason being that in those cases I cannot understand where he is coming from. Actually there is only one part I was deeply disturbed by. I talk about it below. 1) 1:18 onwards: "In the more advanced stages of that [awakening], it's the death of the soul. Freedom is what we are after, not altered states of consciousness." - I find this disturbing because he makes it sound like being advanced is about destroying your soul. I disagree with this because I see the soul as the authentic self that Leo describes in his video: Understanding The Authentic Self. Awakening for me is about aligning yourself with your soul or authentic self. -I am also disturbed that Frank says we are after freedom. Not everyone is after the feeling of freedom. Also it's usually lower consciousness people that strive for excessive amounts of freedom. That's all. I don't claim to be a spiritual guru or a consciousness expert. I am posting just because I was deeply disturbed by statement 1). Statement 1) sounds selfish as F*ck.
  9. @patricknotstar @Leo Gura I agree.
  10. @John Iverson In that context the jealousy of the guy and his instinct to defend his mate looked justified. I think it's normal to feel jealous and feel like the guy is a threat.
  11. @NightHawkBuzz How can I think correctly when I am encountering strangers and people I don't know? I'll share with you my opinion but take this with a grain of salt. I am not a formally trained sociologist or anything. I think it is in your best interest to not over analyze situations but instead be more street smart. What I mean by street smart in this context is pay attention to the general vibe people give off to you, especially energetically (Are you psychically aware?). If they give of a general vibe of hostility and shadiness, interact with them less. If they give a general vibe of friendliness and "I've got my shit together", then interact with them more. If you do this in a party you will eventually feel safe because you will feel connected to good people and together you can all collectively protect each other from hostile and shady people.
  12. @Someone here Depends on which definition of soulmate you are talking about. My intuition tells me that soulmate by the definition you used in your post, does exist.