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  1. At least you're not asking people for donations...
  2. Ok, the way you think is not the same as the way other people think. Even if you were enlightened, i would put this guy way above you. If you think you have the ability to sniff out who is enlightened and who isn't , then think again. You even displayed you disapproval of Sadhguru. That was a big mistake on your part. In many ways Sadhguru's perception outclasses even Leo's. And also, being enlightened doesn't give you authority to say who is enlightened and who isn't. Enlightenment gives you a certain perspective of life, but at the end of the day, you still have a pattern of thinking that is residual from the person you were before. It takes a lot of effort to drop that. The term we use for that is called chakreshwara. The way you are going, you will never get there in this life.
  3. Oh great, i found another one who thinks he's enlightened. Go and make a video about it then? You won't. Others will make comments about you saying that you aren't enlightened. And the cycle continues...
  4. If it's not for you, you don't need to watch. No one is forcing you. "So yeah summed it up pretty well there lmao.". The only thing that is summed up is the fact that you have your own ideas of what enlightenment is, though you yourself are definitely not enlightened lmao.
  5. Disclaimer: You might be mistaken when you read the title, so just to be clear, this is NOT me, but someone else's enlightenment story.
  6. Your intuition sucks dude. Forget about him, i'm questioning your own claim that you are somehow spiritually 'evolved'. I knew you wouldn't reply humbly. " And I don't need to watch anything by him - I already know." No humility, no active involvement to at least try and see the other point of view. Yeah, you are definitely not enlightened, nor are you a conveyer of truth in any way.
  7. I want to preface this by saying that i'm currently one of your patrons on Patreon, I've been so for quite a while. Just mentioning that so you don't hate me, lol. Now that i have your attention. Bare with me for a little bit. I'm going to try to be as concise as possible with my words. I'm going to use examples to explain it easier. You can drive a car around as much as you want, but unless you have done your homework, you won't be able to fix it if it has a flat tire. The same thing applies to enlightenment. Experientially you can be enlightened, but it take a lot of work to have mastery over the human system. You can do much more for others if you have more control over it. That's the difference between knowing, and understanding. Those are 2 different things. Someone who has a complete mastery over the human system is called a chakreshwara. These aren't just terms that don't mean anything. Ok, you may not find it worthwhile to invest in that direction where you can leave your body at will (mahasamadhi) or access your past life memories, or consecrate spaces with your energy. But since you have a little more access to life than most of us, i would suggest that you invest in this direction. Just like how you make videos about the effects of certain psychedelics after experimenting with them, why don't you make videos about mystical dimensions? You've heard this term 'consecration' thrown around a bit, but have you ever tried to see what these people are attempting to do? Many times ignorant people will look at Sadhguru and hear what he says and think it's all nonsense, so if you take such people into a temple or a place of meditation, it won't mean anything. Someone like you who is more sensitive to life around you would easily be able to clearly go into consecrated spaces and see what kind of spiritual work has been done in that space just by being there. Even someone like you can disregard Sadhguru after hearing him, but it wont' mean anything because it's just words, even Sadhguru says words are just the introduction. You need to go and see the real thing. If you actually entered these spaces like dhyanalinga temple or bhairavi temple, you would begin to grasp and explain to others of the importance of those kinds of spaces for meditators, and the sophistication of the energy work it took to make those places energetically alive. Till date i don't think i've seen a single video of an enlightened being entering these spaces and describing what they experienced there publicly. How do i know that you would bring important insights on these kinds of things? Because i've seen your videos and the level of clarity you have and the wisdom you show is definitely not coming from textbook knowledge. What you're experiencing can only be described as something beyond the 5 senses. However, i need to say that in certain aspects, i feel that you do fall a bit short. Not saying you are lying, but because you haven't had enough exposure to it to understand it. For instance, when people in this forum bring up Vijji's (sadhguru's wife) mahasamadhi, even you are skeptical about it. Not that being skeptical is wrong, but when people brought it up to you whether it was possible, you didn't have an explanation that you can give them about the topic of mahasamadhi because you've neither attempted it, nor have you tried moving in that direction. You've only heard the term before, it's not currently in your realm to explain it from experience. There are a few other things like this like one yogi living 2 separate lives with 2 bodies, or in other words two bodies carrying the same warehouse of karma. I've also seen other people go into detail about how they entered this life and their experiences from past lives. You talked in a video about how you wanted to do more research on various topics so you can explain it to your audience. I feel that you're mostly talking about things that others have talked about. I know this because i watch videos from many spiritual teachers . I know you said that if i like Sadhguru then i should just listen to him, but it's not like that. I know that enlightened beings come in different hues, but what irks me is seeing sometimes they step on each others toes because sometimes one has experienced something that the other one hasn't . I know you are capable of much more, I'm certain of it. I'll end off with something i read from Sadhguru that describes this perfectly: MUCH LOVE. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TAUGH ME LEO
  8. This is literally what you said ----> "He's nothing more than an entertainer" The point you said about most enlightened beings not getting involved into public discourse is not new. It's already a known and established fact in the spiritual community. You weren't the first to say something like that. But you thinking that somehow those who don't get involved with the public are 'real' and that those who do aren't 'real' is concerning. This is a childish way of looking that things. What you're doing is a generalization. Before you make such comments i suggest you do the research. But since i already did the work I'll just educate you a little bit. At least when it comes to Sadhguru. (Watch from 1:36 - 1:44, 2:09:19 - 2:14:37. I'm not letting you make a snarky comment and then leave. You better hear Sadhguru's comments directly addressing what you said. It took me a forever to find these timestamps. This directly address your comments. The amount of effort it took Sadhguru to maintain his body, and prevent it from collapsing, and the reason why he moved in the direction that he did)
  9. You're acting like you're enlightened lol. "But i am enlightened can't you tell"
  10. Yes, you guys are misunderstanding. There are 4 ways to liberation: Karma Yoga: The Path of Action. Bhakti Yoga: The Path of Devotion. Gyana Yoga: The Path of Wisdom Raja Yoga: The Path of mediation. Now, theres a difference between talking about love and devotion, and actually expressing that love and devotion. Sadhguru is capable of being a dispassionate ascetic, and also a devotee. He has shown both. When he speaks about dispassion he dissuades some from the path of devotion because for certain people they are incapable of it. For others he encourages devotion. Have you heard of Bhairavi devi? She is a goddess consecrated by Sadhguru for devotees. I'll list here a video of Sadhguru pouring his devotion for those who lean towards that. See here: