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  1. @Nazar Thinking not; about oneness, thinking not; about separation. That, is reality.
  2. Readers! Phenomenon, both physical and subtle, don't speak. Phenomenon, both physical and subtle, never approve or disapprove anything. Phenomenon, both physical and subtle, never claimed to be you, or anyone. Phenomenon, both physical and subtle, are composites. Phenomenon, both physical and subtle, are temporary in nature. Phenomenon, both physical and subtle, arise according conditions. Phenomenon, both physical and subtle, cease to exist according to their nature. All, within and without, are phenomenon, although some phenomenon persist longer then others, all must cease to exist. Both the proof and proven, as those proving alike, all must cease to exist. All things, without exception, are equally empty in their nature.
  3. Bodhidharma - Although it is a nice post you posted. However if I would ask: What is a cup? Would you then say: The cup is easy, so effortless? What is truth, Callum?
  4. @Guivs Thanks for sharing this video. A good add to the post indeed, very binding.
  5. @brovakhiin I am afraid you misinterpreted my post.
  6. @Prabhaker I explained this in my book as sunlight and a tree. Even though the tree ends, the light goes on transforming.
  7. @100rockets I think that that indeed can be very valid for your investigation indeed! Maybe it leads to, many different you's, and eventually getting into the more subtle versions of you. But all of these are phenomenon, that can't hold, so the law, the knowledge about coming and going, and how they relate, that truly is important. But yes, go ahead, try rather you actually can experience someone else, or that this is still you. And why this must be so.
  8. @100rockets Well, my real question is, how can you be sure about that? How do you know, and what can you know about it?
  9. @100rockets How do you know that? What if there is just one ME, and multiple illusions, that is still one illusion?
  10. Keep it plain. That is then what this woman, Byron Katie said. And that what you think, is what you think, and be clear about it, not doubtful. Leave it at that.
  11. You are the result of your thinking, heir of your thinking, the accumulation of your thinking. Means, if you believe you are your body, then this is a result of your previous thinking. While you are thinking now, which also leads to its result. In this case, death is just the end of that belief. However, no phenomenon, both inside or outside, is containing a self, its empty in nature. Therefor, all things are soulless. There is no "you" that then has this soul if all things are temporary. If you really want to grasp this, you will have to really investigate how both inside and outside phenomenon are equally empty, which is due to that, not you, of you, me, them, ours, because it can't hold.
  12. I wanted to give an explanation, but since you've said this, I'll keep it short: Try your best not to focus on moments you think you've lost, or lose focus.
  13. Just by how much you made peace with not knowing, not progressing, you've progressed and know it to be so.
  14. Enlightenment. Many people fail to see how to get there. Most often they cannot even see the natural world "outside" of them as being law based. Species adapt according to the changing conditions. Those favored by nature, are selected due to natural selection, the strongest may reproduce. Sexual selection, is the drive force of adaptation. Now, understand, that this is law based. This is however the evolution theory, only without the becoming "more complex" over time. Understand, that these laws, these natural laws, work also for inside of us. Mind changes the fastest of all phenomenon. Sense of self is sustained due to sense gratification in the given moment. Attachment to ones desires, is the drive force of sense of self, leading to personhood, sustaining lawlessness as a result. If you look at the first and second group, then actually you see just, adaptation, that unfolds due to attachment. Understand that therefor, due to that adaptation is, chance is not. Chance thinking is therefor a result of previous actions, and the action one still is in, which is sustaining and strengthening this belief, that again lead to its results over time. Understand that both inside and outside, is empty in nature equally. All things are therefor temporary in nature. If this is the case, then see clearly that if not a single phenomenon is asking for any of your approval, is not asking for any explanation, is temporary in nature, is empty in nature... Then what is the basis of you, that supposed to have this free will? You might now clearly see, that everything you are, is a result, at the same time being in action, and being accumulating. Therefor the path to enlightenment due to that all phenomenon are temporary in nature and therefor empty in their nature, and are therefor a composite, is as clear as the scientific method is concerning the "outer world" and its laws. To become enlightened, is as clear as becoming an additional scientist. However, not all become a scientist. And even less become enlightened. Imagine people become scientists just because they randomly study. Its ridiculous really. The same can be said about becoming enlightened. Go educate yourself about Darwin, cut out the "becoming more complex, or chance being the governor" and start to understand that both inside and outside, this whole discern does not exist, because all phenomenon, both inside us and outside us, are equally empty and therefor law based (everything leads to its according results based on the circumstances it arose from, and ceases to exist due to its impermanent nature). Its therefor wrong to conclude: Scientists are scientists because they have had an academic study. Science means "knowledge". However, there is also direct knowledge, which is pure science. This is however the study of both the inside and outside phenomenon, and the relationship between one another in sense of discerning. A science student, uses books, observation material etc... Understand that a noble Student of the pure sciences (that I see as way to enlightenment), uses his own mind as the observation material, and the laws of nature (concerning the changing conditions both inside and outside) as the book to learn from, ignorance is therefor seen as: Sustaining of lawlessness. Or better said, ones thinking to have a choice. Its already difficult to become an additional scientist. Let along someone who understands both the inner and outer by the same laws an additional scientist works with concerning observable material. The difference is, an additional scientist is due to an academic study not free of craving, but must be able to explain the "outer" world. To succeed as the noble student of the pure sciences (becoming enlightened), one must get rid of craving. And must therefor study sufficiently, seeing inner and outer world equally empty due to its nature, and apply this by living up to this, in order to clear "choice thinking," the sustaining of lawlessness, the gambling game. Or can be said as followed: Adaptation (both inner and outer), is one with suffering. There is only suffering. Therefor, living in accordance, canceling out choice thinking, ignorance, sustaining of lawlessness, then one is one with suffering... Then, if one is one with suffering, no longer attached to comparing, how then suffering?
  15. Of course I still need to see your research papers where such conclusions logically came about and are based upon, backed up with hard evidence. Where are the results of your research? Comparing an Enlightened one with psychopathic people is very bold and unwholesome indeed, if not having a strong case with decent arguments and decent proof to back up your claims, and having a decent understanding concerning Enlightened beings and psychopathic people.