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  1. @Max_V Yes you are. Study Your nature and That of which is empty In nature. The more you develop love for things That are empty (physical and mental objects) the more corrupt one becomes towards That which is not empty in nature. (You)?. The more you develop a bad taste for That which is empty- the more knowledge you gain about you, and will become more compassionate and loving towards All That is not temporary (thus not empty) in nature. In contrary to empty objects You are permanent, fully conscious in nature. Know Max what you are not, and That You ARE. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Max
  2. @Spacious "I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am" Hmm. I AM, Therefore I think and doubt. If I were not, I would not think and doubt. May you see thinking in no thinking and see in no thinking, thinking. Doubt in certainty and in certainty, doubt. With or without thinking, you are, my friend. With or without doubt and certainty, you are, Spacious. Thus may You always not be attached to the reactions of activities, or concider yourself as cause of such results and all will be alright! Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Spacious.
  3. How To Make Decisions Without Thoughts? You are the one deciding already without a thought. Its only a clouded day to you, thats all. See decision in making no desision and see in no decision making a decision. See? Ahayah Ashar Ahayah, Chant and be free!
  4. @How to be wise In the Bhaghavad Gita this developing of desire of attaining the supreme is called bhakti yoga. You must place The Living One above yourself first, do devotional service and engage all senses including the mind in this service. Dropping all That poluted the mind such as alcohol, drugs, caffaine, ilicit sexual activities-, and do chant His name, offering food and water according to scripture before consuming it yourself, talking about the supreme, Reading and listeing about Him is all part of devotional service in the form of bhakti yoga That will let you develop pure desire in attaing Him, your true self. Swami prabhupada has written down about this alot in the science of self-realization. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah. Chant and be free!
  5. @Ilya Know what you are not, and know that You are. What more do you need to know and can you know more? What are you not? All That is temporary in nature. Physical objects (such as body), mind and intellect (mental shapes) are temporary thus empty, depending upon circumstances and Cannot desire. Therefore is not You, of you, or of them. It Cannot desire thus differs from your nature. Know that You are. You can desire and thus experience suffering. Therefore, Your nature is indestructable because it is fully aware That needs no and has no cause. According to the Bhagavad Gita there was no time you and I were not. The soul just goes from one to another body like You move through childhood and adulthood remaining the same Awareness. I adviced you previously to start Reading about the science of self-realization, please do so. Swami prabhupada has written much about it. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Ilia. Chant and be free!
  6. Fearful Death is the personified form of Awareness for all atheïsts who fail to listen to their heart. Who refuse to see That all comes from the Living ONE we call Awareness That has no cause. To all who replace the living ONE That is situated in all hearts as ONE for emptiness, nothing or void as the supreme Lord of All, being the greatest and the one being first- will encounter Awareness personified as death. All atheists believe they came from material substance, chaos or lawlesness. That all is but an accident. While believing this they themselves become corrupt which is proof why they are wrong. Thus enevitably because their true cause is Awareness and not void, emptiness, accident or nothing-, such false believes are replied by the living ONE as encountering Him in the personified form we call death. And will face another enbodiment according to their state of being they are in when the body becomes useless. The holy Bible, the bhagavad Gita and Many other scripture are very clear about such subjects. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah, chant and be free!
  7. @Joseph Maynor There is no one with a "higher Awareness", dear Joseph. Awareness is the father of all living entities. What Many however fail to see because of their poor unstable intellect is That Awareness is The only living ONE. You my friend do not have "another Awareness" then any other entity. Awareness is the all pervading sun That shines through and controles all living entities. By Him you forget, remember and get knowledge. So, You and any other is at its root already enlightened which is the primal core. We Therefore speak only of cloudedness That has the root Lust, or can be called: impure desires. And we speak of those who are free from bondage and are thus cloudless. Both are however sharing the same Awareness. Depending upon ones state one sees the living one in all and all within the self, or one sees different awarenesses. Far less understand Awareness to be personified. Awareness is an universal form or impersonal form of the Personified Living ONE. In other words the father, Awareness or God, is a person. Only those in devotional service will be able to understand Awareness personified. Which can be attained by pointing all senses including the mind at the Living ONE performing service according religious principles (yoga). Over time all cloudedness will be gone by the grace of the Living ONE. Thus, Awareness can be defined by Many names such as: God, Living ONE, one with Many Eyes, the controller of all, the ONE without cause, all attractive one, one who knows no equal or greater, the one dweilling in all without attachments, the personified One, etc. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Joseph. Chant and be free!
  8. @Socrates Reality has no substance my friend. It is the Only Living substance by what is apart from it is nothing at all. Reality is the most subtle of subtle which is the source, sustainer and cause of all causes. Reality is the alpha and the omega the truth and the light. Reality is The Living ONE situated in all hearts as ONE. Reality is but an impersonal name for You, or You That is personified- seen in a universal form which is the ONE controller over all living entities. Reality = Living ONE. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Socrates. Chant and be free!
  9. @John Iverson It is not about who you are, dear John. asking who is conscious while you are who you are is Therefore but a poor way of contemplating. It is about what You are not and knowing that You are. Contemplation about WHAT You are not leads to knowing That You are and what You are not, dear heart. Studying the natures of both You and That which changes over time is a rich way of contemplating. Asking who is doing the thinking is a poor way of contemplation. What is doing something and what remains as it is, contemplating deeply about this is a rich way of contemplating oh John. Who am I and who am I not is a poor way of contemplating. Am I born from body or am I staying in a body? Is a rich way of contemplating. Who am I, or why am I? Who am I, or what am I? Contemplation about who asks is but a poor way of contemplating. Why asking and what to- and what not to ask is a rich way of contemplating dear John who posted Many good Posts on the forum. Who is to accept, or what is there not-and must be accepted? See the difference? Ahayah Ashar Ahayah John Iverson. Chant and be free!
  10. Turn it around, "awareness and brain." People with poor intellect and fund of knowledge are fooled to believe Awareness is produced by the brain. The brain is empty in nature. The body is nothing without Awareness, but Awareness is ONE, situated in all hearts as ONE and is never born and thus will not die. People are only led by the false belief That out of emptiness comes all. That is like believing out of smoke came the fire while the smoke has no relationship with its cause. It has no relationship because its empty in nature and simply Goes according conditions by which it is depending upon. things That are depending upon circumstances Cannot be the cause of That which is Independed and knows no cause yet is fully conscious. Simularly like the Fire example is Awareness and our body. The body and mind and intellect are holding no connection with Awareness, ever so is Awareness the cause and sustainer of thinking, intelligence and body. Your nature is Indestructability and causeless compared to physical and mental objects which are empty in nature. (Physical objects do not and Cannot desire). Thus, believers That Awareness came from nothing clearly believe they came from objects and themselves came from the body. Without studying the nature of both one will remain in the dark. Knowledgable people with stable intellect understand That the body can be compared with clothes That ONE changes when it became useless, and understand after studying That which is changing and empty and That which remains still and present is inevitable without question The cause of all missery and happiness experienced without itself being attached to it. As a result of such deep contemplation people with a steady mind and intellect are like a solid rock in the midst of storm and peaceful weather. If Awareness but a moment would stop being Aware, literally all will fall. Howerer, this is not so when a body went useless. Then just 1 body became useless while Awareness is still shining as an all pervading sun through the other countless bodies and the mental modes they are in. Thus may it be clear, no matter in which state the body or mind is, the most subtle of subtle, Awareness, remains unaffected and remains unattached to such events. Only the material mental modes are shaken by circumstances. This truth can only be fully understood by devotional service in service of The Living ONE which leads to full realization of self and seeing the living ONE in all and all within Oneself which is the supreme goal of life. However, this truth can be experieced by different forms of yoga in various ways, but rarily this truth is understood. May you Therefore not seek the awnsers by any other means then yoga, which clears the polution of such false believes you came from nothing, which is the root belief of seeking how you (Awareness) came from the brain. When cleared through yoga You will shine like you do now, but like a sun in autum, cloudless in a blue sky. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Momo! Chant and be free!
  11. @Privet Well That is your proof indeed dear Privat. That which is empty in nature does not protect nor sustain. Rocks do not argue nor protect or sustain or bring about more rocks because it is not self aware, it is empty. It is not the cause but a result of Self, emptiness being a temporary aspect of You which still is life force as its source. You are 1, not 0. The nature of You is indestructability or better said you are Awareness, and not emptiness. (Emptiness is not self aware and thus is empty, it is an aspect of You, not its cause). Emptiness is not the greatest of being, it has no Awareness and Cannot be greatest and smallest. It must not be accounted as greatest of being either. Only a being That is fully aware in its nature does cause you to think emptiness is greatest of being- not the other way around. Rocks do not attempt to protect awareness because it has no Awareness. That You have a temporary aspect does not make That the greatest of beings. That titel only suits to The Living ONE seated in all hearts as ONE which is fully conscious and knows no cause and is the cause of all causes. Empty objects or emptiness just do not fit That subscription. They are neither the greatest or smallest but simply empty in nature. I hope this made sense to you dear Privat. Rocks and all That is empty in nature does not love you back like you can love so much. And That you can love so much and care so much can only be if The ONE in your heart is alive and supreme, fully aware and without cause That you even want to protect unconsciously. Your essence is alive, vibrant and will always be and is not empty like a rock is. You might only have forgot about You, thats all. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Privat!
  12. Self = Awareness, soul, You. "Emptiness is the ultimate entity, it's unmovable and permanent, it is, not happen." Life comes from life dear Privat, not from emptiness. And thus emptiness is not the greatest of being. Emptiness is not conscious of itself, Therefore is but an aspect. All That is empty in nature privat, namely; physical objects and mental objects are not containing a Self nor are the Self. They come and go according conditions they arose from. Due to their depending nature upon conditions it is Therefore a result of life and not a cause of life. Because such objects are empty in nature they Cannot desire and Cannot suffer from being a result of life. Nor as being a result of life do they hold connection or relationship with its cause, the Self. In contrast to conditioned objects You do can desire and Therefore are not empty in nature but fully conscious and are able to love and experience suffering. Thus you did not came from That which is empty in nature nor did you came from emptiness itself. you came from the Living ONE That knows no equal or greater. And this living ONE is indeed the smallest and greatest and beyond your concept of emptiness. Life comes from life. Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Privat
  13. @Samuel ... Oh but Samuel You are the truth, and the life. You are the non-doer yet cause of all happiness and sorrow. You are smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest. You only seem to be hidden like a sun on a clouded day. But I am certain You know in your heart That I speak the truth. If you could only remember You are not the body but staying IN a body which prevades the whole body. And That which pervades the whole body Cannot be parished or be killed by any one. There wasn't a time you and I were not dear Samuel. Or any other That reads this. By You comes forgetfulness, remembrance and knowledge. Know what You are not, and know That You are. What more do you know or need to know? Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Samuel.
  14. @Ilya Why do you not start studying the science of self-realization? A.C Swami Prabhupada wrote so much about this science. At Some point you must if you want to become self-realized involve all senses including the mind in service of One. (Its a science) Without involving all senses one always falls back in the material pool of existence being corrupted due to instable intellect and lost memory of One. The living One is seated in all hearts although can remain hidden when consciousness remains poluted due to continuation of sense entanglement to physical and mental objects. Like the sun is not always clearly visable on a clouded day. Only by devotional service as Yoga one will attain and understand the supreme One That is seated in all hearts as One. And by attaining Him- one never will have to fall back in the sea of causality. those fully in knowledge of One, are never lost to One, and One never is lost to them. Take my advice and start explore the science of self-realization. Its direct, clear and certain. And seek a qualified teacher when struggling with Yoga.
  15. @MiracleMan Exactly! Out all Numbers You are 1 (not 0! ?). Out letters You are "A". Among beasts You are a lion. Among fish You are a shark, and among birds an eagle. Of water bodies You are the ocean. Of life you are the life force, and of the body You are consciousness. Among people You are the enlightened One. Out gender You are Male. Out family members You are the father. From those That are Born You are the first born. Of places You are the here, and of time You are the Now. You are the strength of the strong. You are the wisdom of the Wise and the intelligence of the intelligent. You are the wetness of water and the warmth of Fire. I can do this all day, Lets short this up. You are the beginning- middle and end. There is no end to Your forms and extentions. Without You, nothing is. People should read about Krsna. He is so clear about such matters.