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  1. funny somehow this meme explains the entire spiritual journey
  2. @Caterpillar Hey caterpillar! Thank you for sharing that insight. I dont think I share the same viewpoint when it comes to leadership, but I wanna emphasize that if there is a desire in your heart to be superior to others there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I acknowledge your potential of your inner masculine to uplift, lead and serve others only as you can :-) It is quite an honorable drive.
  3. @Leo Kaminski Thank you youre very kind.
  4. There is actually a really big thing on the spiritual journey, where you cant help but do the things you consider "bad" or the ones you "shouldnt be doing" to do the whole spirituality thing "right". I had that going on for me a lot with addictions, I would stay clear of them for weeks sometimes, and then I would get INSANE cravings, and the thing I was actually clearing was my guilt and judgement about it. You seem to be pretty on point with it, trust your instincts its gonna unfold well for you. :-)
  5. @pluto8 Yeah that sounds rather like an awesome gift than anything that needs solving. I would really not dig much into the cause of it, rather search for people who can also see energy (there are many) to lift the confusion. This is hilarious. Sometimes the things that are so natural to our souls are perceived as some form of awful problem because it goes against the current of our family and cultural conditioning. But I’m with you on that, and I encourage you to embrace it you got it brother.
  6. @pluto8 Pardon my confusion but what exactly is the issue you are struggling with ?
  7. Hi Kate! I wanna start off by saying that I am very sorry for your difficulties in your relationship. When life is trying to wake us up to our inherent value, beauty and grandiose gorgeousness, it often does so by making all the ways we perceive ourselves unsufferable, and that is a deeply painful thing often leading to self-loathing, self-judgement, or self-hate, while exposing the innermost vulnerable and insecure parts of ourselves. I wanna offer you a perspective and approach that you could take that could potentially transform your relationship, and your emotional well being. Every time there is a negative emotion/reaction or thought, it is a sign from your innocent inner self, or inner child that it would like some loving attention from you. Every insecurity is a part of your collective self, asking for recognition to be integrated into the wholeness of your being. And in knowing this, the importance then isnt necessarily what you feel, because all those feelings are just kind of like signs of your inner child going "hey, im heere... I want some attention now please!" The important part is your response to your feelings. What if, to all the negative judgements you have about yourself you responded with taking a few deep breaths, and said "Thank you for sharing your pain with me, I see you and honor you.", Every time you feel insecure you could say to yourself "honey I am so sorry you dont feel safe right now, I want you to know that I love you deeply, and if there is anything else you would like me to do or say, please let me know" Another really obvious and wonderful example is the beauty competitions you participate in with other females, which btw I have to tell you whether you like it or not you already are Miss Universe, and your job is to kind of deal with it. What if you could respond to your tendency to compare yourself with other females with a compliment onto yourself. In ex. "Wow, that woman is so beautiful and is making me insecure about my own looks, what if the only reason she is making me feel insecure is an invitation to compliment myself on my own beauty, and all the things I am doing so wonderfully right in every moment. Hey Kate, I see you, you are gorgeous and amazing and I thank you for being such a wonderful, strong, conscious and aware divine goddess that you have always been. Thank you for radiating the amazing feminine energy that is inherent to your being, you rock sista!" Just a suggestion. :-) Please let me remind you that you are beautiful, and I thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your difficulty on this forum. Being brave enough to ask for guidance in such situations is no easy task and you freaking nailed it!
  8. Have you seen Make Happy? I loved the ending song of that much more than the one of What, it was so emotional and beautiful, it wasnt just about comedy, but he was bringing in his own feelings and challenges with his audience allowing us to know him better. It was sick
  9. Thats real awesome. Thats the real work at hand. Ye sorry for the mistake hahaha. See? There was no mistake, just talking to your future <3
  10. @SgtPepper wait you said you dont even have one Woops that was a fail :DDDDDD But hey... Im obviously intuiting your future self and talking to that...
  11. @SgtPepper OH my god thank you You are so nice, it feels really good having someone express empathy and compassion! Ive found to be one of the things that are very therapeutic for this condition, is being able to talk about it bringing more self-importance into my subconscious mind. You have a child? Well darn there is a child blessed with a beautiful parent! I am so psyched for your family. I can tell from energy you put out here and the words you say about intimacy that you guys seem to be set for success and happiness! Lots of love <3.
  12. - Jesus Christ
  13. Also now when I think about it, I wouldnt necessary see my jealousy of my partner being conquered by other men as the issue. Jealousy is just my nervous system detoxing from a repressed emotion that is being relaesed and healed, making space for more expansion so those feelings are all good (Its hell btw, not making light of it). I would particularly not resonate with the lack of commitment from my partner's side. If I am in a relationship, which I haven't been in for quite a while, I desire commitment, and not only my commitment to her, but equal commitment from her matching my own, otherwise it will be unbalanced and it wouldn't work well.
  14. @Truth I love Bo, when I was in highschool I found "What" on youtube while I was supposed to be studying for a biology test. It was like 1am, needless to say, I did not study
  15. Funny you mention that. Right now I am actually resolving a very very deep jealous bone thats been wired into my nervous system by my mother. My mom never really made me feel like I mattered to her, she sure tried to pretend a lot, so she wouldnt look bad, but what she said was love for me, was actually very consistant manipulation only regarding her own image of herself. The jealousy would sometimes run so deep, that when I was in my first year of uni, and one of my erasmus dorm neighbours who by the way I had never even met, brought a guy to her dorm at night and started having really loud sex, it made me somehow feel as if I was being betrayed by that. At the time it really confused me because I wasnt yet aware of the full impact of what my mother had put me through. I am grateful that I get to move beyond this now, it has been an incredibly painful experience. And of course bless my moms heart, she to this day has no idea what she is doing, which doesnt mean I will tolerate her manipulation. This happens a lot these days, I just randomly comment on posts that I feel resonance with, and it reflects the deep healing process that I am resolving within myself. Funny how the universe works.