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  1. @Nahm Thank you that is very kind
  2. It can be tricky what one calls an awakening, or a glimpse. For instance, I had an awakening after reading an article online in the Summer 2 years ago. And I had no idea it was one. So I forgot about it. It wasn't until I had another one, this summer (during the Eclipse day), that I remembered that this isn't the first time Im feeling this. So one can have an awakening and not remember it, and it can still trigger a process in us. And just as with kundalini, some can have it after self-realization, some can have it before anything at all, I would say that the "process of awakening" - the purification of your nervous system to be able to uphold the states of enlightenment, can be triggered without an actual glimpse. There are many ways consciousness can awaken in all of us. The reason why this is important is that many people track their progress by "how many glimpses they've had". That just isn't right. Glimpse doesn't mean anything. It doesn't necessarily have to mean a start, and it doesn't have to mean anything at all. It can be followed by a great shift in how we perceive life, but then again, if we say that the shift was "caused" by the glimpse, are we really sure about that? What if the shift is caused by nothing, just as the glimpse was caused/cause by/of nothing. And then comes the dark night! :-) And I can say this as someone who has been going through a very rough dark night for almost 2 years now. According to Jan Essman, there is the DNO the mind and DNO the soul. Mind is falling apart of your mental constructs, and Soul is your kundalini integrating into your system all the dormant energy of your ego. But what if, the entire life we live, is our dark-night? What if our entire life is our spiritual journey? What if spiritual journey isn't something that happens after an experience, or when we start wondering about reality. What if the spiritual journey is the evolution of a soul/spirit, as it goes through the experiences of being a human! What if every moment of your entire life, and all your lifetimes is a crucial part of your endless expansion, and what we call an enlightenment, is just the realization, or rememberance, that all is well, all is one, and there is inherently nothing to worry about. And that is the end of the dark night, and that's when shit gets good! And the way we progress on the thing we call a "spiritual-path" - which is basically everything we do, because it serves only our highest evolution, but you know... we like to call it the times, when we buy that special meditation pillooow, and write on, we stop calling her a nagging wife, we call her a demon, we don't go to work, but we are tortured by satan in hell, we don't get a house, but we receive a manifestation, we then sit on our butt and do this really weird activity where we just... sit, and judge ourselves, SO deeply.... and we call it a meditation, and then we go: "oh my god, I did so well, I judged the shit ouf of myself, I think I abandoned my inner child and became one with god!" And then we go to our friends, and instead of bragging to them about our new car, or the hot 20yo we just banged, we tell them about our "enlightenment experiences" and we write trip-reports, just to get validation and say "oooh this is just for you guys so you can benefit"..... weell... is it really? Reaallyy? Did you Really have to write in capslock I AM GOD and then say to yourself "it is for the greatest good of all". Or we just write about the dark night of the soul, and make fun of the things other people do, and how they write trip-reports, and think to ourselves "pfuuhhh, Im so much better than all those people who write trip-reports online" (yeah I think I wrote that i am god one). Everything is spiritual evolution. What sense would it make, if we divided behaviour into spiritual and non-spiritual. Intense periods, can be a dark night. btw at this point I have no idea whom im answering, what Im talking about, or what Im answering, I think I started having too much fun.
  3. @How to be wise Rali from naked reality is a great "study case" =D He him-self, after his kundalini awakening said that he would call his former self a zen devil. To me it means that your mind is awake, you have realized the Nature of the Self, but you are in denial of love. This is just my personal definition, not universal understanding. I guess everyone can understand it a little differently. Zen devilry is when an awakened person says Love is an illusion, for it comes and goes. It is when one says, wake up, your suffering is illusory. It is when one says, there is no person in there, so it doesn't matter what I say to you. It is when one says, love? Who is loving! And who is the one being loved! There IS NO ONE! (and of course you can say all these in different contexts so if you wanna play with words, please understand, I am using specific language to demonstrate an attitude, rather than to provoke a linguistic focus). It is a self-righteous realization.
  4. @haai14 it sounds like youre ready for nothing but love to lead the way. I recommend checking out Matt kahn, whatever arises love that. Now there’s no going back, and only love will make sense of this. Goood luck!
  5. @haai14 Yeah. Could you talk a bit more about your experience?
  6. @Sine Im aware that as soon as I say this, I will probably get banned off this forum, ostricized, excluded, humiliated and honestly if I shared my address I bet id be getting a big bunch of death-threats. but Im just gonna say it woah exhales dramatically heeere goes... you don’t have to meditate. If meditation frustrates and leads to nothing YOURE NOT DOING IT WRONG its just showing you when its not a great time for you to meditate. So I present to you an alternative. Love yourself instead.
  7. Maps is a resource I wasn't able to use too well. Most of their studies are ongoing. It takes ages to get funding for psychedelics cuz of the goddamn stigma. There are people who publish articles about psychedelics being effective and they lose their jobs over it.
  8. @cetus56 Yeah but it'd be going a little too off-topic. The aim is therapeutic use of psychedelics. I'd rather focus on academic evidence of the treatment of depression and other disorders, and substance abuse. I already stumbled upon some good things, so I'm all set I feel :-) But thanks everyone for help, I found some great useful things through all of your guyses resources.
  9. @cetus56 This is good stuff, thanks!
  10. @Joseph Maynor Thank you man! :-)
  11. I was not familiar with him. He looks very interesting but I am kind of limited by being able to use strictly academic research material. Quite a shame. I am aware how many jewels especially for psychedelics are out there. ed: It is quite unfortunate, just to mention, that the entire scientific paradigm gets blown up by psychedelic experiences, yet the academic material is a really pathetic grain of sand of the ocean psychedelics have to offer. Better yet, the research was gaining on potency in the 1960s, and then Nixon said "yeah fuck you! " :D, and wiped the ground with it, leaving us 40 years behind. Just imagine the potential if the research from the 1960s was allowed to flower. Where would today's mental health field be with that! Surely there would be an alternative to today's crisis. And that is only a beginning. Imagine the ripple effects in other areas. If psychedelics weren't stigmatized, just imagine culture, religion, politics... all of this would have been potentially long reformed. Now we are 40 years behind! Guys, this is serious business! Get your mushroom teas asap! (Im joking of course... but I couldn't help myself but leave a little comment about that :-p )
  12. @Nahm thank you, as much as I love tea, have not.