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  1. @Solace "We gotta get yall married." That dude was rollin! <3
  2. This is why i love this forum
  3. That sounds awesome, im happy for you dude!
  4. It definitely is god damnit he actually did, I cant believe how much his story resembles mine! I am aware that the relationship me and my mother had before cannot continue with the awareness Ive gained, I am not sure whether that means we will continue interacting in a different way in the future, but for now as I am processing this Im just taking a bunch of me-time. Whats funny is that I am in my parents flat over the Summer... when this realisation hit me several days ago I just peaced out into my room without saying much, because my mother uttered something so unbelievably insane in my mind that it completely changed the way I view her. I am going to wait till all of this integrates, while trying not to be mean... she is in no way prepared to handle what I am going through. I surely wont be able to feed the energy of the old codependent relationship she has developed with me, which will probably upset her... and thats okay. We will see how it goes.
  5. @Alex14 Imma drop some frikin wisdom from an awesome book I listened to recently! You ready?! "The ego, from the perspective of the soul is viewed as a sacred womb for the soul to incubate in and expand, in the beginning stages of it's evolution." - Matt Kahn, everything is here to help you
  6. @Buddha Jackson I think you did it on purpose, you just didnt want the kind of attention that comes with being such a celebrity you know what im saying... Being Jesus is a hard job, youd literally have to remake Christianity, inherit all their wealth and save the planet. And who has time for that... It was a calculated move! THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS!
  7. @MarkusSweden Right you are! Yes I think it is because when youre trying to convey growth in consciousness it is such a delicate and nuanced process that it is impossible to get it all "perfect" especially when speaking generally! Each individual situation is a new way of seeing things, each emotion is another unique aspect being integrated, each thought another expression of god returning home. For example,I have been going through realisations of the manipulation my mother has been putting me through (unconsciously) my entire life. It has been such an incredible revelation for me it completely blew my mind, and some piece of my healing journey that I never understood properly before somehow clicked in. In these stages I am going through right now, the innocent parts of me that want to be seen and loved just cant help but judge, they wanna scream at my mother, they wanna make her into a punching bag. And just yesterday Matt said in his video to refrain from judgement and blame. And yet it just needs to be done in order for those parts to heal! There are subtle levels to healing, to judgement and to blame. When you look back at the example of loving hate, I think Matt mentions a lot giving yourself the full permission to hate. That in and of itself is a loving act, to witness all the parts of you that have been judged, and see through what they have to say. There are a shadowy parts of you, that have been ridiculed, suppressed, hurt and judged so harshly that when you say to them "Oh honey, I love you." They respond with "Nice try, fuck you. I saw what people do when they say I love you. No thanks!" It is way too harsh to be loved, it not not ready. Hate is not necessarily the part of you that will be integrated, hate is the defense mechanism, like the first barrier, that will be breached with your undivided attention. I am not sure whether I went way too off topic or not, I hope I was helpful I am have been really emotional lately so if it feels like Im venting my own stuff here... yep thats whats happening Dude im so glad you laughed There was a part of me going..."Am I gonna get banned? Is someone not gonna get the joke?" : D But it was way too funny in my mind to stop!
  8. @Torkys ok let’s start with secret T-shirts! They will be pink, with signs of “I am the light, more than you so gtfo”... just so we are assertive about the divine but still have clear boundaries and distinctions... you know? Then we will hold secret Skype conferences where there will be meditation for peace, loving what arises, and most importantly my favourite ghetto activity- Shaming darkness: we will talk shit about all negativity, egotistic tendencies, politica, misfortune and suffering. This should bring us enough street cred in the spiritual field. I will proclaim myself a cult-leader and invite more to join us, I’ll be searching for souls online and on Ceaig’s List... once we have 100+ followers we can start peaceful protests all over the world against the current system. The most important piece of this part are guns. We need lots of guns for our peaceful protests otherwise others won’t believe our peaceful intentions nor take us seriously. For further plans please Pm. Everyone is welcome loves ❤️ Ps: I’m kidding but I think that’s obvious... xD... I mean can you imagine....?? Me, leading a cult? Lolll... no not a cult it’s a religion peace!
  9. @Solace Of course! An entire frikin revolution haha!
  10. @Solace Think its fine man, its just different things for different people. No need to push these approaches for people who like to self-enquire.
  11. @Lelouch I like your name, I literally started watching it quite recently.
  12. @Solace Nice! Lets pretend you never saw this topic and share this twice! The more the merrier eh?! (just kidding... or am I?! You decide!)
  13. Hey guys! I found this really cool (not very surprising). I hope you have a great time watching!
  14. @Buddha Jackson Shame, you couldve proclaimed yourself Jesus had it only been one day earlier