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  1. @Snick Imo it is very wise to reach full energetical allignment alongside liberation. It can even help the process of spiritual seeking quite massively. Check out the post I started here "Infrastructure video reaction". Also check out Bentinho Massaro, his teachings imo achieve beautiful balance of living ur life to the fullest and liberation. From his perspective it is one and the same path and to me this ressonates on a deep level. Btw keep an open mind. He sometimes does sound a little new-agey and can be misunderstood to an immature consciousness.
  2. @PureExp sorry but youre probably plain out wrong. There are many different methods to emotinal release, and some are so effective it would blow your mind. Take a look for example what a session with 5-MEO and Martin Ball can do for you in terms of purification. Dont be a passive observer of your healing. Take lots and lots of action on it, do yoga, research different methods, go see some of those people who release trauma through massages and so on. You will be much more efficient
  3. @electroBeam Dig into the emotion behind your dilemma. You are running away from something, fear of loneliness or abandonment or something like that. Transmute this emotion and your decision will become clear.
  4. Deal with it same as with any other emotion. Allow it, process it,. Clear it through perhaps breath and body work, whatever suits you. If it is more than you can handle right now, escape it by perhaps talking to someone close. It is ok sometimes we get too ahead of ourselves and try to integrate experiences we are not truly ready for. Just know this, once it is cleared you will NEVER in your infinite timeless existence have to deal with it again.
  5. @sgn You gotta take it on faith my dude. Dont be a cynical realist, be a fucking dreamer child. Trust that life can be magic. Imagine how the wonder would feel. How a "complete" human will feel. Visualize, every day. Means will present themselves to you
  6. @Dino D dude Im sorry maybe you dont understand english propetly youre not getting any of what I am trying to communicate here. The conversation seems to be futile lets stop.
  7. You are god. Not only that, YOU are society. There is no seperation between what you desire and what society truly desires. If your dream is to kill fucking babies then you are abaolutely not energetically alligned and cleared. Your subconscious is literally making you hallucinate into that desire. I am not irritated, maybe it is your bad english but your arguments dont make any sense at all. I speak of inspiration You bring in killing babies ARE YOU RETARDED? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
  8. @Dino D I just read your post again, please read my post once more. You didnt get it. Like at fucking all.
  9. @Dino D Also no there's not just "One truth that you SHOULD love everything" like what the fuck don't be stupid in this. There is no should, never has been never will be. Truth is you wanna feel good. That is the only truth there is. You cannot deny this even if you try, your only fucking motivation for ANYTHING is to feel good. Loving everything is a fucking good feeling, dont u think?
  10. @Dino D Did you just say "authentic desire to kill?" You missunderstand the concept of deep, true desire. Lack desire = I feel bad, want this to feel good authentic desire = I feel awesome just being mr! lets do this shit that'd be fucking cool. Also yeah it'd be fucking cool to fuck models and live in mansions. Wil I feel horrible without it? NOPE You sound like an angry Christian commenting under an Eckhart Tolle video
  11. @Dino D Great book: Emotional healing.
  12. @sgn Throw yourself into uncertainty. The problem is that you don't realize how fucking unhappy you are right now, because you have never tasted a purified state of your body and mind. Let me tell you. YOUR STATE RIGHT NOW FUCKING BLOWS COMPARED TO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL AND FUNCTION LIKE! Remember that. Remember that as long as you are not radiating with love and abundance and your life isn't flowing absolutely effortlessly and you are just waking up with gratitude and joy ANYTHING ELSE BUT THIS IS SHIT AND UNNACCAPTABLE THE famous Tony Robbins line (very true in your case). RAISE YOUR STANDARDS! Don't fucking settle for feeling comfy, don't settle for feeling OK. BEING OK FUCKING BLOWS! LOOK AT EVERYTHING! LIFE IS FUCKING MAGIC! YOU GET THAT? YOUR EXISTENCE IS A FUCKING MIRACLE, THE FACT TAHT YOU CAN BREATH AND CRY AND LAUGH AND DIE? WHAT THE FUCK THERE IS NO FUCKING REASON WHY IT SHOULD BE LIKE THAT. IT IS SUUUCH A FUCKING MIRACLE. It would be so much easier for the universe not to exist. BUT it does. How do you explain that? You can't. It's a beautiful beautiful life and world. And feeling anything LESS than that, is FUCKING PATHETIC! peace!
  13. Hey guys, there has been something on my mind and this video pushed me to express it on this forum. The gist of Leo's video was being vs. building infrastructure. In spiritual circles there tends to be the self-actualization vs. enlightenment battle. As if somehow personal development, growth and self-actualization neglected the enlightenment and self-realization parts of life. That is a stupidass belief if you ask me, and frankly quite an inefficient way to live life. Let's assume that there is an infinite "god" if you will, the oneness of being that created all. And that ultimately IS you. Now what purpose do you have in the eyes of infinity? To explore, to be yourself, literally to fulfill all your dreams and desires. That is what infinity wants you to do. It doesn't make sense for infinity to want you to sit in a cave and meditate for decades to realize it is infinity (unless of course that is your authentic true calling, in which case go fuckoff into that cave motherfucker). Infinity fucking knows it's infinity. What it doesn't know is how you experience life on your most authentic level. Your most self-actualized life, your most asskicking life, your deepest dreams and desires. Those are there for a reason. For a beautiful fucking exploration. It is the infinity's desire for you to express yourself through whatever, be it family, business, your art and so on. All of this self-actualization work and exploring your authentic joy on a deepest core levels, and being excited about things you do will ultimately and in my opinion much more quickly and much more efficiently result in your self-realization. You don't have to limit yourself through beliefs such as "I only deserve enlightenment after I create and self-actualize", but at the same time, if your authentic desires are placed elsewhere than enlightenment, the quickest way to get to enlightenment is to follow the path of your desires and intuition (credit to Bentinho Massaro). β€œAnd, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist The problem. You don't know what your true desire is. Your desires are all subconscious. But your subconscious has been literally jammed with things you think you want but you don't REALLY want them. Let's say you want a marriage. You don't really want a marriage, probably, you want the feeling you get when you are married, be it worthiness, love, joy, excitement. But all those qualities that you would gain in that marriage (those states of being) are already within you. You just jammed your emotional and energetical system with stupidass shit like suppressed anger, sorrow, loneliness etc. So clear out your subconscious. Gain those qualities that you think you are lacking and you would gain through your desires. And you literally swap out Lack based desires for Inspiration based desires. Once you clear yourself from lack based desires, you gain such a clarity, and such a feeling of "Oh of course, this is what I have to do to achieve everything I want, it is so simple". You can approach this from 2 points of view. 1. Once you start acting on your true desire, the whole universe starts supporting you (as Paulo says) Or 2. Once you clear out your subconscious from your stupidass desires for safety and money and sex and whatnot, you gain such a clarity, such a radiating passion and inspiration for what you wanna do and how you want to express yourself, that life becomes effortless. You literally supercharge your mind and your capabilities. Now once you are in this state, you deepen your connection to life. You literally see all of life as divine. You are bathing yourself in gratitude and joy every day and you give to others so effortlessly. Tell me, is it now clear, how you can pursue enlightenment? Don't waste your time deciding between one or another. Follow your joy and intuition, the rest will fall into place. It has to be that way.
  14. @khalifa follow your intuition and ressomance. Dont be retarded like "oh leo sais this and Allan Watts said that, and my mom always says X and dad says B..." Go with whatever excites you the most. After all how can you trust anyone if you distrust youreelf in the first place.