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  1. Let the “demon” in, allow it to devour every inch of your being. Stop running away from what only craves your love. As the god within your heart, announce the demom to be the same one who dwells within your heart. It is no other than the truth of love waiting for its rescue to rember the Truth of who it is. by the way thanks for rephrasing it, it got much clearer. Amazing.
  2. In your journey, has your true self re-emerged, or has it still been playing hide and seek?
  3. Something familiar moved in me ad you shared this. Thank you so much.
  4. Thanks. Im pretty sure it wont work tho. Not to be sceptical but the process you mentioned will only increase the flow of the energy. I just woke up form a 7hour nap though, so thats nice hahaha.
  5. No.. I dont see it. I literally feel its grip and desperation on my nervous system. I feel its fears and I feel its pain. I feel the way its been neglected for centuries. Really? I know what you mean, and I understand that you have the best of your intention. And I thank you for the help. Its wonderful. But experience and emotions are extraordinarily important and the “know the knower” part of awakening has never been a part of my path. Kundalini is a different ballgame. If I were to “not this not that” my kundalini process, I would probably bring my life nervous system into a toral collapse and darl night of the soul would appear on a daily basis and Id just sit in a corner on a psychward. even though it can be hard to swallow, the masculine part of the awakening (awakening of the mind. Precisely what you speak of) has not been a part of my shit in this lifetime. The only thing that works is giving my experience the respect, patience and loving attention it so naturally deserves. May your heart explode into ecstasy of your own unbearably extraordinarily beautiful nature. You bet! It is my main character. Its my baby, and Ill love it forever and beyond, and hold its hand each step of the way. Oh gosh lately ive been struggling to sleep so hard, been going through insane amounts of purging at nighttime.
  6. Youre using the technique to basically push away. Whenevee you use the words like “get rid of” its a red flag. Your emotions/insecurities are babies. Treat them as such - respect, love and attention. Much love to you on your journey.
  7. Could you rephrase your question please? Try putting it in simper words.
  8. HAhaha GTFO NOOB jk, im very grateful for your input
  9. *pauses videogame* More fun huh? k mom :(( hahaha for sure I agree :). ive never been one to take a rigid approach.
  10. @Nahm your compliment totally distracted me from the main point of your comment hahaha thanks that really helped.
  11. @Nahm Oh im aware, actually just right now outta uni spending a month with my family. There were very few triggers and all of them integrated. The growth in the past months has been beyond rapid. and thanks dude, you totally made me feel good about myself youre such an angel.
  12. I guess sort of. The sensations in my body are usually overwhelming and either require my attention or something I can distract myself with. I kind of know the answer that it will get much better once theres no such purging occuring, its just my sweet little innocent ego that is afraid “what if this is permanent”.
  13. Yes, its been 2.5 (almost) years now. Im glad your change in diet worked out for you.
  14. Eversynce my kundalini awakening journey started, I started losing my ability to focus, I feel withdrawn from everyday life, sometimes its difficult for me to answer questions because I dont understand what someone is saying eventhough they are speaking absolutely clearly, I have difficulty focusing on logical tasks such as maths or statistics, or reading difficult text. After awakening, did you guys regain your ability to focus properly, or does it stay like this? There is belief that my ego doesnt wanna surender because it wants to maintain its ability to analyze logically and follow reason., and ia afraid that its gonna lose it completely if it lets go.
  15. Great now were getting somewhere. Just wanted to clear that up 😂 So is there a specific reason why white flour might be bad asside from being less nutritiously rich?