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  1. @Vaishnavi That you are always and forever exactly where you want to be. you choose everything, and everything is here for you for your most accelerated journey for your soul's evolution. If you allow yourself to learn quickly and go with the flow, the results you get from every day-to-day situation are remarkable. There is no ego, there is only souls journey. In fact that is the whole point of the spiritual path isn't it. That we say "ego doesn't exist". Well it doesn't. So let's stop calling it out on things like "oh ego did this and that" because it didn't. Because it never existed =D. Everything is a lesson for the soul prepared by your higher mind and other soul contracts. There are two kinds of a relationships. One kind is there to bringout all your demons for healing, the other kind is for joy and coexistence together when all parts of you are healed. Ideally you could have only 2 relationships in your entire life, if you learn and heal quick enough. Then you become a beacon, a lightworker, a shepherding consciousness for other earthly-beings, and prepare them for destined ascension of the human race into the 5th dimension. We are living in an exciting time. And I love more and more every day. I love you tons! <3.
  2. @hirax It is an energy thing. Chances are you give out a closed vibe :-). Warm girls are very easy to approach. Its not that much about the looks. Low quality guy will say it is, but low quality guys hardly do cold approaches. It is the energy you give out. If I see a girl and I dont like her energy, I am literally repulsed by her. And she might be even HOT AF, but I just cant be even bothered to hold a conversation. So lets go, work on that. I have a guide called shadow-work/emoitonal healing (look it up on my profile), and use it! Visualize yourself being warm, friendly, approachable and giving out positive vibes and follow up on that vibration. RAAISE YOUR VIBRATION! Eventhough this is accurate, I hate this sentence because it's been trashused by so many so called spiritual people who just despreately hammer on Law of attraction. And do it on the inside and on the outside as well! :-) Wear warm colours Don't use too much make-up. Preferably not a dark lipstick. It creates a dimm feeling about the girl. And remember. You are lovely. Always and forever and infinitely more. You are loved, you are perfection, you are goodness defined in its peak form. Always and forever. Self-love is the first step as the last step. Always. Love you tons <3.
  3. @Nahm Church has nothing to do with god. Onenness is the universal Truth and destiny of humanity, requirement of its progress to higher dimensions. It will come soon enough. J-dog was just a little too ahead of his time in a sense. I another sense as well though it was perfect.
  4. Helloooo, love you <3 Your inner child What is it? It is your mind's interpretation of your repressed emotional body. Your childhood repressed self, your shadow. There can be different definitions, so I will define it as follows. Your inner child is the embodiment of all your repressed emotional needs that had not been fulfilled when they occurred in your past. How does it work? Well literally imagine a baby that is located in the area between your crotch and solar plexus. And that child is just THERE! IT wants LOVE it wants ATTENTION and it wants it NOW!!!!! But you have been denying it for so long, haven't you? I am sorry but you have not been successful. Your inner child will make you aware of its presence whether you want it or not! How? addictions outbursts of anger relationship issues projections onto others loneliness victimhood feelings of unfairness or injustice blablabla... basically whenever you in a sense "act like a child" your inner child has taken over. So you better give it the attention it needs, or it is not going to stop affecting you in all the ways it does. 1. Gain full body awareness, and acknowledge that there literally is this little emotional entity denied of its needs. 2. Imagine it. Picture it in any ways you can, baby, toddler, teenager, whatever comes to mind. It is a very intuitive phenomenon. 3. Talk to it. What do you need little one? Do you want love? Do you want some attention? I love youu! <3! Do you wanna feel heard? I am here with you. Forever and completely. I admire you. I respect you. I approve of you, infinitely and forever....Whatever comes to your mind as best. 4. Give it a mental hug. Drown it in your love. The way you treat other people and children can often times mirror the ways you treat your own inner child, so become aware of that as well. I once was talking to a friend, telling her that I was afraid of abandonment, as my inner most limiting and core fear/belief. "Yeah well don't worry you're not gonna be abandoned." "My inner child would beg to differ!" "Well your inner child IS NOT YOUR BOSS!" I WAS SO EFFIN TERRIFIED OF THAT COMMENT! =D. Thank god I knew already enough about this and was confident enough not to take every advice I heard. Because damn that is the worst advice of emotional nature I have ever heard. You inner child, if it IS anything, it is the most BADASS BOSS EVER! IT WILL MAKE YOU DO ITS WILL. It will, always, and if you dont pay attention, IT WILL MAKE it worse. It is the most bossy baby you will ever encounter. And for a good fucking reason. Because it NEEDS your attention. It holds all your potential to everything. The key to your heart and soul. So spend time with your inner child. Place it into imaginary scenarios where it is calm and happy. And if it is not happy in a real-life situation you are in, honestly just either leave the situation, or if that is not possible in the moment, talk to your child, calm it down, apologize to it, promise that it will be ok. Because your inner child is your life! It is YOU! AND you are the NUMBER ONE priority. Much love <3. @Dan Arnautu
  5. @Dan Arnautu great idea, I will create a different post because that is a topic that deserves a headline. Ill tag you in it. Although a little warning, it is not a concept I have studied. I will be only able to give my personal experience.
  6. @Dan Arnautu No thats fine. Im not doubting their legitimacy. They are a great tool. It is only one of many perspectives, so adopt a meta perspective and be flexible. If it works for you then yo awesome.
  7. @Dan Arnautu dont focus on chakras. They are too simplistic. Its just an orientation tool. Do emotional healing practices, that can from time to time include yoga exercises that supposedly work for a certain chakra. Tey are all connected, intertwined and there are many more than 8 throughout your body. That being said, shorter answer to your question would be Yes.
  8. @100rockets The post, not the comment I copied. Emotional healing.
  9. @ashashlov yeah it helps when i feel like it. It makes it worse when I dont.
  10. Hey! I'm Martin. And in this quick self-help segment I am gonna be... oh boy... Leo's Old video format... but lets be honest those videos were shit =D. Depersonalization disorder and how to heal it in less than an hour! When depersonalization happens, it is for one single reason (usually, on the spiritual path that is). You are filtering a "higher" spiritual experience through your lower-self. Higher spiritual experience = The calling of your Brahman, higher self, soul, god, Oneness. Lower-self = the energetic filter of your first 3 chakras Root chakra - safety, survival Sacral chakra, solar plexus - personal identity in terms of your view of yourself and in the context of society. What happens is that you get a "higher awakening" trigger or realization, but you are not able to integrate it. Your inner child needs more attention than your 4-7th Chakras. Now what do you do when you are having a depersonalization Activate your nervous-system, SOMEHOW, ASAP! You in a sense are pulling "your self" back into your more "human" experience. You wanna activate your ego in a sense, that is the nervous system. Here are some suggestions Try to get emotionally triggered - Human contact is one of the best things for this, whether it is talking to a loved-one (this is one of the best remedies) or texting your ex, get emotional ASAP. Getting emotional will probably be harder in this state, but that is ok. You just gotta try a little extra hard to actually feel your emotions Get in touch with your inner child - go into the area of your abdomen, and examine. Imagine that there actually is a little child within. What is it feeling? What does it have to say? What does it need? Warm up, take a shower, eat something warm, drink something warm Listen to or watch anything you find emotional, again to try to trigger yourself emotionally, so you can "descend" back into your emotional body. That's it! I'm signing out. Leave a like, write a comment, subscribe, and lastly check out my website. I have a life purpose course there... hihihihihehe hahaha god im so funny I love myself peace guys much love <3 =D.
  11. @AstralProjection whats it what they say on this forum? Naive realist? Hehe No sorry thats not true either. Anything I do on earth I dont do for "afterlife". That's a waste of a life. All success comes from inside out.
  12. @Dodoster Oh dude Bentinho is next level shit teacher. Give it a go I promise you wont regret.