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  1. HAHA That's funny. I hope that's a joke.
  2. SO yeah... Lento got banned for quote 'questioning Leo in his absence.'... cool cool cool cool cool 'inserts Jake Parolta meme'... This isn't a cult at all, okay guys I am leaving yall. Been nice knowing you Sending blessings of the purest and most loving light onto all souls who have touched this collective field of reality.
  3. I've quit the forum because of the insensitive treatment of virtually 99% people, even of those who have 'good intentions', who are just trynna fix everyone while pretending they're helping while sharing their own judgements with me, and given the intensity of healing, it's just too much for me, but in the light of this thread and in the light of that I've actually been sick for the past 2 days with rather strange symptoms, I feel like it's important to share this, feel free to repost: From Matt Kahn's Facebook page: it contains healing vibration that enters your field just by reading the words.
  4. Mansplaning is the worst. It’s everyone trying to fix each other while putting pressure on someone who really needs support, and everyone keeps doing it in this place to me and I’m having a meltdown. ive been mansplaned and life coached To the end of my witts. and god bless people like @Serotoninluv who has enough attunement Not to do that nonsense. thanks for being an example of consciousness for the male species. U da bomb.
  5. @Artaemis yes but Still y u gotta be so rude I mean thanks ? I don’t knowwwewew
  6. Unsolicited advice is: Heres all the judgements about you and here’s what I want you to change about yourself so I can feel differently about the ideas I have about you. Its SO Ruuuude god yall making me so uncomfortable all I really want is to heal in peace and express myself, I love affecting others through the channeled healing energy coursing through my nervous system but this just so brutally impolite 😭😭😭😭 I’m having a meltdown
  7. @Artaemis oh my god why is everyone being my life coach stahp or be blocked
  8. @Lento Oh I understand. You equate dominance with being assertive. No Assertiveness is the necessity of loving expression to actualize beauty and love into form. Imagine illuminated lightbeings being afraid to express themselves because they 'don't wanna dominate', dominance is a case that says 'I will dominate you as a way of avoiding your potential of hurting me, because I am too afraid of a potential attack, I will strike first'. Assertiveness says 'Well this is how it is, this is my truth, take it or leave it, doesn't bother me one bit, I just wish to express myself with kindness, enthusiasm, love and compassion'. Father saving a child from a cliff is an act of wisdom, love and kindness, not a dominance of any kind. That is the positive action of the masculine energy, where the love for a child has perhaps tempered immature expressions of masculinity. You can still be assertive and not dominate anyone at all. Also, That's a nice way of saying 'you're wrong' while refusing to be direct about it. I can't say that I'd choose to be treated that way, and so unless you're willing to be more direct, let's end this discussion. I am still in a very vulnerable and raw place and unless you are willing to be emotionally supportive at this point in time, discussions like this can't really be good for me.
  9. @Lento I guess the issue I had with what you said was that 'dominance' can be something like care and protection. No, unless it was a typo and you meant to say 'curse and projection', that would be truthful. I think I should also own a personal trigger in this conversation because there is a fury within me that arises when people justify abusive and hurtful tendencies and situations. And while that fury is something I have yet to integrate, the truth of the matter is that no matter how small, any amount of abuse will never be justifiable, and a Teal Swan quote isn't designed for such things. In this case, it would be a resistance to the eradication of abuse from one's life, not to the abuse itself. Its more of a resistance of having very high standards of how you will allow other people to treat you, at the cost of facing the possibility of being completely alone. Dominance only exists to return to the light. It also exists to keep ego-structures from integrating, but that's not the direction consciousness is taking.
  10. No, Patriarchal conditioning does not equate with fatherhood. Patriarchal conditioning equates with the state of consciousness on this planet. Its a movement away from the divine of the feminine, and its further suppression. Also patriarchal conditioning does not mean 'masculine energy', masculine energy is what allows inspiration to be translated into action, what allows boundaries to exist so the feminine energy within all can be safely expressed. The divine masculine is very much important and necessary, but the divine masculine will only arise after patriarchal conditioning is untangled. This has nothing to do with gender, but with energetics. Masculine energy is your left hemisphere, and feminine energy is the right hemisphere. It just so happens that in most individuals, the right hemisphere (feminine) is dominated by the left hemisphere (masculine), that is why imbalanced masculine energy needs to be untangled, take a break, exhaust itself and allow the divine feminine to rise to its full power, and then return as a true protector and balanced partner to the divine feminine. But the divine feminine has to lead the way, and then merge with the masculine that will be fully tempered and informed by the sensitive and intuitive guidance. That is also why abusive cycles have to end before healing can take place. Because with the end of abusive cycle, imbalanced masculine energy loses its grip over the feminine, and the feminine then over time facilitates healing, and in the end balances out and tempers the masculine into an expression of unity and equality, with both hemispheres connected and balanced.
  11. If you wanna know your attachment style, take an attachment style quiz Then you can look into your own attachment style, and fulfill the individual needs that are still waiting in your nervous system for you to untagle them. Way more reliable than a checklist!
  12. Well in all honesty, patriarchal conditioning is what exists with the purpose of stomping and suppressing all emotional needs, the need patriarchal conditioning satisfies is the need for dominance, which is just another word for abuse. There really is no merit to it on a spiritual journey. It's only thre to be dissolved. Thank you! I love feeling appreciated it. It's one of my core wounds and needs (I come from a background of feeling unloved). I also cry when I listen to Beyonce, I just feel like that's relevant haha xD.
  13. @Inliytened1 In all honesty what you’re talking about actually isn’t the problem. The issue is that the way you talk to me (and others) is as if you were lecturing me and I was a disobedient little child that displeased mom and dad. It’s a codependent stinky dynamic that I want nothing to do with, so thanks but no thanks.
  14. @Lento yeah I catch your drift, it’s the same for me. I love boundaries they’re the best and well done, that’s a quite high level skill on the healing and development path, especially if you carry patterns of the patriarchal conditioning so many males are brought up in.
  15. @Keyhole I have a question. When exactly did you become my life coach ? 👀 I don’t remember hiring you and almost feel kinda bad because you’re not getting paid for all the lovely work you’re doing here. Therefor, maybe best if you stopped, thanks ! Haha