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  1. @jse This is just a limited perspective. But relevant for most people on earth. It is the perspective of suffering. Later it is no longer good vs evil. its only Oh bliss, exciting, OH MORE excitement! So it is "less bliss vs More bliss" but baseline is bliss.
  2. @Loreena yes. You too I love.
  3. Youre all slightly retarded and miraculous and beautiful. Its so lovely. I love you ❤️❤️
  4. @BeginnerActualizer that is the fun part. If you go with what resonates, things that are considered dogma wont be nothing.but a quick stepping stone that you extract benefit from.
  5. @Loreena i looove this pic. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
  6. @Russell Oomg what a gorgeously creative post. Haha thanks man made my day. But umm... yo u didnt reallly get anything in the way I meant for it to be received, but thats ok. I wish you well! I hope kundalini isn't too hard on you.
  7. What the fuck 😂😂 rly dude? *a kneeling child says* "If I dont read the bible do I risk going to hell uncle pastor?" *unzips his pants, pulls it out* "No, but if you bite you do!" Chill. Yo cant go wrong. Go with whatever resonates and excites you the most in every single moment. That is the quickest way to your evolution. It is already set. You wre already free. You cannot escape it. You are here to follow your intuition into heaven.
  8. Well who knows hahaha. Maybe if she had a very joyous personality and took it all up as a big joke, and some day we will dig up a note in her grave saying "BAZINGA". Hahaha
  9. @OBEler why would bigfoot be wrong? There certainly is a lot of cultural BS around it, but what exactly about it was incorrect in your perception?
  10. @OBEler she was devoted in service to others. How's that zen devilery. Yes in a way that's comfortable to her. Why not?
  11. @OBEler what about other channels though? Have you looked into Seth or Bashar?
  12. @Barna also I know an angel. We used to go to his meetings with my family. What he said sounded sooo much like the galactic alliance stuff. Amd thats wayy before I knew anything about spirituality.
  13. @Barna What makes it to believable to me is ascension, wanderers and Mattr Kahn. all these things seem waay too compatible.
  14. @Leo Gura what i reckon the 5meo gives is samadhi with all there is, the ultimate highest state on your journey as a consciousness. But not that which is beyond isness.
  15. Leo do you distinguish consciousness, and the Absolute infinity that is beyond consciousness? And isnt the word void meant for the absolute? For The One all else comes from? Also doesnt 5meo show the infinite light that came OUT of the absolute, for the absolute is beyond experience, beyond isness and being? Just to get clear on stuff... I have not done 5meo, but the one infinite source beyond foreverness doesn't seem to me like it can be experienced. This is just what Ive been able to deduce and more so intuit from the descriptions people have given.