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  1. I understand. And you´re quite right on that. However the fact that you dont like being obsessed with enlightenment and being aware of self-destructive patterns doesn´t stop you from nurturing honoring respecting and loving the one who is going through all this. May you be blessed with love and peace. <3
  2. Youre welcome. Great question. You can love the one who can't love anything. and if you find yourself in a situation where loving yourself seems impossible (And by loving yourself I literally mean saying I love you to yourself in a relaxed manner) You can just breathe and accompany whatever is arising in that moment, which is the first step into self love, It is self-companionship <3 Happy Valentine's day!!
  3. @Buba Hi bub. When we feel emptiness and meaninglessness it is an important stage of emotional growth, where your emotional body goes on a vaccation, as it integrates all the immense growth it had undegone. The more we relax into it, the faster it passes and makes space for more pleasant experiences of joy and gratitude. Whether or not you’re interested in enlightenment is not too important. What you might be interested is living your life and commiting to your life no matter whether you wanna discover the Truth of who you are, or wanna win the lottery. So take this message as an invitation to embrace everything about you and to be an active participant in your life, no matter what comes your way. Love yourself through all your experiences no matter the feelings or circumstances at hand. Love your heart, your body, your emotions and your mind. Invite love into your life by making “I love you” one of the most frequent phrases in your consciousness, and in your interactions with others. My love is with you my friend.
  4. @Nahm the overstimulated nervous system.
  5. Thats kinda nice isnt it.
  6. @Speedscarlet bhakti is selflesness right? Check out Matt Kahn’s youtube content his teachings are very much rooted in being a frikin nice and good person as a way of dissolving the ego.
  7. @Vlad Ropotica think its a great post promoting Authenticity man.
  8. @Vlad Ropotica Love the one who´s afraid to die. Oh sweet one. I am sorry about how afraid you are. I love you. Oh dear one, I am mindful of your worries. I love you. Oh beloved one, how may I serve you? I love you. Dear one, its okay. I am here to listen to all you have to say. I love you. I love you.
  9. @ValiantSalvatore to each their own
  10. @Nature That was a looot of fun thanks for the share. And kudos to Martin for being so respectful!
  11. @COLORY89 Wow, thats a really intense story. Im sorry for your pain terror and confusion. Thank you for sharing them. Im quite amazed how well youve been able to cope and progress given what stuff went down in your life. Not an easy life youve had my friend. Please consider watching the following video and other stuff from the guy .Much love to you on your journey. May you return home.