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  1. @Ilya Mmmmmmm... no. You'll have to watch it to see for youself x).
  2. I dont know. BAdum tss im funnyyyyyy crowds go nuts maartin maartin maaartin
  3. Thats not the most helpful way to think about this. How do you not live in the present moment? The present moment is all there is. You cannot NOT live in it. This happens all the time. As insights come, and you evolve, your body is trying to energetically catch-up to ground itself in the energy of the higher paradigm. This may look like illness, exhaustion, loads of things. You can look at it as going through an upgrade, your body needs a little time to install the new software, which requires it to run a little slower for some time. It's normal, you might as well get used to it. The cycles of integrating new energy will become more and more frequent as you go on. Especially after things like psychadelic trips or intense changes in your life or perception. But as it was said before, if you feel like you need to see a doc, do it. Edit: Btw don't be afraid to give yourself a break when in this phase. No, the spiritual-police will not come if you bingewatch a TV show chugging on ice-cream while hugging a pillow crying out how lonely you are. It's okay. x) Give your beloved ego some chance and comfort to integrate.
  4. I dont wanna challenge what the Majestic ape is saying here I just wanna give another perspective. Before I knew anything about enlightenment or spirituality, I just looked up meditation and I sat down and had a spontaneous kundalini awakening, it took me on a journey I am still on where my daily life is basically a low-dose psychadelic trip with energy movements and difference in perception, and I am continusouly being emptied of a personal identity, and energetic release of ego is happening without any sort of enquiry, contemplation or meditation. I am sure that for many self-enquiry and mindfulness practicess, and grounding in the grand I-am, is a must. But from my personal experience, self-enquiry never did anything for me, one day I just realized that the "God-self" has always been there and I felt it from the moment I was born, I just didn't realize what it was. Then it was kinda like "Oh this is what everyone is talking about. OH yeah taht makes sense." And every time I get more grounded in awareness, grounded in the ocean of existence it is as a result of a major energetic release, after overcoming of emotional attachments. Not because I was sitting on my bum being like "Yo what am I".
  5. You can check out Matt's "The Karmic return". If you resonate with Matt it will resolve your question.
  6. @Arkandeus Idk if this is helpful but yesterday I had a very beautiful realization that allowed me to finally accept and celebrate the rejection I couldnt help but feel from every single person who shut me down. It is not that they are un-enlightened. It is just that their GOD-self has a different preference than your GOD-self. If they reject you, they are only saying "Heyy we are not gonna be home for you because we prefer something else. Please do not waste time with us and go home we cannot bring forth for you what we are not." If others have a different lifestyle, if it contradicts yours, they are only guiding you home. They are the universe going heyy we are not ready for your lifestyle, get the hell out of here so you can be the most fullest most fulfilled and most joyful Self you are capable of being, for we are not just yet. I watched Matt Kahns newest video and he said something along the lines of "You look at your past, and it says I dont understand, what are you doing? It is making me uncomfortable. And you reply I know, thats okay. But it is time for me to go home."
  7. @Hsinav gotta change occupation then
  8. I really dont think that is in any way unconditional love. Unconditional love is not a feeling, all feelings are under the umbrella of love altogether. When you love someone only when you feel a certain way you are creating a condition. I can love you uncoditionally and shoot you in the face. The only condition, which youd consider a zero condition, is existence. Therefor unconditional.
  9. @John Iverson Its a calling of your repressed emotions pointing out the judgments you use against yourself and you call meditation. Treat the voice with kindness and love. Let me give you an analogy. For the sake of this analogy there is going to be you and your inner child. As if you existed as a parent to the child for your entire life. You havent been paying much attention to the child for many years. And suddenly you find out about this thing called MEDITATION woooo. Now im going to be a superman! I will meditate and I will have FUCKING 0 THOUGHTS AND FUCKING 0 EMOTIONS AND ILL BE A SUPERMAAN WOPIEEYOO OK. . let me just sit in pretended silence where I judge myself for doing everything in a non-superman like fashion, that is the way to get there. The inner child sees this and goes: lol, ok. Let me just make your life hell and put horrible thoughts and judgments and emotions into your system, until you start paying attention to me, instead of your ideas of becoming a superman. Your mind: All is one, thoughts come and go Inner child: Fuck youuuu Mind: Only love is real Child: Lol ok, youre worthless Mind: I am not my emotions Child: Waves of insecurity, anxiety, depression and existential crisis.... why would you care right? You are not your emotions... When the voice comes, answer it with the most sincere and deepest love-statement you can think of. Beloved inner child. I am so sorry for ignoring you and neglecting you. I will spend the rest of my days making it up to you. Please tell me whatever it is taht you need. I only exist to serve you. I am sorry. I love you. I am here with you completely and forever. I will never abandon or neglect you again. Let you and me merge into a union where we go through life achieving our highest potential, where I become a conscious and loving parent to you, and together we will become what we are, for the benefit of all.
  10. @Outer If I answer only what is spirituality the rest of the questions melt away. Spirituality is everything and nothing is actually spiritual. Spiritual growth is nothing outside of mundane activities and random occurrences. You wake up in the morning, you grow, you eat breakfast, you grow, you take a dump, you grow. You meditate, you grow, you self-enquire, you grow. You grow grow grow grow grow. All the other activities you listed are just different ways how to accelerate the never-ending expansion of growth. There is only a distinction for spirituality and non-spirituality in our culture merely because all other ways of growth are way too slow and lazy.
  11. @Joseph Maynor Why would you not want to accept your thoughts? You accept all these other parts of you Your arms legs Chest Head Hair beard eyes . . . Poor thoughts, leaving them out of your acceptance party. x(