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  1. @flowboy Maybe it's not fully risen but it's working slowly on your nervous system. You don't need to rush or force it, the gentler approach you take with yourself, the easier it will be to surrender to it. I am not saying anything to be worried or concerned about, but the work-shop can be great for you. Kundalini awakening is only scary if your intention is not aligned with surrender. The only part of you that can be terrified of it is the one that's being surrendered. It surely is challenging, and can bring up tremendous hurt from the past, but it's not something to be scared of. Just trust that the universe has your back
  2. @flowboy The healing energy of kundalini already feels as if it were alive within you.
  3. @khalifa Whether it is, or it is not kundalini is not important (that being said, it is kundalini). It's not like you have a choice here. You don't have any other option than to surrender to it and befriend it. If you don't befriend it, it will only get worse, to get even more of your attention and make your life even more confusing. It's your emotional wounds waking up from lifetimes of slumber, it's cycles of denial ending, and the more you fight it, the more momentum it will gather to eventually force you to surrender to something dramatic. There's no need for that. The dark and difficult stages can be experienced at a much quicker pace when you learn to harmonize with it. You are perceiving it as your enemy, maybe there is not need for that at all. Nothing is your enemy, everything is here to expand your life, maybe not for instant gratification, but ultimately for good.
  4. Actually there is no end to kundalini awakening. There is something called integration that makes it wonderful to be alive, but the process only morphes from purging darkness into embodying more love.
  5. @zeroISinfinity heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Niceeeeeeeeee! I'm so happy for you. <3 All my love for your journey ahead.
  6. @bejapuskas Hey, good point, you're completely right, good left-right brain balance is helpful in all professions, but if the left brain is being used as a way of suppressing the right brain, then it's common that the ways in which the suppression is taking place need to take a little vacation from being there at all so the whole nervous system can reset into a more harmonious and balanced state. The OP is clearly on his way to embracing unity, love, consciousness, emotional freedom and harmony. You can't use your right brain to get to your left brain, you have to put your right brain on pause and allow the feminine emotional principle weep and rage against a lifetime of suppression by the masculine. It's the same thing why people who are emotionally purging complain when people (classic scenario is men in this case) start trying to fix their problem instead of just listening and holding space.
  7. @LucyKid If I may chip in, I found a post of yours about your abusive father, which by the way I am deeply sorry about, I know what it's like to grow up with a narcissistic abusive parent and it truly is no treat, and the courage required to heal from that is indeed great. It's a form of PTSD. What I hear you saying is that you may be feeling like Maths and CS are holding you back. I can clarify your dilemma for you. You've gone through incredibly toxic masculine conditioning, judging from the situation you described in the post about your dad. When someone goes through something like this, it's like the feminine part of your nervous system (the creative, artistic, emotional and intuitive one) gets completely dominated by the unsafety and protection from the constant threat that was your family. Then you take interest in these really "masculine" and by that I mean highly analytical and problem-solving oriented activities. There is nothing wrong with them, but they are actually a form of coping-mechanism that keeps you safe from the PTSD within your nervous system. Your feeling and intuition that it's somehow combating your spiritual interests, which in your case would most likely need to be a very feminine exploration, is actually correct. It's not even that you have to quit CS and Maths, it's that once you open up to the hurt inside, you will start losing interest, and it might become virtually impossible to continue for a period of time. So maybe I am just here to prepare you, that if that happens, that's okay. That's by design.
  8. @Zigzag Idiot Hey Look at that, last night's prayer circle got uploaded! I sobbed a lot, it was just so awesome.
  9. An extraordinary example of embodying the light of our consciousness within our bodies by healing all the trauma and damage done to the inherent innocence dwelling in our bodies. Her story is amazing, her message and transmission of consciousness are exceptional. This is the way for all those who wish to be healed by their surrender.
  10. @Rebec OH I love Kyle! He's so lovely and sensitive and gentle, incredible man with great messages to deliver to hungry audiences at this time.
  11. I know... I am deeply sorry for your majestic and incredible gifts of royal empathy, compassion, openness and the glory of your open heart. I think there are many people that will agree with what you say here, the people who are too afraid of you shining of your light so brightly that it would transform all... but if you choose to agree with them, that's okay, after all the world doesn't need such bright shining lights like you... or does it? I will let you decide majestic one.
  12. @zeroISinfinity Maybe you can't find a job because the universe inside of you is screaming at you that you are special and made for greatness, and it won't let you do much with your life until you accept that reality that is intimidating to your ego.
  13. In some circles this would be called gaslighting :D. So funny. Liar Liar pants on fire.