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  1. @kev014 Much more relaxed, not too rushed, not as much of a structured way. More of listening to our emotions, more appreciating our inner child, less work, more patience, more kind parenting of ourselves as if we were our own children. :-)
  2. @Jordan94 ps when I wrote this guide I Was in a very tryhard place on my journey. It certainly isnt the most integrated way of approaching ones emotional healing.
  3. @Jordan94 There isnt a really way how its supposed to be done. Its just an exploration into what feels good, relaxing, supportive and nourishing for your emotions. Its not a matter of trying to heal, its a matter of allowing the healing that has always been underway. :-)
  4. I think the living without it is wayy more challenging.
  5. Oh my god I had a perfect advice for this I swear but... I just cant remember... ughhh
  6. @ShaharA Coffee is the gift from heavens, people who talk shit about coffe are the most unconscious bunch on the planet, they just jelly of the coffe-heaven-like perfection that enters our lives every morning.
  7. @EvilAngel OHhh story of my life... ding ding ding... Heres what happened with me. I had the same mentality, like I aint lonely, I Dont need people, people who seem overly attached kind of creeped me out (almost as if they like triggered a really creepy instincts in my gut). Which you know... thats enmeshment trauma After healing my enmeshment - allowing my repressed sense of self re-develop, allow myself to set boundaries and stuff, boy o boy, did I become a hell of a codependent.... But IT FET SOO GOOOD.... It got me in touch with my unresolved emotional needs, and strangely enough that felt better than avoiding and running away from connection. I came in contact with the part of me that was SOO starved of love, and I was sooo needy... for a while... and I LOVED IT It was so fun... Now im not saying you have enmeshment trauma... I am saying... think about things that I said if you like to think, thinking is fun!
  8. @EvilAngel Has it ever happened to you where youre overcoming codependency and all your friends who are still steeped in it are now all really weird to hang out with, and you just dont know what to do without looking like a little bit of a dick? Defeinitely happened to me a lot
  9. Haha really thats funny. Its true it did give off a bit of a codependent vibe... Even Matt did admit that it took him until recently to really work out codependency so who knows... maybe this was one of those working out moments ._.
  10. @EvilAngel I love Anita, if you wanna look into the same type of integrating the ego check out Matt Kahn he even did a facebook chat with her about life and stuff, theyre friends :-) And of course love the ego as the soul that resides within as an expression of consciousness, loving the ego is like loving the dormant, child-like potential that when integrated becomes an expression and embodiment of the soul. Its like loving the ego is loving the inner child. and Who is it that is loving the inner child??....Said the person who received an official award of the most neglectful and abusive parent ever. Congratulations
  11. im so sorry that life sucks like this for you. It sucks for me right now too... I am in a lot of pain. Maybe we can be friends in our pain. :-)
  12. I had a lucid dream-like experience of visiting the akashic records. There I was approached by souls from my life, namely many characters that abused me in my childhood asking for my forgiveness and apologizing for the pain they caused me. Next day as I woke up, I got a text from a former friend who has anti-social personality disorder - who preyed on me when I was a teenager - asking me for something, and I just swiftly replied with "No thank you." symbolising my ending of the codependent cycle. At the same time I was then guided to watch many videos on youtube about gaslighting and narcissism. Later the same day I was a witness to intense level of attempts of the two narcissistic roommates to gaslight me. It was fascinating. One of them, a covert narcissist acting like a totally sweet person, tried to diminish my attempt to comfort a friend. The other one - overt narcissist, said something about my sweet potato in the oven... AINT NOONE TALKING SHIT ABOUT MY POTATO! My sweet potato is a gift from heaven and you shall not spew your poison on such Aight?! Today was really intense! edit: Oh yeah there is an eclipse coming in tomorrow so this all makes sense :D. I wish everyone a happy blood moon 21.1/18 :-) edit2: I should mention during this visit I was balling so hard, I mean I was hurt really badly as a child and I have totally forgotten and dissociated from that. I am so grateful I get to heal all this pain. I have also become very needy and codependent and for some reaosn I absolutely LOVE discovering that part of me. It finally feels like I am able to invite intimacy in. Btw akashic records are pretty awesome, heaven rocks guys. The energy is pure bliss and perfection of consciousness.
  13. @Simon Håkansson That sounds like an awesome idea. Apologising can do several things. 1. You take fully and officially accountability for your actions, 2. If there is any residual pain that your friend might be struggling to release, your apology can help a lot and do a lot of healing work. :-)
  14. @Arhattobe Thanks. Ive been practicing and embracing being a child its doing such a work on my healing journey. Its nice to hear a validating feedback like yours. Whate are you talking about bro empathy is Gooorgeous.... being an empath is such a privellege and can feel soo good when you get to the bottom of the conditioning weve taken on from others. Being an empath is a glorious privellege, honor and one of the highest paths of mastery one can undertake. For no empath that ever existed has it ever been helpful to play small, endulge in self-denial and have more self-doubt. What empaths need is confidence, knowing that their feelings and desires matter! Finding self worth and value. Releasing all that creative power thats been trapped within their sacral chakras.