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  1. OMG I always wanted to be a pretty girl ?????, but it’s not a she, but I wish lol hahaha thanks for that that was funny, anyhow bye yall
  2. Very well, i think I’m leaving this forum. wishing everyone well, also pointing out that @Nahm Abuses his invulnerability to be blocked by others. Wishing everyone Peace and resolve.
  3. @kai0 dude there was a guy who just came to the thread to talk to a mod about getting a warning instead of sending a message. You can’t possibly compare the two lol What’s more the mod wasn’t even posting in the thread before he posted here. what he did was also against forum guidelines which is what annanata said
  4. No one said anything specific that I’m aware of, I’ve been accused of dismissal and abuse. I would like to see concrete instances of where I’ve done that. youre just accusing me of stuff without giving specific details. How could I take that seriously lol. if the case is what Nahm just quoted, that was a boundary. Admittedly a little rough around the edges, yet I’m not responsible for the problems of other people when I’m resolving something of my own, it was a distraction and it was quite an aggressive one, and I did not care for that.
  5. But isn’t this true, this is my thread about pretty significant issues, if someone starts weeping in a place where I weep, I don’t have enough space to weep out what I wanted to weep out (yes it’s a word, I just decided lol). what he posted was so far off topic and irrelevant that setting that boundary was necessary, even if I set it in a harsh way. i am not always 100% lovey dovey with everyone because I prefer being real. I used to be much more lovey dovey because I was overcompensating for fear of intimacy and authenticity. ps, I meant no disrespect when I said the only reason we are speaking is because you’re a mod and I can’t block you. Because the two of us have obviously a hard time getting along blocking each other is the best option, I cannot block you and you quoting me is violating our agreement Of you not engaging with me anymore. This isn’t done out of hatred but out of the respect for the personal space we both need to be our best selves outside of each other’s realities. I don’t know if you can as a mod but my suggestion would be for you to block me in the honour of our individualities. i don’t personally love that you’ve broken your promise of no longer interacting with me by quoting me again.
  6. I’ll even admit, I’ve called people names, taken my insecurities on others, manipulated, pressured, insulted and attacked others people in my life. Hands in the air, ‘‘twas me father for i have sinned’ that is because in the past I was in great amounts of pain that was yet to be healed. I haven’t always been so sure of myself that I felt like I can only positively contribute. It was a long and exhausting process of pain, death, rebirth and surrender until the light that I am started leaking through my words, choices and actions. and now I’m here. Almost feeling as if I could do no wrong, without being arrogant or narcissistic about it. and if I’ve done wrong, SHOW me, and if it was wrong in any way, I will make it right.
  7. I will not agree, but you’re entitled to your opinion and as such I honor your perspective and thank you for expressing it in a non-aggressive way, as confronting aggression is still something I can struggle with. just because I disagree doesn’t mean I’m abusing you come on we can’t be that codependent you’re much welcome ! ? ps guys yall saying how insensitive and abusive I am, coool gimme specifics I’m not scared to confront it all.
  8. Believe it or not I intimately understand your experience, you may be someone who gets overwhelmed by the emotional experiences of others and I wanna validate and confirm your frustrations, anxieties, hang ups and depression and sadness. It is all within you and you deserve to be seen and heard in it’s full glory. believe it or not everything you feel is your contribution to the healing of the collective and on behalf of humanity I wanna congratulate and thank you for everything you’ve done and continue doing on a daily basis, one feeling/thought/fatigue/frustration at a time. much love and all the best ❤️??
  9. Thank you for your feedback. Please be specific. When I pointed out Leo’s behaviour, I was specific, until you’re specific with me I have nothing to work with. thank you kindly.
  10. Then give me a direct example oh my god dude I don’t wanna bang my head against the wall here, just show me what I said you found insulting and We can move this conversation along, please don’t expect me to break down into inferiority complex just because you don’t Like the things I say.
  11. Well that’s nice, I wouldn’t but you’re free to think that haha if you say something and someone gets triggered you’re not abusing them, you’re standing for your truth, you’re committing to your experience
  12. Abuse would be ‘you’re using no dual ideas to justify fear of commitment, and that makes you a horrible human being and you’re wrong for being alive’.. to say how you see things when you see them clearly is not abusive in any shape or form , it’s just not codependent.
  13. Let me get this straight. you say I’ve insulted someone without directly saying who and what you have in mind, then you put a bunch of smiley faces, and then you have the audacity to say you’re not passive aggressive ? bro! Come on ? I’m an extremely positive person, and I’m positively feeling about how honestly speaking up and sharing about how things are will only have a positive effect on everyone here. I honestly want you to share, if I was at fault apology from me would be nice and welcomed wouldn’t it, if I’m not I can explain myself...
  14. Please remind me who and what I’d love to read more about it , be direct with me rather than passive aggressively say things about me thanks!