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  1. @aurum I think this is mainly a cultural issue. Youre American, you wouldnt believe how different and closed people can be in Europe, espeically UK. As an empath, when I arrive in the UK I literally have a mental breakdown just from taking in and feeling all the repressed unresolved pain in the people around me, for me personally its a trial by fire to be able to stand tall in the presence of such density and have my own sensitivities not completely paralyze me. But to make the point, when I was landing in Torronto for a summer job at camp, the energy was so welcoming and lovely, I literally felt instantly at home, safe and at ease. Of course guys are gonna be more extraverted, outgoing and approaching in places where opennes and safety are the names of the emotional atmosphere.
  2. @Healingheart Hi Healingheart. Not to be worried about the pain and fear within you. I hold great compassion for your healing. May you embrace love for your own heart as the healing remedy and best friend that over time will settle the feelings unsafety and unwinds the nervous system, and may you take time each day to breathe slowly to let your body know, that contrary to the trauma in your past, you are safe now. You are safe to feel all that is within you, and the only thing required is to take the next breath. I hope you have a wonderful evening.
  3. Loll actually hilarious
  4. @Nick5050 Amen. Let life break you apart, over and over, the sands of time fill up your lungs and the heat of the sun burn you to death, and from ashes rise a new. The only thing that can ever stop this process is our fear of being broken apart. Surrender it now, and let the show begin. This was a great conversation, thank you.
  5. Well actually the imbalanced overpowering masculine energy is the pitfall of practicality. The feminine energy is the receiving part. Feminine doesnt mean for women, feminine means receiver, artist, intuitive. But if we all just take a step back from our masculine minds (whether we are male or female gender wise) and just allow our hearts to receive our attention, the gifts of inner transformation, creativity, renewal and innocence will start blossoming, like an ever-waiting seed, that was buried in the soil of our inner darkness, just waiting for the nourishment of our light.
  6. Just receive. No practicality, receive your breath, receive your inner dilemmas, your pains, your emotions, receive the biggest insecurities of your inner child. Receive your own love and approval.
  7. @Nick5050 Hey! Are we arguing? I didnt know so thanks for letting me know! So what youre saying there is totally true. However being able to receive has absolutely nothing to do with bitching around and playing the victim role. Thats not necessarily the best way I would go about it. You can primarily talk about feelings with yourself, and make thta a priority for yourself to meet your needs, and certainly not make it a job of your partner to meet them. While it is okay to share your emotional needs with anyone at all, we need to have the awareness that you are the primary recipient of your own needs. You are the one who fulfills your emotional needs for attention, love and affection first and foremost. And when time comes you can share with either a partner or friends some of your emotions, and they can help you and support you through those. But thats not the primary reason for the relationship you have with them, am I making sense? You can only play the victim for as long as there is someone else you expect to be there for you. You can no longer be the victim, once you are the one who is always there to support you.
  8. Hi Nick! I know this is gonna sound totally batshit banana insane crazy. But just for the fun of contemplation, just for the joy of knowing the limits of your absolutely outrageous fantasy. What if men would be able to receive as well? I know... Insane isnt it... I mean who would be the warrior, savior, provider, accomplisher, king, ruler, the self-sacrificing male.... If he learnt to receive. What would that be like... I wonder.
  9. @Mikael89 Hey Mikael, im totally with you, hands upright in the prayer position "May Archangel Mikale reincarnate as a female, prefferably an instagram model with 30k likes on every picture, being able to live a life of abundane and joy just by sharing her beauty with the world." And while youre at it, since youre a dude in this life, give a read to the thread I wrote, may you find the peace and joy of your inner acceptance blossoming within.
  10. @Eric Tarpall Heyy! :-) Some time ago I wrote this thread and I figured it might be helpful. It is true that as males we are primed to be the ones who seem that need to work so hard in so many facets of our lives to even be deemed worthy in the eyes of females, and I empathise with you totally because it is a painful process. However it is not necessarily an invitation to turn and juged the women we so desire to be accepted and loved by, but it is an opportunity to look deeper within, to find the inner acceptance and embracement of ourselves that brings inner contentment with ourselves, and literally deletets the possibility of this dysfucntional codependent dynamic to be ever again played out in our reality. May you find this helpful. :-)
  11. @luismatos Hi during those moments self-care and self-love are really important. And yeah sometimes its really hard to function. Also creativity as @Nahm is an extraordinarily useful practice in those times, especially when it comes to expressing emotionally. I really like playing piano and singing, also writing a gratitude journal and self-appraisal (listing the things I have done right when I am in spirals of unworthiness and low-self-esteem) are great tools. Honestly I can lie in bed for days when the emotional fatigue really comes. I dont work but I am a university student and its been very hard to keep up with that, but somehow I have managed so far. Also when it comes to work and day-to-day activities, their benefit is the grounding they provide. Its quite crucial. When it comes to family and friends, the relatinoship side of your life will always be affected, as the emotional debris being buffed out has the most to do with our relationships. Sometimes it is time to set boundaries, to ask for space, or even to ask for support and for some to listen about what youre going through. And sometimes it is time for certain people to leave your life. If anything it makes relationships very dynamic. Dont be shy to take time to yourself. Youre very young and so taking space from your family when going through spiritual transformation can spare you a lot of conflict. You see when were emotionally buffing out, the inner child within is (and it as every right to) will tend to blame a lot of family members... honestly because it has to, and it needs to be done. At the same time, when this happens we are not ready to be reasonable and lead meaningful and productive conversations with the people who have hurt us in the past. I am not gonna say take the pain you have gathered from your family and keep it to your self, because sometimes there is a lot of room for improvement in communication and reltionship dynamics. But when in moments of being emotionally triggered, it is not the best time for debating.
  12. Thats true that in the end this is what happens, but in the beginning the left brain kinda has to go on vacation. Its kind of like when you look at it form a collective societal perspective and the historical and social aspects of it - The feminine energy (right hemisphere) needs to be allowed to rage free and dance free as the masculine takes the back seat, because the masculine dominated the feminine in the past to a brutal degree - were talking slavery, oppression towards minorities, women, children, artists and so on, and at the same time logic suppressing emotion, creativity, connection and open heartedness. If youre someone with a dominant mind over heart (left hemisphere dominating right hemisphere), allowing the heart being in the driver seat is what will do the balancing out. You dont wanna start with the premise that the two will have equal power. It has to come into harmony, as the masculine was dominant in the past, the feminine needs space to become dominant in order for harmony to dawn. btw Since my kundalini awakening, Its been a really big challenge to keep up with day-to day activities like doing school work, going to places, appointments, driving etc. - I swear to god, I used to be great at Maths, and for like year and a half I could not do it if my life depended on it, my brain wasnt getting it at all. - its all part of the masculine taking chillpill, allowing the feminine to rise to equal power.
  13. @Anna1 Well then we’re on the same page. That’s amazing. I am so grateful to have been able to connect with your prescious heart.
  14. I am inferrIng that you are worthy of living life mental-illness free. I am not saying it’s not real, but you deserve (I am not saying you should do this? I am saying you deserve) fully healed body and mind. Not telling you what to do, nor saying you are wrong In any way. I just wish to say what you deserve, and maybe a part of you can resonate with that.