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  1. @Angelique Love is what comes forth when judgement disappears. But it is not because of judgement being the opposite of love, even judgement is under the umbrella of love. Love is, love is pure perception. The more whe add layers onto love the more we perceive love-less-ness. But it is only out of love. Love so pure and so infinite, that it doesnt care if you perceive it and honour it. Love is You are But a ray, one of infinite rays of expressions of love. I love you and you love me. Forever-until eternity arrives there will be a never ending soul-mate relationship between you and I and all beings. Love is the primordial field, love is the onenness of all, and love is you and you are me. Love is.
  2. That is very well said. Thank you sir you be epic.
  3. @Dodo youre being retarded and you know it very well my dearest friend. I can tell by the use of your "haha" emojis. Just drop the act relax your mask relax your life and your eagerness. And thank you because even if you dont I will alwayd relax forthe both of us so really... yourr all set and done, only one day you will wake up and wont know what happened for the past several years of your life. So truly... you just chill homie. May you be blessed with so much love and wisdom that your heart bursts into pieces that will nourish and lighten up galaxies and worlds, as all beingd ascend in your almighty beauty givinh honour and respect to your god-self, which is all.
  4. @John youre using meditation as another layer of judgment you hide behind. Piece of advice. Try doing something else. How about going out and getting some beers as well? Dont havr to stop meditating, but cutting it down could bring more energy into your stagnant practice. What if you meditated just for 20minutes? How bad could that be? Meditation is not king, total and complete embracement of oneself that is the shit. Embrace your judgements, embrace your need to escape, embrace your defensiveness. Embrace change, embrace diversity, and embrace new things in your life.
  5. @Sevi oh careful there not to turn this into a weeb forum
  6. @Snick will I levitate if I do this? Please I tried everything. Cuming on a butterfly, kissing a plane, eating a bat, nothing woked! 😢
  7. @Sevi Sure Im in. Can we just switch to Anime? Im much more psyched about that!
  8. @Joseph Maynor I am confused but please Accept my apologie.
  9. That must have been the best cake ever!
  10. @Joseph Maynor why would you consider everyone interested in spirituality a Buddhist?
  11. Lets shush it guys! this is a fruitful and beneficial topic! Lets not get it locked for silly reasons and petty disagreements. We can be pretty clear that the likelihood of someone here raping before or after awakening is quite small!
  12. @Prabhaker dude like hands down, if you switch your practice for anything but meditation, you will benefit greatly right now.
  13. Leo dont Huurt me dont huury mee no more.....