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  1. @Arman I see what youre saying, but yet TM is a mainstream overpriced business. Look at the way he marketed it. He said that all other forms of meditation are shit. thats such a BS LOL. He placed mindfulness meditation and relaxation on the same level. He is just plain out lying and shifting truths into customers desperate need for hia teachings. He is feeding of insecurity. Sounds like great marketing to me. Doesnt sound like conscious effort to help
  2. @Arman They have to have some policy of "students" not teaching it unless youre working for them right? How enlightened. ❤️❤️😂😂😂
  3. Why do I have the feeling that every TM ad ever wants to scam me? WE CAN FIX HUMANITY!!.... but pay us... a lot. Pls. like srsly we so good but pay us.
  4. @Wormon Blatburm Assume that all enlightened people are just pretending to scam you. What would you do next?
  5. You should be on the path because it feels good. Or it feels right. Or because you intuitively want to be on the path. Not because there's a goodie at the end that you wanna get.
  6. @Afonso Ok. Ill just be honest with you though. Therapy will help everyone who isn't lazy and is sincere.
  7. @Ry4n If you go on the path and master meditation and your emotions, you will get rid of your OCD easy peasy.
  8. @Afonso Oh also. Get your ass to therapy.
  9. @Afonso It can take a year or 2, but eh... that's not really that long considering the rewards (your self-esteem won't be "normal"... what's considered "normal standard of self-esteem" in our culture is literally not far from self-hate.) You will gradually achieve "absolute" self-esteem.
  10. @Afonso Dig deep, release past trauma, spiritual purification and sadow-work. Any other kind of solution WILL BE surface level and WILL backfire in the long-shot. Something along the lines of I am not good enough I am worthless I am unlovable Is going on in your subconscious. You just gotta "cry, rage, scream and fear" it out. Along releasing this trauma biological changes WILL take place within your system as your ego (mind-body) cleanses. Care for livers during the catharsis, drink liver-cleansing tea. Do breathing exercises to boost emotional release and awaken kundalini which will do the job for you like a magic pill
  11. @Huz if you want teachers I'd recommend RSD Julien and Tyler (only latest content though) and then NaturalLifestyle (Australians =D). All these do what I would call conscious pick-up.
  12. @Huz Yeah she might be. Not just looks. Like FUCK NO! Your whole energy and shit. The way you carry yourself, your whole body-language, your ability to make eye-contact, your values, your speech. But on first sight... ye looks matter, but if a guy sleeps with a girl just because of her looks, it won't even feel good (lol) if the rest is not alright. Ofc every guy is different so...
  13. @Visionary Hahaha yea Im prolly just bullshiting. I wanna do some shrooms but no way I can get my hands on any right now. Peace man
  14. Dude you just threw an excuse on yourself. Ok maybe youre right. Like... I am probably a little deviant from the normal avarage person in the world. But hey! There is nothing life can throw at you that you cannot overcome. So why not be a little-more light hearted eh? If I think about it, the only times when kundalini can cause issues is when you're in resistance. NOW MAYBE IMA FULL OF SHIT SO TAKE A CHILLPILL K But it might be worth a thought!