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  1. I don't think it should be something too difficult to wrap your head around... everyone has their gifts in life. Some people are super smart while others are more athletically gifted. Obviously some people will just naturally be more aware than others.
  2. At least your a porcupine tree fan. We need more of those in the world.
  3. @DreamScape yeah I know what you mean, I had what they called a kundalini awakening about 4 years ago (though I don’t like to call it that anymore). I’m just trying to help you deepen your awakening by telling you to lose the whole concept of kundalini (I.e deconstruct it). It’s nothing more then a concept your mind is making up.
  4. There really isn’t such thing as awakening “kundalini”. Try and drop this concept as it complicates things. Your just going through an energetic experience because you opened up your consciousness or had a awakening. The more you awaken the more free energy you will feel going through your body which is often referred to as kundalini.
  5. @fridjonk Thanks for your concern but I’ll be right... I’ve experienced bad mushroom and lsd trips before which are much longer in duration and well aware psychedelics aren’t something you do for “fun”. I’ve experienced awakenings through meditation and self enquiry over the years and deeply interested in knowing the nature of reality. @Leo Gura@Arzack Thanks guys. Plugging it seems the way to go. Thought you could snort it to? Guessing you waste a bit that way?
  6. So I should have my first lot of 5-MeO-DMT (0.5g) coming to my house sometime next week. I'm excited about trying this and see what the hype is about. Just wondering what dose people suggest I take to experience myself as god. FYI I'm not a total newbie to psychedelics, I have done LSD (twice), DMT (twice), and mushrooms (three times).
  7. @Johnny5 Yes spot on. Seriously just listen to Adyshanti (or Mojo, Rubert Spira or Eckhart Tolle) enough and it will strip the ego right out of you. Compare their energy and teaching style to Leo's... whats the difference. I never see any of these people projecting anything. They are simply being humble and having joy helping others. They give advice when they are asked... They are not projecting or claiming to have had the best mystical experience or whatever.
  8. Urgh.. theres a lot of people who expect replies and misinterpret where I'm coming from. Don't get me wrong, Leo has helped me enormously. I've been watching most of his videos for years and he was the one who introduced me to the path to begin with. I went hardcore with the enlightenment & meditation stuff to point it was my number 1 priority in life. The reason I want to warn people about the Messiah complex is because when I look back over the last few years I can see that I was in one for a long period of time. Especially after the first awakening experience. Also many enlightened teachers have gone through it themselves and speak about it. I sort of feel like its a inevitable phase to go through for a lot of people, but hopefully just giving a warning makes some people reflect/introspect and get through it sooner. Its a tricky phase because the ego loves power and status. It will even tell it self that its not being superior so that continue live the false dream. Also yes, the "wanting" to change the world is a function of the ego. Once you see through these desires and wanting tendencies they naturally fall into emptiness, love and innocence. Another flowing force sort of takes over. One that doesn't have a particular agenda but that goes one way or another because it feels right (its all intuitive).
  9. @Preety_India hahaha thanks, you look quite nice yourself. I decided to remove my pic as I don't think it necessary to show myself to the world..
  10. I don’t recall many people on here (even Leo) ever talking about the trap of a Messiah complex happening after having awakening experiences. It’s surprising because it’s probably the most common and dangerous trap people find themselves in. Just reckon it needs to be talked about here more. Especially when Leo keeps advising a young audience to chemically induce mystical experiences with the intention of discovering they are god.. People need to realise that after a premature or forced awakening the ego can be inflated greatly.
  11. @Nahm Thanks for your suggestion, it does help to see it in that way I know its never going to be starting over, there has been a lot I have discovered about myself and grown as a person while working at my current job.
  12. @FourSeasons Thanks for your input.Its good to know there are others in the same boat. I am trying to learn a bit about basic online business during the weekends (e.g. selling on Amazon) so I can stop depending so much on the 9-5 income. I wish you luck with your own path @Leo Gura Yeah true, it does make sense. Awakening opens a person up to new possibilities and inspiration which makes it hard. Unfortunately we got to play by societies rules by some degree if we're going to make a living. Be a bit of a charmeloen..
  13. So I am a 26 year old guy who had a kundalini awakening about 3-4 years ago. Since then its been a bit of a roller coaster ride, I've experienced some ecstatic states of consciousness but also some crazy bouts of anxiety and depression that I have been working through daily (I've had a bit of a dark past beforehand). The hardest part has been working a full time job as a electrical engineer the last 2 years and trying to keep focused while have this unpredictable energy working through different parts of my body. Its given me a lot a of anxiety and I've also noticed that I don't have much interest in engineering anymore with my change in perception. I just see how limiting the whole corporate 9-5 system is, its a bit soul destroying. I have been getting a greater desire to start over with my career, something more creative and soul enriching but I don't know what yet. Just wondering if starting your own business often comes after a spiritual awakening? I don't know if I can hold onto the whole 9-5 way of living much longer..
  14. mmm don't think humour is the best way to judge a persons level of consciousness. Lots of comedians have struggled with depression (e.g. Robin Williams and Jim Carrey). I see it as more of a personality trait.
  15. Maybe its a good sign. As Adyshanti put it: "the purpose of meditation is to exhaust the seeker".