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  1. You seem to expect me to communicate to you with telepathy. Of course we have to communicate through concepts in an online forum. Come to my place and maybe you are open enough for shaktipat. Words cannot communicate direct experience of course, they only produce an image of it. Although that was mentioned under "What is the nature of reality?" question. However you skipped the text just so you can tell me how wrong I am and how right you are. You don't seem to realize that this duality doesn't exist. I speak to you as if i'm speaking to myself. Also you comparing your DMT experience with actual enlightenment is the height of ignorance, unworthy of further discussion. People will always abuse drugs and mistake their mystical experiences with "deeper" levels of enlightenment and that is an unfortunate fact of life. I highly doubt you had a "direct" experience with reality when you were so busy freaking out over the walls of eyes and the so called "entities."
  2. @Serotoninluv Refer to the last question on the list please You are trying to tell me to enter samadhi, which I am permanently in, and yet there are concepts there! How odd!
  3. @Hafiz I realize that right now the answer to those questions might be of value to you, but I'm here to tell you that searching for them will only confuse you. The answer is that there is no "I" who is making you your decisions. There are no decisions being made by anybody FOR anybody. Things happen spontaneously through the mysterious power of the Self. Your heart beats by itself, and there is no will behind it other than divine will. The truth is that you are the divine. But your divinity is not some childish concept that could be transmitted through simple words. Be divine. as you are. Be enlightens as you are already enlightened.
  4. @Serotoninluv There is no such duality here. There is no "I" who believes in anything. There is no need for expansion either, it is already there, everywhere. There is just the concepts, they are signposts. In fact, I could tell you that I am the signpost. You worrying about someone being out there who might be kept ignorant because they believe in these concepts are an illusion emanating from your mind. You see, the Self willing to show itself its true nature assumes the mantle of the prophet. That's what Mohammed said: submit to the will of Allah and don't ask questions. And Christ said be your true self. These are all the same "concept." There is use in not holding on to concepts, but that is only of value BEFORE you are enlightened. If you make a virtue of ridding yourself of concept, that only leaves you with an empty mind. An empty mind could be helpful to attain self-realization, but it does not ensure it.
  5. What is enlightenment? Enlightenment is the realization that you are not an entity within reality, but rather reality itself. How to be enlightened? You are already enlightened, however you have chosen to pretend not to be. Ignorance (as opposed to enlightenment) is mostly a distraction. It is fueled by the strength of your worldly attachments for the most part. Regardless, the only thing you have to do to be enlightened is to simply *be* enlightened. How has one chosen to be ignorant? Ignorance is mostly taught by society. Since birth, a particular region in reality (the body you are currently inhabiting) is singled out and said to be you (John for example, or Sarah, or whatnot). How can one shed this ignorance? By realizing that you are not this specific region within reality, but reality itself. To use an analogy, you are not the figure depicted in a photograph. You are the photograph itself. What is the nature of reality? It cannot be put to words. Were it so, it would be limited. Words divide. Reality is integrated and whole. However, all these Isms we are attaching to reality can never capture the truth. Regardless, sages have tried to do so. Reality is therefore described with words such as: Infinity Omnipotence Omniscience Existence Intelligence Consciousness Bliss Pure limitless potential God Etc. What is the Self? The self is just another word used to describe reality. However it is a good one at that, because it carries the connotation that reality is in fact, you. What is the world? The world, or Maya, is a holographic projection off of reality, created by the individual’s mind. Simply put, the mind interprets raw reality (pure potential) to look a certain way, and that appears to the Self as the world. What is the ego? The ego is a collection of emotionally charged thoughts and memories, often mistaken as the true self. The ego has a fascination with imitating reality and that often causes quite a bit of confusion. What is “I”? The “I” is a like a flagpole around which the ego assembles. It is the first division of reality. “I versus the rest.” You can trace back reality in this direction: Ego -> I -> The Self What is God? God only exists in relation to the lowly ego who has found itself alone and powerless in the world. Both God and Ego are the Self, pretending to be something else other than itself. If "I" attain "enlightenment" will I become like superman? No. But..? You do not "attain" enlightenment. You already are enlightened. F$%K you Misagh! Who are you to tell me all these things you ignorant, egoic, etc. etc. *gently flips the table and floats away.
  6. @Mikael89 You are trying to integrate reality so it's whole again? :') Also you are projecting quite a bit. I never said this advice is ONLY for turquoise.
  7. 1. Who is "We"? That's just the "I" masquerading. Who is this "We" who is doing the watching? It's all the same: a thought or a collection of thoughts. 2. The Self. 3. Yes but this process is gradual are requires further work. 4. The point is, that once you self-realize, you regain the ability to not always want to change the situation in your benefit because you no longer see others as separate. In the words of Alan Watts, if you are caught in the river stream, to the degree that you go with it, you are still. 5. This pretty much shows that you are not self-realized. Your perspective is of someone who is "IN" reality, not someone who "IS" reality. The idea is, that if you are not able to see what are people see, is because that sensation does not exist. You imagining that it does is an illusion. Although, there are cases that those sensations do in fact exist, and you do perceive them, whether consciously or not. For example, YOU are 100% responsible for the beating of your heart, but does the little "I" know that? No. You are trying to perceive reality from the little Is perspective and that is causing the issue. I can explain this further if there is interest.
  8. What you call a sage, I call an ignorant child. What you call an ignorant child, I call a sage. It's all the Self, no matter what you call it. That is the important thing. The wise ones know this, the ignorant ones don't. It's quite simple, so I say it again, all is the Self. Know this without there being a knower.
  9. @Rilles This is an incredibly worthwhile video.
  10. @Joseph Maynor Great answer. I specially agree with the part where you said that Turquoise is attached with positively impacting maya. It's funny because whenever I mention this (that their attachment is yet another ego illusion) to Turquoise individuals they ignore me, much like how lower stages ignore advice that can shatter their own attachments. You seem to have the Sat (being-ness) and Cit (intelligence) aspects of the Self realized. Have you made any headways in realizing the last aspect, ananda (bliss)? I can't say that I have ever had to go through the dark night of the soul. I certainly did have to go through the dark night of the mind (which you called your first dark night of the soul) where I couldn't figure out what I was independent of the ego. Also, when realization finally dawned, it wasn't as shocking an experience as most people seem to have (judging by the "I am enlightened" posts here which are in abundance). But I guess that was because my ego had never had that tight a grip over me. I had always been doubting and seeking since childhood.
  11. I'd be very interested to see the results of this. Keep us updated if you ever do attempt it!
  12. Here's the most important line from that video: "I recommend forgetting about enlightenment." The path he described will get you to the witness state or the "I am" state but no further. Do not mistake this state for enlightenment. Enlightenment is when every trace of being an "I", in other words "I am-ness" dissolves. At that state you have been fully immersed in the self, so there is no longer any distinction between the seer and the seen.