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  1. Beautiful! And that sentence "Mind originates in 0. To be reborn as the Self, one must travel the mind to absolute zero, so it can spring out fresh and new in the Heart. ♥ ♥ ♥ " That was meant for me! I want to surrender so badly!
  2. I like that last sentence, how do you know this?
  3. Spirituality is just a dream! Another movie on the screen! "Me" yelling about silence, that's just part of the dream. Leo and Ramana Maharashi.. ..just characters in the dream. (lovable though, haha like if that mattered the least) And nothing really ever happens, everything is nothing but a dream. Most of all, this post is a part of the dream! But the notion of it all is real.
  4. What/who points towards it? "You" are almost there! Ready to collapse in to spiritual silence?
  5. the notion of it, and nothing can be said about it.
  6. @Dodoster WHY 6 synonyms for the same "thing"? Your True Self = Void = Zero = Zeroth Dimension = Emptiness = Absence of anything Isn't 5 synonyms enough? Void = Zero = Zeroth Dimension = Emptiness = Absence of anything Do we really need a 6th synonym (your true self) for the very same "thing"? What happened if we subtract word for word in your equation, does anything change? You must admit that the shorter expression, the better, unless it becomes untrue.. so lets find out the shortest expression.. We start with all 6 of them.. Your True Self = Void = Zero = Zeroth Dimension = Emptiness = Absence of anything We reduce the equation to 5 equivalents.. (Anything change?) Void = Zero = Zeroth Dimension = Emptiness = Absence of anything We reduce it further to 4 equivalents.. (Anything change?) Zero = Zeroth Dimension = Emptiness = Absence of anything 3 equivalents..(Anything change?) Zeroth Dimension = Emptiness = Absence of anything 2 equivalents..(Anything change?) Emptiness = Absence of anything Only one description for this "thing".. (Anything change?) -Absence of anything Do we really need even that ONE description? (Absence of anything) HOW ABOUT SILENCE? (Anything change?)
  7. @Gopackgo Well, it was meant as a critique to the enlightenment fenomenon. A person that not tap in to the idea of themselves as conscious agents may face difficulties in life! It was my attempt to shed light on this by a silly thought experiment!
  8. Your question is much better then mine! You can't really distance yourself that much from collective consciousness. If the collective consciousness is poisoned, shall we just be at peace with that.? If you are on a battlefield, you got two options, get involved or get killed! That metaphor is maybe not useful, but don't you think the big tsunami wave of low consciousness eventually will bring us all down?
  9. I know! The urge to express myself is probably greater then the urge to use proper words and grammar! Glad you answered anyway.
  10. I get you! Great answer! Martin, don't you think there are traps though? It could be my crumbling ego in OP.. The purest form of love! Yes, I know, but, something is problematic. Hers's the thing. I love the realizations that I have had, when you realize "you" don't exist, it's just overwhelming. Too much love almost. Love for everything. And laughter, and tears. Everything seem so easy also, it can't be anything but bliss from now. But that's not how it goes, we must meditate more, etcertera. Therefore I ask if we interfere with some conditioning or interfere with how our ego is hard wired in us. Life is always so infinite promising , but we don't really get there. Look at this forum, everyone is just about to finally transcend their ego, and find their bliss, joy and happiness. Just a small piece is lacking for the enlightenment life. Somehow that small piece seem to always be lacking. I hope you are right. Sometimes I think that truth happened to people, but it can't happened all the time. We are that truth that occasional happened to people!
  11. Can you imagine a more destructive thing for a Person to engage in. Enlightenment by definition means NO person. It means a struggle to cease to exist. In that respect it must be the most destructive thing to engage in, next to suicide, since suicide ends the physical body as well! You are of course enlightened already, I am enlightened. But the person that write this isn't and can never be enlightened. A person is conditioned in a certain way. A person is wired a certain way. A person is a derivate of truth. A lie if you like to be mean. Now, A person has a reference system where duality is true, where time and space are robust entities. The global objective reference system tell us that NON duality is true. Pure non objective quality consciousness/nothingness is the only thing there is. Now, if you superimpose the infinite capital T-truth reference system upon the local personal reference system, you don't have to be a genius to figure out what a clash. Two contradicting truths is supposed to unite. How can you unite a dual and a non dual truth. Syntax error. A person if he/she is mature enough can benefit to understand that there is no conscious agent that governs that very person. And that duality is an imaginary dimension that persons operate in. Intellectual understanding is enough. experimental understanding is ok with help of psycadelics, but that is a Brief thing! The person is not meant to be outsourced on regular basis, even though the person is an imaginary value. DON'T INTERFERE WITH NATURAL UNFOLDING!! I know it's complicated, the lie is truth, and the truth is a lie. That's how crazy it is, but that is how it suppose to be. There are imaginary dimensions! And persons get glimpses of truths as well, nothing he/she need to chase. There will be mail in his mental inbox whispering some truths. All persons should unfolds as persons. They shouldn't be too hard on themselves.
  12. There is a quote: “Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.” Maybe this goes for society as well! Anyway, being naive save you from being marinated in the low conscious state that society is today. To have a truly realistic view of society might not be compatible with hi individual consciousness. Anyway, what do you prefer? Truly and absolute realistic view? Or a slightly blind, but loving and compassionate view? Are those attitudes compatible?