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  1. Also other people are talking about similar topics. I don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes, but there sure seems to be more going on behind the scenes than we want to admit: Tom Montalk Ra Imhotep El
  2. Christian mystic Bernadette Roberts. The path to no-self The real Christ "Only God is love, and for this love to be fully realized self must step aside. And not only do we not need a self to love God, but for the same reason we do not need a mind to know him, for that in us which know God, is God." Look at that smile...
  3. Hi everybody! Try checking out It's an online international university, which offers BAs and MAs in conscious social entrepreneurship and transpersonal psychology. They also teach some personal development to all of their students. And the courses are quite affordable. They are very flexible and student-centered. I hope it helps. @Leo Gura You might want to post about it on the blog; I think it could be valuable!
  4. @Elia Gottardi Nice! Let me add you to the chat
  5. You are very welcome @Cosmo, I wish you all the best.
  6. I really learned a ton from Charles. I suggest reading this book as a grand overview of his ideas and spirit. But before diving into that, maybe an interview could be enough. I find it particularly relevant for this forum-community because I see many of us getting involved in self-and-spiritual development with an outdated mindset basically, within the same overall societal attempt to hyper-manage and control stuff, which entails a sense of perpetual struggle and uneasiness with ourselves. I think that watching the interview will shed a lot of light on what I mean. In general, I highly recommend exploring Charles' in tandem with Sri Aurobindo's work, and drawing connections between the two. Interesting enough, it seems to me that this more organic view and vision of life and personal-development coincides a lot with Leo's latest insights. I hope you'll find it valuable! If you want to, you can read the book for free from his website (
  7. After having re-defined psychological development (with way more nuance than spiral dynamics), he fleshes out a vision (and, in the coming books, the necessary tools to manifest it) for a post-industrial and digital society which central pillar is the active fostering of the psycho-"spiritual" development of its members. He of course explains why this is desirable and inevitable if we are wanting to face the multiple innovation-crises and their unpredictable interactions. And actually even why the countries, and social networks, that adopt this principle will outcompete the others who don't. Cool stuff. "As we move from the industrial age and its nation state to an internet age with a globalized postindustrial market a question presents itself: What is the next major developmental stage of society after the liberal democracy with a balance between capitalism and welfare state? In this book Hanzi Freinacht offers a compelling answer to this question. We are reaching the limits of modern society and we must work to achieve a metamodern society, that is, a society which goes beyond modern life and its institutions. The metamodern society of the future is a listening society; a society more sensitive to the inner dimensions of human beings. Drawing upon an elaborate weaving of psychology, sociology, political science and philosophy this book lands in a positive vision for the future. It shows how a clear description of human psychological growth – how we grow as human beings – can also offer us key insights into how global society can and should evolve in the internet age. A politics that can help humans grow to the later stages of psychological development is also one that can be capable of meeting the staggering challenges of our time. In the first part of the book Hanzi examines the politics and culture of the Nordic countries and shows how these progressive societies offer a fertile ground for metamodern politics. The basis of such metamodern politics is also described. In the second part of the book he turns to developmental psychology, describing how humans evolve through a series of stages – and how this matters immensely for the happiness and survival of us all. As this story unfolds – in a uniquely provocative genre breaking manner – you will also glean insight into your own developmental stage and those of people around you. Read with caution."
  8. I just added you to the chat @Astrum_arcanum
  9. Ahahahaha @LeoBacca Have you ever heard of Marco Guzzi? He's a philosopher, and lives in Rome. I read some of his books, watched many videos, and find him very insightful, and fun too. Maybe you would like his stuff.
  10. @billiesimon@Giulio Bevilacqua Thanks for writing! If you pass by Milan and want to hang out, just send me a private message here. I'll do the same if I pass by Florence or Venice. Stay well in the meanwhile.
  11. @Haenir@F A B Nice! Glad that you decided to reach out. I'll send you a private message.
  12. Hi everybody, I would like to meet some like-minded and like-hearted people. I live in the North of Italy, near Milan. Does any of you live in the proximity? Or do you know anybody else living here who's into self-actualization?
  13. I live close to Milan, but I know people in Rome involved in this kinds of stuff. Search for "DarsiPace Marco Guzzi" on YouTube. There are some young people involved in this movement, and many are from Rome.
  14. @iridule@Enizeo@MsNobody Thank you all, I really appreciate! I have an Instagram account @stefanoprovenzi where there are more drawings and sketches. I've been self-taught for 3 years or so, practicing almost everyday. At the moment I'm not drawing anymore, but who knows, maybe I'll get back at it.