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  1. Hi everybody, I would like to meet some like-minded and like-hearted people. I live in the North of Italy, near Milan. Does any of you live in the proximity? Or do you know anybody else living here who's into self-actualization?
  2. I live close to Milan, but I know people in Rome involved in this kinds of stuff. Search for "DarsiPace Marco Guzzi" on YouTube. There are some young people involved in this movement, and many are from Rome.
  3. @iridule@Enizeo@MsNobody Thank you all, I really appreciate! I have an Instagram account @stefanoprovenzi where there are more drawings and sketches. I've been self-taught for 3 years or so, practicing almost everyday. At the moment I'm not drawing anymore, but who knows, maybe I'll get back at it.
  4. Yes. I'm able to stop my thinking process, or at least reduce it drastically, almost "on command" (mainly depending on my degree of lucidity). I've been meditating for 2 y, but for me it was necessary to be very conscious and mindful also in daily activities (such as now, while writing this post). If you want to know more specifics, I talk about in my "The Tao of Body-Awareness", especially in the comments' section. You can find the link beneath this. Good luck.
  5. These guys are definitely at yellow, if not higher. And this video is worth watching in any case. Next, I will spotlight 2 of the speakers. Watch the previous video first, and then dive in. Daniel Schmachtenberger Here is his podcast. Some of the topics covered are: holistic health, integrative medicine, ketamine therapy, epigenetics, meditation, biohacking, neurofeedback, technology, intelligence… and the list goes on. Very insightful. He said that he tried 5-meo-DMT multiple times. That's a nice coincidence. Jordan Greenhall He works with Daniel. His thinking is wide, deep, systemic, and clear. @Leo Gura What are your thoughts on them?
  6. @NoSelfSelf With the word "violent", the author means a way of communicating which does not honor life, which does not address the needs of people, which involves judging and pointing fingers, and not taking responsibility for one's thoughts and emotions. He points to another way of communicating with others and oneself, which is "non-violent", and so honors life and honesty. It is very much based on kindness and understanding. "Conflict" can be a confusing word. In my opinion, people can disagree and not be compatible, and still respect each other, and that to me in non-violent. If instead of respect there is hate and judgement, then the disagreement becomes "conflict", or simply violent communication. I hope this helped.
  7. @NoSelfSelf I do not understand your question. Could you re-formulate please?
  8. @phoenix666 Thanks for sharing! Yes I'm sure. I've been swimming for years, and in the past I would just be thinking all the time at random things. Now, since I set the intention to be conscious, water is beautiful and silent. I too resonate with Leo and find it useful most of the time, but I said so because I noticed suffering in the background. Checking the forum was done form a place of wanting to be entertained and distracted. And it's not really bad in itself, but we must realize what are we doing here. I'm wanting to go all in, and drop what I intuit needs to be dropped, sooner or later. And so I will not be interacting so much anymore. Firstly because I want to spend less time in front of a screen, and more face to face with people. Secondly because I believe enough has been said, in general, there are so many books, so many posts, so many videos… and most of them are just noise. And so I choose not to contribute to the mess, unless I've something really valuable to share, and to be silent and listen. I'm glad you found the practice of body-awareness powerful. Enjoy your day
  9. @phoenix666 You are welcome! I practiced kick boxing for 4 years, and danced a lot as I said, but in my experience it was not linked at all with body awareness. I started to develop this practice mostly an year ago, and I did so because I committed to self development and consciousness work, and I saw in body awareness a very powerful and SIMPLE tool. I really like simplicity. I want to write a bit about this topic of simplicity. I realized that most of my suffering and unwise action is a consequence of an assumption of incompleteness, of not being good enough, or of needing something to be "done", to be able to live life. This motive was fueling also my self actualization journey: I was reading many books, and watching many videos, in search of some secret trick, or who knows what, a solution maybe. But inside I could feel a sense of discomfort, and angst. Long story short, I realized that all I wanted was for somebody to tell me "You know what to do. You are your own guidance. You know what's best for you!". And of course it is true, I know what's best for me and what to do. And all the methods and techniques that I can read about were developed by people living their lives as I am living mine. I mean that what everybody has is reality, is our personal experience, and all we need can be found here. And so my meditation practice is just about sitting twice a day for 45 minutes, and being with reality as much as I can, just seeing it for what it is and surrendering all my pretenses, judgement, and assumptions. And my journaling practice is just about journaling, not following some particular exercise or whatever, because I just know what I need to write about. And my bodily practices are just about feeling into the body and moving… and it may take the form of dancing, stretching, or whatever, but it's dictated by what's needed now and what I know is best now. And this knowing of what's best in every moment, is possible by a deep listening, to the heart, or intuition, to the only voice which doesn't need words to express itself, but just knows. And this is possible because I freed my mind from thoughts… thanks to body awareness. "The circle is complete." -Hitler Edit As a great example, when Leo started answering again on the forum and posting on the blog, I saw this distortion playing out again. I was checking the often during the day, hoping to be illuminated with some powerful video or post. But again, really?? What magical words will save me? (Still with all my gratitude to Leo, and his work.) I realized once again how illusory is this cheese-chasing, this consumerism mindset which permeates everything. Let's flip the switch and realize that WE can guide, we can produce, create, give, contribute, and that this only will be both cause and effect of realizing that we are already and ultimately complete.
  10. @Leo Gura Welcome back Leo! How deeply have you delved into Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga? I ask because I've read one of his books, his teachings really resonate with me, and I see a lot of similarities between what he wrote and what you said in the video you posted on the blog. In particular regarding the Heart. He writes that there is where the psychic being (or soul) is accessed. He suggests to develop an inward awareness, a deep listening. The more the psychic being is un-veiled, the more one feels guided on the spiritual journey, the more one knows from within what's "right" or "wrong" regarding thought, speech, and action. And this is totally the case in my experience; in fact in this deep intuition lies my guidance, and it's very accessible given that my mind is mostly free of thoughts. Also the act of surrender. This is key in Aurobindo's work. And he distinguishes this "psychological" and more advanced practice, from the other "mechanical" practices (chanting, pranayama…). And again I find this to be the case also in my experience. And it seems like you Leo resonate with it too. Very fascinating are also his writings of a Divine Life on Earth, of a new human species, realized by the descent of consciousness from above. I believe his thinking was influenced a lot by Christianity: as Above so Below, the descent of the Holy Spirit, the redemption of matter. And he actually embodied many of the things he wrote about. What are your thoughts and intuitions about this?
  11. Here is a series of videos from the author, Daniel P Brown. I enjoyed it very much.
  12. @MaycolThanks for sharing In my experience, most self development can be done by relating to others, and communicating as honestly as possible, while maintaining full body awareness. As simple as this sounds, so much shit comes up when I commit to being honest and authentic (while maintaining a non-violent communication). Especially given the many differences that I have from other people: even just being involved in consciousness work, and wanting to contribute to the world, instead of being focused on social status and consumerism. The frictions that emerge during the discussions, mixed with a full-(somatic and emotional) body awareness, will be like a flame that burns the ego and purifies. Really, to me, what's really required is not reading a thousands books (even if I do), but having the balls to go through the process above described.
  13. @John Iverson there are a lot of differences. The first thing which comes to mind is that the focus of kriya is to bring your energy up, and the focus of the integral yoga is to bring it down (from above, from outside of the body). Here you can find many information regarding the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo. Take a look:
  14. @John Iverson Nope Being able to communicate in an honest, clear, and loving way is magical enough for me