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  1. @Seeker_of_truth @Dizzy Thanks I will definitely check them out! @Prabhaker Ah I see. In that case, would you mind listing a few teachers who teach for the physical benefits? I am just hoping to get a good start on yoga because I have never done it before. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys! I was reading Leo's blog about yoga and it caught my interest. Like he said, its important to find a good teacher and not just one that teaches yoga for its physical benefits. Have any suggestions (websites, youtube channels, etc) ? Thanks!
  3. @ajasatya When you mean come back, do you mean like focusing on your breath? And wouldn't that be considered doing something as well?
  4. @eskwire Yeah, that is something that I often forget but is so important. Compassion is for everyone, including myself. Definitely, assertiveness is something that I also strive for as well, being a low self-esteem person for a majority of my life. Now that you mention it, having assertiveness will be like killing two birds with one stone for me haha, in terms of both self-esteem and understanding authentic forgiveness. I think I'm going to start by dusting off the book "six pillars of self-esteem" in my cabinet and start cracking down on the book . And Yep! I gotchu
  5. @eskwire Yeah after thinking a bit about these posts, I guess at the end of the day I would rather be truthful to myself and not fully forgive someone than have the image that I am forgiving someone,yet deep inside I haven't, which leads to passive aggressiveness. Assertiveness huh? Can you go into a little more detail about that? The correlation doesn't seem to click for me haha And ya, sounds like a plan
  6. @eskwire Haha yeah, your post really resonated with what I was thinking so I thought it was directed towards me Just wondering though, how did you deal with your passive aggressiveness back then?
  7. @eskwire Ooops my b. Thought you were someone else that answered my question haha...awk
  8. @eskwire Thanks for the thoughtful response! That's definitely something i am going to keep in mind. I always saw forgiveness as "FULL"forgiveness, I never really saw it as something that could be worked on and maybe even forgotten over time. Also, how do you organize your insights? I'm curious because the way I am doing it right now seems inefficient :p. Thanks again
  9. @Saarah Ok sweet thanks! I appreciate all your help
  10. @Ayla @Flower What I realize is that what I think is forgiveness is actually just me overlooking the person's actions and just saying I forgive you because in my mind that is what a good person would do. But then I end up just being passive aggressive to them. How do I obtain true forgiveness and not this superficial one? Also, along my journey I realize how neurotic I am in my self improvement, and I was wondering if you guys have some good sources or links that would help me out (I've seen all of leo's vids on this subject). Thanks a lot guys. it means a lot
  11. @Martin123 Sweet, thanks bro
  12. @Martin123 Do you remember the video that had the visualization for that? Also kakashi > Minato hehe
  13. @Saarah Ah I see, so in a sense you are saying I should not worry because all of my failures are part of my path, and no matter how far I stray I will always come back. So i should really not see "watching T.V" as something to get rid of, but really sometime that is necessary for me, and maybe along the way of life I will get rid of it. But for now I should accept it. lol correct me if I'm wrong but that is how i interpreted it. Also if you don't mind, do you have any resources or links to information regarding information such as self-acceptance (I already saw all of Leo's vids on this) or other things that would help me with my questions on this thread? It would help a lot. And thank you for everything
  14. @Shin I think it's more of how I feel because of my thoughts. I always visualize myself as someone awesome and greater than who I usually am.
  15. @Shin Lol long time no see. And I've seen some of the videos from motivational grid, and its not specifically the videos but I guess how i interpret them. For example you would find vids like put in 100% and always strive to win or something like that. And what would happen is when I DON'T put in my A game I feel bad about myself because, well, it's like I haven't been trying my best and I kinda feel guilty about it. And i don't know, with my current adoption of Leo's awareness along is curative, I feel like these videos would be bad for my mindset because I am trying to be more accepting of my thoughts and to have a more loving approach to observe them rather than think "stop being a lil bitch and go win, or some other non-gentle thinking. I am interested in your opinion, I lowkey feel like I might've just answered my question or something but I'm not quite sure haha. Thanks! @Neo Thanks for your response, but to be real with you I did not understand it lol. Sorry I'm still kind of new to this whole field so forgive my ignorance. I mean I might have an idea of your second paragraph, are you saying watching motivational videos whether if it is good or bad is all necessary for me to grow, and I need it to develop myself?