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  2. @SirVladimir @ROOBIO Thank you very much for your feedback. I think I've finally nailed my life purpose, though there'll certainly be minor tweaks in the future. Can't wait to finish the course and start the real work. Life purpose: To create thought-provoking content that changes people's way of life, making them more fulfilled. Zone of Genius: Communicating messages using multimedia Domain of mastery: Videography Ideal medium: (Still pondering)
  3. So I've reached the Impact Statement part of the LP course, and after spending quite some time contemplating, I've come up with this: "To change how people live life so that they become more fulfilled". The problem is for me, this impact statement sounds pretty generic when compared to other life purpose examples provided in the course. What do you guys think? Do I have more refining to do?
  4. This movie is pretty much about orange transforming into green