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  1. So the office thing was only for 6 months because she was pissed off? And the other 4 1/2 years were normal?
  2. Your grandma's fine. It might seem toxic now, but you're gonna miss those calls in 10 years when she's no longer around.
  3. Wait till life hits you hard. Survival is a bitch. Anyway, I think bliss is way too overrated. It has become the #1 selling point for enlightenment, giving superficial and illusory expectations that few people ever get. Pursuing bliss is a dead end. You'll have a much bigger chance of arriving at bliss as a result from pursuing truth and understanding.
  4. Stop equating enlightenment with being blissful like a junkie. These two can only sometimes overlap.
  5. Nowhere did I say anything remotely close to that. I said it's probably not for you since you complain you're dry.
  6. Go pick up face to face. If you are asking this question, online is not for you. Edit is ok. IMO the line is when you feel this is catfishing. Catfishing people tends to end badly.
  7. Small ego. It's reversed. Big ego only needs to go down. Small ego needs to go up and then down again.
  8. Life's a bitch. Sorry to hear.
  9. It's double or triple the fun with other people. I can't imagine going alone.
  10. You know best. Just smth I remembered. Try to find your own spiritual practices. During this process I discovered that journaling is smth I really love and I've had great progress with it. It's still work, but at least it's more interesting and super effective in my case. Also, shamanic breathing with binaural beats. But that's me. You have to find spiritual work you're willing to do and you see results from. Given your case, psychedelics could be just that. All the best.
  11. How old are you? Have you had a girlfriend? These might seem to be stupid questions, but without a backstory we have to basically guess your experience. My point is make sure you want to be alone because you want to be alone and not because you're afraid of intimacy or suck with girls. Because if it's the latter, you're just lying to yourself and setting yourself up for a lot more suffering. This is only a guess, prompted by this feeling of yours. Sometimes people can come up with all sorts of justifications and fantasies for problems they don't want to face, but emotions and feelings always come through to haunt them and unconsciously alarm that there's a problem.
  12. Almost everybody started spirituality for this reason, myself included. I want a bodybuilder body without lifting a finger. One of the biggest misunderstandings about spirituality is that it's some kind of shortcut to happiness and bliss. It can lead to that, but you have to do the work. And suffer. Probably more than you suffer right now. The enlightenment process is a lot of work and you have to work through a lot of shit. These gurus have spent their entire lives purifying themselves. You only see the end result and not the decades of work behind it. Who wants the boring meditation when you can go out, drink and have sex? Instant gratification. Why waste years meditating and suffering for some future payoff when you can have it right here and now? Sorry, I went on a little bit of rant there. Spiritual enjoyment comes after a lot of work. Years of work. It's a long-term project. If you think you feel enjoyment and happiness right now, you probably cannot imagine what it could be like after doing real spiritual work. Imagine that happiness x100. Not joking.
  13. There you go. Find a mall or uni campus and you're golden. Of course it'll be much better when Covid passes.
  14. I know what you mean. I have moved from a small town myself. I can't imagine pulling smth like this off there. If there's a larger city nearby, you could travel. That same pickup artist I mentioned commuted 2-3 hours just to approach.