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  1. This was beautiful to read!
  2. A fun, illusion revealing video from a very reflective, and in many ways a stage yellow thinker. George was not only a stand-up comedian but also a teacher that taught through his comedy often on things that society takes for granted. Like the concept of time! In this stand-up comedy clip, George makes fun of the collective interpretation, illusion, and confusion of what time is - an invention. Don't get me wrong, in a relative way, time is very practical, and serves our survival very well. The 9-5, Monday-Friday hustle is what keeps society in order. But does your dog know what a Monday is? What 7 A.M. is? This is worth contemplating a ton on. What is time really? Right now! Pre-sent. Before thinking about it. I believe then that it rather boils down to "what is now". Which is a way more direct question.
  3. I'd rather focus on researching (reading videos, etc) and practicing by myself. I've noticed most people do Not have this fire within themselves to want something truer, or to become more conscious. They'd rather watch television, drink, eat crap, etc. But that's okay as well.
  4. @JohnIsDoe Nice! I wish you all the good on your journey
  5. You are contradicting yourself. If there is no attraction, why act at all? Since you wrote this post, I suppose there is some attraction, unless there is a sense of obligation or other forces dragging you into this. "Your pee pee you should listen to."- Yoda
  6. @JD8 I believe it is this book: Be As You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi
  7. How does this work? "teaching people jazz saxophone with spiritual teachings" is it like, blowing in the instrument with a metaphysical manner?
  8. @roopepa He means that the river always changes. The water that you stepped in before has flowed away. Now there is new water, different water = different river. Same with everything.
  9. The technique can be truly helpful if you carry tension in your body. Although it is taught sitting, I like to do it whilst laying down because I gain better focus and body awareness that way (as long as I am feeling awake). I still do the practice, although I don't call it vipassana anymore, I just call it body scanning (same thing). Whenever I notice that my concentration is weak, then I concentrate. Body scanning is a concentration in itself also though.
  10. @apparentlynoself Yeah, beef with some cold home-made Lingonberry jam and béarnaise sauces is so sweet! AAhh! Gotta make some more of that lingonberry jam, the season for it is right around the corner!
  11. I always thought the chicken was better. Turkey is usually so dry and considering that the meat is so thick it takes an extra-long time to make it ready. So, I'm definitely for chicken on this one.
  12. @Hsinav Sounds like a good niche honestly
  13. @HsinavCongratz! You have told A now we want to know B
  14. I just use Hiderec. Seems to be the same thing. No trending, no recommended on the home screen, no recommended on the right side. Honestly, there should be a very advanced cold turkey app for this sort of thing. Cold Turkey (the software) works great, but it would be even greater blocking functions like the recommended and even apps on phones, etc. Lots of more potential. I blocked all BS news site till next year with Cold Turkey. Love it. But still, more potential god damnit.
  15. Monkeys want to fuck as well. Do they have a right one, or the one?