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  1. @see_on_see Well I think the complexities of the situation could make him say that. E.g. the social pressure he might have felt sitting besides an actual quantum physicists. Which, results in a corrupt way of thinking, where he just wants to meet Carrol in the middle, thinking that Carrol knows it all. But, Joe should know that reality is more obscure than the interpretations that Carrol talks about (because Joe himself is a psychonaut). Not Carolls' perspective is wrong, but that the interpreting and understanding of some truth can be told differently, based on the aspects investigated, etc. Every time I talk about far out stuff to people who has not had direct experience, I change my speech so that I can meet in the middle of their (probable) belief systems, and my view (or belief).
  2. @Space Yeah, it can be hard to follow Leo. You would need to watch most of his videos, read a bunch of the relevant books, concentrative and contemplative meditation, retreat, psychedelics, etc. It's like the deeper you dig, the less people can relate, but I think if Joe keeps an open mind, his viewers would more easily allow themselves to glean something from the conversation of the possible future podcast episode. One day: Joe Rogan Experience #1263 - Leo Gura
  3. (Edit: Tweet at Joe to invite Leo ) (Joe's account) (fan account) Did Joe Rogan almost mention Leo when talking to Sean Carroll on Quantum Mechanics? 2:09:26
  4. @Pernani Oh, I've always seen them. Just haven't bothered to pay attention to it since childhood. On the retreat I had nothing else to do in my spare time than wathing cows and floaters
  5. I noticed this on the 10-Vipassana course I was on last week. I studied them. It's like when you look directly at them, they start moving away from you, but you can still catch them so to speak. I think this is because the worms or scartches on the eyeball can't be focused on because it is on the eyes itself. But yeah, I've always had them. Jordan Peterson talked about how his floaters/worms went away after changing his diet. Google: Floaters are tiny specks that can be seen in your field of vision, especially whenyou look at a light-coloured area such as a blue sky or white wall. ... Eye floatersare suspended in this 'jelly', so they move when your eyeball moves. If you try to look directly at them, the floaters may seem to disappear.
  6. @Vipassana Yea I know. It just gets a bit too much sometimes. I think it'll be an insightful experince.
  7. @Sippycup Thank you for answering! Yes, I'm going to try various diets, and even fasting. Masaging muscles is great too I think. How did the pulsatile vanish?
  8. @Leo Gura Wise. It's too good. Glad I stopped. Funny how many says it's non-addictive, when it is really addictive!
  9. So, I've been meditating every day for 2 years soon. I am going to attend a Vipassana retreat next week, and I have tinnitus. It oscillates from very high to low from time to time. The noice is annoying af - very loud when it is silent. If you don't have it, don't get it. I don't want to loose my mind on the "silent" retreat. How can I get through this? anyone who has insights into this?
  10. @Leo Gura But Leo. Have you even tried smoking thyself completely stoned, and then contemplated?
  11. @Leo Gura Whooo? I met Peter, and he said some interesting stuff about psychedelics. He never directly mentioned taken them though, but gives some hints (I Think).
  12. @Soulbass Cool dream! But the post was directed towards the recontextualisation video today