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  1. @Leo Gura Nicely put. Felt a little pressure lifted off my chest there. I also become a little riggid sometimes.
  2. I didn't. Curious to see what you guys observe.
  3. Knew someone who died of just MDMA (overdose). So be careful.
  4. What about reading diverse categories of books.
  5. @AlwaysBeNice They are the same, but also different.
  6. @TrynaBeTurquoise I mostly preferred astral projection than lucid dreaming. But both are fine.
  7. Lol, this video tosses a lot of the actualized content in the trash. Indeed it is bs, but I'd say it's also not.
  8. @PenguinPablo I usually meet them on retreats or some other miscellaneous event. But honestly, I think this journey to self-realization and self-transformation (if that is what you desire) is in many ways a lonely one.
  9. @Nahm Probably something to do with how the mind relaxes into the world of Minecraft. And with this resting, insights emerge and with this new perspective, creativity starts to flow. I have loved that game for 10 years
  10. @Nahm I fucking love Minecraft. The creativity that can be unleashed within that game is so liberating!
  11. Surrender- Let go - Let everything be as it is. They are synonyms.
  12. @Nash I've done a bunch of research, and I can honestly say I don't know what the fuck to conclude with. There are irrational people that are opinionated on both sides. Each group is so goddamn sure. No one seems to really know in this mess. I know someone who got some serious chronic fatigue from the vaccine, so obviously not good for her. And I know some doctor that visited school had a very biased and far from statistically right information when he tried to convince the class to pay 100$ to have us take the vaccine. He, of course, used the age-old scare tactic, "you'll die m8". I and some people in the class did some calculations and found out that a person was 277 times more likely to get run down by a car in his life than to even get symptoms from that particular bacteria. When something is coming largely from fear, pay attention.
  13. @Joker I've done freelancing. It becomes quite repetitive and boring though. But it depends on what you do. I am always working towards something, but I struggle with being concrete. My plan now is to develop sales skills and then utilize that in the later game.
  14. @egoeimai Will do. Thanks!