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  1. Jogging in nature is awesome!
  2. @The Don Anna said, "The path". If you watch something, and realize that no person is using your eyes to watch. There is no one seeing through the eyes. Nothing.......
  3. @Solace Nice words my friend!
  4. @Outer This one was funny. I wanna become awake so that I can be a teacher and teach stuff with my middle finger.
  5. Although I've been meditating everyday for almost 2 years, I don't do it much in the morning, and that is what I essentially want. The fix: Livestream my meditation everyday (or most days) at 09:00 AM so that I feel like I have to meet up to practice. But, the problem is, other dedicated people must meet up to, so that it can become a daily thing. (starting 19. May, join me if you wanna )
  6. @Osm I'm sure the entirety of the writers works are not 10/10, that would be odd.
  7. @Yasser Do you mean all their books are 10/10?
  8. Having a directionality in life not only amounts to outer stuff. Directing inwards is a sort of wiser choice, but not a popular one. Not setting boundaries is a purpose in and of itself. The search for liberation is a goal too. If the woman in the relationship doesn't like that, it's her problem, she's not the number one priority anyhow.
  9. We can hate the idea of that person. Your own picture of what that person is in your mind every time you dwell on him/her. I'd like to get see more perspectives on this stuff.
  10. @Mikael89 He talks about christianity from a very different perspective than what your average christian would do. Listen carefully, Adya has some mad skills at making people tap into nothingness.
  11. @Nadosa Awakening can be painful (I have not completely awoken). Surrender, surrender. Listen to Eckhart Tolle on Audible, You'll lessen the suffering. Listen closely. I too can't find myself anymore, there's just nobody there, nothing. And it makes totally sense, why would there ever be any person there. Any time in which you resist, let go - surrender. Ego thinks resisting is the best choice, but that is completely counterproductive. Feel an emotion, surrender. A thought, surrender. Tightening muscles, surrender. Inner resistance is exactly what ego feeds on - this has to be stoped. Stay conscious of this inner resistance, non-stop. Becoming conscious of this inner resistance has the power to radically shift your perspective on life. It's like a hack in life. More suffering often = more motivation to let go. You choose to let go, have faith in that everything will be fine, you know people have done this before you. Bless you <3
  12. @Outer I see. Yeah, ultimately this is all a story. But I am not completely aware of it right now, only to some degree.
  13. @Lelouch I see. Yeah, not that it is anything wrong with Jordan (he's awesome). I did not say you said it was not valid? I'm just talking about Outer here. Taking on an unconscious (or conscious) persona of being a Jordan junior or devotee is unnecessary. It lacks authenticity. I mean, if you watch enough Jordan Peterson, you can easily see it in the way that Outer writes that it is "copied". Sort of intriguing to watch.