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  1. @bejapuskas Yes. I am using her technique. It's fabulous. And I assume that if done more correctly, it could help. I'll check. Edit: Yes, interesting insights there. Thanks for reminding me.
  2. @ajasatya Yeah, this I have done to a degree. Will do it more. It's interesting, cause when I do look into his eyes calmy with compassion, he seems to become more human. Until he bothers me again with his cockiness. Thanks.
  3. @NoSelfSelf I can see the utility in this. Thanks. @Spiral I see. I can't simply apply for a different job, because it's too miscellaneous. I'll keep looking at his damn hairline then, lol. Thanks.
  4. I've started this new job 2 weeks ago (around the same time of annoying co-worker). The job is good, but man, this person is freaking toxic. He actively tries to make the communication between us seem like he is more "alpha" or winning. He wastes productive energy into irritating me. Possibly very little self-reflection with non-existent compassion. This is what is risky with jobs, you never know what kind of people you're going to work with. I rarely get angry, but this person is great at pushing my buttons. I don't want to get physical, but I would love it if I could beat the heck out of him without consequences <3 OOH, that would be so great. (Yes, I am currently angry just thinking about it.) Sadly, I am supposed to work with this guy for a long time. Any good pieces of advice that are actually relevant? Thank you.
  5. @zambize I don't claim there's a study on it that proves tinnitus cure. I just curiously asked if she knew anything about it, because it does help for a lot of conditions. Based on the study of Autofagi there is proof that damaged cells gets eaten by healthy cells during fasting to further energize the body. Makes sense. Some guy from Japan earned a nobel prize for his studies on ot in 2014 or something.
  6. @bejapuskas True, people can really mess themselves up if they would decide that becoming e.g. a breatharian is healthy. But maybe that is why it's good to properly implement the benefits into a system so that there would be no misconceptions about what could rather be - alternative. Complexity... Yes, I know. Byron is gold. LIke, she has really helped me turns things around
  7. @Michael569 Yes. Seems like so. Just caught me off guard cause I don't normally interact with people like that on these more hollistic subjects.
  8. So I went to the ear nose throat specialist for tinnitus, and she told me basically stuff that I already knew a ton about. Then I asked her if she knew about any new studies that are worth joining, she didn't know. So I ask her about if fasting had the possibility to make this condition better (because I had dug on the internet and many say it does). The thing that surprised me a little is that she didn't know what fasting was and told me that "we follow documented and traditional medicine in this hospital." My mindfulness muscles could sense her instant resistance to what she told me was alternative medicine. But based on the science I have read, this is relevant for many conditions. So either I am into bullshit or she isn't open to other paradigms. I thought this was an interesting experience, noticing her crossing her arms and getting somewhat defensive. I also became felt a little defensiveness in me but smeared it with acceptance. After this, I contemplated whether I have become deluded with the subject of fasting.
  9. @Sahil Pandit I fear to activate my schedule for YouTube and locking it. I have done it before and it works, I'll start reading books and stuff. Here's another feature: Frozen Turkey Frozen Turkey is a feature that helps you schedule time away from your computer. When activated, you'll be locked out your user account and won't be able to use the computer. Since it's just locking your user account, you won't lose any work.
  10. @Sahil Pandit Hahaha, yes I know. I blocked all the bs news websites and gaming applications for over a month and it's working! Best thing is, you can choose between constant block (with or without breaks), and make a schedule, and then lock that schedule for a long ass time. I bought it though, so I might have different stuff.
  11. @Sahil Pandit Cold Turkey is the number one of the website and application blockers I have found out there. When you lock the schedule or a block that you have made it is really difficult to make it stop. You can lock it for years, or a few hours. I remember once I wanted to unlock it (because of an error I made), and I think I actually did it, but it took a heck of a long time, and I wouldn't want to do it again. You can buy it one time, and use it on several devices (not mobile (I think)).
  12. Important note: you didn't create it, so that's where your debate ends. If you made something, then some asshole just came and destroyed it that wouldn't be too nice.
  13. @Jordan94 Take a look at Ramana Maharsis last years videos, and you'll see his knees aren't working properly. Half lotus or Burmese could be okay for you, but it also depends on your physiology. When I first started this, I couldn't even have my knees lay down flat on the floor on each side. Now I can do Burmese, and almosts lotus, but I won't do that. When I asked Peter Ralston on this, he said: "it fucks your knees up."
  14. @Rigel To make a living, mastering something and earning money from that can be useful. Photography, video editing, coding, marketing, selling, blog about some niche stuff, vlog about some niche stuff, specialize in fixing TV's, phones or computers. I wouldn't want any noob fixing my phone, the person would need certain kind of skills, and that takes practice - mastery process. If you're like me, test the waters, dabble in a lot of stuff, and then when you find something you like, master the heck out of that thing. It's so much better knowing what you want to master, then you know what to do, instead of dabbling around. You could pursue enlightenment and some other pursuit that doesn't make you a slave and pays the bills.
  15. @AmpresusSo strange to be dogmatic haha. It's like a disease against new stuff. O= orgasm PM= premature ejaculation ED= erectile dysfunction