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  1. @Leo Gura aren't you getting a bit nihilistic? If this was all so pointless, then why did we incarnate at all? All this shit just to some day decide to leave the body and disappear back into infinity?
  2. I think you might be missing perspective here. Consciousness can't be taught but nonetheless you are pointing lots and lots of people to it. Nobody knew about 5-meo before you made videos about it, most of us didn't even really know what enlightenment was and why it was worthwhile to pursue it before you made incredibly deep videos about it that no one else was really doing. Not to mention all the tons of other stuff you talked about. Seems like you're underestimating the fact you've completely changed the lives of tons of people, saving them from enormous suffering, which also indirectly influenced the people around them, etc. It's obvious that your teachings create more consciousness, and they are very much needed. The fact Consciousness can't be taught doesn't make your teachings useless or meaningless. Maybe I'm clueless, but I'm not sure I buy this "everyone will become enlightened with me" mahasamadhi shit. I mean I get it, but fact is, if this "fictional Leo character" didn't exist, my life would be a hell of a lot shittier, and I wouldn't even know what awakening was, let alone try to pursue it. LOL, you'll probably see this as clueless. But after all, isn't this message God too? So there might be some truth to it ;)
  3. Maybe it's just because you were doing it wrong. You can meditate 10 days straight in the totally wrong way and not increase your consciousness by much. The Alan Watts quote is shitty advice because 99% of people ain't got no damn message. It's just like dropping spiritual practice after a couple awakening (or not even that) because "you got it". You ain't got it.
  4. Embrace change. If you know it's the right thing to do, change it. The sadness will fade away soon, and you'll quickly forget about it as your mind is busy focusing on your new life. Yes you might feel some nostalgia at times, but that's life. You gotta let go to get to a new chapter. The easiest way to embrace change is to remember that, at some point, you'll die. You'll die! Everything, EVERYTHING will be gone. So what is there to fear? Don't get attached to a hologram. Center yourself into your heart and do what it says, the rest is all impermanent.
  5. Coffee in the long run actually reduces your consciousness. Yes it has a high phase, but it also makes you hyper-active and jittery, and that makes you unconscious. Then there's the low phase, which is obviously even worse, and with that also comes its addictive quality. Better stay away from it. The best way to truly increase consciousness (aside from psychedelics) is consciousness work. E.g., all forms of meditation. But you have to make sure you actually do it right. It's very easy not to because it requires consciousness in the first place to understand what good meditation actually is. And that's one of the advantages of psychedelics. They give you that initial burst of consciousness so you then know what to do when you get back to "ordinary" consciousness once the effect is over.
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to sound rude. I was actually trying to instil some hope. Dude, sorry to be real, but since I can remember seeing you on this forum I've always noticed one thing in most of your posts: your focus on the negative side of any situation. I've seen this in all your posts about attracting women, getting a career etc. Here's some good news: your life depends on your focus. Shit happens, and your job is to re-focus your mind on the positive. That's what life is about. Sounds woo-woo? It isn't. I can guarantee you that if you take on a challenge of reframing EVERYTHING to positive in your life, every day at any moment, it's just a matter of time before your life will become fucking amazing. It will have very practical effects. The trick is, will you have the courage to do it? Reframing to positive takes courage. Your ego doesn't wanna do it. You don't even wanna hear what I'm saying. Because the ego has been deeply hurt, I know where you're coming from. The trick is, if you have the courage to heal yourself, heal your thinking patterns, heal your mindset and focus on life, everything in your life will change. Detach yourself from your ego, realize you are not it and you're pure consciousness, and give your ego love. Have the courage to give yourself and others the love others haven't given you. Only you can do it. That's what life is about. Women, career and everything will follow from that, and only from that.
  7. Sending resumes for random jobs is gonna produce random results and get you into random situations. Most importantly, it's gonna produce low value because you're adding low value to the world, and career and money is all about adding the most value to the world. Instead of putting such huge amount of energy into all this, and getting only bad results and depression in return, how about putting that same energy into finding something you're passionate about, creating value through that and owning the creation, therefore getting orders of magnitude more value both in terms of money and emotional well-being? Wouldn't that make a lot more sense?
  8. That's not universally true. Most people need 8hrs, but some do fine between 6-7hrs. My mom has been sleeping 5-6 hrs since I can remember and she has no sleep problems. There are also many stories of spiritual people needing a lot less sleep to live, I guess it's a bit like a paranormal ability. Some books in your booklist also talk about how with kundalini awakening you need much less sleep than is generally considered normal.
  9. For the same reason why a sunset looks beautiful. It's just a part of the story of God's unfolding. There can't be an ultimate explanation, only lesser relative explanations that go around in circles. Also, psychedelics aren't illegal because of "Consciousness", rather because of unconsciousness human egos made them illegal.
  10. Strong, yes. Cocky, that's unnecessary. It's a juvenile trait, and will get you laid yes, but mostly with less mature women. It's a typical RSD-style trait because RSD is mostly concerned with women in the club. The more mature you truly are, the more mature the women and relationships you get.
  11. My answer to this free will question is, you both do and don't at the same time. Ultimately you don't control anything, but you still have to get up your ass and work. So act like you have free will, but also be more spontaneous and purify yourself of the need to control. But also plan and structure your actions. It's counterintuitive and paradoxical. Accept and embrace the paradox. But also, most importantly: always forgive yourself for whatever "wrong" thing you might have done in the past. Ultimately "you" had no control on it. For me this question of free will pops up a lot especially when I contemplate the past, and the final answer is always: forgiveness, and more consciousness.
  12. Obviously because by being assholes they display some attractive traits and so they get laid. But that doesn't mean you have to be an asshole, you can have more genuine and less selfish intentions and still be attractive. And attraction also depends on the woman's level of development.
  13. Don't overdo it to the point it feels weird. Be normal. What matters most is that you don't flinch when you cross eyes. There's a balance to eye contact, you shouldn't laser focus on it all the time, it's more like a dance. Your main focus should be on listening to what she's saying.