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  1. It'd be great to have a video (or even more than one) about death. There could be many aspects to it. It could talk about how to deal with fear of one's own death, and how death is illusory, but also for example how to deal with the death of loved ones, how to reframe it to see the positive side of it, and to celebrate it, rather than suffering pointlessly like we're programmed to do by default.
  2. Stop being a lazy fuck. The whole trick to self actualization is doing the work even if you don't feel like it, going forward on faith, even when you don't see anything tangible out of it. You have to visualize the results in your mind before they exist, and then go create them. You already know that doing the work will improve your life, and not doing it will make it worse. That's one step. Now put it into practice. Life WILL get better as you go forward, and you will use that as platform to reach further levels. But it all has to start from a leap of faith, where you see through the bullshit of your mind and push forward regardless of what it tells you.
  3. I never missed my childhood. I didn't have a bad one, but being a kid sucks, it's so limited. As soon as I started to taste freedom in life, around age 17-18, I was totally blown away by it and never looked back. And the more I go forward the better it gets. I never saw responsibility as a bad thing. But that's probably because I was lucky to stumble upon life purpose early in life. I quit school and I always did what I wanted to do, and that created an association in my mind that makes me see "responsibility" as a great thing. Most people see responsibility as bad because they've been forced by society to become responsible of stupid nonsense that makes them miserable, like school, jobs and family. Junk food, TV, video games, Christmas, that's all candy. Taste freedom, and you'll by disgusted by all that afterwards. But maybe it's not so much the candy you're missing, rather you're missing the sense of wonder and connection to life. You can get that back with consciousness and psychedelics. By the way, one thing that nostalgia is great for, is channeling it into artistic pursuits.
  4. Sounds like you kicked ass to me. You encountered the fear, became aware of it, fully accepted it, and the fear went away, as well as the presence, which really was a projection of your fear. This is how nightmares or evil presences etc. should be handled. As Leo says, it's all about sending acceptance and love towards the evil. I agree with you that all the sacred geometries etc. you saw later were probably a symbol of the fact you conquered your fear. Maybe this recurring location where you always experience this sense of fear and unhappiness could represent a place in your psyche with unresolved issues you haven't fully explored yet. If you want, you could go there at will and try to work on it by projecting love and acceptance as said before. I'm sure you know about the lucid dreaming technique where you spin or walk through a mirror while imagining the place you want to get to, you could use that to go there anytime you want. Going there with full awareness and intention might be better than finding yourself there randomly with the risk of maybe getting caught off guard. Edit: just a little funny thing for lucid dreamers I discovered regarding teleportation techniques: mirrors and spinning used to be the traditional techniques for this, but since the advent of VR I've actually been using VR headsets much more successfully. You imagine a place, put the headset on and get transported somewhere else immediately. How cool is that? It probably works because the mind fully expects to see a totally different environment when putting on a VR headset.
  5. I didn't say not to do research first, that's very important too. But at some point you gotta pull the trigger and do it the first few times I did it I had absolutely on clue about anything, and nothing bad happened. Plenty of people do that. So I wouldn't worry too much. Plus at least the first few times you'll probably forget about everything you know and just spend it experiencing the new sensations and being in awe.
  6. You feel the calling, so just do it and everything will be fine. Just make sure you have at least 5 to 8 hours totally by yourself, with no distractions, people around, things to handle etc. The biggest thing with psychedelics the first time is that you enter this totally new dimension, you feel radically new sensations, your body starts changing, you look at the clock and time feels meaningless, etc. So you totally don't want to be worried about other people, time passing by etc, you want to be able to fully surrender to the trip with no external worries. Also: sometimes during the trip it can feel like it's gonna be like that for eternity, but remember, it WILL end.
  7. Same. Leo saved my life and saved me from a lot of suffering. This in turn also affected and will continue to affect the lives of all the people around me. Looking back, life was completely different before. I can't even imagine how it would have been otherwise. I like to think that it couldn't have been otherwise, that it was just meant to be, also because it came at exactly the right time and it fully resonated with me since the beginning. is changing the universe and creating ripple effects in ways that nobody can really understand. This is what happens when a true life purpose gets actualized, it changes people's lives and the world in some way.
  8. There's no problem with fapping as much as you want, or even porn. If you think fapping to porn will interfere with your ability to get girls, well, that's false. That's just a belief created by virgin incels doing NoFap thinking it'll somehow solve their problems with getting girls. They don't know better. Here's a little secret: you can learn how to interact with and seduce girls, while at the same time continuing to fap happily. The two things are unrelated. Someone needs to start a YesFap movement.
  9. Take LSD and do your own contemplation.
  10. So you changed your mind about reincarnation? I remember you were like "maybe" not long ago. Insight during a trip?
  11. The only time you have to invest extra time and energy for it is when you're learning it. But once you've made it part of your identity and who you are, then all you need to do is go about your day and when you see a girl you like in your path, you approach. It can be a big initial time investment to get to that point, but once you're there you'll never have the problem of how to meet women again.
  12. Yes, absolutely necessary for 99.9999% of people.