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  1. @Anna1 I doubt he actually meant women are stupid or anything, being spontaneous and removing filters is pretty good advice cos most guys are stuck in their head trying to find the best thing to say and ending up being awkward. But my counter-advice is, use your brain too, and being silly can be a turn off if done with the mindset that you can literally say anything stupid and she will be amused by it, like some RSD likes to teach (altho that might work in a club context with drunk people, if that's the kind of girl you want ).
  2. There's no need to be stupid. Saying funny things is good, but girls are not stupid (unless they're drunk), and doing this kind of performance will actually make one look stupid and insecure. Just saying it in case some newbie takes this advice too literally.
  3. Not only online dating doesn't work, but the point is to overcome that shyness and fear and limiting beliefs, not finding ways around it. Dating and relationships is about stepping out your comfort zone and growing, not finding the laziest way to get any girl. And this is not because there's some rule that says you should overcome fears. It's for you. If you manage to get good at real life dating, your life will transform in all areas, you will have amazing experiences etc. If you choose the path of least resistance, like online dating, you won't get any of that.
  4. Too wide of a question, I'd have to tell the entire story of my life. But in short I could say that I come from a background of deep scarcity and isolation, and when I discovered cold approach, social dynamics, attraction advice etc. and started applying it, I was already too Green so I avoided most of the shallow stuff. And in the end I turned cold approach into a tool for connecting with more people rather than just getting laid. For example at one time for a few months I decided to approach all people that looked like they were from other countries (guys and girls), and I talked to tons of different people from all over the world living in my city (which is actually a relatively small town), heard all their stories, formed connections etc. I'm much more interested in connection rather than trying to manipulate some girl to my bed. That's actually pretty sad if that's one's primary motivation.
  5. Reframing, reframing, reframing. A thing is not inherently awkward, it's how you frame it in your mind which causes you how to feel awkward, then others notice it and it feeds back (mostly because other people are afraid of being awkward too). Feeling less awkward comes with practice. Don't beat yourself up. Try to see things as objectively as possible: you're learning a skill. Learning a skill and getting better at it takes time. It's like playing the guitar or whatever. You start as awkward, and then with repetition and experience you slowly get better. The difference with social skills is that your identity is on the line, because you're dealing with real people. That's why street cold approach is the best, because of the anonimity factor. You can do 20 approaches a day and no one cares, as opposed to let's say going to your favourite bar with your social circle where people know you. You have to consciously throw yourself into situations you fear will be awkward, in order to face your fear and become less awkward. So the key is to allow yourself to suck and be awkward. Yes you will ruin interactions. Yes you will appear as awkward and weird and will feel like a fool for fucking up "such a good opportunity". But that is necessary to get better at it and one day not be awkward. And it's not so important. You have to put things into perspective. Does it matter that a few dozen approaches suck shit, if that will get you on your way to then be a social butterfly in the future for the rest of your life? No. If you think that way, you'll already feel relieved. Look at the big picture. And how far that day is from now depends on how much you study the theory and put it into practice. That's why when learning cold approach or social interactions in general, it is always advised to focus on doing a lot of interactions without caring about the outcome. What really matters is that in every interaction you observe yourself consciously, take note of everything that you can improve, and then embody it in future interactions. The real problem is not awkwardness, the real problem is when you're not conscious of your behavior and your awkwardness. When you're conscious, everything can be fixed over time. One day, after many approaches, many experiences, many situations you've fearlessly thrown yourself into, you will find that nothing can touch you. You will have no fear of most social situations, and you will be awesome at communication and social interaction. And when you'll have awkward moments (which are normal and can always happen), they will be nothing to you, because you will have seen so much, and they will appear to you as what they are: irrelevant. Visualize that goal, which is absolutely possible, and that will give you motivation.
  6. How can you guys on here be so gullible? All RSD Tyler does is namedrop Eckhart Tolle here and there and talk about the most surface-level stuff so that he appears to be spiritual to the clueless people following RSD.
  7. The thing with pickup is that it's based on the premise that girls like to fuck guys left and right, and therefore it's OK to sleep with multiple women and be a player. "Sex is just this thing cool people do together for fun". But that's a lie. Most women, and most men too, are looking for a real connection and a real relationship, and that just isn't practically possible without committing to one person at a time. You might think you just want to bang left and right, but that's just because you are fundamentally disconnected from your own emotions (and in turn women's emotions) and you have skewed ideas about what you want and about women and relationships. In reality, if you see a girl and she gets attached to you and meanwhile you sleep with other girls, you're going to break her heart. Only by being disconnected from yourself and being at stage Orange (like RSD people are) can you do that without feeling guilty like a piece of shit. For me, the real value of pickup and RSD teachings is that doing cold approach will open your mind and it will help you develop your personality in ways that few other things do, it will teach you about social dynamics and attraction, and will give you access to ways of thinking and seeing the world that most people don't even know about, or not quite the same way. After that first successful cold approach, you won't be quite the same person again. Especially if you come from a scarcity background, are shy, introverted etc. Of course you could learn all these things without even fucking a girl, or by approaching guys and trying to befriend them or something like that. But that wouldn't sell. What sells is how to learn to get girls, and so we need a bunch of lies to create a reality distortion field where being a player is acceptable, so we can sell you a course or run a seminar about how to become one. Then we attach to it some pseudo-Green stuff, some Eckart Tolle, some talk about the ego and "being", and we cover our ass and people even think we're being spiritual. Meanwhile RSD Tyler one week makes a video with the word "psychedelic" in the title while admitting he's never even tried a psychedelic, and the next week he makes a video on how to fuck elite girls in a Hollywood club context (Dunno if he deleted it, I don't care to check, but I swear I saw that shit).
  8. Every video is designed to be a must-see. P.S. not really complaining here, just expressing my perspective. The content is still totally amazing either way.
  9. I totally agree. I'm always lagging behind. Plus there are so many past videos that should not be forgotten about and probably should be watched at least a second time, but at this rate it's impossible. Leo, don't forget that if one has a life purpose other than enlightenment and pure self development, most of their time is gonna be allocated to that. It's not a matter of willpower, it's that there is only so much time in a day. I just hope that with the donations there isn't gonna be even more secondary content. I'd donate to see less, lol.
  10. Interesting, could you elaborate what you found confusing? So far I only received positive feedback so it'd be good to hear a different perspective.
  11. Cool app concept! Are you planning to do any promotion? I didn't do any promotion for mine aside for a few posts here and there, it doesn't seem there's any effective way other than ads (or a viral reddit thread, but that only works for certain kinds of apps).
  12. The best way to learn English, or any language, is to LOVE it and LIVE it. Love it: like anything, if you love the language it's much easier to learn it, because you will expose yourself to it a lot more. You will set your computer and phone in English, watch videos and movies in English, read books in English etc, just because that's your preferred language. Live it: think about how you learned your native language. You lived it. You made conversation in that language, watched movies and read newspapers in that language, went to school in that language, argued with your parents in that language, told jokes with your friends in that language... in other words you lived it. No course can compete with that, and in fact that's pretty much the only way to really absorb such a complex thing as a new language.
  13. I launched this app called Daily Counter a while ago, and since then it's been growing a lot and it's being used by more and more people. I've been using it myself a lot for self-development and habit tracking purposes, and I'm sure other people in this forum might find it of value. Simply put, the app lets you keep count of your habits on a daily basis, as opposed to a simple on/off check like most other habit apps. You can also add daily, weekly and monthly goals, track your progress with stats & graphs, add notes for each count and more. Extras include widgets, daily backups, AMOLED theme and more. Examples of things you could track with it: hours of deep work on your projects (as Cal Newport advises in his book) hours of deliberate practice of a skill, like playing guitar, piano, speaking etc. number of new people you approach (text notes can be used to write down quick interaction breakdowns) push ups or other exercises visualizations. I have at least a dozen different visualizations I do multiple times a day Check it out and let me know if you find it useful!
  14. Create an abundance mindset, where you believe you have abundance even if you don't. "But what's the point if it's not actually true?" The point is that the lack of that mindset is what's making you alone. First off if you feel alone you won't even go out and socialize. But even if you do and you have that kinda mindset, you will fail. Nobody likes neediness, not even yourself. "But how can I believe I have abundance if it's not true?" It's your choice, you either fake it till you make it or you continue to suffer. And it's actually easier than you think: go out and do approaches. Once you have done a few, your mind will realize that hey, if you get good at this, you can actually have huge abundance in a few months or years of practice. So in conclusion: believe you have abundance till you make it, but also give yourself permission to approach people even if you feel lonely and needy. Just don't go around telling people you want a new friend and please don't reject me, that's the surest way to weird people out. Instead, OFFER VALUE. In other words be interesting, and just be fucking normal. Learn to read what people feel and learn how to create a connection. Learn to care about other people, but in a socially savvy way, not in a weird needy way. Become good at socializing. Learn, learn, learn, practice, practice, practice. People will pick up on it.
  15. Me listening to Leo talking about ways to realize God and Absolute Truth: Leo: you can use psychedelics, such as 5-MeO-DMT, DPT, LSD or mushrooms Me: Hell yeah!!! Leo: ...or meditation, mindfulness with labeling and concentration Me: Oh come on man