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  1. How about fapping in moderation? After all, when you want to stop a food addiction, you don't stop eating altogether. The way to stop fap addiction is to become psychologically healthy, not to try and make your balls explode by becoming an adept of the NoFap religion. Fix your psychology, do self-therapy, find your life purpose etc. Then you can fap or have sex or whatever, without it being a problem in your life.
  2. It's just a decision you take. I struggled with this a lot and eventually I just concluded that we are just vehicles of the universe and we are too ignorant to know where the universe wants to take us. Worrying is a form of hubris, to paraphrase Terence McKenna. So I stopped having expectations. But at the same time I still have huge expectations. I simply made a decision that instead of being paralyzed by all that I'm just going to, yes, have the best plan I can possibly envision, but then let go and just go with the flow. As long as I'm going forward everyday, that's it. That's all I can control anyway. And think about it, is that 1%, or even 0.1%, better than 0%? Hell yes. Is doing your best better than being paralyzed and doing nothing at all? Hell yes. Even if you don't get external validation, even if it's a process much slower than you thought it would be, you're still expressing yourself, and that's a joy in itself. I've also studied the careers of all my heroes and each one of them initially had the same problem, until they decided to let go of expectations and approach things more spontaneously, and eventually amazing things got out of that. When you stop being so self-conscious and focused on mental expectations, you create space for the universe to use you as a vehicle and things that you couldn't have ever imagined start to unfold. As for how to choose what 1% to do, well, gotta use your intuition. Do what inspires you the most first.
  3. It's a matter of communication. Not everyone is enlightened and aware of no-free will, so depending on the other person, a sincere apology can be useful to communicate that you now realized your behaviour was unconscious, in order to resolve a conflict. The problem is not with apologies themselves, it's with the ego behind the apologies. Many times apologies are just a mask for victimhood, low self-esteem and manipulation. But not necessarily. It all depends.
  4. Although of course the ratio also depends on where you're at. For a newbie, the ratio will probably be reversed at first, so 90% theory or something like that. Balance is a dynamic thing. It all depends on the current context. And that's true not just for newbies, but at every stage. So ultimately, only you can know how to balance, using your own intuition.
  5. 90% practice, 10% theory. So yeah, a book a week is probably nonsense. With books it's easy to turn it into mental masturbation, where you think reading books is advancing you somehow. What you really need is big picture. Most books aren't about big picture, they're about detail. Big picture it's better taken from a few hours worth of videos that are specifically about big picture, like some of Leo's videos. Then, you can fill in the details later over time, while you focus primarily on action and getting things sorted out in real life.
  6. We could add a text above the reply area, with the number of posts left and a short text explaining how it works and why. Last time I used IPB years ago, the template system was quite messy. But it should be doable nonetheless.
  7. @aurum My point is that you can do all that by simply reading the posts and forming your idea about that user if their content resonates with you. When I first discovered Leo, I didn't start following his videos because he had thousands of views. I started following him because after 10 minutes I was listening to the first video, I was amazed at how real it was and how much it resonated. Before that, I had followed many other self-help YouTubers, many with millions of views. But when I discovered Leo, I realized how much they all sucked in comparison, even though they had orders of magnitude more views and subscribers. And even though I was quite a newbie, I could still tell the difference.
  8. But wouldn't simply "knowing" that user, having read their posts for some time, be enough to form your own judgment? After all, in real life we don't go around with a score number on our heads. If we did, everyone would constantly be trying to make their score go up, and you would immediately judge anyone you'd see based on what others previously thought of them. Which doesn't sound good and it's exactly the problem here.
  9. Screw you guys this is making me feel important
  10. @jse and stop using that damn upvote button already
  11. Could be because there isn't much to say about nonduality other than debates and stuff that has been said a million times. So maybe we're good Also, this thread is meant for all users of the forum to give their opinion on the matter, which is why it's already so long.
  12. A lot of users would quit and 90% of the content would cease to exist. All that would remain is the users actually interested in the good stuff and none of the showing off/debating nonsense. It's totally doable, but it requires balls as a community. The problem is that a lot of the ego stuff is totally unconscious. You create an avatar in a community with all the other avatars, and this automatically creates certain dynamics, no matter how much we tell ourselves that it's up to everyone to be conscious of it. Whereas if you make it impersonal from the get go, I'm not sure about debating, but showing off would immediately seem pointless to anyone.
  13. This would actually be great. Make it totally impersonal. It would fit for a forum about nonduality and enlightenment. It's radical, but if we're gonna be different from all the other chimp forums, we gotta be radical. "2 hours ago, nobody said.." "You are logged in as nobody"
  14. Yea hourly doesn't make sense. Whereas making it daily makes sure the users don't spend all day posting on the forum, cos after X posts you're done for the day. Think 10 posts per day, and 1-2 threads per day. More than 10 posts a day, you're just keyboard-jockeying. It'd also encourage users to distill their content to the best they can.
  15. Fucking exactly. This is something that came to my mind too lately, I forgot to mention it. If it's possible, a time-based post limit would be a great feature. I would do it per day rather than per hour. To avoid making it look like dictatorship it could be framed in a nice way, like 'You have X posts a day, use your best wisdom to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and make this community a great place!"