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  1. 1. go out 2. do "weird" shit outside social norms 3. notice that nobody gives a single fuck about you Cold approach is good for this. Go out, say hi to people, make compliments about t-shirts, start conversations, ask girls out. Then notice that nothing has changed about you and that nobody really gave a fuck either way. As you do this you will start caring about others less and less.
  2. Or you could get some LSD for 1/50 of that money, choose your own dosage, and do it at home wherever and whenever you feel most comfortable.
  3. Just had an idea that could be a good alternative to the wiki thing to organize all the information from mega-threads: Let's have all the good bits, FAQs etc. in the first post of each mega-thread. So for example if you want to find the yoga routine, you go to the first post and there it is. Anyway, here's Leo's routine:
  4. Doing something not necessarily aligned to your LP to create a financial foundation to then work on your LP, when there's no other option, is fine. But you have to consider how this project will affect your time in the future. Will you have to maintain it for as long as it exists? Will you have to work on future updates? Will you have to monitor servers and so on? Ask yourself, once I have made the money I need, and I'm able to dedicate my life and all my time to my LP, will I want to ever have anything to do with this project anymore? You gotta plan it strategically. Think years ahead, especially if it's a big project like a game.
  5. Writing can be anything. It can be "selfish" if the writer is selfish, it can be visionary if the writer is visionary. Great writing can move and change people in the deepest ways. That said, if you have no passion for writing, no amount of talent will matter much. Talent is a myth anyway. Find your passion first, and then develop talent on whatever it is that you're passionate about. That's a rather arrogant attitude. People like Cal Newport changed many people's lives, including myself. Even wouldn't be exactly how it is today if those books didn't exist. Wouldn't call them "silly". That's just what you decided to see, not reality. Many people are inspired by Leo in very positive and genuine ways. It's just that on the forum you see the worst of Leo's audience. High consciousness people don't hang out on forums too much. With this pessimistic attitude, you will greatly restrict your ability to find your own passion, no matter if it's writing or whatever else. The first thing is you gotta change the way you see the world, then everything else will follow.
  6. Of course not. You'd basically be using a woman for sex. Even worse since this is a woman you've been with. Deep down you already know you'd be out of integrity. The very fact you're considering this means it's time to do some deep introspection and contemplation on how you relate with women and what relationships and sex are really about. As for women getting attached with sex vs men not getting attached: the difference is not so much men vs women, it's more about: people who see sex as just putting your penis inside a vagina, vs sex as an emotional and spiritual connection.
  7. I might be wrong, but sounds to me like you're trying to find an idea within software at all costs only because software is already what you were doing to begin with. That'd be backwards. It's totally possible that software is the wrong tool for the job, and that you have to open yourself to totally new domains that might not involve software at all in order to fulfill your desire to increase other people's consciousness/move them up the spiral. Start with the vision, free from any constraints based on your old skillsets or experience, and only then figure out the details.
  8. Very few, if any. But I do try to share spiritual stuff when I see the other person might be even remotely ready for it, and when the context is right for it. Sometimes it works. Some other times the person is not ready, but now it's on their radar screen in life. They might be ready 5 years later, remember about it and go look for it, so it's still worth trying. Sharing self-dev and spirituality stuff is an art. It's all about context. You have to do it right. If you do it right, it can work and you can affect a person's life positively. It's important to meet the person where they're at. Most people will not resonate with It's way too advanced for most people to start out with. But there are a great variety of other teachers and teachings, and sometimes pointing a person to a more "basic" mainstream teaching like Eckhart Tolle or Osho can still be very effective as an introduction, which will then lead them to more advanced stuff. It's also important to be an example to others by action. You won't be very convincing if you try to share spirituality teachings with others but you yourself suck and are unconscious. But if you are a conscious person, over time others will pick up on it even if they don't know about consciousness, and they'll be more likely to listen to you when you talk about "weird" stuff.
  9. Be careful with that good feeling you get when you make donations. It can be a self-deception. Besides, I'm sure Leo would rather have you spend that money on your own self-development. Buy a book.
  10. You gotta lower your standards a bit when it comes to friends. I don't mean being around with people you're not interested at all, but this thing that one's friends must be into spirituality and stuff, or even have the same exact interests as you, is a little silly. For example none of my friends are really into spirituality the same way I am. And even if they were, would we like talk about enlightenment and every time we met or some shit? Of course not. Spirituality is stuff you do solo, friends are for inspiring each other, growing together and having fun. There are a trillion interests and things to talk about and explore with other people. Including many high consciousness and inspiring things too, not just watching YouTube or some shit. It's just that your view is too narrow. So try to let go of how you think your friends must be, and start exploring. As for the practical aspect of meeting people: Cold approach bro, cold approach. And I'm not simply talking about women. That too. But it's much broader than that. I mean going out and actually interacting with the world. Actually opening your mind to new possibilities and putting in the effort in meeting new people. You wouldn't believe how much your mind is limiting you in this. How much it's creating excuses for how there are no people you could be with, when in fact there are hundreds, thousands of people around all the time every time you step out of your house that you could meet every day. But it's not easy. It's something you need to contemplate deeply and take baby steps towards. If you've been a loner all your life, the momentum is just too much. (And even people who are good at socializing don't realize how much they limit themselves, always staying within their social circles and never exploring much what's outside.) The best place to start is going out and start doing things out of your routine. Approach 100 new people and have a 1 minute conversation, or something like that. That alone will totally transform your mind. Also go to a ton of new places by yourself. Get comfortable being alone and feeling totally cool about it and meeting new people while being alone. Get creative.
  11. What about memories though? You have seen your child grow for 15 years, then he dies in an accident. From an absolute perspective the child is no more important than any other child, but still, you have 15 years of memories of seeing that child grow. Even if one was totally enlightened, it seems absurd to say that that child could be replaced by any other child. Sure, you could still let go and be happy again after the loss, but you still will never replace that child. Same for a woman, you have memories of falling in love with her, sharing moments together, being together for years. And she may have things that you like, that other women simply don't have. So I don't see how you could replace that woman with any other woman. You can find other women yes, you can totally let her go, but to say that every child and every woman is the same seems delusional and unnecessary.
  12. LoA works when you're aligned with God. But it only works in realizing your higher self's plan, not your ego's plan. The spiritual explanation is that you're a hero on a hero's journey and when you align with and walk your higher self's path, the universe responds with events and synchronicities. But most people learning about LoA don't understand any of this. The version of LoA that everyone talks about is an ego distorted version of what it really is, and it's so popular because it's so appealing to the ego. Of course it's all delusional nonsense, but it sells.
  13. You talk about awakening, unconditional happiness, how it's possible to transcend survival and all attachment, how everything is always Good and Absolute Love etc. But you also say that to transcend attachments, one must first satisfy their basic needs, develop oneself to a decent level on Maslow's hierarchy and then at that point one might be ready to start real consciousness work. Yet, even though you've been able to satisfy basically all the steps on Maslow's hierarchy, you've nailed your life purpose, you are financially independent, you've had relationships, you have done self-improvement to a level that most people can't even fathom, you've done years of deep consciousness work including the use of massively powerful tools like psychedelics, you've escaped wage slavery and have all the time and focus for awakening one can possibly have, you are able to do spiritual retreats, which even those require freedom, resources, etc... yet in the end you admit that even at this point your everyday baseline level of consciousness is still at an egoic level. You're still far from detachment from survival, unconditional happiness and permanent awakening. What if you had no arms and no legs? What if you were deformed or severely disfigured, what if you couldn't have sex or were at a severe disadvantage in relationships, career, and other life areas, and were unable to satisfy your basic needs? How are people that live in such conditions supposed to even start thinking about awakening if even you, as someone who has all their Maslow needs met, still have a relatively hard time awakening? Would you even be talking about all these things if you were one of these people? The Absolute is the Absolute, and God is God for everyone, yet isn't it also true that some people have it much harder than others with this whole thing, sometimes even being at a brutal disadvantage with things outside their control? Is it even fair to talk about how anyone can realize themselves as God and reach unconditional happiness, transcendence from survival etc, when in reality for some people like you life is pretty amazing with lots of outside fulfilment and satisfaction, and you're doing the work from that place, a work that is incredibly difficult even when your life is mostly figured out like yours, while for some other people it could be a living nightmare, probably with massive pain and everyday problems we can't even fathom?