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  1. "Heeeey this is Leo's ass and in this episode we're gonna talk about how to administer 5-Meo-DMT" *opening jingle plays* But seriously I'm with @DrMobius, a video could be useful and if posted on the blog it wouldn't cause much noise I think.
  2. Week 3 Duration extended to 60 mins usual tingling at 20-25 min mark, almost started crying cos a traumatic thing came to my mind, altho not sure if it was actually due to the breathing at 25 min mark, strong tingling in my face and my mouth too at 30 min mark, really weird feeling in mouth, like I can't even feel it at 40 min mark, can barely move my hands, altho that passed later after the session: sensorially, not much more than what I experience after a run or a workout. No psychedelic-like effects as last time, no headache or bad side effects
  3. Addictions are hard. In my experience fighting them or blocking stuff never really works. And while things like retreats might help, after it's over you're still back to normal life. Homeostasis is way too strong, and the Void is too hard to face if your consciousness is so low, it's like trying to jump the Grand Canyon. For me I find that it's much easier to not fall into unconscious habits if I have a compelling goal I'm working on. If the emotional pull of that goal is strong enough, I find myself being like "who the fuck is gonna watch YouTube videos, that's garbage" and I'm just pulled towards working on my goal effortlessly. But the pull really has to be strong enough, or it won't work. When you got that pull, you will engage in your addictions less. You'll find yourself in flow states for long periods of time. The thing that works best for me is to have short term projects, so with a short term reward, but as part of the big long term vision of my life purpose. So not only the current project is rewarding in itself in the short term, but while I'm doing it in the back of my mind I also know that it's contributing to the larger picture of my LP, and that makes the emotional pull even stronger. Take Leo for example, he has the pull of his big life purpose vision combined with the pull of the short term reward he gets by publishing a new video for the current week. I bet that's what more than anything else gives him the emotional pull to work on his videos (high consciousness activity) rather than like, spend his time playing videogames or whatever. But of course it's a situation that takes time and strategy to create. And of course that's just still a replacement for actually facing Emptiness, but the key is that it's a much higher consciousness replacement, so it's a more gradual way and there's less homeostasis backlash. And also when you're aligned and you're doing high consciousness activity, getting your LP out of your system, facing Emptiness is much easier, because your baseline consciousness tends to be higher.
  4. Right, gotta try to double the time next time. As I said I feel great after doing it, even 10 min which I tried today. Do you think it'd be ok to do a short 10-20 min session every day, just for the feel good effect? (on top of a weekly longer session)
  5. Week 2 Duration: 25m Effects during the session: As last time, I felt tingling in the body and my legs started to move on their own, although much less this time as I tried to relax more. Effects after the session: feeling great and positive, at peace body feels weightless tingling and a feeling of energy through whole body weird space perception distortion Loving this technique so far, altho I haven't experienced any of the "dark" effects yet, only very positive effects as above. Doing once a week for now, but I'm considering doing more, like 2-3 times a week.
  6. That was not the intention of the question at all, I was just asking to know if maybe I'm doing something wrong, since the procedure in the book says "focus on Bhrumadhya until you see a light".
  7. But the link between cigarettes and cancer is a well known fact, whereas I haven't found anything yet that suggests holotropic breathing causes brain damage or anything, although I haven't done a lot of research yet. It's kinda like psychedelics, for all I know the LSD I take every once in a while might be slowly melting my brain over the years, except I've only got extremely positive results from it.
  8. I'm all for experimentation, I was just concerned about the long-term since it's a physical breathing technique that you do regularly for years, and I have no clue how that might affect the body/brain/whatever. But if thousands of people have done it for years with no real issues then it's cool, that's what I wanted to know.
  9. I did a 30 min session and it didn't do much for me. It certainly had its effects, but nothing that I would even remotely compare with an actual psychedelic trip. How many sessions have you done and how long?
  10. This technique seems cool, but frankly seeing people calling it "trip" and having psychedelics-like effect is kinda cringy, especially for the people who have never tried psychedelics. Not sure why Leo used these terms while describing it. I mean granted you can get to some deep states, but psychedelics and actual trips are on a totally different dimension, it's actually disrespectful towards psychedelics.
  11. @Leo Gura how do we know if this thing is healthy and safe long-term? Do you know of anybody who has practiced it consistently for years? Side note, dunno if it's related, but yesterday I did a 30 min session and today I woke up with a bit of headache, with the feeling that I haven't breathed properly or something, as if I was being suffocated a bit.
  12. My question got buried by the thread merge, so I'll repost it: @Leo Gura what about a less structured schedule, like once every 2 days but maybe skipping or swapping a day every once in a while if I don't have enough time? Or are structured schedules like the three you mentioned absolutely necessary?
  13. In my experience the risks of addiction and self-deception are far greater than any supposed benefits.
  14. I mean that you are falling into many common traps, assumptions and misconceptions that are all addressed in many of Leo's videos.
  15. Your monkey-mind is running wild bro You need to watch a lot more basic videos. Sounds like you just watched a few and your ego is reacting to a very superficial understanding of things.