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  1. @Shiva Ditto on the wanting cold showers part.
  2. Hello I was looking up research on google about the benefits of submerging one's face in ice water and I came across a Reddit thread on its' connection to meditation. The idea is that it triggers "the diving reflex" Which slightly lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. A guy in the thread did a test on himself and the measurements came out that indeed submerging his face in ice water had this effect. I have been testing it for a couple of days and have noticed a nice benefit. I feel like meditation is easier to slide into. I go a little bit deeper a little bit more quickly. I feel a little bit more relaxed. Anyone else have any experience with this method? It is a nice little trick.
  3. @Siim Land @InfinitePotential Yeah, I wake up in a better mood when I use the glasses at night. There is scientific research to back this up. I Also use them during the day when doing computer work. It makes a big difference . I could use a better quality pair though as the cheap ones i have muddy my vision a bit. Probably discouraging my use of them. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. @username Yeah that sounds wise and adaptable.@Star Net @Caterpillar Yes. I was thinking better to at least be exposed to the information. Then, if it catches root and develops into something, I will be all the better for it. But of course there is more to learning than just being exposed to the information.
  5. I have been watching all videos and and listening to all audio books and 2x speed and I feel like it has blown open the doors for allowing me to learn more quickly and explore content I would shy away from because of length. A very cool trick. I used to be averse to listen at such speeds, but now I have found it to be quite an asset. I have heard myths of people listening at 3x speed, but that is a little too fast for me to keep track of what is being said. There is a great chrome extension that allows to easily change the speed on any video.
  6. I was watching one of Leo's video's and I noticed that my attention was getting weak, so i intuitively remembered to turn my flux software more toward the orange and put and my blue light blocking glasses, and my attention became very lucid and easy. Common knowledge to some, but not common practice for me. Remember that blue light can stress the brain and eyes and put unnecessary strain on your attention. Some blue light is healthy, but too much is not. It was a neat discovery for me. Hope it helps someone.
  7. I wonder what kind of meditation or mental training Leonardo was doing. I know that all the various creative works he persued could be considered mental training. But wonder what kind of old European style techniques he made use of. On a side note there is a new biography about Leonardo da Vinci coming out from the guy who wrote the famous Steve Jobs biography. It looks interesting. I think I'll be checking it out
  8. @Nahm When I was a kid I had a couple of non drug induced "mystical" experiences when listening to pink floyd. They are a very special band to me.
  9. @Dodo I was getting the sense today that there are experiences and places available waiting for me to tap in to them . Like awe inspiring dream states and other dimensions.
  10. I have not dove too deeply into her work, but I am now. I know I have been touched by many of the authors that she has published in her publishing house. I bet she was an incredibly happy person.
  11. Don't try it because I said so, try it because of the science.
  12. @jse Brain Games is one of my favorite shows, yet I keep neglecting to watch it. I'll change that soon!
  13. @Annetta Yeah, shots of awe amazes me. There is a treasure trove of videos on that channel that have been building up over the last several years. Most of them are very very good! Another recent one. Beautiful.