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  1. I watched the osho documentary, gives me the creeps man. What a story. Not for the faint of heart
  2. @moon777light Well you have a three-pillar argument for why your parents should buy you a laptop stand. 1. physical well being. Your neck 2. emotional well being. The study from the book 3. Economical. It will make your laptop last longer by preventing overheating. bam bam bam
  3. I have two ideas based on a book I am reading both about addiction and about computer use. From the book "the as if principle". 1. Positioning your monitor above your line of sight, so that your head is slightly tilting upward has been shown to increase feelings of empowerment. Whereas positioning the monitor where you are looking down (such as cell phone) has been shown to increase feelings of disempowerment. 2. Physically pushing things away has been shown to make you feel like you don't like it or want it, whereas pulling something toward you or embracing it has been shown to make you feel like you like it and are fond of it. @moon777light
  4. The emerald tablets of Thoth was a fun/weird read
  5. Dean Radin is a pretty well-known scientist who studies the paranormal in a very rigorous way. He has written several books.
  6. We can't be talking about this technique without bringing up Leo's awesome mindfulness video
  7. I just read a book called meditation for fidgety skeptics, In a sense, it is about a dude who has been meditating for 8 years and still gets into hang-ups and beginner traps. It may offer some long-form perspective. it is also pretty funny and I liked it.
  8. @TheSomeBody There is a book that just came out called "food, what the heck should I eat" by mark hyman. I haven't read it yet, but mark hyman is a good author and you seem like the target audience
  9. I've got a fun alternative therapy. Have you heard of earthing?
  10. @InfinitePotential this post just reminded me to do my breathing practices, thanks
  11. I just read a book called meditation for fidgety skeptics by Dan Harriss. I found it really enjoyable. The audiobook is great. It is a good journey though the pitfalls and benefits of meditation. These affirmations are great Yes, they work if you don't believe them. But, they do not work without repetition. Same with meditation. two short sessions of both a day is a great practice
  12. @Sirius Yeah I am drinking coffee at the moment and I was feeling a twinge of anxiety, then I sprayed some magnesium oil on my body and I feel much better.
  13. Here is a nice little video to bounce off of @PsiloPutty 's post.
  14. I'll just throw this little fact that I have sitting around in my head out there
  15. This is a nice little infographic for the books and some practices to implement them.