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  1. [Verse 1] Where have you been? Been searching all along Came facing twilight on and on Without a clue Without a sign Without grasping yet The real question to be asked Where have I been? [Chorus] I'm a shapeshifter At Poe's masquerade Hiding both face and mind All free for you to draw I'm a shapeshifter What else should I be? Please don't take off my mask Revealing dark [Verse 2] Moments of calm Nothing left to be found A mirror right in front of me That's where I find An empty glass Reflecting the sad truth It's telling words not to be told I need the mask [Chorus] I'm a shapeshifter At Poe's masquerade Hiding both face and mind All free for you to draw I'm a shapeshifter Chained down to my core Please don't take off my mask My place to hide [Bridge] I can't tell you How to see me Just a cage of bones There's nothing inside Will it unleash me? Burning down the walls Is there a way For me to break? [Chorus] I'm a shapeshifter At Poe's masquerade Hiding both face and mind All free for you to draw I'm a shapeshifter Have no face to show Please don't take off my mask My disguise
  2. Looking at the sky in the morning is great, while listening to some music. Ah, one of my favorite things "Ah, everything looks shiny in the sun"
  3. This is a very comprehensive, yet easy to digest article. Use what you can and leave the rest!
  4. I have periods of success with sleep and periods of failure. I have been there I use a 15lb weighted blanket at night and it makes a significant difference
  5. "Reaching for the gold ring Down inside Never could reach it, just slips away But I try"
  6. This is a really good affirmations video that goes along with the theme of your journal. I just listened to it all the way through in a really relaxed state and it was great, so I am walking the walk! Also, this class is good I watched it the other day. I resonate with Brain Johnson, If you do too it is good!
  7. yeah defining who we are as humans is a pretty interesting inquiry. We have some pretty amazing abilities and qualities
  8. Brian is great
  9. This is a good summary of the book if you want more info before deciding to read the book
  10. It has embellishments, music, guided meditations, he voices some characters, and he speaks like a stand-up comedian.
  11. Nice , I dig the colored paragraphs. A book I read recently that reminds me of stage orange spirituality is Mind Hacking It explains concepts you might hear in a more serious spiritual teaching, in a playful, humorous way that uses a lot of science metaphors, as well as science fiction metaphors. Leo said that meditation is one of the best ways to transcend stages, and this book has a wonderful explanation of concentration meditation, which presents it in a sort of gamified way which speaks to my gamer brain. I love this book and I highly recommend the audiobook over the text if you are interested.
  12. The book "Atomic Habits", by James Clear is quite congruent with the advice that Leo has given in this thread. I just finished it. It is quite good. Very level headed and lucid
  13. One thing I have noticed is that eggs seem to make me tired, so much so that they are a pretty reliable sleep aid. It doesn't transfer to the next day. "Acetylcholine promotes REM sleep, which helps memory storage and for the brain to rest [R]." I notice the same thing with vitamin D3, It seems to make me tired. "Vitamin D could be important for sleep disorders (R). Higher concentrations of this vitamin were associated with better maintenance of sleep (R). In the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) study, lower vitamin levels were associated with shorter sleep duration (R). Some studies suggest improved sleep quality with vitamin D supplementation. It has been hypothesized that its deficiency is central to a recent ‘epidemic’ of disturbed sleep patterns (R, R2). Studies have reported a high prevalence of this vitamin deficiency in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. This is a widespread disorder characterized by episodes of breathing cessation due to upper airway tract obstruction during sleep (R). Its deficiency is more pronounced in severe sleep apnea and associated with abnormal glucose production (R, R2). More studies are needed to prove this relationship between sleep quality and vitamin D supplementation."