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  1. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to try this right now!
  3. Keep it simple use daily you'll be surprised
  4. I'm reading through the first chapter of this book, and it is dripping with gems. You'll love it. Get the audiobook if you can.
  5. holy mother of god, I just realized that this thread has almost 9000 views
  6. Hey, inspired by Leo's Mario blog post I am making an evolution thread showing examples of various things from various areas evolving over time.
  7. @MarkusSweden Yes, I have played it. The words I formed when I saw it was "this is the stuff of dreams"
  8. I think it is an instinct level thing. Eating is a very fundamental creature thing. Try changing how you look, like your hair or clothes or something like that and watch how they react. Is it silly? yeah. But that is just how it goes.
  9. In my limited experience, Leo is the most tom Campbell like teacher I have come across
  10. I love all of the tongue in cheek humor in here. A part of personal development is rolling with the "punches". An expectation wasn't met. How did you react? That is a good litmus test on where you are at. "Needs work". Do you appreciate all of the times that they are met? If not, then "needs work". Are your emotions controlled by whether or not Leo releases a video? Is that how you want to be ideally? Then "that's not like me" " needs work". Feeling stuck like you are making no progress? Improve one little thing at a time. Credit to Brian Johnson from for a lot of these thoughts. I am currently taking his "Conquering Digital Addiction" 101 class and getting a lot out of it. "A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” - Herbert A. Simon
  11. Dare I say *gasp* Leo has become so good that we "can't ignore him"
  12. @Rilles nah addiction as most people use it is highly related to habit. "hardcore" addiction is just an extreme case usually with dangerous substances.
  13. The reality of the matter is that expectation and addiction are highly related. Pavlov anyone?
  14. There are a lot of great points in this video thanks for sharing
  15. @moon777light That seems like no minor revelation. It is good to know why things are the way they are. I hope you can succeed in getting good sleep and I will support you with little tidbits the best I can.
  16. The more responses I see the more I realize Joseph Maynor was correct. I am sorry for expending even the smallest amount of energy replying on this thread. I will conserve my energy for more salient matters.
  17. The utility of the forum that I have landed on is to see universal human problems from a more distant perspective the person dealing with them, apply my intelligence to solve them to the best of my ability, both for them and for me. I strive to take my own advice whenever I give it and usually succeed at it. I tend to limit my posts to one to two posts a day. There are many times where I have changed the course of my activities based on insights I have generated on here.
  18. @Outer Yeah, I tend to forget this outer. I tend to generalize in my assumptions about what kind of people posters are. I myself hardly reveal anything about myself out of cautiousness. People don't know who the I am, how I look, how I sound. People can judge me by the content of my posts, which is beautiful in a sense.