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  1. seeing something first hand is the surest way to be moved toward the position of something being true. In my opinion and experience, kundalini and mind reading/telepathy are definitely real. But surely people are susceptible to delusion. And, I would not believe these things in million years if I had not seen them for myself.
  2. @Courtney I enjoyed this book
  3. @Galyna Yeah it happens to me sometimes. The best I can say is to "inject" positive affirmations in to the thought loop. The mind tends to repeat things over and over again so if you can repeat a positive set of ideas it will become the default that your mind falls back on rather than some ideas you had when you were 10 years old.
  4. Yeah, things like yoga and exercise are notorious for assisting with depression.
  5. This seems very interesting, Thank you for sharing.
  6. @Sippycup Hey sippycup, these are some of the best ones I have found so far. You might enjoy em.
  7. @Sahil Pandit What was your kundalini awakening like?
  8. @blazed That is true that is definitely a con. How websites and games are designed to maximize your time spent playing and draw upon psychological research to push just the right buttons in the human brain. Microtransactions are legitimately predatory and prey upon the most vulnerable to gambling addiction among us. Hopefully, they will be outlawed in the not too distant future. I also know that gaming addiction is classified as a legit mental disorder according to the DSM. Also, I am reading a book right now called the as If principle, and it is talking about some studies that were done that showed that playing violent games increased aggressive tendencies in real life.
  9. This is number 7 near the bottom of this article "A research study done by Michigan State University scholars proves that there is a relation between video game playing and greater creativity. (19) They examined nearly 500 12-year-old children and found that the more kids were playing video games, the more creative they were in various tasks. But how do video games actually enhance your creativity? According to the book Video Games And Creativity, playing video games has the following effects: Better concentration Enhanced spatial skills Better neural processing and processing efficiency Brain changes that lead to behavioral changes Improved performance Increased problem-solving skills Better social skills Improved mood, greater inspiration, and self-esteem Enhanced motivation and much, much more To sum up, playing video games increases creativity by “its beneficial cognitive, social, emotional, and motivational effects.” Games such as strategy games are also useful since they teach strategic thinking, and when you are a strategic thinker, you begin to interpret your environment creatively. (20) If you’re not into video game playing, try such computer games as Civilization V/VI on your laptop, jigsaw puzzles on your tablet, or Fishdom on your phone. Enjoy the time spent playing and all the benefits that come with it!"
  10. I know the cons are serious, I posted in another thread that there needs to be (a very nuanced and detailed) pros vs cons discussion about video games to get an accurate and honest picture. It is all too easy to demonize video games for obvious reasons. As it is with sweet food and masturbation. But, it does not provide an accurate and honest picture. I'm no fan of microtransactions. It is a complicated issue, but from my perspective, it seems like demonizing video games is societies default. So for me, it is nice to see some balanced perspectives. I was inspired to take another look at this while watching Joe Rogan rant about it. He is someone who used to play Quake for 10 hours a day at one point in his life and he is doing pretty well
  11. I would say neither based on what I have seen, he just seems really open-minded and practical. So he is open to a wide variety of books and strategies and kind of marries them together. He has been reviewing books and interviewing the authors for many years now so he has a good amount of experience and is really good at separating the wheat from the chaff.
  12. I love I watch everything he posts on youtube. I haven't joined the subscription yet, but I will in the near future.
  13. I'm no expert in computers, but the highest rate laptop on many lists I've seen over the last couple of years is the Dell XPS 13. It might be overkill for what you want though.
  14. Here is a very good introduction to a very good book
  15. A really good book I read recently is called The Daily Stoic. The stoic philopsphers were big on personal responsibility and self-mastery. It is one of the best personal development books I have read.
  16. I've been doing this with videos, these are my faves so far
  17. Hey, I have been looking into ways to speed up my reading and increase comprehension. I came across this program called spreeder cx. I find the concept intriguing. I will probably end up trying it regardless, but can anyone either vouch for it or advise me to stay away from this program or the whole "rsvp" method of reading in general. example of RSVP reading gif Thanks - Colin
  18. @Shin You might try listening to these affirmations every day like you would take your vitamins.
  19. try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it." - W. C. Fields I love this quote
  20. You could try listening to this while paying attention and feeling it.
  21. @NJM50 Here is an article that compiles various scientific studies on music and the brain.
  22. @Sunchild Just post a regular link, it works for me.