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  1. I like the regular clock work bowl movement that coffee provides. I go in the morning and don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Some people demonize caffeine, but I think One cup a day is probably good for your overall health.
  2. Wow, that's crazy. I'm reading this as you tried a PUA opener on your mom? I bet the family reunions are really awkward, but in a fun way?
  3. No. Ashwagandha is similarly purported to reduce anxiety and stress, but I didn't notice this benefit. I also bought some kava kava pills off Amazon and did not notice this effect either. Noble Kava powder on an empty stomach provides me a similar buzz to alcohol. Kava would be more for the social inhibition features of alcohol. It is not as strong as alcohol so it would work well for chilling at the house after a day of work, but less well for going out to the club and hitting on the honeys. Kava is a good alternative to alcohol and like alcohol it puts a stress on your liver. So, don't combine it with alcohol or consume it if you already have a damaged liver or combine with other liver stressing drugs like Paracetamol. Paracetamol can cause liver damage at high doses, or when it’s combined with other substances that affect the liver, like alcohol.
  4. Look into noble kava root powder (not the pills). Messy to make and taste like drinking earthy plant roots, but has a nice easy, relaxing feel.
  5. I take it you are still seeing hookahs.
  6. If you haven’t tried Beta-blockers yet, worth looking into.
  7. Not for a short fast, but I would consider drinking urine if would help with curbing appetite for fasting longer than 10 days. Maybe have some chilling in bottles and pretend it’s craft beer while chugging it down.
  8. Interesting. What was the duration of your fast?
  9. One tab lsd at 200 ug makes me feel very very groggy and makes the trip seem useless. I can’t even imagine 5 tabs.
  10. Please ask God to help a brother out by giving lotto numbers for the next drawing.
  11. Suffering is like weight training. By lifting weights, you are actually causing tiny tears in the muscle fibers, which the body then repairs and adapts the muscles (growth) to better handle the stimulus that caused the damage. For me, suffering with psychedelics is like weight training on steroids. It definitely helps with the recovery when the suffering comes in hot and heavy.
  12. Being un-enlightened seems to be the minority here, so maybe you should do a AMA thread so they can pick your brain on how to reverse the process.
  13. Been a while since I’ve done wim hoff, but will give it a shot this weekend.
  14. What is a good analogy to help me understand the nature of consciousness? Are humans like a Tesla self driving car? Takes inputs from sensors and processes the information in order to take action based on some artificial intelligence algorithms? Once you become awake, you step ”out” from the vehicle and find out you are simply a front seat passenger along for the ride.
  15. This combo sounds intriguing. I’m guessing that you can hold your breath longer on psychedelics than normal?